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Is This Bug Gross to You?

By: Jack Wojahna

Imagine this!!! You’re exploring in the Brazilian rainforest. You see something crawl up a tree. It’s head is shaped as a peanut. But, you still don’t know what it is. You're also scared.

This bug that you’re scared of is a ugly bug that has wings. This weird bug has wings that comes out of his neck. On the wings it has fake eyes. It has like a shell on its back. Also, some people say that it glows at night. The bug that you were terrified of was a Peanut-Head bug.

When the PeanutHead bug is born it has a shiny black body, needs a bigger skeleton when it gets older and is one fifth of an inch. After the fifth shead it becomes an adult. It has grey and white wings and has antennas. The Peanut-Head bug blends in with a lot of things like Simaruba tree and other trees.

Scientists don’t know why it has part stomach in its head. The Peanut-Head bug looks odd and has many names. Females lay 100 eggs on a tree trunk on on a branch. It gives off a bad smell when enemy in near.

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Jack's book

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