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The Rainforest Animal

By Payton Draeger

Imagine this you are walking through the humongous rainforest and you see this huge emerald green bug flying around. You have no idea what it is. There are approximately 2,000 species of the bug. What is it?

What would you do? Would you run away? Would you catch and smash it? Would you just ignore the weird bug? Or would you look it up? What is that creature?

Well the creature is a Spanish fly. It is actually not a fly it is a beetle. The Spanish fly is also named the Blister beetle. It has a large head and a medium sized cylindrical witch means a cylinder shaped body. Female spanish fly’s lay 50 to 300 eggs at once. The fly is a health hazard to livestock especially horses. The beetle can bite other animals and they will get sick.

This emerald green beetle can make secret fluids. It’s a crystalline substance in their blood and internal organs. The fly is in the family meloidae which means blister beetle. They are commonly found in southern Europe, Siberia, and eastward to central Asia.

Now if you live in the United States you have no worries of crossing it’s trail. If you think it’s cool then go to Europe or Asia to find this amazing bug.

Payton's book  
Payton's book  

Payton's book