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How Did Native Americans Live.?

By. Alex

How did the Native Americans live in the 1500 and 1600s? If you read this you will find out.

The Eastern Woodland People hunted eels with traps and they grew squash for food. They are the only tribe to grow squash. They also ate corn. They are at the north side of the map

The Plains people hunted buffalo for bones,skins and for the meat that they will eat. The Plains people build homes called tepees made for buffalo skins and sticks.o

The northwest coast people did not need to worry about food because they was a lot of sea food. The northwest coast people made totem poles to represent someone that had died and the whales that had save them food or who owned land.

farming They did not have tools like tractors and not as many"

cows and cafts, rams and dogs.

Conclusion as you may think from is book it was not easy to lived as a Native America. You have to remember that native America had to hunt and grow their own food.

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