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Native Americans


Who lived here first believe it or not we were not the first ones here it was the Native Americans. With

the help of the Native Americans we lived through tough winters and hard ships. With out their help we might not be sitting in this room were in now so this is a special thanks to the Native Americans.

The People Of The North West Coast Makah is a tribe where the people hunted whales trapped fish and traded along the river. Before a

whale hunt the Makah tribe would fast (not eat) so they would work harder at the hunt. The people of the Makah tribe traveled in dug outs the dug outs were trees that they burned out to use as boats.

People of the plains

The Chyeene people traveled with bison when the herd moved across the open plains it was the most reliable food source for them. Another tribe called Mandan lived in houses made of clay, sticks, mud and hay called lodges. In the Mandan tribe the women did all the planting growing and cleaning the men did all the hunting trapping and skinning.

People Of The Eastern Woodlands More than 25 different tribes live in villages in the woodlands. The people of the woodlands formed a government link called a conference to interact the tribes together.

Buffalo Jump

Buffalo is the most important food source to the people of the plains. In order to hunt they chance the buffalo of a cliff (jump) men would wave blankets and shout. Meat, bons, teeth, hide, hooves and horns were just some of the buffalo parts the Native Americans used.

A Whale Hunt

First the tribe people would fast (not eat) so they would work harder to accomplish the hunt. On a hunt the people would use harpoons with floats once the whales were slowed down they would kill the whale. The whale was respected and not wasted everything was used the Native Americans would sing and dance around a fire.


Now that you know what the Native Americans did to survive put your self in their place. Chasing bison, trapping eels and hunting whales would you live like they did. Actually we are some how connected to the Native Americans we up graded from to who we are now learning in the class room were in now.

Macenzie P  
Macenzie P