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Native American History


Introduction In this book you are going to learn about Native Americans. Here is an interesting fact, Native Americans are still around today, some even do some of their tribes traditions.

Northwes t Coast The northwest Native Americans did not need to worry about food. They did not need to worry because there were plenty of woods so they had deer to hunt. They had lots of water so they also fished. The Native Americans were expert traders because they had a lot of furs. Since they did not need to worry they did art and crafts. The art they did is called totem poles. A totem pole is used to tell stories and more. A totem pole is a piece of wood that is carved into animals.

Whale Hunt The whale was very respected by the Makah tribe. The harpoon did not hurt the whale. A harpoon is used to hurt something but in this case it slowed down the whale. Once the whale had stopped, the Native Americans killed it. The Native Americans did not waste a thing.

Native life in the Plains There are many buffalo in the plains. They are a huge importance. One tribe that was in the plains was the Cheyenne tribe. They moved to where the buffalo was. Another tribe is the Mandan who did not move, they farmed instead. They farmed right next to a river so the plants would have nutrients. The Mandan tribe grew maize, beans, pumpkins, sunflowers and tobacco.

Buffalo Importance Buffalo are important to Native Americans of the Plains. Native Americans of the Plains used everything in the buffalo. They made something from the buffalo called sinew. Sinew in a tissue from the buffalo that is used for sewing. The Native Americans also used the hide, horns, hooves and bones.

Eastern Woodlands Eastern Native Americans hunted and farmed for food. They grew corn, bean, squash, and more. They hunted deer and more. They also fished for eels. Eastern Native Americans lived in loges. Lodges can be long and are made of wood.

Conclusion If you noticed that Native Americans respected the lives, of animals and themselves that is awesome. Native Americans had a hard life but they worked hard to survive. So people that are Native Americans today have a easier life.

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