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Case study #2

THE CHALLENGE: Working out how to make the most from the renewal of a major procurement contract.

Norton , Crumlin & Associates is always on the lookout for ways to improve their clients’ business. In this case study, what started out as a data gathering exercise turned into an opportunity to save millions of dollars.

"A major government procurement contract was coming up, and we were engaged to find out what the users thought about the service provider," recalled Roger.   "It was an interesting contract and this sort of independent data gathering is something we're very good at." Roger conducted one-on-one interviews with all the senior users of the service, finding out what worked and what didn't.  The client then wanted to hold a town hall style meeting, inviting all the users together so everyone could have their say.  "I respectfully disagreed with this suggestion" said Roger.  "My fear was that the only result you'd get out of this was negative - anyone who had anything positive to say would find it very hard to find their voice in this sort of situation." Instead, Roger convened a number of smaller workshops, where he used Edward de Bono's six hats theory to guide the discussion.  "I really like using the six hats during workshops," said Roger.  "It's a great way to get people focused on solutions, rather then problems, as well as disassociating emotion from the real issues.  Plus, for most people, it's a novel approach and one they haven't heard before.  It's easy to keep their interest levels high." It was during the green hat discussion (opportunity thinking) that Roger had his eureka moment.  "We were discussing how some of the users had managed to save significant amounts of money by using the services creatively.  Other users wanted to know how they did it, and what they could learn from them.  With a bit of guiding on my part, but very organically, we had an inter-agency user group that wanted to work together to collectively learn from each other." The end result?  The data to help guide the renegotiation of the contract in 2009 had been sourced easily and accurately

and the next contract will include many of the key suggestions arising from usersʼ experience. Importantly, all the users felt that they had been part of the process. Potential savings to the government over the next 3 years will be in the millions of dollars.

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NC_CaseStudy 2  
NC_CaseStudy 2  

Norton , Crumlin & Associates is always on the lookout for ways to improve their clients’ business. In this case study, what started out as...