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At the end of September, I entered the Middle School Community Room and found myself suddenly in Antarctica. On the floor, students in Jack McMahon’s 8th grade English class had drawn in tape outlines of two boats, just big enough for the small groups huddled together around lists of items that might be key to survival.  It was a life or death situation:  each group had to narrow its list down to just 10 items and then determine if that small bundle of objects would sustain them for the next perilous segment of their journey.  Needless to say,  healthy debate ensued over the merits of choosing matches over extra blankets, kerosene over water, a compass over a map.  Jack led the exercise, giving students the chance to defend their opinions and build consensus.  And as the first of the ships was about to sink into the icy waters of the room, the students listened to final pleas and made critical decisions that would either save themselves or put their group in peril.  Following their reading of “Endurance: Shackelton’s Incredible Voyage” by Alfred Lansing, students were able to imagine, in dramatic detail, the decisions that had informed the sailors who had lived through that extraordinary experience almost a century ago,  building group dynamics and understanding the need for cooperation to map out their own metaphorical journey.  It was thrilling to witness, and the energy and engagement of the students in the room pointed to a palpable fact:  those students involved were learning much more than what is important to keep as a supply, they were learning, at multiple levels and in the most interesting terms, what it means to think. What excites me is that I can report to you, after only five months at NYA, that this emphasis on thinking, broadly and imaginatively construed, is what I encounter every day across our campus.  As you walk through our classrooms, I see teachers who inspire students and encourage the deepest thinking no matter if the topic is Russian history, George Orwell’s essays, the culture of ancient Rome or if the learning takes place on a playing field, in an art studio, or a rehearsal room.  I witness daily the opportunities our teachers provide for collaborative learning.  Teachers who cross disciplines and expand the notion of a classroom.  Teachers who encourage active trial and error.  Teachers who cultivate intrinsic motivation to learn and learn some more.  Students in both the Middle and the Upper School understand that it’s not about what you know but what you do with what you know.  Or, as Einstein once said, “The formulation of the problem is often more essential than the solution.”

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It has been an honor and a privilege to lead this school and our faculty since I began at NYA on July 1. But in many ways, I feel the faculty and staff are working hand-in-hand with me to become a better educator and a more skilled leader.  They demonstrate daily what it means to care deeply about students and about our school.  They are teaching all of us lucky enough to work with them what it means to think, to learn, and to be enriched by the decision to devote ourselves to this community. As we navigate the passageways ahead, I am grateful to be starting the journey at this wonderful school.  Thank you all for welcoming me and my family with such warmth and for helping to begin our tenure here with such a sense of optimism about the possibilities ahead.



MOVING FORWARD Meet Brad Choyt The North Yarmouth Academy community was delighted to welcome new Head of School Brad Choyt to campus on July 1 when his tenure officially began. Following a nationwide search process chaired by Trustee Priscilla Savage and current parent Patty Bright, Choyt was selected as the new Head of School in October of 2010, but had to wait eight months before starting the job. During that time, he and his wife, novelist Charlotte Bacon, along with son Toby and daughter Thea, welcomed their third child, Isaiah who was born just days before Choyt was officially offered the position in Maine. “On a personal level, I am delighted to be here. It’s been a really good transition for my family. It was an easy move for the kids, and our son Toby really loves his sixth grade class at NYA,” said Choyt. “We all feel like this is a really good match.” Choyt is a native of New Hampshire and a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy. He holds an AB from Brown University and a MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. He has eighteen years of independent school and nonprofit

experience in the United States and abroad. Rick Abbondanza, president of the Board of Trustees, said the Board is very pleased with the work that Choyt has already undertaken. “We’ve been very impressed with his ability to quickly identify with the community. He already exhibits a good sense of what NYA is all about,” he remarked. During his first five months on the job, Choyt has been busy meeting with many members of the NYA community and others who he hopes might be interested in partnering with NYA on future initiatives. “There are so many good conversations happening,” he said. “Everyone I’m meeting with has assisted in helping me really understand the core values at the heart of NYA.” Beginning with all current Trustees, Choyt has met one-on-one with faculty and staff members, parents, students, former trustees, alumni, grandparents and others.




“On a personal level, I am delighted to be here. It’s been a really good transition for my family. It was an easy move for the kids, and our son Toby really loves his sixth grade class at NYA. We all feel like this is a really good match.”

R Expanding on the spirit of community, Choyt and his wife have hosted many events at their new home on Main Street in Yarmouth. “We have enjoyed opening our home to many groups at NYA. This fall, we’ve hosted alumni from the class of 1961 for their 50th reunion, faculty members and their families from each academic department at the Academy for a series of Friday night get-togethers, the first meeting of the new NYA Grandparent’s Council, the Headmasters Circle dinner to thank leadership donors for their support of the Annual Fund, and the entire Middle School for cider and donuts on Halloween, just to name a few,” he said. Besides meeting with a myriad of constituents, he has also been immersing himself in all areas of the curriculum. “It’s been great to see the overall strength in all three areas of our program—academics, the arts and athletics. Looking ahead, this strength will provide the foundation for establishing new curriculum and pedagogy to better serve the needs of our students. I’m

looking forward to working in conjunction with faculty, staff and parents as we work to gain a sense of how best to create new programs and to think of how to expand our community of learners as well,” Choyt remarked. Like most independent schools, NYA has not been spared the challenges of a weakened economy, but Choyt already sees many opportunities for partnering with other educational institutions and non-profits to help broaden the scope of an NYA education. “I’m having some exciting conversations with people from other institutions who are looking to form partnerships that will really strengthen and broaden the student base we already serve. These partnerships will help us attract new students to our school and help us offer even more exciting programs to all our students,” he said. Echoing those thoughts, Abbondanza remarked, “The Trustees are very excited about Brad’s ideas for forming strategic collaborations with other mission-similar organizations. These partnerships will really serve to distinguish NYA as we move into our next 200 years.” One of the new initiatives that Choyt has developed in the past five months is the NYA Merit Scholars Program. Beginning in the 2012-13 school year, NYA will offer two, full tuition, merit scholarships and two, half-tuition, merit scholarships to students who are selected based on their academic, athletic and artistic strengths. Problem solving skills based on sound analytical and creative thought, sophistication in writing, speaking and artistic expression; appreciation for the importance of athletic activity, teamwork and cooperation; self-confidence and self-respect through a breadth of experiences that extend beyond the classroom; concern for the larger community and an appreciation for the natural environment; and the desire to continue the process of lifelong learning are the criteria that will be used when evaluating the student nominees.



Interdisciplinary courses are another project that Choyt has been working on and promoting these past few months. Next year several interested faculty members will pair up team teach selected courses that will enhance NYA’S college preparatory offerings. Examples being discussed include the graphic novel which might be taught collaboratively by the Head of the English Department and the Middle School art teacher; an economics class team taught by the Head of the History Department and the Head of the Math Department; and other interdisciplinary classes. Choyt believes that collaborative teaching can be a win-win for all involved. “Not only will the students have the opportunity to experience new classes, but they also benefit from the shared knowledge of two teachers who are passionate about the subject they are teaching. The teachers will benefit as well from the collaboration—working together, learning new pedagogy and teaching styles from each other is extremely valuable professional development,” he explained. Reflecting on the work Choyt has already begun at NYA, Abbondanza was effusive in his praise for the new Head of School. “During the search process for our next school leader, Brad stood out initially because of the creativity of his ideas for moving NYA into the future. After working closely with him these past few months, I continue to be impressed with his outside the box thinking and his ability to actualize those ideas through collaboration and partnerships. I think the hardest thing for all of us is balancing some of the long-term goals that these new initiatives will support with our short-term needs. But I have every confidence that with Brad’s creativity and ability to implement these exciting new programs that we will indeed strike that right balance. I’m pleased with the direction we are taking,” he said. Although Choyt has been spending long days and evenings at NYA these past few months getting to know the community and the culture of the Academy, he said he is really enjoying his first year here and looking ahead to future years. “I’m looking forward to tapping into the potential that has not been fully realized at the school,” he said. “I want to do more to encourage us to take a more global approach to challenge students in unique ways. I want to build partnerships that will allow our faculty more time with their students, to have more time for individual attention. I’m excited to be leading a very talented group of professionals, and I want to provide the best tools for them to do their work.”

Brad Choyt’s official installation ceremony took place on October 5 at 1:00 p.m. in the gymnasium. The keynote speaker was Brad’s mentor, Candice Dale, Teacher of Humanities and Former Vice Rector and Dean of Faculty at St. Paul’s School. Following the ceremony, a reception was held under a tent in front of Curtis Building. Brad sits in on an AP Environmental Science class with (left to right) Hannah Twombly ’12, Ryan Salerno ’12 and Ally Morrison ‘12




Max Milliken ’03 and some of his students in New York CIty

Morgan Cuthbert ‘94 with his Harrison Middle School (Yarmouth) advisees after receiving the Milken Educator Award

MAKING A DIFFERENCE In Education In 2007, Max Milliken ’03 graduated from Duke University and entered the Teach for America (TFA) Corps to begin his career as an educator. The organization looks to train and place teachers in communities that suffer educational inequality. Max saw this as the perfect opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young students. Within the Teach for America (TFA) Corps, Max was placed at a school in Hartford, CT where he taught for two years. After his time in Hartford, he took a job at a New York City middle school. Democracy Prep Charter School is a public charter school in New York City with a unique background having only opened its doors in 2005. Democracy Prep is an institution that prides itself on supporting students in their efforts to “Work Hard. Go to College. Change the World!” Democracy Prep has proven that all students can have the goal of going to college when given the right support and resources. Max discussed how the mission is incorporated into the classroom through the curriculum as well as their classroom environment. “All of our classrooms are named after colleges and universities, we have college pennants hanging in the hallways, and our students visit a number of college campuses each year.” As a 7th grade teacher, he is able to reflect on his Middle School years at North Yarmouth Academy. Max wrote, “Looking back, I can really see how guidance and patience from my teachers helped me grow into the person I am today.” The opportunity to be that figure in a child’s life is something that Max really enjoys about teaching. The School’s success is evident through the success of its students. Max highlights receiving his students’ state test scores for the first time and feeling a great sense of accomplishment. He hopes to continue to grow professionally as an educator while continuing to impact the lives of his students.



Morgan Cuthbert ’94 has a teaching strategy that he has formulated by his own experiences as a student, as well as an educator. Reflecting on both effective and ineffective teaching strategies has helped him identify what methods allow students to understand and apply the concepts that he is introducing. His own experiences with teachers and professors inspired him to begin to teach using a “hands-on” approach. As important as it was for him to identify methods that do not seem beneficial for students, it was also important to draw inspiration from his role models. Morgan’s grandfather, John Chandler Jr., and close family friend, Hoover Sutton, were the first two educators he identified as a source of inspiration. The time he spent here at the Academy was also critical in identifying ways to create a learning environment that maximizes his student’s comprehension of the material. “During my high school years at NYA I was inspired by many great teachers.” For Morgan, Mr. McMahon and Mr. Flaherty, to name a couple, were great role models in the education field. Before accepting a teaching position at Harrison Middle School in Yarmouth, Morgan worked in a variety of school settings including The American School in England. Through the help of his mentors and teaching positions early on in his career, he gained experience learning to create challenging and engaging lessons. At Harrison Middle School, Morgan teaches within a Team Teaching Model. This model allows him and his peers to collaborate and challenge one another to become better educators. On October 25, 2011, Morgan was honored at a school wide assembly with a 2011 Milken Educator Award that includes a $25,000 prize. Up to 40 teachers nationwide are honored with this award each year. Morgan hopes to continue to pass on his love of learning, while continuing to find new ways to engage his students through the use of technology and practical application.


Charlotte Bacon, wife of Brad Choyt, has a busy life. She is a writer, currently working on novels and essays. She can also be seen on campus teaching an English class or helping to spearhead a program such as the Writers in Process lecture series, or warming up the Middle School Nordic team with yoga. Her new home on Main Street is a frequent venue for school functions like Admission receptions, the Headmaster’s Circle Dinner, a Middle School Halloween party, and Friday evening faculty and staff gatherings. She also has three children: Toby, a sixth grader at NYA, Thea, a kindergartner at Yarmouth’s Rowe School, and Izzy, who is 14 months old. Bacon tries to write almost every day, mostly in the mornings. Her most recent novel, The Twisted Thread, is a thriller released from Hyperion last June and represents a departure from her more literary work. She said she always liked to write but did not consider fiction writing until she was in her mid-twenties. She graduated from Milton Academy and Harvard University and received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia University. Her debut collection of stories, A Private State, won the PEN/Hemingway Award for First Fiction in 1998. Her next three novels came out in 2000, 2004 and 2008 (Lost Geography, There is Room for You, and Split Estate), all from Farrar, Straus and Giroux. She was a tenured professor of English at the University of New Hampshire from 1998-2005. Although Bacon is originally from New York City and moved to Maine from Brooklyn, she said the transition to Yarmouth was very smooth. “Everyone in the community has been extremely welcoming,” she said. She sees herself as an ambassador for NYA. “As a teacher, I am happy to support whatever is going on in the classroom. Because Toby is a current student, I also see what NYA is about and what it offers, and I can speak about that with passion and first-hand experience,” she said.

NYA PRESENTS Writers in Process: bringing the literary world to NYA and Yarmouth This fall, NYA launched a visiting writers’ series entitled Writers in Process: bringing the literary world to NYA and Yarmouth. The series began in October with novelist and Yarmouth resident Lily King, author of Father of the Rain, The English Teacher and The Pleasing Hour. In December, Portland writer Susan Conley, author of the critically acclaimed The Foremost Good Fortune, a memoir that explores her experiences in China with her family as she battles breast cancer, came to campus. Both writers spent most of the day on campus conducting a lecture to Upper School students followed by several workshops with Upper School classes and an evening reading and book signing that was open to the public. Charlotte Bacon was integral in starting the series. “I’m a fiction writer and former professor, and this is a wonderful way to bring my love of literature to a new venue,” explained Bacon. She spoke with several Upper School teachers who were also interested in bringing Maine writers to campus, and a planning committee was formed. “We hope to have five to six writers this year,” she said. Bacon hopes to expand the series to include other artists like dancers, historians, philosophers, and other big thinkers and creators. Each visit will include an evening lecture and book signing that will be open to the public. “We felt it was important to make this series available to the town of Yarmouth and neighboring communities,” said Bacon.

Top photo: Susan Conley teaching a workshop in an English class Bottom left photo: Susan Conley at her evening reading and book signing Bottom right photo, left to right: Charlotte Bacon, Lynn Sullivan and Susan Conley.




Tim Millett ’11

2010 Field Hockey State Championship Team

2010 Boys Cross Country State Champions

FALL 2010 Season Summary

Clockwise: 2010 Field Hockey team Cam Regan ’12 Anna Jaeger ‘12



2010 Boys Soccer Class C WMC Regional Champions

Girls Varsity Soccer Coaches Award: Savanna Poole ’13 MVP: Lilly Wellenbach ’11

Girls Varsity Volleyball Coaches Award: Danielle Smith ’11 MVP: Jenny Sharp ’11

Boys Varsity Soccer Coaches Award: Ryan Rousseu ’12, Sam Leishman ’12 MVP: Matthew Michaud ’12 Class C WMC Regional Champions Class C State Runner-up

Boys Golf Coaches Award: CJ Davis ’11 MVP: Tim Millett ’11 WMC Conference All-Star Selection: Tim Millett ’11

Girls Varsity Field Hockey Coaches Award: Frances Leslie ’11, Katherine Millett ’12 WMC Second Team All Conference: Megan Fortier ’12, Renee Lamoreau ’11 WMC First Team All Conference: Kylie Dalbec ’12, Frances Leslie ’11, Katherine Millett ’12 WMC Class C Regional Champions Class C State Champions

Boys Cross Country Coaches Award: Elliot Daniels ’11 MVP: Evan Kendall ’12 WMC First Team All Conference: Cam Regan ’12 WMC Second Team All Conference: Evan Kendall ’12 Class C WMC Regional Champions Class C State Champions Girls Cross Country Coaches Award: Anna Jaeger ’12 MVP: Sarah Jordan ’11


2011 Nordic Class C Team State Champions

Winter 2011 Season Summary

Girls Ice Hockey Coaches Award: Lilly Wellenbach ’11 MVP: Molly Strabley ’13 Boys Varsity Ice Hockey Coaches Award: Finn Hadlock ’11 MVP: Jordan Haskell ’11 Boys Varsity Basketball Coaches Award: Michael Ianno ’11 MVP: Andrew Esancy ’11 WMC Class C First Team All- Conference: Andrew Esancy ’11 Girls Varsity Basketball Coaches Award: Emily Harrison ’11 MVP: Blair Haggett ’11 WMC Class C First Team All- Conference: Blair Haggett ’11 WMC Class C Second Team All- Conference: Morgan Scully ’12 Class C State Playoff Qualifiers MAISAD Champions

Boys Indoor Track and Field Coaches Award: Nick Kolkin ’11 MVP: Jake Burns ’13 WMC Class C Second Team All- Conference: Alex Coffin ’12

Andrew Esancy ’11

Girls Swimming and Diving Coaches Award: Abby McKelvy ‘14 MVP: Alison Znamierowski ‘11

Girls Indoor Track and Field Coaches Award: Jillian Bjorn-Caron ’14 MVP: Hannah Twombly ‘11 Coed Nordic Skiing Coaches Award: Robert Field ‘12 MVP: Cam Regan ‘12 WMC All-Conference Selections: Cam Regan ‘12 WMC Regional Runners-up Class C Team State Champions Cam Regan ’12 State Champion, Ian Moore ’14 Runner-up Boys Swimming and Diving Coaches Award: Ted Elliott ’12 MVP: Nico Kaminow ’11

Senior girls basketball players and manager: Danielle Smith, Emily Harrison, Eliza Gendron, Blair Haggett and Manager Rozi Smith




Ryan Salerno ’12

Mohamed Dahia ’11

Burke Paxton ’13

SPRING 2011 Season Summary Girls Varsity Lacrosse Coaches Award: Katie Cawley ’12 Boys Varsity Lacrosse Coaches Award: Matt Kibler ’11 MVP: Weston Nolan ’14 WMC Class C Second Team All- Conference: Finn Hadlock ’11, Forrest Milburn ’12 WMC Class C All-Conference Honorable Mention: Matt Kibler ’11 Eastern Maine Class B Regional Champions

Mohamed Dahia ’11 Blair Haggett ‘11



2011 Boys Lacrosse team

Boys Varsity Baseball Coaches Award: Aaron Guiseley ’13 MVP: Ryan Salerno ’12 WMC Class C Western Quarterfinalists WMC Class C First Team All- Conference: Alan Brown ’11, Jordan Haskell ’11, Ryan Salerno ’12 WMC Class C Second Team All- Conference: Harry Fast ’11, Eli Leavitt ’11, Tom McGuckin ’12 WMC Class C Player of the Year: Ryan Salerno ’12 Girls Varsity Softball Coaches Award: Mallory Ianno ’12 MVP: Kylie Dalbec ’12 WMC Class C All-Conference: Blair Haggett ’11, Kylie Dalbec ’12 WMC Class C All-Conference Honorable Mention: Savanna Poole ’13 Boys Outdoor Track and Field Coaches Award: Grant McPherson ’12 MVP: Alex Coffin ’12 WMC Class C All-Conference: Mohamed Dahia ’11, Evan Kendall ’12

Girls Outdoor Track and Field Coaches Award: Kayla Rose ’14 MVP: Hillary Detert ’12 WMC Class C All-Conference: Hillary Detert ’12 Boys Tennis Coaches Award: Dean Walters ’13 MVP: Burke Paxton ’13 WMC Class C All-Conference: Burke Paxton ’13 Girls Tennis Coaches Award: Sarah Jordan ’12 MVP: Ally Morrison ’12, Jessica Powers ’11 WMC Class C All-Conference Singles: Anna Jaeger ’11, Sarah Jordan ’12 WMC Class C All-Conference Doubles: Ally Morrison ’12, Jessica Powers ’11


Sam Leishman ’12

Boys Cross Country Coach Peter Sillin and Team Captain Robert Field ‘12

Jae Jeon ’12

FALL 2011 Season Summary Girls Soccer Coaches Award: Ally Morrison ’12 MVP: Hannah Twombly ’12 WMC First Team: Moira Lachance ’12, Chloe Leishman ’14, Hannah Twombly ’12 Boys Soccer MVP: Ryan Rousseau ’12 Coaches Award: Forrest Milburn ’12 and Sam Leishman ’12 WMC First Team: Sam Leishman ’12, Ryan Rousseau ‘12, Jackson CohanSmith ’14 All State: Ryan Rousseau ’12 All State Class C Team: Ryan Rousseau ’12 and Sam Leishman ‘12 WMC Class C Runners-up Girls Volleyball MVP: Jae Jeon ’12 Coaches Award: Chelsea Muller ’12 MVCA All-Star Honorable Mention: Grace Gilbert ’13 MVCA Senior All-Star Showcase: Jae Jeon

Varsity Field Hockey MVP: Katherine Millett ’12 Coaches Award: Katie Cawley ’12 WMC First Team: Katherine Millett, Katie Cawley WMC Second Team: Bailey Clock ’13, Jen Brown ’13 Class C State Champions All State: Katherine Millett ’12 and Katie Cawley ‘12

2011 Class C State Championship Field Hockey Team

Girls Cross Country: MVP: Hillary Detert ’12 Coaches: Hannah Austin ’15 WMC Second Team: Hillary Detert ’12 Fourth Place in Class C State Championship Race Golf WMC All-Conference: George Doolan ’15

Boys Cross Country: MVP: Cam Regan ’12 Coaches Award: Rudy Guliani ’12 and Alex Coffin ’12 WMC First Team: Cam Regan WMC Second Team: Rudy Guliani ’12, Evan Kendall ’12 Class C State Champions 2011 Class C State Championship Boys Cross Country Team



















April 30, 2011



27th Annual Auction- Clued In: Bidding is no Mystery Travis Roy Arena was transformed into a Clue game at this year’s annual auction with a mystery theme. We grossed $84,000 from both the live event and silent auction. The 2012 auction will be held on May 5 with a…you guessed it….Cinco de Mayo theme!




1. Auction poster hanging in the arena – Bruce Myers, Lynn Sullivan, Peter Mertz, Alanna Olivadoti and Eric Austin in full character! 2. Mike Gengras, Brad Choyt, Lynn Sullivan and NYA grandparent Norm Hall 3. Anne Myers, current parent Craig Hawkins, Bruce Myers 4. Parent committee members Anne Kolkin and Lisa Harrison 5. Kate Putnam and committee member Carrie Lonsdale 6. Student volunteers

July 30, 2011 Steve Morris Golf Tournament 10th Annual Steve Morris Golf Tournament to benefit the Steve Morris Scholar Program was held at Toddy Brook Golf Course in North Yarmouth. It was a beautiful day, and as always, everyone had a great time! This event is the only major fundraising effort for the Steve Morris Scholar Fund. For some added excitement, Colin Geiger ‘07 had a hole in one! Thank you to everyone, sponsors and players, who participated. Next year’s tournament will be held on June 9 at Toddy Brook Golf Course in conjunction with an alumni reunion weekend. We hope to see you there! 12







1. Evan Hansen ’72 and his teammates celebrate a great putt 2. James Garrett ’98, Patrick Newell ’98, Eric Gilbert ‘97, Jon Blanchard ‘98 3. Brad Choyt, Jay Flower ’94, Eric Blakeman ’90, and Athletic Director Mike Dutton 4. Dotty Mansfield Cooper ’59 and Richard Cooper 5. Defending champs James Sterling ’07, Colin Geiger ’07, Nic Lolar ’07 and guest

September 30, 2011 2

Grandparents’ Day Grandparents’ Day was another huge success this year with door-busting attendance. The weather was great (for a change!), and grandparents were treated to musical performances, senior speeches, classes with their grandchildren and lunch with Head of School Brad Choyt. A Grandparents Council was formed for grandparents who are interested in becoming more involved at NYA (contact Kate Putnam at or 207-847-5422 for more information!). It was a great day!



3 1. Michael ’17 and Muriel ’15 Adams with their grandfather David Adams 2. Thomas Hanson ‘16, Peg and Skip Hanson 3. Matt Hawkins ’13 and Peggy Flynn 4. Forrest Milburn ’12 and Barbara Milburn

October 1, 2011 EDGAR F. WHITE ’38 ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME The Edgar F. White ’38 Athletic Hall of Fame induction and brunch took place in Safford Center during Homecoming Weekend. Congratulations to inductees: Parker Adams ’01, Alexis Fermanis ’01, David Williams ’96, John Marro ’91, and Christopher Mazzurco. This was a special brunch filled with inspiring words and great stories. The Edgar F. White ’38 Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes a team, player, coach, administrator, or friend of the school whose participation in NYA athletics has been impressive, while bringing distinction and pride to the Academy. If you would like to make a nomination, contact the Alumni Relations Office at 207-847-5422 or We will focus on alumni in a reunion year. For information, visit our website at






1.Mike Gengras, inductee Parker Adams ’01 and Brad Choyt 2. Inductee David Williams ‘96 and Athletic Director Mike Dutton 3. Christopher Mazzurco and Brad Choyt 4. Bridget Gagne ’01 and inductee Alexis Fermanis ’01 5. Inductee John Marro ’91, his wife Annie, daughter Francesca and Brad Choyt



September 30 October 1, 2011 Homecoming, Reunion Weekend Reunion weekend began with Old Port Night on Friday. Molly Moss ’05, Peter Gerrity ’05 and Alexander Champoux ‘07 met alumni in the Old Port for a night of fun. There was an alumni tea on Saturday at the Choyt residence then a cocktail party on campus where archivist Jay Robbins presented work he is doing to prepare for NYA’s bicentennial. If you are in a class with an upcoming reunion, contact the Alumni Relations Office at alumni@ or call 207-847-5423. We would love to help you plan a gathering (or two).




1. Patricia Barker Clockedile ’59, Judy Jones ‘57, Judy Grover Pride ‘59, Buzzy Pride ‘59, Betty Hincks ‘58, Elna Myers Anderson ‘59 2. Josh Kelton ’06 and Laura Hubbell ’05 at Old Port Night 3. Dick Knight ’60 and Linc Merrill ’75

Join Us! June 9-10, 2012

Spring Reunion Weekend

Steve Morris Golf Tourney and the NEW Flaherty Five-K

We’ve decided to move the Steve Morris Golf Tourney up to June 9 and combine it with reunion activities. We’ve added a new event – the Flaherty 5-K run and fun walk to benefit the Bud Flaherty Scholarship Fund. There will also be an alumni reception the evening of June 9, and we hope reunion classes will plan events around this weekend! Please contact Molly Moss ’05 in the Alumni Relations Office ( or 207-847-5406) or check our website for more information.





LEADERSHIP CIRCLE DONORS Dear Friends, It gives me great pleasure to thank all of you—alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, trustees, staff, and friends—for your outstanding generosity and support for North Yarmouth Academy in 2010-11. Despite a still uncertain economy, through your collective gifts to the Academy, we were able to reach and surpass our Annual Fund goal again this year. Your generosity ensures that NYA continues to be the premiere college preparatory day school in Maine. The recurring theme of our Annual Fund is “Every Student… Every Day.” Your gifts impact the lives of every one of our students by helping to provide direct support in the form of financial aid, classroom materials, athletic and art supplies, faculty compensation and professional development and so much more. It’s also gratifying to see so many of you participate in our annual fundraising events such as the auction and the Steve Morris Golf tournament. All of the funds raised go directly to enhancing the NYA experience our students receive every day. Your participation makes all the difference. It was a busy year of transition at NYA as we said good-bye to Peter and Lisa Mertz after their decade long tenure and welcomed Brad Choyt and his family as our next Head of School. I am extremely grateful to the countless number of volunteers who stepped forward to assist in so many ways throughout the year. NYA would not be the same school without the time, talents and energies our wonderful volunteers donate each year. Thank you for all that you do for NYA. The following pages contain the 2010-2011 Annual Report of Donors. Thank you for your continued support and generosity as we look forward to another school year filled with great possibilities. Sincerely,

Kate Putnam Chief Development Officer

The Academy Circle ($10,000+) Anonymous Allen M. Bornheimer ’60 £ Scott K. Merrill Memorial Trust Bruce Poliquin Michael and Priscilla Savage The Russell Circle ($5,000-$9,999) Anonymous Cameron and Patricia Bright Margaret Fast Kristin Fletcher Jay ’94 and Julie Flower £ The Savage Family Foundation Mrs. Marjorie Twombly The Faculty Circle ($3,000-$4,999) James P. Brown ’88 £ Michael and Lisa Hebert Mark L. Lickus and Stephanie Miskell Brian Noyes David Osborne Peter Pulkkinen ’88 £ Chip and Lynne Roche in honor of NYA Teachers Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Smith in honor of Max ’14 and Claire ’16 Maurer The 1814 Circle ($1,814-$2,999) Josh and Susan Burns John and Ronni-Jo Carpenter David and Lynne Champoux Francis I.G. Coleman David W.H. Fenderson ’81 and Anne Louise Goulet £ David and Heidi Fitz Alan and Cynthia Harmatz Gregg Lipton and Sara Crisp John and Carrie Lonsdale David and Cynthia Maxsimic Nelson and Elizabeth Mead in honor of Peter Mertz Lincoln ’75 and Kim Merrill £ John and Jennifer Nolan Peter and Deirdre Quesada David and Diana Warren

The Headmaster’s Circle ($1,000$1,813) Richard and Debra Abbondanza Garrett and Janet Bowne Mrs. Anne M. Brimberg John Bueche and Sarah Kelly Lewis and Susan Cabot Michael Caron and Julia Bjorn Caron Mr. and Mrs. Houghton Carr Craig and Kristin Coleman Marc Daniels and Lynne Eldridge Todd and Cynthia Doolan Dorothy K. Davis Foundation John Drisko Mark and Pattie Fasold Robert Fast Joseph Faulstich ’76 £ G. David and Margaret Fenderson George and Cornelia Ford George D. and Dolinda Gibson David and Lisa Harrison Charles Hildreth Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jordan, Sr. Leonard Kaminow and Maria Mazorra Frank A. Knight ’25 £ Dan and Hope Mahoney Mrs. Judith Miskell Warren and Harriet Miskell Bruce and Anne Myers Peter and Lynn E. Noyes Thomas and Kathleen Reed in memory of Ralph Becker James B. Savage ’90 and Jenn McLean £ Mr. and Mrs. John Scully in honor of George Doolan ’15 Theodore ’60 and Sharon Libby Sharp ’61 £ Robert Stier and MaryEllen FitzGerald Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Tabell/The Tabell Family Foundation in honor of Margaret ’07 and Sarah ’12 Jordan Dana ’80 and Elizabeth Twombly £ Dr. Robert Ward in honor of Nate Ward-Chene ’12




GIVING CIRCLE DONORS The Curtis Circle ($500-$999) James Cabot ’98 £ Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Clock, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Curnin James and Jean Detert Christopher and Jane Flower Jose and Diana Garcia Peter and Marie Gerrity Michael Hardel and Tracey Jasas-Hardel Michael T. and Bridget Healy Michael Hildreth ’87 £ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hyndman John M. Kauffmann Seth and Anne Kolkin Keith Kostelnik and Catherine Jakubowitch William and Susan Martens Richard and Alexandra Maurer Peter Milliken Robert and Julia Moss Peter and Brunilda Muller Thomas and Elisabeth Murray Mr. and Mrs. Walter Norton Dirk and Ann Poole Michael and Martha Rayder Keith and Tracey Russell ’84 £ Takahiro and Susan Sato David D. Selleck ’54 £ James M. Stavis ’71 £ Mrs. Virginia Truesdale Caroline Olmstead Wallach ’95 £ Scott Wellenbach in memory of Ralph Becker Dr. Christopher M. Zitnay ’82 £ The Black and Orange Circle ($250-$499) Diana Morse Allen ’53 £ Robert L. Appleby ’50 £ James Arsenault and Lisa Holley William and Michelle Bennett Rachael Blanchard ’03 £ Kimberly Bridgham Robert and Jacquelyn Cawley Brad Choyt and Charlotte Bacon Robert L. Crane ’65 £ Garry W. Croudis ’55 £ Mr. and Mrs. Chris Dumaine Mr. Harold Duvall, III in honor of Kayla Rose ’14 Francesca Eastman and Edward Goodstein Cory Fasold ’96 £ Mr. and Mrs. Ed Field Fred Field and Karen Dobbyn Mr. and Mrs. William Frothingham Philip Gleason and Mary Schendel Benson Gray and Laurie Hasty 16

Garry W. Hallee ’79 £ Andrew M. Hayes ’91 £ Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Haynes F. Alan Hull and Susan Kepes in memory of Matthew Jeton ’84 Robert and Roberta Jordan Robert and Peggy Keach Paul and Elizabeth Kelsey James B. and Bonnie Klein Mr. and Mrs. Philip Koch Zachary Kolkin ’01 £ Willy and Elizabeth LeBihan N. Rich ’64 and Laura Lindquist £ Pamela MacQuarrie Mr. and Mrs. William Malcom Jim and Carolyn Meixell Roger and Margot Milliken Mr. David L. Mitchell ’67 in honor of Jack and Harriet Mitchell £ Wayne and Lauren Moody William ’01 and Stephanie Brown Noyes ’01 £ NYA Parents’ Association Drew’89 and Alexa Oestreicher £ Greg Paxton and Lynne Werner Jeff and Kate Putnam Alan L. Ramsdell, II ’88 £ Andrew and Catriona Sangster Curt and Nina Scribner Kevin Scully Robert and Susan Sharp Mr. and Mrs. David Suhr in honor of Hannah Lolar ’11 James and Elizabeth Taylor Hall and Deborah Thompson Joel Thompson ’90 £ Mrs. Claudia Webster in honor of Lea Webster ’18 Andrew Wellenbach in memory of Ralph Becker Jim Winton ’66 £ The Panther Circle ($249 and under) A-Mobile Maintenance Thomas Bradley Abbott ’08 £ Jennifer Ackerman David and Deborah Adams Gregory and Michele Amoroso Dennis and Christine Anderson Douglas and Elizabeh Andrews Eric and Amy Austin Kamal Ayad and Aldona Shumway Ross and JoAnne Babcock Danielle Fisher Barschdorf Dr. William S. Bartlett, Jr. ’71 Susan Baserga in memory of Jane Baserga Richard M. Baston ’46 Scott and Kristi Belesca Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bennett Ellen Benson ’90


Ellen Higgins Berger ’94 in memory of Austin D. Higgins Andrew Bertocci and Jeanette Barnard Kathryn L. Biberstein Chris Bixby ’03 Kenneth and Beverly Bixby Eric Blakeman ’90 Garrett Bowne ’09 in memory of Juli Chicoine John B. Branson ’65 Mrs. Ausma Melkis Briedis ’58 Timothy Brook ’90 Judith A. Brooks ’58 Gleynn E. Brooks, Jr. ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Brown in honor of Cam Regan ’12 Michael and Barbara Brown Bruce B. Brown, Jr. ’66 Alec Browne ’96 Colin Bumby ’00 Susan MacDonald Campbell ’52 in memory of Charles James ’52 Donald and Monique Caron Casco Bay Ford Holly Briggs Cathcart ’00 Richard Y. Chadwick, Jr. ’72 Robert ’50 and Janice Crouse Chamberlain ’55 Alexander Champoux ’07 Phillip Champoux ’10 Merrill Barker Chapin ’61 in honor of Frank Knight ’25 and in memory of Howard Small, David Larson ’61 and Merle Worth ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Charry Douglas and Jennifer Chene Dennis and Judith Childers Peter and Gail Cinelli David and Michelle Godbout Clock in honor of Bailey ’13 and Connor ’18 Clock David and Lorena Coffin in honor of Alex Coffin ’12 Jonathan and Kristin Cohen Robert B. Colby ’69 Mr. Arthur Collins Beverly Muzzy Corliss ’51 Christopher and Jeanne Crocker Sam Crocker ’03 in memory of Eve, Jenny and Jaamit Jennifer Lane Crosby ’85 Ted ’62 and Laurie Curtis John E. Cussen ’66 David and Sandi Daigle David and Karen Daigler Bill Dame Holly Dana Bruce and Heather Davis in honor of CJ Davis ’12 Mr. and Mrs. James Davis in honor of CJ Davis ’12 Mrs. Mary Ann Davis Sandra Norton Davis ’82 Daniel H. Day ’54

Daniel and Kathleen Dearing Ann Deming Mr. H.W. Detert Craig and Sherilyn Dietrich Paul and Kathleen Dioli Lillian M. Dolloff in memory of Geraldine W. Coffin Brown ’34 Ruth Smth Douglass ’36 in memory of Addison Buster Smith ’35 Bruce Drouin and Janet Hansen Sarah Drouin ’07 Mike and Marsha Dutton in honor of Toby Dutton Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Duvall in honor of Kayla Rose ’14 Karlene Davidson Dyhrberg ’46 E.S. Boulos Company in memory of Ralph Becker David Echeverria Mr. and Mrs. James Ertner Mr. and Mrs. William Esancy in memory of William Esancy Marjorie Seabury Estabrook ’47 Elizabeth S.M. Estey Mary Farsaci Mike and Betsy Fear Matt Feehan Donna Maxell Felker ’60 in memory of Janet Phipps Clark ’60 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ford II Shannon Gallagher Zachery Garcia ’07 Crombie and Deborah Garrett James ’98 and Courtney Anson Garrett ’98 Michael and Cynthia Gengras Peter Gerrity ’05 Kristan Burns Gibson Cass and Beatrice Gilbert Philip H. Gleason ’08 Dr. and Mrs. Donald F. Gove Don and Diantha Grant in honor of Bob Hawkes Heidi Grant Victoria Grass William W. Graves Mr. and Mrs. D. Andrew Grimes Robert Gross Norene E. Grover ’51 David and Mary Guiseley Dr. and Mrs. Ken Guiseley Lance and Joy Guliani John and Sheryl Haas Regina Hackleman Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hadden William (Finn) Hadlock ’11 Mr. Norm Hall in honor of Alan ’11 and Jen ’13 Brown John W. Hamilton ’78 Robert and Rebecca Hamilton Tina and Jim Hanley Robert G. Hanscome ’53 Burnett M. Hansen ’81 Evan ’72 and Debra Hansen Joseph and Pamela Hanson

£ Member of the Alumni Leadership Circle

Krista Lindquist ’99 Richard ’54 and Lois Rogers Lippincott ’55 in honor of Frank Knight ’25 and in memory of Harry Mitchell ’54 Donald ’80 and Tracy Littlefield Theda and John Logan Dale Lolar in honor of Hannah Lolar ’11 Kenneth and Jennifer Madore Timothy and Barbara Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Mahshie in memory of Dr. Michael L. Rayder Stephen Malcom and Martha Barrett Natasha Malinski ’98 Scott R. Marchildon Ross and Marissa Markonish Frederick J. Marmo ’66 Andrea Gove Martin ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Martin Mrs. Ralf Martin Fred and Cynthia Masi David Matson Patia Maule ’99 Christopher Mazzurco Lisa McGlinn Meghan E. McGoldrick ’01 Andrew and Carrie McIntosh Sandra McLean Iver McLeod and Barbara Charry Jack and Elaine McMahon Timothy McMahon ’93 Laura Hayes McPeake ’91 Stephen and Charlotte McPherson George R. Merrill ’49 Lincoln ‘75 and Kim Merril in honor of Doug Austin Pete Mertz ’08 Peter W. and Lisa Mertz Karen Messick Michael Foods Jeffrey Milburn and Janice Baserga Brian Miller and Beverly Morse in memory of Ralph Becker Todd I. Miller ’61 Rick and Debby Molander Ashley Spicer Moody ’02 Peter and Louisa Moore Lois Grant Morrill ’49 Andrew Mueller ’05 Katherine Mueller ’01 Edith C. Naegele ’94 Sunil Nayak ’90 Thomas and Renee Newman James and Mary Nicholas Ian Nichols ’09 Debora Noone in honor of Tara Johnson Edward D. and Ann Noyes Heidi and Michael O’Connor Jill O’Connor Briana O’Hare ’99 Mimi Olins Bob and Alanna Olivadoti Charles and Julia Paige

Frances K. Parisi ’52 Holly Parker Lisa A. Parker ’77 Timothy and Michelle Patch Albion L. Payson ’54 Mrs. Ruth Pease D. Roderick Pendleton ’84 Edwin P. Pendleton ’85 Margaret Perkins Mrs. Doreen Peterson Erik Piasio ’02 Alexander Pilitsis ’08 Dimitrios Pilitsis ’06 Ellissa Popoff Alysa Curtis Porter ’97 Dr. and Mrs. Christian Potholm Robert and Carol Potter Stephen D. Purington ’70 Phebe Royer Quattrucci ’81 Ian Ramsey Mrs. John R. Rand Jeffrey and Holly Randall Brooke Rayder ’07 Jonathan and Susanne Reder Marion Knight Reed ’39 Susan Reed and Robert Cave Mrs. Mary Regan in honor of Camden Regan ’12 Michael and Deborah Regan Arthur R. Rice ’53 Field Rider and Susan Percy John A. and Lisa Robbins David E. Robinson ’54 in memory of Robert Robinson ’53 Michele Rose Edmund and Margot Russell Mr. Richard D. Samuelson ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Alden H. Sawyer, Jr. , Judith Sawyer Lake ‘77 and Andrew Sawyer in memory of Arthur C. Hansen Charles L. Sawyer Robert and Wendy Scammon Anne Thompson Schutz ’88 Thomas Schwarm and Maureen Keegan Mrs. Alma Scully Helen Payson Seager ’54 in honor of Arthur Hansen and Bob Hawkes Abbie Sewall in honor of Emily ‘98 and Thatcher ‘03 Shultz Justin Sharaf Peter Sillin Peter and Lauren Silverson Donald and Claudette Simms Katharine Slack in honor of Renee Lamoreau ’11 Austin Smith Elizabeth Smith Nathan Smith Theodore and Lynn Stam John and Barbara Staples James Sterling Brian Stornelli ’01 Richard and Jennifer Strabley

Eric and Wendy Suehrstedt Lynn Sullivan Ben and Holly Susla in honor of Jake Susla ’12 Ernest T. Swanson ’64 Robert, Jr. ‘73 and Karen Swenson ’73 David ’52 and Joanna Sweetser Tamminen ’54 in honor of Thomas’44 and Robert ’52 Sweetser Target The Allant Group in memory of Ralph Becker Katherine Thomas Jeffrey Townes ’93 Mr. and Mrs. James Travers Maria Gove Tringale ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tuttle Linda Vaillancourt Mark and Susan Van Winkle Theodore Vaughan ’67 Catherine Myers Vilburn ’54 in memory of Haven (Ted) Jordan ’54 Scott Vile and Deborah Deatrick Reid Waker ’08 Lydia Ward-Gray Eliza Warren ’06 Joseph Warren ’09 Leslie Seymour Wears ’63 Peter B. Webster John Wellenbach in memory of Ralph Becker Patricia Wellenbach Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wells Mr. and Mrs. Stephen White Gilbert M. and Cynthia Wilcox Jean T. Wilkinson David and Cathleen Willauer with appreciation for Peter and Lisa Mertz Sharlene and LaForest Willey Robert D. Williamson ’62 Wendy Yale Jacqlyn Young ’99 Jonathan and Susan Young Walter ’47 and Patricia Zimont ’53 in memory of Thelma Stone Chamberlain ’53 Dr. Kevin Zitnay ’79 in memory of David Durand ’79 Matching Gift Companies: Morgan Stanley The Pimco Foundation Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Unum




William Harper ’01 Dana and Carol Harris William Hart ’68 in memory of Bill Pritchard ’68 Susan Hasty Craig and Eileen Hawkins Alberta Decker Haynes ’54 Jay and Elizabeth Henderson Merton Henry Roger and Charlotte Hewson Colonel Dennis K. Hodsdon, Ret. ’56 in memory of Abe Turner Todd Holbrook Karin Hoppenbrouwers Elizabeth Curtis Horowicz ’93 James and Suzanne Howard Richard N. and Jennifer Hubbell in honor of Arthur Hansen Charles and Mary Hudson Glenyce Brooks Hughes ’50 Allison Huke ’96 Mrs. Agnes Hungerford Andre J. Hungerford in honor of Peter Mertz Gracie Hyndman ’07 Thomas and Laurie Hyndman Nathan Isaacson ’06 Lois E. Fogg Jackson ’44 Hector and Nancy Jaeger Francis and Mary Jeton in memory of Matthew Jeton ’84 Doug and Tara Johnson Jacquelyn Jones Judith Scott Jones ’57 Tucker Kelton’03 Mrs. Bernice Kendall in honor of Evan Kendall ’12 Kathryn Kendall Kevin Kendall Peter and Grace Kendrick Timothy W. Kendrick ’92 Khoa Khuong Adrian King Richard and Carri Kivela Alex Kloza Burton Matthew Knapp ’91 Marvin and Caryl Kolkin in honor of Zach ’01 and Nick ’11 Kolkin Mrs. Shirley Koshliek Nora and John Krainis Barbara Lambert Mrs. Beverly Lamoreau Thomas E. LaMountain ’71 Paul and Brenda Landry Mrs. Fayne Lappas Ronald and Coleen Laprise Nazaire G. LeBlanc ’61 David Case LeClair ’94 Roger and Debra Ledoux Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leighton Sidney A. Leighton ’60 Seaver and Anne Leslie in memory of Ralph Becker Gail and Joseph Lillard Adam Lindquist ’02


Alumni Donors by Class Year: Class of 1925 Frank A. Knight £ Class of 1936 Ruth Smith Douglass Class of 1939 Marion Knight Reed Class of 1944 Lois E.Fogg Jackson Class of 1946 Richard M. Baston Karlene Davidson Dyhrberg Class of 1947 Marjorie Seabury Estabrook Walter Zimont Class of 1949 George R. Merrill Lois Grant Morrill Class of 1950 Robert L. Appleby £ Gleynn E. Brooks, Jr. Robert Chamberlain Glenyce Brooks Hughes Class of 1951 Beverly Muzzy Corliss Norene E. Grover Class of 1952 Susan MacDonald Campbell Frances K. Parisi David Tamminen Class of 1953 Diana Morse Allen £ Robert G. Hanscome Arthur R. Rice Patricia Zimont Class of 1954 Daniel H. Day Alberta Decker Haynes Richard Lippincott Albion L. Payson David E. Robinson Helen Payson Seager David D. Selleck £ Joanna Sweetser Tamminen Catherine Myers Vilburn Class of 1955 Janice Crouse Chamberlain Garry W. Croudis £ Lois Rogers Lippincott


Class of 1956 Colonel Dennis K. Hodsdon, Ret. Class of 1957 Judith Scott Jones Class of 1958 Ausma Melkis Briedis Judith A. Brooks Class of 1960 Allen M. Bornheimer £ Donna Maxell Felker Sidney A. Leighton Theodore Sharp £ Class of 1961 Merrill Barker Chapin Nazaire G. LeBlanc Todd I. Miller Sharon Libby Sharp £ Class of 1962 Ted Curtis Robert D. Williamson Class of 1963 Leslie Seymour Wears Class of 1964 N. Rich Lindquist £ Ernest T. Swanson Class of 1965 John B. Branson Robert L. Crane £ Class of 1966 Bruce B. Brown, Jr. John E. Cussen Frederick J. Marmo Mr. Richard D. Samuelson Jim Winton £ Class of 1967 David L. Mitchell £ Theodore Vaughan Class of 1968 William Hart Class of 1969 Robert B. Colby Class of 1970 Stephen D. Purington Class of 1971 Dr. William S. Bartlett, Jr. Thomas E. LaMountain James M. Stavis £ Class of 1972 Richard Y. Chadwick, Jr. Evan Hansen Class of 1973 Robert Swenson, Jr.


Class of 1975 Lincoln Merrill £ Class of 1976 Joseph Faulstich £ Class of 1977 Lisa A. Parker Class of 1978 John W. Hamilton Class of 1979 Garry W. Hallee £ Dr. Kevin Zitnay Class of 1980 Donald Littlefield Dana Twombly £ Class of 1981 David W.H. Fenderson £ Burnett M. Hansen Phebe Royer Quattrucci Maria Gove Tringale Class of 1982 Sandra Norton Davis Dr. Christopher M. Zitnay £ Class of 1984 D. Roderick Pendleton Keith Russell £ Class of 1985 Jennifer Lane Crosby Andrea Gove Martin Edwin P. Pendleton Class of 1987 Michael Hildreth £ Class of 1988 James P. Brown £ Peter Pulkkinen £ Alan L. Ramsdell £ Anne Thompson Schutz Class of 1989 Drew Oestreicher £ Class of 1990 Ellen Benson Eric Blakeman Timothy Brook Sunil Nayak James B. Savage £ Joel Thompson £ Class of 1991 Andrew M. Hayes £ Burton Matthew Knapp Laura Hayes McPeake Class of 1992 Timothy Kendrick


The 2010-11 Annual Report is published by the Development Office and lists gifts received between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. Every effort has been made to ensure that these lists are accurate and complete. If your name was omitted inadvertently or it appears incorrectly, please accept our apologies and contact the Development Office at (207)847-5422.

Class of 1993 Elizabeth Curtis Horowicz Timothy McMahon Jeffrey Townes Class of 1994 Ellen Higgins Berger Jay Flower £ David Case LeClair Edith C. Naegele Class of 1995 Caroline Olmstead Wallach £ Class of 1996 Alec Browne Cory Fasold £ Allison Huke Class of 1997 Alysa Curtis Porter Class of 1998 James Cabot £ James and Courtney Anson Garrett Natasha Malinski Class of 1999 Krista Lindquist Patia Maule Jacqlyn Young Class of 2000 Colin Bumby Holly Briggs Cathcart Class of 2001 William Harper Zachary Kolkin £ Meghan E. McGoldrick Katherine Mueller Stephanie Brown Noyes £ William Noyes £ Brian Stornelli

Class of 2002 Adam Lindquist Ashley Spicer Moody Erik Piasio Class of 2003 Chris Bixby Rachael Blanchard £ Sam Crocker Tucker Kelton Class of 2005 Peter Gerrity Andrew Mueller Class of 2006 Nathan Isaacson Dimitrios Pilitsis Eliza Warren Class of 2007 Alexander Champoux Sarah Drouin Zachery Garcia Gracie Hyndman Brooke Rayder Class of 2008 Thomas Bradley Abbott £ Philip H. Gleason Pete Mertz Alexander Pilitsis Reid Walker Class of 2009 Garrett Bowne Briana O’Hare Joseph Warren Class of 2010 Phillip Champoux Class of 2011 William (Finn) Hadlock

Faculty and Staff Participation 100%

2011 Class Participation 33% Agents: Robert Fast and Janet Bowne

2014 Class Participation 54 % Agents: David Fenderson, Anne-Louise Goulet and David Warren

2015 Class Participation 50 % Agent: Amy Ford

2016 Class Participation 48 % Agents: Deb Deatrick and Stephanie Miskell

Annual Fund Total $274,290 Auction Total $ 84,354

R Donors of Gifts-in-Kind

Owen Cole Marc Daniels and Lynne Eldridge David and Elaine Elliott Margaret Fast John and Julia Fay Bradley Manter and Rebecca Darling Richard and Alexandra Maurer Anthony and Barbara Miller Greg Paxton and Lynne Werner



Donors to Peter Mertz Prize Richard and Debra Abbondanza Jesse and Jennifer Abbott Linda Banks Garrett and Janet Bowne Cameron and Patricia Bright Michael and Julia Bjorn Caron Mr. and Mrs. Houghton Carr John Drisko David and Elaine Elliott Paul and Lolly Errickson Robert Fast John and Julia Fay David W.H. Fenderson ’81 and Anne Louise Goulet G. David and Margaret Fenderson Mr. and Mrs. Ed Field Fred Field and Karen Dobbyn David and Heidi Fitz Peter and Marie Gerrity Benson Gray and Laurie Hasty Ted and Susie Gribbell David and Lisa Harrison James and Suzanne Howard Michael and Kelly Ianno John M. Kauffmann Frank A. Knight ’25 David and Cynthia Maxsimic Jack and Elaine McMahon Nelson and Elizabeth Mead Lincoln’75 and Kim Merrill Warren and Harriet Miskell Robert and Julia Moss

2012 Class Participation 62 % Agent: Laurie Hasty

2017 Class Participation 54 % Agent: Quincy Van Winkle

Brian Noyes Greg Paxton and Lynne Werner Brian and Sara Petrovek Mitchell and Janet Rousseau Andrew and Catriona Sangster Carolyn Schuster Theodore and Lynn Stam Robert Stier and MaryEllen FitzGerald Katherine Thomas Dana ’80 and Elizabeth Twombly Mrs. Marjorie Twombly Scott Vile and Deborah Deatrick Charles and Catherine von Brecht Dr. Robert Ward Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce


Giving the gift of time North Yarmouth Academy could not possibly accomplish all that it does without the countless hours contributed by dedicated volunteers. The Academy is extremely fortunate to have committed alumni, trustees, parents and friends who volunteer their time and boundless energy to help enrich the NYA experience for each student and the Academy at large.

2013 Class Participation 53 % Agent: Lynne Roche

2018 Class Participation 54 % Agent: Michelle Bennett

R A Gift That Always Fits

Give a gift in honor of someone’s birthday, graduation or in memory of a loved one. Do you have an NYA teacher who made a difference in your life? Make a donation in their honor. NYA will send an acknowledgement of your gift to that specific person, friend or family member. Unless otherwise specified, these gifts will benefit the NYA Annual Fund and be recognized in our Annual Donor Listing. Please call the Development Office at (207)847-5422 for more information.

Thank you for your incredible support.




NYA Board of Trustees Participation 100%


Memorial Gifts: Gifts were made in memory of a number of our friends who have passed away. A special thank you to these donors: In memory of Eve, Jenny and Jamit Sam Crocker ’03 In memory of Jane Baserga Susan Baserga In memory of Ralph Becker E.S. Boulos Company Seaver and Anne Leslie Brian Miller Thomas and Kathleen Reed The Allant Group John Wellenbach Scott Wellenbach Andrew Wellenbach In memory of Geraldine Coffin Brown ’34 Ms. Lillian M. Dolloff


Auction Donors Acapello Salon & Spa Akari Hair Care and Day Spa Amphora Skincare Studio Anonymous Antonia’s Aquaboggan Water Park AV Technik, LLC Azula Azure Cafe Barn Door Cafe & Bakery L. Barschdorf Bartley’s Driving School Bath Savings Bank Beattie Chicks Makery Bella Envy Belle Epoch Design Michelle Bennett Betsy’s Hair, Face and Body Patricia Beville Rob and Ann Billings Binga’s Wingas Julia Bjorn-Caron Black Point Inn Blarney Stone Pottery Dan Boothby Allen Bornheimer ’60 Borealis Bread Boston Hair Boston Red Sox


In memory of Thelma Stone Chamberlain ’53 Walter ’47 and Patricia Zimont ’53 In memory of Juli Chicoine Garrett Bowne ’09 In memory of Janet Phipps Clark ’60 Donna Maxell Felker ’60 In memory of David Durand ’79 Dr. Kevin Zitnay ’79 In memory of William Esancy Mr. and Mrs. William Esancy In memory of Arthur C. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Alden H. Sawyer Judith Sawyer Lake ‘77 and Andrew Sawyer

Carl Boudreau Barbara Boyce Heidi Boyd Bren Bataclan - Smile Boston Project Kim Bridgham Manon Briggs Barb Brown Bruce’s Burritos Bubba’s Hair Salon Josh and Susan Burns Lewis and Susan Cabot Cahill Tire, Inc. Captiva Salon and Spa Caravan Beads Casco Bay Soap Co. Chilton Furniture Brad Choyt Churchill Catered Events Clay Play Clayton’s Pat Clockedile Coastal Ace Hardware Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Cynthia Gray Cobb Coca Cola/Oakley Jones ’68 Color Me Mine Cork and Barrel Couleur Collection Joseph Cousins Scott Crawford Creative Hardwood Floors Cricket’s Corner Shoppe Charlie Crosby


In memory of Austin D. Higgins Ellen Higgins Berger

In memory of Dr. Michael L. Rayder Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Mahshie

In memory of David Larson Merrill Barker Chapin ’61

In memory of Robert Robinson ’53 David E. Robinson’54

In memory of Charles James ’52 Susan MacDonald Campbell ’52

In memory of Howard Small Merrill Barker Chapin ’61

In memory of Matthew Jeton ’84 F. Alan Hull and Susan Kepes

In memory of Addison Buster Smith ’35 Ruth Smith Douglass ’36

In memory of Matthew Jeton ’84 Francis and Mary Jeton

In memory of Abe Turner Colonel Dennis K. Hodsdon, Ret. ‘56

In memory of Haven (Ted) Jordan’54 Mrs. Catherine Myers Vilburn ‘54 In memory of Bill Ptitchard ’68 William Hart ’68

Cumberland and York Aviation Custom Built Personal Training Cyclemania D. Cole Jewelers Charlene and Jules Damion Delorme Henry Detert Paul and Kathy Dioli Downeast Concepts Downeast Energy DR Coffins Garage, Inc. John Drisko Dusty’s Toys Mike Dutton Dwellings Dynamaxx Earthly Treasures Edgecomb Potters/Chris Hilton Enerjoy Health/Fitness Estabrook’s Finery Etc. Falmouth Flowers Falmouth Happy Cats Falmouth House of Pizza David Fenderson ’81 and Anne Louise Goulet Fred Field Josh Fifield Finer Pointes Dance Shop Foreside Antiques Foreside Consignment Gallery Forget-Me-Nots Freeport Beads

Freeport Café Friends of NYA Funky Chicks Galeyrie Charlie and Theresa Gendron Peter Gerrity Girls Varsity Field Hockey Team Goff’s Hardware Good Eats Boutique Grill 233 Gritty’s Joan Leslie Joy Guliani Laurie Hadlock Halcyon Yarn Norm Hall William Hallett Hampton Inn Freeport Hancock Lumber Hand ME Downs Hansel’s Orchard Laurie Hasty Karen Hellen Jay Henderson Bernadette Higgins Hilton Garden Inn Dorothy Holt Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) Huffy’s Sandwich Shop Tom and Laurie Hyndman Island Treasures Jaiden Landscaping

Pat’s Pizza Pea Pod Fashion Accessories Pearly Stone Designs Pike Industries Carol Pitkin Pitter Patter Pleasant River Soap Co. Bruce Poliquin Abigail Putnam Kate Putnam Rainbow Toys Michael and Martha Rayder Deborah Regan Douglas Reighley, LMT, R.P.P. Jay Reighley Rejuvenations Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. Susan Myer Riley Lisa Robbins Rosemont Market Royal Bean/Jim Meek Kim Russell Richard G Sandifer Michael and Priscilla Savage Kate Savidge Scarlet Begonias Laura and Eric Schaeffer Lissa Schantz Anne Thompson Schutz Seabourn Pearls Sea Charms Christine Shapazian Patricia Shareen-Akroosh Ted ’60 and Sharon Libby Sharp ’61 Sheabella Tutus Shearbrooke Farm Shelly Rose Photography Peter Sillin Claudette Simms Russell Simms Simply Home Skillins Greenhouses Kathy Slack Slocum Chiropractic Starlight Café Start to Finish Julie Stevens Larry Stoddard Stride Envy Skating Sugarloaf Golf Club Talus Corp. Tavecchia TD Bank The Belted Cow The Elliott Family The Frager/Pitkin Family The Gallery Hair Studio and Spa The Gerrity Family The Myers Family The Niblic Shop The Picture Framer The Prep Kitchen The Red Carpet Treatment The Russell Family The Wellness Solution

Thomas Fallon Photography Katherine Thomas TripQuipment Shelby Turcotte UBS Financial Group Donald Verger Wags & Whiskers David and Diana Warren Waterfront Concerts Ted & Beth Weber Pat Wellenbach Jean Wilkinson Amy Wood Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Yarmouth Frame Shop and Gallery Yosaku Restaurant Auction Corporate Sponsors: Alexander and Schmidt Atlantic Sportswear/LAXPros Bangor Savings Bennett Engineering Briggs Advertising Coca Cola Company

Friends of NYA Hannaford Hebert Construction Hopkinson and Abbondanza Lebel and Harriman Dr. Lawrence E. Levy, DMD One Stop Party Shoppe Patriot Insurance Pierce Atwood Portland Post Production Print Mail of Maine Semiconductor of Maine FCU Shipyard Brewing Co. Windward Petroleum


Jubilee Beads Just Framing Bernice Kendall Keurig Inc Key Bank Khidzplay Kir Collection/Susan Burns & Jennifer Klein Danielle Kloza Julie Knapp Anne Kolkin Jon Kolkin Michael and Moira LaChance Martha Lane Steve and Tracy Leavitt Ian Leishman Lexus Nails Sarah Elizabeth Look John & Carrie Lonsdale Lovell Designs Mad Horse Theater Maine Audubon Maine Boot Camp Maine Coastal Popcorn Maine Roasters Coffee/Freaky Bean Maine Running Company Maine State Ballet Mainely Alpaca Marika Alisha Skin Care Marissa Markonish Alexandra Maurer McDonald’s Yarmouth Margareta McDonald George McEvoy Susan McLaughlin Tim McMahon Steve McPherson Eva McVicar Mediate in Maine Peter and Lisa Mertz Migis Lodge Milo in Maine Judith Miskell Warren & Harriet Burgoon Miskell Morningstar Marble & Granite Muddy Rudder Restaurant Beth Myers Bette Neville Mary Nicholas Nicola’s Home Northern NE Passenger Rail Authority Norway Savings Bank Now You’re Cooking! Mary Noyes NYA Board of Trustees NYA Community NYA Dole House Staff NYA Senior Staff Michael & Heidi O’Connor Alanna Olivadoti Olivia’s Journee Pace Driving School Papa Gepetto’s Workshop Paper Moon Jewelry Park Row Interiors Ann Patch

Donors to Arena Sponsorships: Bangor Savings Bank Bruce’s Burritos Coca Cola of Northern New England Downeast Energy and Building Supply H&D Title and Closing Services Patriot Insurance Company VIP Parts Tires and Services


ARCHIVAL GRANT North Yarmouth Academy was awarded a $4,000 grant in September by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission to preserve and provide better access to its historical collections. Alumni parent, Jay Robbins of Robbins Historical Research, is serving as the Project Archivist at NYA as we prepare to celebrate our bicentennial in 2014. The grant, when combined with additional monies raised for the project and a generous in-kind match, will allow NYA to establish an official school Archive. All the many records, photos, school publications, rolled architectural drawings, ephemera, artifacts, scrapbooks, etc. that have accumulated over the years have now been brought together into one place. In two rooms on the second floor of Weld House, these historical materials have been sorted, catalogued, rehoused in appropriate archival file folders and storage boxes and can now be made available to the school community and the public. “Taken together, these records are one of the most complete and important sources of information concerning the history of education in Maine, both public and private,” explained Robbins. They document the rise of college preparatory academies in the 19th century, the birth of public high schools as a result of State directives, and the education of international students (Cuba, Africa, Germany, etc.) starting in the mid-19th century. They reveal circumstances of an all-male boarding school, the divisive community politics around rival Yarmouth Institute and the early issues of educating women. NYA was originally chartered as a coed institution. NYA welcomes volunteers to help with this project. “We will happily copy any of your NYA related photos and memorabilia and add these materials to the Archives,” said Robbins. You can reach him on Mondays at NYA (207-847-5404) or at





Donors to the 2010 Steve Morris Golf Tournament John Allyn Amvets Ladies Auxillary Post 2 Amvets Post 2 Anonymous Bangor Savings Bank Dan Bannish Dave Beckleman Brian Bilodeau Gary Blackwell Eric Blakeman Blakeman Mavor Group of Smith Barney Jon Blanchard Chuck Brakely Jon Burdick Sam Chamberlain Clark Associates/Dale Hudson ‘64 Coca Cola Bottling of Northern New England

Chris Conway Dottie Cooper Richard Cooper Bob Corey Chris Curran Don Day Willie Doyle Mike Dutton Jeff Dutton Andy Dutton Beck Erhard Estabrook’s Jay Flower Fox Ridge Golf Club James Garrett Colin Geiger Brian Gilbert Associates Eric Gilbert Goddard Insurance Goff’s Hardware John Greene Grill 233 Kenn Guimond Jim Hall

Bruce Hamlin Evan Hansen Mark Harrington Tim Hassett Ryan Hendrickson Dale Hudson Dennis Hunt Laurie Hyndman Carter Jordan Lebel and Harriman Nic Lolar Maine Red Claws Maine Roasters Coffee Danielle Marquis Matt Marquis Kate Merrill Linc Merrill Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Brad Myers Patrick Newell Old Men’s Hoops New England Golf Guide Now You’re Cooking Patriot Insurance Company/ Linc Merrill ’75

Pat’s Pizza of Yarmouth Pearson Curriculum Group Mark Peterson Poland Spring Resort Preti Flaherty James Richards Kerri Roberts Rosemont Market and Bakery Michael Sawyer John Schwarz Spring Meadows Golf Club Jimmy Sterling Jack Stiles The Swan Agency/Christopher Swan ’83 Talus Corporation Rich Tibbetts Don Walsh John Walters Brian Wood

B U D FLAHERT Y On October 14, 2011, Paul “Bud” Flaherty passed away at the age of 68 after fighting a valiant battle with cancer. One of the most beloved teachers ever to grace the North Yarmouth Academy campus, Bud had a talent for storytelling and making the pages of a history book come to life. He was a fixture on campus and a favorite of the student body since he arrived at NYA in 1967 to begin his 41 year teaching career. During his tenure at NYA, he wore many different hats. He served as a history teacher, dorm master, and was the Dean of Students during the years that NYA was a boarding school. Bud coached many different sports, ran several school clubs and also managed the transportation department. When he retired from NYA in 2008, he was feted at a dinner and roast in his honor which drew former students, parents, colleagues and current students from across the country. It was a wonderful evening of storytelling, memory sharing and special tributes to Bud. Since the news of his passing, his former students, colleagues, and friends have shown an outpouring of support for his family. Fond memories were shared through the web page and through social media celebrating the impact he had as a teacher and as a wonderful human being. Bud is survived by his wife Marie, his daughter Dorene and her husband John Battles, and two grandchildren, Shane and Monica.



Before his death, Bud expressed his wishes that a scholarship be established in his memory at NYA that would enable a student to attend the Academy who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford the tuition. We are pleased to announce that the first annual Paul “Bud” Flaherty 5K run/walk will be held on June 10, 2012, with all proceeds raised going to support the Flaherty Scholarship Fund. More information about the Run/Walk will be mailed early this spring. In the meantime, if you are interested in helping, please contact Kate Putnam, Chief Development Officer, at (207) 847-5422 or


The 2011 February drama production was Curtains starring Elliot Daniels ’11, Jenny Sharp ’11, and Hadley Gibson ’12 as well as thirty-six additional actors from grades six through twelve hailing from Scarborough to Boothbay. The play takes place in 1959 at Boston’s Colonial Theater, host to the opening night performance of a new musical. When the untalented leading lady mysteriously dies on stage during her opening night curtain call, the entire cast and crew are suspects. It is up to a police detective, who moonlights as a musical theater fan, to save the show, solve the case, and maybe even find love before the show opens, without getting killed himself.

DEDICATION The entire NYA school community gathered together last May to honor and say good-bye to outgoing Headmaster Peter Mertz and his wife Lisa. During the all-school picnic, students from each grade paid tribute to the Mertzes with skits, songs, gifts and a trivia game. At the end of the program, Rick Abbondanza, president of the NYA Board of Trustees surprised Mertz by announcing that the family who owned the naming rights to the Science Center had chosen to name the building for Mertz. A stunned and almost speechless Mertz responded, “This not only has surprised me, it has shocked me. I am thrilled with this honor and most grateful.” The donors, who wish to remain anonymous, explained, “We had the wonderful opportunity to send our children to NYA during Peter’s tenure and witnessed first-hand his passion for and dedication to everything that NYA stands for: integrity, honesty and character. Naming the Science Center after him is a small way of thanking him.” After ten years at NYA, Mertz left to become Head of School at Hampton Roads Academy in Newport News, Virginia.



NEW STAFF In addition to our new Head of School, NYA welcomed several other new faculty and staff members. Left to right: Martha Barrett, Erica Kent, Kelly Orr, Irene Marchenay, Alexander Champoux ’07 and Peter Gerrity ’05, not pictured: Molly Moss ‘05

Martha Barrett (mother of Matt ’15 and Jake ’17 Malcom) was a regular volunteer in Dining Services, and when a position became available, she joined the kitchen team. We are thrilled to have another familiar face in Dining Services. Erica Kent joined NYA this summer as an English teacher. She is teaching seventh grade English, as well as two sections of Freshman English. Additionally, Erica helps out with the literary magazine, “Emerge.” Erica has a B.A. from Marlboro College and an M.A. from the University of Southern Maine. She has been teaching English, Film, and Creative Writing for the last twelve years at various schools, including a boarding school in California. Kelly Orr joined the faculty this summer. Kelly teaches history and coordinates NYA’s experiential education program. She will also be coordinating summer programs at NYA. Kelly has a B.A. from Bowdoin College and a M.A. from the University of Southern Maine. She served as a teaching intern at the Leadership School at Kieve in Nobleboro, Maine, led extended canoe trips, taught white water paddling and safety skills, and served as the coordinator of freshmen pre-orientation trips at Bowdoin College.

Irene Marchenay joined the faculty this summer. Mme. Marchenay teaches all levels of French including AP. She has a BA in Education from Elmira College and an MA in Romance Studies from Cornell University. She is also a National Board Certified teacher who has taught at Cornell and also USM. For the past 10 years at the secondary level. Mme. Marchenay has travelled extensively with students and adults to Europe, Canada and the French Caribbean. Alexander Champoux ’07 is back on campus after graduating from Trinity College. As an intern, he started the Writing Center at NYA and helps in the Development Office doing grant writing and research. He also coaches Middle School tennis. Peter Gerrity ’05 left his intern position in the Alumni and Development Office to take over as Assistant Athletic Director. He has a B.A. from Hamilton College. He also teaches Environmental Science, and coaches ice hockey and lacrosse. Mr. Gerrity’s summer lacrosse camps are VERY popular! Molly Moss ’05 took over for Peter Gerrity as an intern in the Alumni and Development Office. She graduated from Endicott College in 2009 and received her MBA from Endicott in 2010. She spent a year coaching lacrosse at Hamilton College. In addition to her work in the Alumni and Development office, she also coached girls soccer this fall. (Not Pictured)

E XPER I ENTIAL EDUCAT IO N This fall, NYA received a $40,000 gift, the first of a three-year anonymous donation, to launch an experiential education program for all students in all grades. The program includes a broad spectrum of experiences designed to help each student build and learn leadership, communication, self-reliance and teamwork skills. The program has been incorporated into NYA’s current curriculum and will include outdoor components designed to strengthen students’ appreciation of the environment. “We envision a program for each grade level each year that is both connected to the curriculum and to the reflective development of each student,” said Head of School Brad Choyt. NYA hired Kelly Orr to oversee the program as Experiential Education Coordinator. Orr is a 2006 graduate of Bowdoin College and completed the Extended Teacher Education Program at the University of Southern Maine where she is a candidate for a Master of Science in Applied Literacy. “I am very excited about the potential for implementing a comprehensive Experiential Education curriculum at NYA. There is great energy among the faculty and staff around this program, and I am really looking forward to collaborating with my colleagues as we develop EE learning opportunities both in the classroom and all over Maine.” 24





Ruth Smith Douglass wrote that she took a trip this summer across the states to Mount Rushmore. She also attended a Patriots football game in Foxborough—a “dream come true!” She writes, “As those t-shirts etc. say, ‘Life is Good,’ and I’m still enjoying it!”

Martha Hodsdon Despeaux called to let us know her brother Col. Dennis K. Hodsdon, Ret. ‘56, passed away Nov. 1, 2011. “He had a successful 26 year military career after graduating from Bowdoin College. Dennis was a passionate bird watcher who loved birding and had close to 800 birds on his personal bird list. He was a good person and loyal NYA supporter. He will be sorely missed by his family and friends.” Martha went to Gettysburg College following graduation from NYA and left early to get married and have a family. She went back to school and became a very successful accountant in Baltimore. She and her husband Edward are retired and live in Atlantic City.

The Class of 1961 gathered for their 50th reunion on September 25. The group met at NYA for a campus tour followed by a reception at Brad Choyt’s home and then lunch at the Royal River Grillhouse (formerly The Cannery). We’d like to thank committee members Sharon Libby Sharp, Merry Chapin, Donna Bolduc, Ron Gregor, Janet Beckwith and Allan Wilson for all their help planning the events and tracking down lost alumni!

1944 Lois E. Fogg Jackson is living at Piper Shores in Scarborough. She has a daughter Diane in Pembroke, NH and a daughter Linda in Depoe Bay, OR.

1950 In 1992, Glenyce Brooks Hughes and her husband retired. They live in Gorham and have 4 children, 5 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

1951 Ruth Crockett James’s husband Charles H. James ’52 passed away on August 6, 2010 in Sacramento, CA. They had been married for 57 years. They enjoyed spending many winters in Kona, Hawaii. “Charlie retired after 21 years in the USAF, and another 21 years with Civil Service.”

1965 John B. Bronson continues to work as the historian for Lake Clark National Park and Preserve in southwestern Alaska.

1960 Congratulations to Allen Bornheimer who married Victoria Grass on October 22, 2011 at The Old Meeting House on the hill in Yarmouth. Ted Sharp ’60 was best man.

In honor of their 50th reunion, the class of 1961 raised $775.00 to donate to The First Parish Church Food Pantry in Yarmouth. Jane Small Plante explained, “What does it mean when a high school class reunites after 50 years? Our class was special as we were the last class to graduate [from NYA] before Yarmouth High School was built.  For that reason, it was decided that any gift given needed to benefit any and all in our hometown.  As a result, we the class of “61” are proud to contribute $775.00 to The First Parish Church Food Pantry.  Thank you Town of Yarmouth and North Yarmouth Academy for sending out into the world a REALLY TERRIFIC class that has indeed strived to make you proud - even now - as we did way back when!”

1972 John Graziano is living in Centennial, CO and the chef at Murphy Creek Tavern in Aurora, CO. “Been a chef for the last 30 years and enjoy cooking and golf.”

1958 Philip Nason touched base with the Alumni Office to say he was disappointed he missed his 50th reunion. He lives in Tulare, CA. Although he left NYA before he graduated, both he and his brother consider it their school. Both went on to college because of the “great education from NYA.” Ausma “Kathy” Melkis Briedis retired from the New Jersey school system but enjoys working two days a week as a contractor in occupational therapy working with children.

Class of 1961 celebrates their 50th reunion at the Royal River Grillhouse




Left to right – Class of ’91 Reunion: Daniel Stromgren John Marro, Tama Benson, Karl Orvik, Sally Hamlin Forester, Laura Gratwick, Richard Ewell, Joel Chretien, Andy Place, Dave Babcock, Ted Mahar, Drew Hayes, Laura McPeake, Marlon Welch

1973 Bob Swenson and Preston Hoffman (both ’73) went fishing on Preston’s boat out of Scituate, MA for a tuna tournament.

1977 James Morris is COO of a construction company in Michigan. “I attended NYA for my junior year and wanted to say it was the best year of my schooling.” Last summer, he met a young alum on Peaks Island, “and we spoke about my favorite teacher Mr. Flaherty, US History and dorm proctor. It’s people like Mr. Flaherty that make a difference. My thanks to him.”

1980 Don and Tracy Littlefield attended Don’s 30th reunion last October. Their son, Nate ’15 is enjoying the 9th grade and looking forward to hockey season!

1983 Charlotte Smith Mastropasqua teaches in Brunswick, ME. Her oldest daughter is at UMF majoring in education and her youngest is a 4th grader. Her husband works at Long Creek Youth Development Center. She has reconnected with many classmates on Facebook.

1984 Julia D. Noyes is living in Falmouth, ME with her 2 children, Harrison and Kate. She is working with her brother, Tom, at Noyes, Hall & Allen in South Portland.


Steven Founds writes that he runs a high volume/world class ski shop in NH called The Race Room ( “My son, Tucker, is 8, and we enjoy hiking, snowmobiling, skiing and ice skating. We live in N. Woodstock NH in the heart of the White Mountains. Nate Goodwin ‘91 is alive and well in Florida.

1993 Jeffrey Townes joined the law firm of LeClair Ryan [Alexandria, Virginia] as a partner in their intellectual property department.


Ted Pendleton lives in Brooklyn Heights, NY and is SVP for Business Development at Numerix. “While this seems quite distant from Classics and Archaeology, I use what I learned at NYA and Brown every day.” He and wife April have one son, Pyam Winsor Pendleton (7).

Allie Haley Kelly writes, “After leaving Australia in late 2007, my husband Tim and I spent six months backpacking around the world. While we were volunteering at an orphanage in Ethiopia, we met a four-year-old boy named Biniam. We adopted him in early 2009, and in July, I had a baby girl named Bronwyn. We live in Cambridge, MA, where I run a nonprofit called Lola Children’s Fund ( that benefits HIV-affected orphans in northern Ethiopia.” Morgan Cuthbert teaches 7th grade at Harrison Middle School in Yarmouth and was named a 2011 Milken National Educator and received $25,000 in a surprise ceremony in October 2011. He and his wife have a 15 month old baby. See profile on page 6.





James M. Hadden is a sculptor. He and his wife Marcella recently moved to Richmond, California from Seattle, Washington.

Chris Zitnay moved to Cape May, NJ from Charlottesville, VA in 2010 for a new practice. He is the only endocrinologist in the area and very busy. He has been with his life partner, John Hong, for the last 19 years. “I enjoy seeing that NYA continues to grow and improve. On a recent trip to Maine, I spoke with several people who said only good things about the school. Nice to know that NYA is well respected in the area.”

The Class of 1991 held a 20th reunion on campus on August 6, 2011. Fourteen alums and their families had a BBQ by the turf field, followed by a campus tour by Bruce Myers. They set up water games for the kids, and later the adults closed down Novare Res pub in the Old Port. Richard Ewell wrote to us, “The location was great, the campus looked beautiful, and everything went just about as well as we could have hoped for! Bruce was very accommodating, and everyone was very appreciative of the tour and having the full run of the school.  It made us feel like we were home (albeit in a home that someone had significantly renovated)!”Thanks to Richard Ewell, Sally Hamlin Forester and Peter Latvis for organizing the festivities!

Finn Thomas O’Meara

Jon Thompson, NYA Athletic Hall of Famer, was hired as Amherst College’s head men’s lacrosse coach in July. Joe Roop wrote in March that he was married in 2009. He and his wife Megan lived in West Palm Beach, FL where he worked for Sikorsky helicopters, but they recently moved to WA and are climbing and back country skiing. He works as a flight test engineer for Boeing on the 787. Rachel Levine Ziminski ’96 and Travis Roy

1996 Rachel Levine Ziminski is a member of the board of the Tyler Foundation, a non-profit organization that assists families whose children are undergoing treatment for epilepsy. She sent us a photo of her at their 2nd annual event with guest speaker Travis Roy. “NYA has a great community of alumni willing to help each other. I am very proud of the work Travis has done over the years to help others, and I was honored to have him speak at the event.” Madeline Yale is living in Dubai with her fiancé, splitting their time between Dubai and London. She is working on a PhD in the history of photography and working for an auction house in London/Dubai. Ramsey Wilcox’s mom reported that Ramsey moved back to Maine from Colorado and currently is living in Brunswick as a pilot for Republic Airlines

1997 Congratulations to Matt Greason who is Trinity College’s third varsity men’s ice hockey head coach in the 38-year history of the program. Greason returns to Trinity, where he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, served as an assistant coach, and was a two-time All-New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) player. He has spent the last two years as an assistant coach for the United States National Team Development Program U-17 and U-18 National Teams.

1998 Matt Bianconi and his wife Emily moved to WA in August 2010 after having their daughter, Liliana Grace (born on January 22, 2010). “We are enjoying the Pacific Northwest and the spectacular views of Mt. Rainier but are making it a point to visit Maine twice a year.” Alex Dietrich ’03 updated us on her sister, Camille Dietrich McKenna ‘98, who is in San Diego, where she lives with her family, “including my almost 5 year old nephew, Geno!”

Patia Maule, now a Spanish teacher at NYA, married her longtime partner, Ian Ramsey, NYA’s Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair, on August 6, 2011 in Dresden, Maine. Numerous NYA faculty, staff, current and former students, and alums attended (and were part of!) the celebration. The ceremony concluded with a samba brigade (including former students Robert Miller ’11, Miles Isacke ’09, and Eli Gilbert ’10 ).

2000 Rebecca Friedrichs married Frank Wallace on June 4 at her parents’ home in PA. Her sister, Julia Bean (‘04) was maid of honor (her son Jack was born just weeks before!) Rebecca received her Master’s degree in International Conflict Resolution at the George Washington University. They live in Washington, DC. We came across some information on New Beat Organic Farm in Knox, Maine and noticed Adrienne Lee was one of the owners. Her bio says she has been working her way from an apprentice to a farmer over the past six years. She studied Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture at the University of California at Santa Cruz. She aspires to build as close as she can to a self-sustaining agroecosystem which produces not only healthy and nutrient rich crops, but healthy soils and a vibrant farm ecosystem. Joshua Wright writes that he and his wife Sara welcomed their second daughter, Addison (their daughter Evelyn is 2). This fall, he completed his master’s degree and moved to Groton, CT to attend submarine officers advanced course (Department Head School).   They will be moving this spring to Bangor, WA where he will relieve as the ship’s engineer on a Ohio Class ballistic missile submarine.

Emily Clark O’Meara wrote that she is an optometrist living in Annapolis, MD. She and her husband Liam welcomed a son, Finn Thomas O’Meara, on March 23, 2011. Joe Hessert is teaching English as Adjunct Faculty at the University of New England and St. Joseph’s College.

2001 Bridget Gagne is teaching history at Miss Porter’s School and received a Masters degree from Boston College. Katie Mueller earned an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia in 2010. Will Harper is studying for his PhD in Turkey.

2002 Kelsey Wilcox’s mom told us that she graduated from the Maine School of Law and will be working at the Superior Court in Augusta. Roscoe Bishop married Megan Kirchner in October, and they live in NH. Roscoe graduated from Maine Maritime Academy and works as a project manager for Strategic Maintenance Solutions headquartered in Gorham. Lissa von Brecht moved back to the east coast from Chicago in June. She lives in Newport, RI and is coaching tennis at Salve Regina University. She was hired as the Fundraiser Coordinator for Barry Hinckley’s (as in Hinckley Yachts) senate campaign in Rhode Island. “Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the Class of 2002 10-year reunion!” John Hessert is working in Alaska.

Ethan Austin graduated from Tufts in 2004 and is the Public Relations Manager at Sugarloaf. Katie Crockett Stack just began her sixth year teaching at Gould Academy. “This past spring I was surprised to be awarded the Philip C. Rau Faculty Development Award. I have been working hard to fully develop our sophomore western history curriculum making conscious bridges between the history and English departments.” Patia Maule ’99 and Ian Ramsey at their wedding Background: Robert Miller ’11, Miles Isacke ’09





She and husband Brian will be welcoming a new addition to their family in December. Her parents, Joyce and Steve Crockett are very excited. “Sarah ‘08 should be making her way home from the west coast after she completes her NOLS semester and Lizzie ‘03 will be graduating from Shenandoah University with her Physicians Assistant Certification, both just in time to welcome their new niece.”


coaching college lacrosse at Hamilton College.

2003 Alex Dietrich graduated from USM in 2008 and moved to MA to study opera at the Longy School for her graduate performance degree. She is a “transient opera singer” based out of Cambridge, MA and is actively performing in both the Boston area and San Francisco. If anyone wishes to get in touch or catch a performance, visit Chris Bixby graduated from Bowdoin in 2007 with a degree in Economics and Government. He worked in NYC in investment banking at Jefferies & Co. and then Caste Harlan. He also found time for pickup hockey at Chelsea Piers and coaching high school lacrosse. In 2010, he moved to Sydney, Australia to work at an affiliate of Caste Harlan. He is now back in NYC and working for Caste Harlan.

2006 Chelsey Merrill was named to Dean’s High Honors List at Marietta College Marnie Briggs did a printmaking project for her portfolio at NYA last year! She worked on her project and with students one day a week, and her work was displayed in Curtis Gallery last winter. She is now in the MFA program studying print media at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan.

Kyle Rancourt and his father Mike were featured in an article in October’s Maine Biz about their business Rancourt & Co. Shoecrafters formed in Lewiston two years ago. Kyle is VP of sales and marketing and handles the company’s online store which opened in July. Be sure to check them out at

In 2010, Jim Giberson earned a degree in Civil Engineering specializing in construction engineering and management. “Although Purdue had no school of music, I was able to sing at the collegiate level as a member of the Purdue Varsity Glee Club.” He was featured in the School of Engineering’s “Engineering Impact” Magazine for his involvement in the arts.


He is now a Project Engineer for Thieneman Construction near Chicago. Thieneman Construction is in partnership with Algaewheel, a company that uses algae in the water treatment process.

Andrew Mueller graduated from the University of Virginia in 2009 and works for a private equity firm in Washington, DC. James Connors works for Accenture, a technology consulting firm in Boston, specializing in customer relationship management applications. He started the Massachusetts Search and Rescue School (MASAR) to formalize an existing training program and was selected as the president. Pam Wellin updated us on Nick. He is living in L.A. with Pete Fitz ’05, Lenny Pierce ’05 and Jack, a friend of Betsy Griffin ’05 from Boothbay Harbor. He’s between entertainment gigs, interviewing for positions with production companies. In the interim he’s helping to film a documentary about the transportation of a large (80 ton) rock to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). “They’re still working on the permitting to travel 30 mph from 11 pm to 6 am, removing traffic lights and signs as necessary because of the size of said rock,” she said. “He plays ice hockey on Monday nights and loves to cook!” Peter Gerrity is now the Assistant Athletic Director at NYA. The Alumni/Development Office was very sad to see him go. Molly Moss took over for Peter in the Alumni/ Development Office, and we’re thrilled to have her back on campus. Molly graduated from Endicott College in 2009 and received her MBA from Endicott in 2010. She spent a year



Brian Chin started p3, a video post production company in Portland. They recently did production work on a Down East Energy TV ad. Sean Lynch wrote to us in March just before he started a 30-day cross country Amtrak adventure spending over 179 hours on a train traveling from Boston to Portland, OR and back. He blogged on Amtrak’s website and his personal travel blog. [] Taki Pilitsis’ mom let us know that Taki graduated Cum Laude from Babson College and is now employed as an analyst at AEW Capital Management, a real estate investment management firm in Boston.

2007 Claudette Simms reported that Russell is a sophomore at the University of New England majoring in Applied Exercise Science. Pam Wellin reported that Nathaniel graduated from University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in Environmental Studies and is currently in Maine working on a bucket list that includes Uncle Than’s Threads, other art and small business projects. All this until the call of the west in general and California in particular

becomes strong enough for him to leave our lab Jasmine behind for broader horizons. If he convinces us to let her co-pilot, he might leave sooner than later,” she said. Alexander Champoux graduated from Trinity College and is now interning at NYA. He started The Writing Center and also helps in the Development office doing grant writing and research, and coaches Middle School tennis (among other things!). We’re thrilled to have him back on campus. Brooke Rayder is in a master’s program at Georgetown University and anticipates graduating in May 2012. Colin Geiger had a hole in one at NYA’s 10th Annual Steve Morris Golf Tournament. Congratulations, Colin! (See photo in Events section on page 8)

2008 Dena Walker reported that Reid spent a great month studying in Durban, South Africa and is now back at University of Denver. We caught up with Bradley Abbott at the farewell dinner for Peter Mertz. He had major foot surgery last fall and is back at UVM. He’s doing a lot of sailing. Sarah Crockett is at St. Lawrence University. She and Wes Norton ‘07 spent the 2010 spring semester in Kenya with SLU’s Kenya Semester Program based in Karen, a suburb of Nairobi. They took classes in Nairobi, did rural and urban homestays, and completed a month long independent study. “For my independent study I lived in Watamu (central coast) and took part in a Sykes monkey study, exploring the effects of tourism and food supplementation on in the monkeys. Wes was located on Lamu, an island off the coast of Northern Kenya. He interviewed native Dhow captains in order to explore the use of traditional celestial navigation.” On their mid-semester break, they joined 8 of our peers to hike Mt. Kenya, summiting Pt. Lenana (16,355 ft). Jenna Lane’s father reported that she was presented with the Miles Q. White prize in Biology on February 24th. The College of Wooster presents the award annually to the junior biology major attaining the highest standing in the biology curriculum. Alex Pilitsi’s mother reported that he transferred to Bentley University in Waltham, MA and is majoring in economics and business


IN MEMORIAM Pauline Carle Nason ‘40 May 9, 2010

Bernadette “Bernie” Gagne ‘44 November 25, 2010

Muriel Ann “Mickey” Cleaves ‘52 April 17, 2011

Bertha Tompson Kimball ‘45 September 28, 2011

Christopher Robert Grasse, ‘62 July 16, 2011

Albert Cook ‘46 December 11, 2010

Paul “Bud” Flaherty October 14, 2011

Charles H. James ‘52 August 6, 2010

Edgar F. White ‘38 January 16, 2011

Phyllis Oliver Jennings ‘59 May 10, 2011 Philip Rose ‘55 May 11, 2011

Ruth Lucille Long Nason ‘56 October 10, 2010

Anna “Decma” Hammond Villacci ’43 January 20, 2011

Donald Leslie Britt ‘50 June 2011 Carlene Coffin Hincks ‘32 June 25, 2011

Richard “Dick” Carlton Peterson ‘30 (not in DP – probably should verify) October 17, 2010

John Albert Christensen, Jr. ‘68 January 30, 2011

M. Virginia Allen Ingraham ‘36 October 26, 2010

Ruth Welt Grant ‘35 February 2, 2011

Carolyn Clement Reckamp ’59 November 9, 2010

Frederick “Fred” Morton ‘49 February 11, 2011

Alice MacNeill Sawyer ‘46 November 21, 2010

Greta Keith Smith ‘43 February 16, 2011

Arlene Golding Smith ‘40 August 5, 2011 Robert J. Hodsdon, Jr. ’59 August 7, 2011 Harriet Mitchell wife of former Headmaster John Mitchell August 10, 2011

Elmer M. Libby October 30, 2011 Philip Lee DeRoche ‘59 November 3, 2011 Charles Frederick “Duce” Lester, Jr. ‘62 October 7, 2010 Col. Dennis K. Hodsdon, Ret., November 1, 2011 Sandra Joan Worth Moody ’59 November 14, 2011 Charles E. Stickney, Jr., husband of Honorary Trustee Anita Stickney December 3, 2011



Graham Bartlett is a senior at Assumption College and is sharing an apartment with Daniel Dearing ‘06.

Evan Siepert was listed In the November 7, 2011 issue of Sports Illustrated in the Faces in the Crowd section. A junior at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Evan skippered the Mariners to a win in the McMillan Cup, college sailing’s oldest regatta. He led the eight-member crew to first place overall in the six-race series, competing on Navy’s 44-foot Mark II boats, qualifying the Mariners for the Kennedy Cup national championship. Matt Ward is a Communications Major at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio.

Taylor Gorman is co-captain of the nationally ranked Brown varsity soccer team. Andrew Collins is a senior geology major at The College of Wooster. According to The Forecaster, he presented research he conducted this past summer at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Minneapolis. His project involved creating an online database of photographs of the post-glacial fluvial landscape in northeast Ohio.

2009 Chris Edwards has been volunteering with Rob Newman ‘08 for Partners for World Health, a non-profit in Portland that donates unused medical supplies to developing countries. He’s a Junior at Hobart and William Smith and is president of the Delta Chi Fraternity. He’ll be in Beijing this spring to continue Chinese language

On October 30, Elmer Libby passed away. NYA lost a long-time friend whose career began in 1961 and continued until 2011. Elmer served most of his tenure as the Head of Maintenance, helping to make NYA’s facilities what they are today. The 1969 yearbook recorded this fitting tribute: “Wherever we went…on campus… somehow litter accumulated. Left to Elmer Libby and his crew to clean up as well as keep us warm, mend the broken, and finally to be the best guys on campus.” This remembrance from students of a unique and humble man who loved being a part of our school captures his quiet and dedicated service over the last half century.

2011 Finn Hadlock wrote, “it’s not even November yet, but we have an inch of snow on the ground here in Troy, NY [Rensselear Polytechnic Institute].” He’s getting ready for his first winter without playing competitive hockey. “…but at least I get to play intramural hockey. It has been really great to hear how well all the NYA sports teams have been doing this fall. GO PANTHERS!”


2010 Pam Wellin reported that Gus is a freshman at Stanford, undeclared major, but is interested in psychology and engineering. He’s playing on the hockey and ultimate teams, and singing in an a Cappella group ( They have plans for an east coast tour in 2012 and are raising funds to travel to South Africa in 2013 to finish a collaborative singing project they began there in 2010. “We saw him last week in Palo Alto for Thanksgiving; apparently it’s “No Shave November.” I can’t wait for December, and am nervous about “Mustache March!” she said.

As last fall’s Chronicle was going to print, we got word that some NYA alums were excelling at collegiate crew. In October 2010, Abbie McIvor ‘10 and the St. Lawrence women’s varsity 8 crew team finished 2nd AND Christine Reighley ’10 and Katie Paige ‘10, members of the William Smith women’s varsity 8 crew team finished 3rd out of 27 boats at the Head of the Fish regatta in Saratoga Springs, NY. We checked out this year’s Head of the Fish results and found that Christine and Katie’s team earned a silver medal and Abbie’s team finished 9th in the 17 boat race.



NYA Mission: North Yarmouth Academy is an independent, college preparatory, coeducational day school serving students in grades five through twelve. The school offers a structured program that sets clear standards and high expectations in an environment that emphasizes values of mutual respect, trust and community. North Yarmouth Academy is dedicated to fostering integrity, character and intellect in young adults. The North Yarmouth Academy program encourages students to develop: • PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS BASED ON SOUND ANALYTICAL AND CREATIVE THOUGHT • SOPHISTICATION IN WRITING, SPEAKING AND ARTISTIC EXPRESSION • APPRECIATION FOR THE IMPORTANCE OF ATHLETIC ACTIVITY, TEAMWORK AND COOPERATION • SELF-CONFIDENCE AND SELF-RESPECT THROUGH A BREADTH OF EXPERIENCES THAT EXTEND BEYOND THE CLASSROOM • CONCERN FOR THE LARGER COMMUNITY AND AN APPRECIATION FOR THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT • DESIRE TO CONTINUE THE PROCESS OF LIFE-LONG LEARNING

DEVELOPMENT OFFICE STAFF Kate Putnam Chief Development Officer Tara Johnson Assistant Director of Development Kristi Belesca Director of Communications and Community Development Molly Moss ‘05 Development and Alumni Relations Intern Alexander Champoux ‘07 Intern Photo Credits: Brian Beard, Creative Images Photography Fred Field, NYA, NYA Parents

Cover Photo by Fred Field 30


2010-2012 Trustees Richard D. Abbondanza, President Lincoln Merrill ’75, Past President Jay Flower ’94, Vice President Allen M. Bornheimer ’60, Vice President Diana S. Garcia, Treasurer Ted Sharp ’60, Secretary Stephan Bachelder Susan Burns John L. Carpenter David Champoux David Daigler Margaret A. Fast David W.H. Fenderson ’81 Laurie Hasty Michael T. Healy Betsy Mead Julie Moss Brian Noyes Lynn E. Noyes Daniel O’Halloran Michael L. Rayder Lynne Roche

Tracey L. Russell Priscilla B. Savage Jean Wilkinson Honorary Trustees Mary Anderson Stephen Anderson Mark Fasold Christopher Flower John Kauffmann Margot Milliken Chris Pierce Michael Savage Curtis Scribner John Staples Anita Stickney

NYA CLASS OF 2011 Henry Arsenault

Wheaton (MA) College

Caroline Bowne Charlotte Briggs

Alden Kelsey

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Skidmore College

Matt Kibler

University of Notre Dame

Franklin & Marshall College

Nick Kolkin

Washington University in St. Louis

Alan Brown

Quinnipiac University

Renee Lamoreau

Tufts University

Sarah Burkey

Bates College

Sally LaPointe

University of Maine, Orono

Mohamed Dahia

University of Southern Maine

Eli Leavitt

Rollins College

Claire Daniels

Barnard College

Sebastien LeBlanc

University of New Brunswick

Elliot Daniels

Skidmore College

Frances Leslie

Bates College

Andrew Esancy

Cushing Academy (postgraduate year)

Hannah Lolar

University of Maine, Orono

Harry Fast

Clemson University

Weston Masi

Wheaton (MA) College

Eliza Gendron

Gettysburg College

Robert Miller

Washington University in St. Louis

Finn Hadlock

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Tim Millett

St. Anselm College

Blair Haggett

Northeastern University

Jerry Murray

Hampshire College

Emily Harrison

Denison University

Lauren Nawfel

University of New Hampshire

Jordan Haskell

Junior Hockey

Christina Reese

University of Connecticut – Honors Program

Alicia Hoffman

Beloit College

Jenny Sharp

Sarah Lawrence College

Owen Howes

Warren Wilson College

Danielle Smith

Pace University or

Michael Ianno

University of South Carolina

University of Maine Farmington

Anna Jaeger

Hamilton College

Rozi Smith

Emmanuel College

Billy Ji

St. Olaf College

Ryan Spencer

University of Southern Maine

Van Jung

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Lilly Wellenbach

Williams College

Nico Kaminow

Middlebury College

Alison Znamierowski Hamilton College N O R T H YA R M O U T H A C A D E M Y


148 Main Street, Yarmouth, Maine 04096 TO PARENTS OF ALUMNI If this is no longer the current mailing address for your son or daughter, please let us know at or 207-847-5423 Will you be our friend? NYA is on Facebook! Alumni, please join our North Yarmouth Academy Alumni group. We’ll post upcoming events such as reunions and Alumni Sports Day. We’ll also post event photos, video and links to press coverage so you’ll be informed about what is happening at NYA.

The Annual Fund supports the heart of NYA through generous parent, alumni and community giving. Every student is touched by the Annual Fund every day at NYA--it may be a library book, a computer, a soccer ball or a piece of sheet music. The Annual Fund is regarded as the number one fundraising priority and the lifeblood of NYA. Please make your donation today.

North Yarmouth Academy, The Annual Fund 148 Main Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096 207-846-2380

The Annual Fund


NYA Chronicle, Winter 2012  

Welcome to Brad Choyt, Head of School

NYA Chronicle, Winter 2012  

Welcome to Brad Choyt, Head of School