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April 2018

April 2018


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Pride and Prose

April 2018


Introducing Pride & Prose

Welcome to the very first Pride and Prose; a magazine made from scratch by the innovative 7th and 8th grade students of Northwood School. This reality was only an idea at first, but now, several months later, our magazine is here in our hands and on your screen. As you turn these pages, you will read about topics in and around Northwood School, such as our upcoming walk-out, guest presenters, and the 8th grade trip. We have also highlighted the more creative aspects in our school, by including future artists, and some of students’ recent works of art. In addition to our gifted artists, we have also highlighted student’s works of literature. This topic will include several student written short stories and poems. The content of this magazine is meant to represent the abilities found in all grades, as well as daily activities going on in and around the school. There is no way of introducing this magazine without introducing our crew as well. Our team is made up of two editors in chief, a managing editor, copy editors, photographers, graphic designers, writers, and a publisher. We would not have survived without each and every one of these members. We, the editors in chief, lead the group and make key decisions for the magazine. The managing editor (the name gives it away) manages the group and makes sure people are on time as well as on task. Our copy editors review our articles and make sure that they are perfect for the public’s eyes. The photographers are in charge of capturing the action. Those photographs are essential to the visual appeal of the magazine. Our graphic designers create the layout of the magazine so that you, the reader, can understand and Please be sure to check out our

Pride and Prose

Eva & Skye Editors-In-Chiefs

enjoy our creative, informative, and persuasive works. Last but not least, our writers composed the amazing articles you will soon be reading. We want to thank all of these members for making this magazine a reality. As with any well-done magazine, we could not have done this without our managing editor, and editors in chief. Our managing editor, Megan Brieger, kept all of us on track with her constant reminders, a high level of organization, and strong leadership skills. This magazine would not have have been completed in time if weren’t for Megan. In addition to our managing editor, we also had our editors in chief. Being the editors in chief ourselves, we can officially tell you that our job was incredibly enjoyable. Each and every day we were able to successfully help those who needed it, and choose the articles that we felt should be opened to the public. All three jobs were vital to this magazine, and we hope that we fulfilled our duties well. We began this journey as unknowing students, walking blind into the ordeals that are the steps of beginning a school magazine. Our only guide throughout this journey was Mrs. Alafat. She’s had many past experiences with school magazines, and has helped us take large strides towards the finish line; the completed product in our hands. Creating this magazine without her would have been impossible, and we are very lucky to have had her leadership throughout these past few months. We speak for all of the members in our team in saying that we can not thank her enough. With that, we sincerely hope you take pleasure in flipping through our magazine, and that you agree with us when we say those several months of hard work have finally paid off.

April 2018


School Life Eva 8th Grade

Upcoming National Student Walkout

Do you want to stand up for our right to go to school and come back home to our families safe and unharmed? Do you want to take action? On April 20, 2018, many Northwood School students in grades 7-8 are going to be participating in the National School Walkout. These students will receive flyers to inform them about the rest of the information. Some of the details are still being ironed out. Annie Thoms is a member of the group setting up the Walkout. “It’s a good way to raise awareness for school safety,” she says. Mrs. Kelly is the 7th and 8th grade Social Studies teacher and is assisting the group Annie is part of. “Northwood students felt they wanted to walk out in solidarity with their classmates across the country who are calling for civic action. Our students are asking our local and state elected officials to increase common sense school safety measures, like low cost devices that will ensure non locking doors don’t open. I’m proud of them for exercising their civic responsibility as future voters!” she says. We have all recently been given a truly gut-wrenching reason to be concerned about the safety of our schools. On February 14, 2018, there was a school shooting in Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people, students and staff, were killed in six minutes. This shooting was the moment that caused people to gather together to participate in walkouts like ours, and March for our Lives, which was organized by the students from Stoneman Douglas. It brought over 1.2 million people to Washington D.C. to protest against gun violence and call for stronger gun control. For this Walkout students will wear orange which represents resistance to gun violence. They will exit the school and walk down to the soccer fields. The group of students setting up the Walkout will respectfully listen to speeches by students. Organizers of the walkout plan to emphasize the concept of being safe in school instead of making the walkout about gun control because they know many feel strongly about the topic. They hope each and every student will stand for what they believe in and fight for their right to a full and happy life. So what about you? Will you walk out for a safe school and a safe life?


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Pride and Prose

April 2018


School Life

Getting Ready for Coe Brown

Liz 8th grade

Signing up for Coe Brown Academy is a massive deal and a lengthy process. On registration night, new and incoming freshmen have a lot to do. From picking your electives, to choosing the classes and clubs you would like to do. All schools that are going to CBNA go to registration night on the same night. New faces will be seen and some familiar faces will meet again. Core classes are required, all core classes give you a total of 3 ¼ credits. Those classes include physical education, english, math, history, and science. There are different levels for each of those classes. Some of those are skills, intro, general, CP and honors. Skills and intro are more of a slower learning level. CP and honors are a faster learning level. Language classes like French, Latin, Spanish, and Russian are not required. If you want to get into college it’s a good idea to take a language. There are many different options for electives. Electives are classes you can choose, some different types of electives are art, photography, survival skills, and life sports. During the year you can earn a total of 2 ¼ credits. Freshmen have to get a total of 6 credits at the end of freshman year. Then you have to get the total number of credits to graduate. Clubs are not required but they do look good on your resume. Clubs spark a lot of people’s interest. Credits aren’t given for clubs. When you go look at some of the clubs they offer there are former high schoolers sitting at tables. Those students greet you with friendly smiles and try to peak your interest. Some of the clubs include language, debate, drama, film, music, magazine, and yearbook. There are about 31+ clubs. There are so many options to pick from. Also you get another opportunity to make new friends. Overall the process for getting into Coe Brown is very organized. It’s one of the first steps to getting into a bigger world.The process might be frustrating and long but it is totally worth it. Most of this is new for all the incoming freshmen an opportunity for new things.


Northwood School Mural

Many Northwood students, and staff, are anxiously awaiting the new mural, which will be made in May with guest artist James Chase. The mural will be a week long project. Northwood students will be active in the construction of the mural, in fact, they already are! Sheets were given out to students, then they were able to choose some interesting ideas for the mural. Some of the top ideas chosen were the Northwood Lake Monster, Please be sure to check out our

Pride and Prose

8th Grade

inspiring quotes, and the something involving the Northwood Lakes. James Chase is an aspiring artist in New Hampshire. His focus is three dimensional abstract pieces along with murals. A lot of Chase’s murals feature bright colors and breathtaking geometric shapes. As well as having art in Manchester and Rochester, he’s a professor at New Hampshire Institute of Art. He also works with the Boys and Girls’ Club and is a Big Brother. April 2018

Mrs. Lagasse, the Northwood art teacher, and Mr. Chase have been working together diligently on sketches for the mural. Mrs. Lagasse states: “It’s going to improve the school a lot, it’s going to bring some color into the hallway. I feel like the hallways are very blank and plain. Hopefully it will bring some happiness and school spirit.” We eagerly await this amazing project!


School Life


Art Exploration At Northwood school, there are two different

art clubs. For the younger kids, there is art exploration. For the older kids there is art club. Art exploration uses different types of utensils, such as charcoal and paint. Art club looks at different techniques and often helps the Drama Club by painting parts of the sets, backdrops, or even making props. Art exploration is currently working on two dimensional art projects, and they should be out by the week of 3/26/18. In art club, Mrs. Lagasse gets to spend more time with her projects, so she chooses more advanced projects. Currently, she is working on scenic artwork for the winter performance and is working with the drama club to create scenery. I asked her what the kids in art club learn, “Art club teaches students to be creative, have fun, and give back to their community through art. Art club is for students who want to enhance their creativity, improve in their ability, and to create art for others that inspires and gives joy.” In Art Exploration, they are currently working on lions in the style of Dean Russo, a contemporary artist that uses bold colors and

7th Grade

designs in his drawings of realistically drawn animals and people.” Soon, art exploration will move onto a free-form drawing project in the style of artists like Paul Klee, Joan Moro, and Wassily Kandinsky. When asked why students should join, and what they learn, Mrs. Clark answered with “Students should join if they enjoy painting or drawing, or if they like to explore into new things. Students learn to take risks in art - many kids don’t feel like they are “talented,” so they don’t give themselves a chance to let their personalities shine through their creations. Students also learn to appreciate different types of art while spending time with kids they may not know very well.” Appreciate different types of art while spending time with kids they may not know very well.”

Shakespeare Comes To Northwood

Allie 7th Grade

Seacoast Rep. is a Portsmouth Theatre, there most recent production is In The Heights, written by Lin Manuel Miranda, who also wrote the hit Hamilton. They have agreed to come to our school on April 18th. The sessions are for both the seventh and eighth grade. Seacoast Rep.’s To Be or Not To Be: Shakespeare 101 is supervised by one or two educators. For the first half of the workshop, students will participate in a summarization of one of William Shakespeare’s plays. Then, students will paraphrase the text written by Shakespeare, distinguishing between the literal and figurative meanings of the words. The Seacoast Rep. wants to remind you that a good actor doesn’t just memorize lines and wear a costume, they understand the words and how to use them to affect an audience. Both the acting and the reading will influence students’ commitment and ability to memorize important information. It will also help students understand the difference between literal and figurative meanings, and realize the importance that a certain word in a paragraph will have on the reader’s interpretation of what the author is trying to make them understand. It teaches students the value of words. Please be sure to check out our

Pride and Prose

April 2018


School Life

Anthony 7th Grade

The Minds Behind the Food at Northwood School On a daily basis, about 135 to 170 students buy lunch from the Northwood School Cafeteria. Whether it is lunch or breakfast, the cafeteria is there to feed the students who don’t (or can’t) bring food from home. The company running our cafeteria program is called Fresh Picks Café. They have been working hard to provide well-rounded, nutritional meals for the students of Northwood School. We have two people working in the cafeteria. These two amazing people are Nate and Tracy. Nate is in charge of making the majority of the food. He cuts about 10 gallons of pickled onions a week! Completing this group of two is Tracai. When kids start pouring into the cafeteria, it is her you will see patiently waiting at the register. “We really enjoy our job,” says Tracai. Northwood school is very lucky to have both of these people. The food itself, naturally, is very important. The food that our school receives is mostly sent by the government, and from other companies. This food comes in large shipments, so whatever is not used that day, is stored in a huge fridge. Each month, lunch calendars are posted in classrooms that inform students what the main lunch is, and what all of the sides are each day. Students may find that the menu occasionally gets mixed up or changed. The reason for this, is that they must use whatever food will go bad first, before it passes its expiration date. There is a lot of time and effort that is put into making lunches for over a hundred kids every day.


March Towards Donations

7th Grade

Northwood School food drive for our community kitchen from now to the end of March. Northwood compels you and your classmates to donate food and supplies for the less fortunate. The class that provides the most food and supplies for others will be presented with a popcorn party. You will also be able to earn points for basketball shots. For every item, you bring in you will be able to gain a free throw if you are to make the shot you will earn a point. For 3 items you get a half-court shot for an opportunity of 3 points. But where does the food go? All nonperishable items donated will be distributed to 68 hours of hunger and our local kitchen. What is “68 hours of hunger”? 68 hours of hunger is a non-profit organization whose mission is to end childhood hunger across America. 68 hours has been helping children all over NH and have made a massive impact in the town of Dover. 68 hours has helped make the town of Dover one of the best towns for young people in America. Our school has raised over a hundred items out of generosity. Please be sure to check out our

Pride and Prose

April 2018


School Life

Kiara/Lacy 8th Grade

Going To DC

Many eighth graders eagerly await the Eighth Grade Trip. To fund raise for this costly vacation, there have been many fund-raisers including a holly fair, a car wash, concessions, pizza kits, chocolate kits, and many more. At the moment, pizza kits and flowers are being sold. It’s safe to say, the eighth grade is trying diligently to raise enough money for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Mrs. Clemons, the seventh and eighth grade math teacher, has taken on the job as the eighth grade advisor. She organizes all of the events and fund raising as well as taking care of the money and housing all needed materials. Without Mrs. Clemons, fund raising would definitely have not have gotten as far as it has. Mrs. Clemon’s, sadly, has to stay in New Hampshire during the trip for the seventh grade checkbook project. Even with the hard work of the eighth grade, there is still about ten thousand dollars to be made. Mrs. Clemons is hopeful, she believes that around two thousand dollars can be made with the school wide flower and Little Caesars Kits. 40% of flower kits go towards the trip, while Little Caesars give $6 per kit. She hopes that the prizes that come with selling kits will help them sell. When a student sells ten kits, they will receive a gift card to Subway, Little Caesars, or Dunkin Donuts. When a student sells thirty five kits, they can win an ukulele. The top seller gets a choice between a ukulele or a one of a kind s’mores cookie pie kit. The monster kit has two 10 inch pies. Many students in the eighth grade are wondering about seating and bunking. Mrs. Clemons, with the help of parents, has made a survey for students to fill out. The survey has students pick the top three choices for the bus, and the top four for roommates. Hopefully, this will help students stay with their friends. Have fun - eighth grade!

Let’s Dance!

Kylee 7th Grade

Northwood School dances can be really fun but, according to some students, they could use some changes. I interviewed Kylie R. in the 7th grade and she told me “ I think the dance could use a better music selection.” Even though she says it could use some work, she says she does enjoy hanging with her friends at the dance. Most of the kids I interviewed said they enjoyed having a DJ at the dance. I also interviewed Allie from the 7th grade and she said that the Valentine’s Day dance has been the most successful all year.” I agree that our latest dance was the best one yet. But that doesn’t mean that all the other ones were bad. They all had something really good about them. Some had a better music selection and others had better decoration. I know that some people don’t exactly agree with the prices of the tickets but $5 is a pretty good deal. Over all I think our dances are really good and fun to go to and a great hangout with friends. Please be sure to check out our

Pride and Prose

April 2018



It’s a Passion

8th Grade

Gymnastics is known to be an extremely difficult sport to participate and master in. You would typically start when you are a toddler and that is exactly what Makena Lee has done. Makena became enrolled in gymnastics, at just three years of age at Atlantic Dover Gymnastics. After learning at that gymnastics facility for around a year, she joined the UNH Community Gymnastics classes and spent most of her childhood training there until she became nine years old. Because of Makena’s passion for this sport, she continued to advance in her training. The next and current gym Makena goes to from the age of nine is TriStar Gymnastics. TriStar is the gym in which she started competitions in. As Makena advanced throughout her gymnastics life, her levels did as well. New skills are being practiced and learned. Each year she excels and every couple of years Makena is trained enough for the next level insight. Training consists of all four events which is bars, beam, vault, and floor. She is currently a level eight gymnast and is great at what she does. She has competed in at least 31 competitions up until now. Beam is her least favorite event to practice and compete on. Makena’s favorite event to perform on is floor. Along with floor, she scores the highest on bars. Scoring in gymnastics works in one of two ways, one is an elite scoring and the other scores each event out of a 10.000 and because there are four events, the all around score is out of 40.000. Ken or Kenny, as her teammates call her, has a highest score out of all of the competitions she has competed in. For floor her highest was a 9.625, on bars a 9.475, on vault a 9.375, and her highest all around score was a 36.9. Those were not scores from just one meet though. Kenny is going into her 11th year of being a gymnast and has never taken more than around a weeks worth of practice of at a time throughout the season. As far as injuries go, she has never encountered a break involving surgery, nevertheless a broken bone. In one meet called ‘Judges Cup’, Ken hurt her back on bars and so that was scratched from her all around score making it three events and totalling it out as a 30.000 for her highest possible all around for that meet. Gymnastics is a passion, Makena’s passion. She has dedicated her whole life to loving this sport. From year round she practices, she now is working four days a week, two of the practices are each four hours long and the other two are three and a half hours. For gymnasts, we call working out, conditioning. Makena conditions for 45 minutes on average. She wouldn’t want to change her hours if it was an option. Mak likes the hours each week she practices along with her teammates. She has around five teammates including herself which is a little small for a team but it works. Ken is close with most of her teammates and enjoys hanging out with them as well as practicing together. Skills are being practiced everyday and Makena Lee has things for her that are difficult at her level. Each event has many skills you could practice. On floor, she has been working on double fulls which is like a backflip but doing two 360 degree twists. For beam, she is practicing a back handspring layout stepout which is a backflip with hands but a straight body, then the same thing but with no hands and instead of landing on two feet, she steps out one foot at a time. Mak has been doing her yurchenko on vault which is more explained as a roundoff onto the springboard, a back handspring up and over the vault and before she comes off the vaulting table she pulls her body back into a back tuck while in the air and then lands once she has flipped. Yurchenko is a name to generalize many combinations on vault including a roundoff and a back handspring. On the last event, bars, Kenny is still in progress of working on getting her release. A release is also a more broad skill but Makena’s is called a pak salto which is when you swing down from the high bar and once you reach the point where you feet are high above your head, you let go from the high bar and flip backwards away from it while looking for the low bar to catch. Although this may all seem very difficult, which it is, Makena Lee loves working hard to accomplish these hard skills. She doesn’t see herself becoming a gymnast to competing at the Olympics because of her age and not being an elite gymnast but Ken surely wants to keep training throughout high school and hopefully college. Makena has dedicated her time and effort to this sport along with all of her family who have been very understanding and supportful through all of her journey. Please be sure to check out our

Pride and Prose

April 2018



Carly 7th Grade

Running With The Thunder

NH Thunder is a track program for ages 7-14 to get the young athletes ready for high school competition, there are many supervisors to keep everyone safe and happy. All the coaches and supervisors encourage you to do your best. Track can consist of many mini sports such as the long jump, the javelin toss, etc. However, track is mostly known as running short or long distance. Track got its name from its oval running track. The types of short distance can vary from the 100m, the 200m, and the 400m. The types of long distance running can vary from 3000m, 3000m steeplechase, 3200m, 5000m, and 10000m etc. One of the best long distance runners in Northwood is Mary Joy. She has been running ever since she was 5. Mary was always hyper as a child which brought her mother to bring her to NH Thunder! “My favorite part about doing long distance is how you get to run with your friends and admire nature.” Says Mary. Two other long distance runners; Tyler Tkaczyk and Aidan Cox have been running for most of their lives. Tyler says, “My favorite part about running long distance is going freestyle and climbing trees”. Tessa Nault who is a sprinter, does the long jump and shorter distances such as 100 and 200 meters. “I was looking for a new sport and decided to try track.” says Tessa. Tessa has been doing track and field for about 4 years now. Tessa is a very competitive sprinter and a very passionate runner overall. One of the coaches; Mrs. Tkaczyk says “My favorite part of coaching is to watch the athletes face challenges, sometimes fail, but then use these learning opportunities to achieve their goals along the way”.

Spring Fever - Baseball and Softball Seasons Begin

Conor 7th grade

Lily 8th grade

In Northwood School most of us know that the spring is coming, so that means baseball is coming with it. In Northwood School this year’s team has great cooperation and sportsmanship. Even though the previous year we came in last we can always try again this season, this year I think we can improve and have a fresh start and win a couple more games and get into playoffs. This year the 8th graders from the previous year have left but we’re getting a lot more 6th graders and most of the people who were in 6th and 7th grade last year. The tryouts usually consist of a little bit of throwing with a partner, hitting, basic ground balls and pop ups in the gym. This year the baseball team may have a new coach. Hopefully the team can work well together when that season comes. The baseball tryouts are at least one day and the reason we have tryouts is so the coach can figure out who will work the best together as a team. Last year the baseball team played 11 games and lost 9 of the games, and with getting some 6th graders that have great skill i think we can win at least 5 games. The Northwood School softball team kicked off the season with tryouts! Everyone did very well. All the other players made the team. The girls are preparing for the kick off game to start the season. The first 3 games are May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Congratulations to everyone who participated! The two days of baseball and softball tryouts have gone by and everyone that tried out made the baseball team. The past two days the people who tried out have been learning to have fun while hitting and have had fun all around, doing whatever we did for drills during tryouts. The whole team knew we were going to get a new coach, sadly the coach from last year couldn’t coach this year. But the coach who is running the team say we are going to have a fun and great year. Please be sure to check out our

Pride and Prose

April 2018



Please be sure to check out our

Pride and Prose

April 2018


Featured Artist

Allie 7th Grade

Misaki Have you ever drawn a flower in the corner of your homework sheet? Or sketched a pet on notebook paper? A lot of us have, but the focus of this article is on someone who’s done a great amount of work in the art field. Misaki Kondrup has generously agreed to be the star of this article - and has given me an interview that all budding artists should pay attention to. My first question was what her favorite things to draw were. She replied with “My favorite things to draw are cats, and I try to draw new things once in a while.” When I asked if she’d always been into art, she had said, “Yes, I’ve always been interested in art. Since I was little, I’ve drawn, badly, but I’ve drawn. A lot.” Well, everyone starts somewhere! As long as you follow through, and put a lot of effort into something you’re passionate about, you can accomplish a lot. For some artists, time management is key. I know I have problems finishing things I’ve already started. So, for my next question, I asked how long Misaki usually spends on her artwork. “Normally, if it’s a big art piece, it takes a few hours, and with something smaller, I take maybe about an hour or less.” Which is understandable. All artists spend awhile on their artwork! Intrigued, I ask if she’s considering an artist career. “Yes, I’d love to have my career be related pretty much only to art. Art is my entire life, and it’d be awesome to draw for a living.” I hope she does - seeing how much effort she puts into her artwork and how much potential she has. What piece of artwork was she most proud of ? “It’s hard to say what my most proud artwork is. To be honest, with me, it really depends on the day. And, for some strange reason, I draw better at night than day. I do have artwork I’m proud of, but sooner or later, I won’t like it, and the same happens with other drawings I create. I can’t pick one single artwork I’m proud of, because I’m proud of all of it.” Now, my last question was something all of the artists at Northwood Elementary should pay attention to what tips does Misaki have for amateurs? “Well, if you’re new to drawing, I’d suggest drawing lightly at first, in case you don’t like how your drawing came out. Second, I would use pencil, you if you make a mistake in some perArtwork Misaki Please be -sure to check out our Pride and Prose

April 2018

manent ink, you’re not able to fix it, unlike pencil.” I hope reading this article gave you some helpful hints for your next piece of art, or inspires you to pick up a pencil and draw something. You might be the subject of next issues Highlighting an Artist! And I’d like to thank Misaki for giving us these answers. It certainly got me to discover my creative side!


When I Read…


I open that page, that world of wonders It draws me in like a whirlpool, with all the thunder I am mere driftwood, a star in the sky Thrown into a world of love and lie You don’t know what you’ll find What the next page will bring, But one thing for sure is how those pages will sing…

8th Grade

With happiness, and grandeur Fear and rage And when that happens I’ll want to get out, but I’m trapped in a cage This is where my heart goes when it takes its leave For after all, as hard as I may try I will remain, and always be, Real in our world, a mere mortal with a job While in books I am the ruler, an all-mighty god My journey continues Those pages they turn, And one by one they make me yearn For those words to soar To life me through the sky

Here there is no magic Miracles, sure But the castles and dragons They cannot return

The clover flips I must say goodbye My soul drops like a rock, I’m left with no rope Reality dawns Please be sure to check out our with little hope Pride and Prose

April 2018

The front page waves goodbye The back cover says au revoir I now absorb my new scene The small world in my hands Is suddenly . . unseen


What Are You Afraid Of?

Lacy 8th Grade

My best friend, the one I confided everything to, was the first to betray me. ~15 hours hours earlier, 12 P.M.~ “Hey,” I heaved a sigh, out of anger or relief. “That bad of a day, huh?” I nodded, looking up at my best friend, and roommate. Well, one of them. I slowly lowered my head, glaring at the pile of paper that could be as tall as me. I ran my hand through my hair, frustrated, sighing once more before standing up, making my way to the fridge. As I open the door, I realize that we have no food in the fridge. I sighed once more before closing the door, slipping my shoes on, grabbing my purse and yelling “Claire, I’m going to buy food!” and getting the simple response “Okay, hurry back!’’ I ended up spending about $20, more than I intended, but I went to the grocery store when I was hungry, so it’s my own fault. But, as I was nearing the apartment I noticed the door was open. I remember shutting it, so it was probably Claire or Abby. I zoned out as I walked into the apartment, the door shut behind me. I put the snacks away, take out a granola bar, and start eating it. I feel a needle puncture my neck, and a hand over my mouth, I tried to turn around but, I black out. ~5 hours earlier, 5 P.M.~ My eyes slowly flutter open. I hear my name being called. I close my eyes for a second, reopen them and look at my surroundings. I lift myself up with my weak arms, almost falling. I see Claire reaching out to me, her leg chained to the wall. “Alice! Thank god you’re okay!” she sigh. “I was so worried that you were, you know…” She trailed off the last bit. I know exactly what she meant, and I accidently let it slip out. “Dead,” I said, not as a question, but, as a statement, really. ARTWORK BY MISAKI KONDRUP

“Yeah…” She sighed again, looking off.

“You don’t happen to know where we are, by any chance, do you?” I ask, looking at my feet. I noticed that my leg

wasn’t chained up like hers. I move around a bit while waiting for her response.

“Nope. No idea.” She responded casually. Like any of this is casual.

“It’s really small here.” I say as my heart beat picks up. I look at Claire, hopeful that she catches my drift.

“Alice, you need to calm down. Take deep breaths. Breathe, okay. We’ll be okay and get out of here soon. Okay?” She

said in attempt to calm me down.

“Yeah, I know. I’m breathing,” I said, also trying to calm myself down. Just then everything got 100% worse. A door

opened, releasing thousands of spiders.. . . To Be Continued. . . Please be sure to check out our

Pride and Prose

April 2018


Jayden 7th Grade

She Rises

She rises from the deep of the lagoon from the darkness of the forest under the dim light of the moon forged in the fires of hell No emotion guide her deeds plague she brings the world an endless creed nothing may stop what is to befall She slaughters the knights of the land with her fingers of scythes The fire on earth a burning brand as towns consumed all around The embers fall around her dark silhouette her shadow envelops the world the cursed souls deep in debt she is tethered to the earth


He walks for eternity Lost in a scape of dreams This sort of endless journey This sort of a twisted scheme

Henry 7th Grade

The end might grow near But he won’t know, ‘till he’s close He cannot roam in fear He cannot lose hope Even though he is lost He feels like he knows his way He walks through heat and through frost He goes on until he’s lost, far away Even though it’s all gone Spare yourself the pain Free from the sorrow Free from misery’s reign The light in the tunnel The dawn up ahead Free from the dark Free from the dread Please be sure to check out our

Pride and Prose

April 2018


Childhood Bliss

Allie 7th Grade

Frollicking quickly through the wood Rolling in mud and dirt and soot Splashing in icy ocean waves And exploring dark, foreboding caves. Sleepovers and having “playdates” Checkers and cards and “Crazy 8’s” Counting to ten and thinking “stupid” is a swear And laughing and joking and styling hair. Decorating a valentine for a boy Fighting with a brother over a toy Begging for dessert and “dear Santa Claus” And drawing a cat with four fuzzy paws. Math homework - “Mom, what’s twelve divided by six?” Making a snowman with its arms made of sticks Refusing broccoli and playing with “Play Doh” And crying and whining when you stub a toe. Eighth graders are scary and kindergarteners are tiny Friends are funny and siblings are whiny Bunnies hop and the cow says “moo” And parents tucking you in, saying “I love you.” Disney World and Storyland and small town fairs Talking loud during lunchtime and receiving teacher’s glares These are the things that I will miss When I leave childhood’s innocent bliss.

ART - ALLIE - 7th Grade

Ocean Evelyn 4th Grade

As I walk along the shore Water rushes back and forth Slides under my bare feet Feels like a glacier As the waves come to shore I see tall mountains That eventually crash on the rocks Like shattered glass Please be sure to check out our

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April 2018



Anthony 7th Grade

Love Lacy 8th Grade

Love is a feeling in your heart,

The Beauty of Music

It follows you around

My ears are filled with noise

and never leaves

Umbrella opened on a rainy day, earbuds in. Sound, beat, measures,

Love is like a cold that won’t leave, but spreads throughout your heart It won’t leave you

In time the playlist will end, Confusion strikes strangers and I’m dancing in public. Laughing, enjoying, and having fun and embarrassment hits me.

Love lets you know you like someone

Young kids laughing and enjoying life

but they may not like you.

Right in front of me my friends are face palming.

But don’t give up

Interested, people gather and start laughing along, Continuing to dance, people join me. So many people it’s become a crowd.



Notions from people telling others to join in.

7th Grade

Kindness is within us all It spreads and joins But Kindness will not break down

Officers, mailmen, florists, Truck drivers, workers, and cars all stop to dance. Everyone laughing and enjoying themselves. Soon I sneak out of the crowd and go on my way with my friends. Beginnings of joy and wonder. Everyone’s smiling and I can’t help but to smile, too. At one point no one even realized there was no music. To them, it didn’t even matter Sound filled their own ears as they made their own music and joy filled the town, the city, while their hearts filled with happiness.

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April 2018


Is It Right?

Kaitlyn 4th Grade

Chapter 1 Meet Abby DEAR DIARY, In class today we were learning about volcanoes and how when they explode lava bursts. Mrs.Mack said that we were doing projects. We could do them about volcanoes, fossils, erosion and other natural disasters. Learning has not always come easy to me. To be honest, learning is never easy. Everyone knows that I think wrong, but it feels like the teachers don’t notice. The bell rang and Mrs. Mack said we will pick partners on Monday. I grabbed my bag and walked out. AMY, the mean girl of the entire 5th grade who is so popular, called out to me and said ,”Abby, I hope I do not get you for a project partner.” Then she and her friends laughed and walked away. I have to go---promise I will write soon. Love, Abby Chapter 2 Skiing or Not? DEAR DIARY, This morning I slept late. I woke up to my mom saying that we are going skiing in the afternoon. I groaned and said , “We do not even know how to ski! What time is it?” Mom said, “10:25, and yes, we do know how to ski.” “Can we please do something else?” I ask. Mom says, “Fine, let’s go to the movies.” “Can we go to the family movie, Chipmunks and the Dog?” I asked Mom said sure. So we went. It took all day. We went home, and I was a bump on a log. On Sunday, I went to the mall and bought a few things. Then I went home and watched some TV and went to bed. Love , Abby

Chapter 3 Project Time DEAR DIARY, At school we choose partners for the project. Everyone partnered up but me. No one was left but me! Mrs. Mack called me up to her desk. I walked up with not even a shred of dignity left. She said, “I would be working with her. Amy said, “Of course she is so lonely, her BFF is the teacher.” Everyone laughed. I felt empty inside. I chose fossils for my project. Mrs. Mack let me use a microscope to look at an old bone. Mrs. Mack said, “ What is so strange and different about this rock?” I said, “It is not as typical as other rocks are. It is different so it stands out”. “Good job!” , said Mrs. Mack, “I think you will be great at this”. Please be sure to check out our

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April 2018


People started to get loud so Mrs. Mack said, “Stop mingling and get to work”. At recess, I clung to the monkey bars and then a voice that I regularly heard said, “Oh, are you scared or are you trying to make a friend with that pole?” Then I hear a different voice, saying, “What did she ever do to you?” “Butt out Noah!”, Amy said. “You don’t have to do that,” I said. The bell rang and we lined up. Mr. Smith dismissed everyone over the loudspeaker. Mrs. Mack pulled me aside and said that I might have a learning disability called dyslexia. My heart dissolved inside like a mint in Coca Cola. Chapter 4

Dyslexia ?????????????

It felt like she would never stop talking and she said I am wired differently than most people. I get really nervous and I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks and I started to cry. Mrs. Mack said, “Oh don’t cry, You are amazing! You are just a little different than everyone else.” “It would be…” I interrupted. “But I do not want to be different!” I ran out sobbing my eyes out and ran home and got inside and sped upstairs. I leaped up onto my bed and buried my face into my pillow and balled my eyes out. Mom came in and sat on my bed. She asked, “What is wrong”? “Me,” I mumbled.“HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH MY BRAIN!!!” I yelled holding back my tears. Mom said, “I know how you feel” . “NO YOU DON’T!,” I shouted. “I have known that I am different, but I thought you did not. Nothing can make me normal…. no meditations or a doctor. Please help me!! Go! Just go!” I commanded with so much despair in my voice. Mom said, “Baby girl you are the smartest and you are unique. It wouldn’t be fun if everyone was alike.” I said, “But I don’t want to be unique. I want to be just like everyone else”. “If you were like everyone else, there wouldn’t be any story.” “There’s not a story because I can’t read it”, I exclaimed. “There’s always a story about everything” , Mom says. “ It doesn’t matter. What you think of it doesn’t matter, what’s happening just matters and know that you are you and no one else”. “I love you Momma”, I said. The next day in school Amy opened up her lips to say whatever she says that makes me feel bad about myself. Amy was about to say, “Oh there’s Little Miss…”. But I interrupted saying, “ I don’t care what you think of me. I only care what I think of myself and you can’t change what I think of myself ”. Amy said, “What’s gotten into you?” I said, “ I myself don’t care what you think of me, but I do care about what I think of myself. I know that people think differently. I know people look differently and I know everything is different in the world and I might not be as smart as you or the other girls. But I do know that I’m smart in my own way and I don’t care if you’re different because I know I am. I don’t care if it’s wrong or if it’s or right because I try and you just push me down. I’m going to build myself up and not listen. Then, I walk away. Everything’s been getting easier because I’ve tried not to listen to what they say. I said those words and I meant it and I will always live by those words. I will always live by hope, love and believe in my dreams and will not go by what others say. I don’t want to, can’t, and won’t. THE END

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April 2018



Makennah 5th Grade

Act 1: There I lay in the swaying wheat fields, thinking about what it would be like to leave this property. Why doesn’t mom and dad trust me? Why can’t I step foot in the woods? I’m Charlie Burwood. I am an adventurous 11 year-old girl who loves the outdoors. I have long, wavy red hair that slips down my back. I have too many freckles to count dabbed all over my little button nose. If I am outside all the time, how would they tell that I’m in the woods?! At least they don’t watch me like a hawk! So there I was, rapidly going up the stairs to my room. I grabbed my big, purple backpack and stuffed it with all sorts of stuff. A flashlight, jacket, floral water bottle, and the other stuff that was left in there from the time before. And I was off…...into the big forest of unknown secrets.

Act 2: Crunch, crunch, crunch! The vibrant colored leaves coated the ground like icing on a cake. This is so cool! This is the only place in the whole world I’ve wanted to go to since I was four! I’m different. My parents are overprotective and my family is rich so they don’t like the woods. I’ve never really gone on a hike before. Well, does in the womb count? Then suddenly, I heard a snap. “Is anyone there?” I said shivering. Then I heard a growl. A red,sly fox leaped out with a mysterious expression on its face. I rummaged through my backpack to find a bottle of hairspray. “WHAT!” There was no time. I sprayed the hairspray directly into the fox’s eyes and it pawed at its head in pain. I ran as far and fast as I could away from the fox until I tripped on something…..someone. I laid on the rich, forest floor. My eyesight was blurry until I saw a boy. “Hi! I’m William Carth, but you can call me Will. And you?” he asked. “I’m Charlie. Charlie Burwood.” “Charlie, I was so nervous when that big fox jumped out at you but you mastered it!” he exclaimed. I felt proud. Please be sure to check out our

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April 2018


“I live in the woods. I have a big cabin looking house. Do you live around here?” Will asked. “Yes. This is my first time in the woods. But before you make fun of me for what I just said, I need to get back home.” “Wow! Okay, you said you need to find your way back home?” “Yes please!” I said happily. I was finally coming back home.

Act 3: We were almost back out of the woods walking towards the wheat fields when I found out that the sun was setting. I had to get back home in time for dinner! I looked over at Will’s watch to see what time it was 5:45. I felt relieved. Dinner wasn’t ready until 6:00. That gives me 15 minutes to get back home.

When I got to the basement door, I looked at Will so thankfully.

“Thank you Will! So very much!” I said.

“My pleasure, Burwood. I am going to miss you!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll see me soon, trust me!”

I snuck back inside while William crawled back to the woods in the neck high wheat fields.

I saw my dad cooking at the stove and mom folding the laundry. I snuck up the stairs, unpacked my backpack, and came

back down in my red silk pajamas.

“Hey kiddo! Whatcha been doin’?!”

“Oh just hangin’ out!” I said nervously.

“Oh, okay!” he said happily.

I was happy I was back,

but who doesn’t like the woods?!

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April 2018


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April 2018



ARTWORK -DESTINY - 6th grade Please be sure to check out our

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April 2018



Ben Returns

5th Grade

Editor’s Note: Matt is an 11 year old boy who has moved to the wilderness of Maine with his father to clear land, build a cabin In 1768. His father leaves Matt behind to return to Massachusetts to bring his wife, young baby and 8 year old daughter back to live on the land and begin a new life as settlers. Pa is only suppose to be gone for 7 weeks but he is gone for much longer, from early spring until early winter. While he’s gone Matt survives bee stings, a broken leg, the loss of his Pa’s gun for hunting and he is concerned about the Native Americans that have been said to kill settlers. Matt ends up being saved and befriended by Saknis, the tribe’s leader, and Attean his grandson. Together they come to appreciate how each of them seems savage to the other until they are forced to learn about each other and work together and become “brothers”. The following is a student written “chapter” of what happens AFTER the end the book! We hope that this will encourage you to read The Sign of the Beaver, by Elizabeth George Speare.

As Pa, Ma, Sarah, and Matt bowed their heads Matt remembered Ben. How was going to explain Ben and the missing rifle? Matt had seen Pa looking at where the rifle had been, but did Pa really notice or was he just looking around? After Pa asked the blessing, the family sat around the table and ate rabbit stew from the jerky, corn, cornbread, and molasses. Matt asked for them to sit around the fireplace, so he could tell them about Attean, Ben, and Saknis. Matt wondered how was he going to start? “Well, when ya left, I was doing fine. Then all of a sudden a man named Ben came over asking for some food.” Matt explained, “I didn’t want to be rude, so I gave him a meal. Then he fell asleep and stayed for the night.” “ Tell more, tell more, tell more!!” Sarah chanted. “ Okay, okay.” Matt grunted. “The next morning, I woke up and the door was wide open, and the rifle was gone!” Pa didn’t smile. “ How did he notice the rifle?” Pa questioned. “Well, when he came to the door he had his eye on the rifle. He said it was a mighty fine piece.” “Worth a passel of beaver.” “ Well what did you say.” Pa asked. “ I didn’t say much, but I told him you wouldn’t sell it.” “I’m proud of you for not selling it, but I am disappointed that you let him stay the night knowing his eye was on the rifle.” “ I’m sorry, I didn’t want to tell him to leave, and that I wouldn’t let him have any food.” Matt explained. Pa sighed. “Then I met the Indians Attean and Saknis.” “INDIANS!!” Ma asked. “Well I was climbing up the bee tree to get some sweet honey combs by Loon Pond, when I reached into the hive and a swarm of bees started buzzing around me.” Please be sure to check out our

Pride and Prose

“ Were you ok?” Sarah giggled. “Well, I started feeling sharp pains in my neck then it creeped down to my arms, hair, hands, and even my face.” “ Then, I remembered that there was a pond behind it, so I waved my hands around and I plunged towards the water.” “ All of sudden I tripped over some sharp roots, and flung myself into the pond, I was in so much pain I could barely breathe.” “ What happened!” Ma gasped. “I almost drowned but this blurry creature lifted me out of the water and brought me back to the cabin.” “ What did they do to you?” Ma asked, concerned as ever. “ They gave me this type of medicine, and I was on a crutch for a few days. I was still in pain, but the Indians really helped me.” Matt said confidently. “ It was the Indians that saved your life?” Pa asked confused. “ Ya, they really did. Then, they came back and the Indian boy Attean and his grandfather Saknis made a deal with me.” “What was the deal?” Sarah asked. “ The deal was that if I taught Attean how to read and understand English, he would bring me food.” “ Did you accept it?” Pa asked. “ Well ya, but it helped me alot as well.” “ How would teaching someone else help ya.” Sarah questioned. “ It didn’t.” Matt said. “ Then why did ya say so.” sassed Sarah. “ It helped me because Attean brought me out into the wilderness, and he taught me tricks in the outdoors.” “ Well that’s nice.” Sarah said sarcastically. “ Ya, it really was.” Matt muttered. While Matt is telling Sarah about all his adventures Matt heard a faint shriek followed by a gunshot. “ Pa, did you hear that sound?” Matt asked in shock. “ What sound?” Pa asked in worry. “ I heard what sounded like a scream and a gunshot.” Matt gasped. Matt’s heart was pounding. Pa looked out the window. He saw a black figure moving around in the woods with a gun that looked just like the one they had before. “Matt, come look at this.” Pa said seriously. “ Doesn’t that look like our old gun?” As soon as Matt looked through the window Matt thought……. BEN!!!!!!!!!! Matt yelled to Pa “ That looks like Ben, so if that looks like our rifle it could possibly be Ben.” Pa and Matt rushed out the door holding the rifle Pa had brought with him. Pa tip-toed, Matt following behind him. The mystery creature was fat and had an army coat on. As Pa and Matt moved closer they saw two more dark figures standing along the woods. Was it the Turtle Tribe, more settlers, or could it be The Beaver Tribe...? Matt started to creep up behind Pa. “Pa, who are they?” Matt whispered. “I’m not sure, but it doesn’t look good,” Pa replied unsure. “They look different.” “How?,” Matt whispered. “Well, they looked like they were arguing, and wearing

April 2018


something unusual.” Pa replied. “What were they wearing?” Matt whispered. “One guy was wearing an army coat and he looks fat. The other two I can’t quite see.” Pa replied.

Attean, Dog, and Matt all walked Ben down into the woods. All of a sudden Ben stops. “I was not choosing to steal the gun.” Ben said nervously.

As Pa and Matt walked closer and closer Matt started to see all three figures clearer and clearer. They all looked familiar.

“Then who did?” Saknis said firmly. “I made a deal with the Turtle Tribe. I came across them in the woods, and they asked me where I was off to. I did not want to lie, but I wasn’t sure what to tell them.” Ben answered.

When Pa and Matt got towards the woods Pa hid behind a tree. Pa signaled Matt to hide behind a tree.

“Where were you really off to?” Matt questioned.

Matt did not listen, he started to walk toward the three mystery people.

All of a sudden Matt hears a stomping sound. Then he sees Ben talking to Attean and Saknis.

“I was heading to go hunt for some dinner, when they came up to me. I told them that I was going hunting, but then they stopped me. They told me I must give them a gun. I did not have one at the time, so when I came to your cabin I saw one and I was way overdue on giving them one.” Ben replied.

“Ben, why are you here and why are you yelling at my friends?” Matt yelled in disappointment.

“How come you told them you would give them a gun, but you really did not have it?” Matt questioned Ben.

In a blink of an eye Ben started running deeper into the woods. Matt followed right behind him.

“Well, at the time I thought I could trade someone a gun. I also wanted to trade The Turtle Tribe so I could get a passel of beaver to sell for money.” Ben answered.

“Hello.” Matt yelled.

As Matt gained speed Ben stopped and pointed the rifle directly towards Matt. Without Matt or Ben knowing, Pa followed them. Pa snuck up to Ben right behind him, pointing the rifle at Ben. As Ben was right about to shoot Matt, Pa cocked the rifle, Ben stopped and turned around. As Pa talked to Ben furiously, Matt took the rifle out of Ben’s hand. Attean and Saknis came up behind Matt and signaled him to get back. Pa told Ben to follow him or he would shoot. Matt, Pa, and Ben returned to Attean and Saknis. “You take Ben with Matt, The Dog, and Attean.” Pa said to Saknis in a serious voice. “Yes, I take Ben to make right?” Saknis questioned. “Yes you will, I believe in you. Make Ben return his stolen items. Have Dog on guard, if Ben tries to escape or run he chases down.” Pa said seriously. “What if this is trick?” Attean whispered to Matt. “We have dog and Saknis.” Matt whispered uncertainley. Pa sent Matt, Attean, Dog, and Saknis to make Ben return his stolen items and to stay away. Saknis, Please be sure to check out our

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“Well, why did you still have the gun?” Matt answered. “I still had your gun because when I went to give them the gun they had already got a gun. I told them why I was going to give them the gun, but they did not remember asking for a gun. It was like they didn’t even remember me.” “How overdue were you, giving them the rifle?” Saknis questioned. “Uhh…….late spring.” Ben muttered. “LATE SPRING!!” Matt gasped. “I know, I’m sorry. I just wanted a passel of beaver to sell to get money. I thought I knew someone to trade, but never saw them.” Ben confessed. “How come you didn’t keep trying,you could have just…” Matt was interrupted by a unpleasant gunshot. Ben was curious. Who else would have a gun. “THE TURTLE TRIBE!!!” Ben gasped. “Saknis, is the rest of the tribe coming back?” Matt asked in fear. “Ya, they were leaving after Attean and I left.” Saknis replied. “What if they met up with a bear or the Turtle Tribe!” Matt gasped. April 2018


“OH NO!” Saknis answered.

cabin, they are stopped by the Turtle Tribe.

Saknis, Attean, Ben, Dog, and Matt all ran as fast as they could to where they heard the gunshot. When they got to the scene, they all looked around, but there was nothing there.

“We shot the bear now give it to us. The leader of the tribe snapped. Give it or I’ll shoot.”

After at least 10 minutes of searching, Attean notices blood behind a bush.

“NOW.” The leader shouted.

“No, it was on our side of the forest.” Saknis stated.

“Saknis, Ben, come look at this. Does this look like blood to you; and look a clue. It seems to say T-h-e T-u-t-l-e T-r-i-b.” Matt explained.

“Why did you leave behind a bush?” Attean questioned.

“That mean Turtle Tribe?” Attean questioned.

“How long ago did you shoot it?” Matt asked firmly.

“It must.” Saknis answered. “The blood looks quite old, it’s all dried.” Ben stated. Matt started looking around furiously, hoping to find more evidence on the blood, and the clue.

“So we could get sled to pull.” The leader replied.

“Ummm……” “Like 6 days ago?” The other Indian interrupted. “DAYS!!...” Ben gasped.

“Look, it’s a baby bear, and it’s hurt. Someone must have shot it…… It has to be the Turtle Tribe!” Matt yelled.

“No…. it had to have been a day.” The leader lied.

“We must help.” Attean explained.

The other Indian counted with his fingers.

“First, we bring it to your Pa, then we can hopefully help it move around again.” Saknis said in a serious tone. As Matt and Saknis carried the cub back to his

“Is he right?” Ben asked the other Indian.

“Uhh, 1-2-3-4-5-6. 6 days.” The Indian replied. “I believe this one. You CAN NOT have the bear.” Saknis stated. “Ok, Ok, it was a few days ago.” The leader confessed. “The bear is not dead yet.” Saknis explained. “We help live.” The leader said. “Really?” Matt said in shock. “Yes, we did wrong.” The leader of the tribe explained. The leader and Saknis carried the sled back to Matt’s cabin. Matt rushed home in front to tell Pa and Ma what was happening. When Matt arrived at the cabin he noticed that no one was there. Matt furiously searched ALL around the cabin. Matt was panicking. His family was gone.

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April 2018


Kiara 8th Grade

Black Panther Is Breaking Records! “Ryan Coogler’s masterful superhero drama is unlike any other,” states Sandie Angulo Chen with Common Sense media. Black Panther shows strong protagonists, an indulging storyline, and has also been a financial success. Black Panther features the first black main protagonist in a Marvel movie and, so far, has received remarkable reviews. The Manohla Dargis with NYTimes describes it as ‘A jolt of a movie.’ Alex Abad-Santos with Vox describes it as ‘a joyous game changer for Marvel.’ Black Panther is a huge jump for people of color. T’Challa is the first black main protagonist in a Marvel movie and some say that has attributed to its success. Both T’Challa and his younger sister Shuri are extremely positive role models for aspiring boys and girls. T’Challa shows strength, resilience and patience throughout the movie, but he also shows kindness when he takes his enemy to watch the sunset and when he bought buildings to help people in need. His sister Shuri is both snippy and extremely intelligent, having advanced, never before seen technology. Both give young children something to aspire to. The film, Black Panther, follows the story of T’Challa, a prince whose father, the King, was tragically blown up during a political conference. T’Challa must go home to Africa and Please be sure to check out our

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his country engages in a civil war. The Marvel franchise, and theatres, were hit by waves of eager fans awaiting the new movie, Black Panther. This film has made 1 billion dollars in the box office after only 26 days. Hello Giggles says “It’s already breaking box office records.” Black Panther is currently one of 33 movies to make a billion dollars in the global box. It is also one of 12 movies to complete this accomplishment in under a month. Black Panther is a movement. The film shows not only positive role models, but a good story and has earned an amazing amount of money. The movie leaves you anticipating Wakanda’s next move, and waiting for more of T’Challa’s intriguing story as the Black Panther. Resources: feature/a825774/marvel-cinematicuniverse-in-chronological-order/ https://www.commonsensemedia. org/movie-reviews/black-panther fastest-movies-to-make-one-billion-boxoffice-black-panther-2018

be crowned king of Wakanda, as well become the new Black Panther. As the new king, T’Challa is eager to prove himself worthy. He finds that things aren’t as simple as he once thought they were, when he discovers new and unexpected family members, and April 2018


Skye 8th Grade

The False Prince I read Harry Potter once. It’s world was painted in my mind. The whole thing seemed so real, and the characters often seemed right next to me. I thought that nothing in the world could best my beloved Harry Potter. The weird thing was, I proved myself wrong with one book, and one universe that had opened up with it. The False Prince drew me in as Harry Potter had done, I blinked, and found myself in a whole new world where life most certainly wasn’t safe, but it was sure entertaining. You may say it was the author who made the world that way, but actually, it was the name in the world whom she brought to life, that made everything magical. Jaron Artolius Eckbert, whom you would first meet under another name, is the small piece of that world who opened those most curious eyes. From then on, he no longer seemed small. Of course, being in the center of the action ninety nine percent of the time one would never seem small, but this was different. He grew before our eyes, carefully playing his part on one hand, and cracking brilliant jokes on the other. I think that was the best part about him, he could be really close to having his butt kicked but one bad joke and some really fast climbing normally got him out of trouble, and in even more seconds later. Somehow, he played the game of life, and came out alive. What really made this book stand out though, was that there weren’t many devastating and outrageous parts. I mean, sure, there were some moments where you were left thinking,“What the heck is the author doing to this poor character,” but there were no pieces that truly left you downright miserable and sobbing. That’s not the kind of book this book is, not the kind of world that it is. It seems as if it’s meant to lift your spirits to the moon, but for me, it lifted my spirit out of the milky way and left me there thinking about exactly how much money I would pay to have even a sliver of his humor, and courage. That was the only time I’ve gotten as far as the milky way.

There is nothing more I can say about the quality of “The False Prince.” My only desire now is that my experience can be shared by those who have been inspired to read this book. Everyone should have the chance to experience Jaron’s wondrous adventure, and one way or another, you should experience what it feels like to be lifted through the stars. With that, I wish you the best of luck reading, I look forward to hearing your thoughts (Unless, of course, they are extremely negative.) See you in the milky way!

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April 2018


Artwork - Adrienne - 8th Grade

Artwork Misaki - 8th Grade

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April 2018

Gabri-el - 7th grade


Emma - 4th grade

Kyla - 4th grade Please be sure to check out our

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April 2018


PHOTOGRAPHY Makena - 8th Grade

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April 2018


Savannah- 7th grade Please be sure to check out our

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April 2018


Cecelia - 7th grade Please be sure to check out our

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April 2018


The Girl And The Tree

Once upon a time there was a girl named Hanna and every day after school Hanna would go and sit by her favorite tree. And one day she decided to show her friends the tree and hoping that they would like the

Lillian 3rd Grade

tree too. And her friends did.But one sad day some construction people told the kids that they had to cut the tree down but the kids would not let them cut the tree down,so the kids started to climb the tree and would not come down.The construction people told the kids that they needed to make a path so people could get to the river and back. The kids said that can’t they make a path to go around the tree instead?All the construction guys agreed and after that all the kids had a happy life. THE END !

Caleb 2nd Grade

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Northwood School 511 First NH Turnpike Photography- Liz - 8th Grade

Northwood, NH 03261

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Northwood Pride ad Prose April 2018