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#PlayUnites Us All It connects children of all ages and abilities. It rallies communities around common ground. It brings people together from racial, economic, social, and generational divides. The world needs play—now more than ever. It’s the simplest of human needs, but the most powerful. Share your stories at #PlayUnites







PlayForm 7


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Geometry—abstract, yet perfectly relatable. No matter the translation, these cubes mean one thing: play. 3

The design breakthrough was to make the new PlayCubes bigger, add more handholds, and increase visibility.

The cuboctahedron has fascinated great minds for millennia—Archimedes, DaVinci, Kepler, Buckminster Fuller. They saw the tremendous potential in this shape‌and so did we.

Originally, PlayCubes were produced with fiberglass, making them difficult and expensive to manufacture.

Originally introduced in the 1960s by architect Richard Dattner, PlayCubes have been given new life through an exclusive partnership between Dattner and Playworld. The simple geometry and open-endedness of PlayCubes encourages kids to invent new ways to play and interact as they climb on, around, and through. Undefined paths of play help children build their physical, cognitive, social, and creative skills. Sculpture-like in nature, PlayCubes are instant conversation starters, inspiring people of all ages and abilities to come together. Their modularity offers countless options for configuration on any site, with any budget. Create an iconic, modern space the whole community can enjoy with PlayCubes. 4

Pictured (L to R): JT Foster, engineer; Richard Dattner, architect; Craig Mellott, designer.

Chinatown Park on The Rose Kennedy Greenway Boston, MA An extension of Design Museum Foundation’s Extraordinary Playscapes exhibition, the first installation of PlayCubes is reinvigorating this urban neighborhood and drawing families out of their homes to connect. 5


Edward L. Gaylord Downtown YMCA Child Development Center Oklahoma City, OK One of the preschools affected by the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the YMCA Child Development Center has since relocated to a new facility with the help of donations. We were proud to help them create a colorful, nurturing atmosphere for youngsters full of imaginary play opportunities.





Provide little ones with the building blocks for life‌literally. Playful blocks test the limits of coordination and imagination.


Blocks are a familiar symbol of early childhood. Their simplicity appeals to little hands and their potential to be anything fosters imagination. While adults might see QuBits as small, they’re just the right amount of challenge for children ages 2 to 5.

Slip-resistant, textured surface pattern

With a 1’ (0,30m) rise, special ledges, no barriers, and treads on top, these blocks offer a safe environment for youngsters to take risks and discover what their bodies are capable of. Recessed spaces and gaps between blocks function as hideaways and pretend play stations where children can improve social skills by engaging with others. As a stand-alone play activity of their own or as a link to other playground structures, QuBits offer endless options for creating age-appropriate, modern play spaces.

1' (0,30m) Ledges designed specifically for little hands and feet

1' (0,30m)

QuBits can be customized to meet the needs of your space—bridging structures or providing a smaller challenge for the youngest children.

Configurations can have up to a 4-block-high rise, providing extra climbing challenge and a thrilling jump for adventure-seekers.

QuBits might seem small to us big people, but they offer a monumental challenge for small, developing bodies.


Danny Green Field Park Lewisburg, PA This play space, located next to a baseball field, had a lot of potential, but needed some updated playground equipment. Our premier installation of QuBits made it the perfect community gathering place and a great spot to hang out during baseball practice! 11


#PlayUnites Cultures No matter the color of our skin, our ideas about religion, or the neighborhood in which we live, we are all connected in our desire to play and have fun.

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.” —Mahatma Gandhi


PlayForm 7


All hands are welcome on this work of art! Play sculpture is both an inspiration and a destination for gathering. 14


Children are drawn to art and sculpture just like adults. Naturally, they want to interact with it, but sculpture isn’t usually designed to be played on. That’s why we created our first play sculpture: PlayForm 7. This stunning, modern structure immediately draws attention to parks, urban spaces and playgrounds. It invites people of all ages to come play and relax. Just like art, PlayForm 7 is open to interpretation. The abstract shape makes kids step back and think about how they’re going to play on it—a positive challenge that fuels creative and cognitive skills. Rope and flex treads provide dynamic movement, while hammocks promote socialization. Varying slopes for climbing and perching give kids a thrilling bird's-eye view. Play doesn’t have to look like play. PlayForm 7 redefines what play equipment can be. 2016 International Design Excellence Awards® (IDEA®) silver winner (environments category)

Kids can take a break to relax in the hammocks or socialize in cozy, shaded areas beneath the treads.


City Hall Plaza Boston, MA PlayForm 7 made a temporary appearance on City Hall Plaza as part of Design Museum Foundation’s Extraordinary Playscapes exhibition. The interactive art installation spoke to Boston’s legacy of arts and provided residents and visitors alike with an unconventional summer playground. 17


George I. Sånchez Collaborative Community School, Albuquerque, NM More than 1,300 kids from pre-K through grade 8 are at a brand new school this year, and this play space is welcoming them all. A Bambino™ structure (shown) provides age-appropriate activities for younger students, while a separate area for kids ages 5 and up provides more challenging physical activity.



Branch Out


Inspired by nature, without trying to copy it. Give your post-and-platform playgrounds a breath of fresh air. 21

In the days before playgrounds, trees provided hours of physical, intellectual, relaxing, and risky play. Inspired, we decided to create a tree of our own—complementing, instead of copying, nature’s design. Branch Out revitalizes post-and-platform playgrounds while maintaining an aesthetic connection to the natural world. It offers the appealing scale and activities of tree play in a more efficient, open layout for easy supervision and multi-directional play flow. More defined handholds, a crawl-through trunk, and challenging, unpredictable rope elements allow many children to experience the benefits of tree play together. Both a focal point and a strong, integrated link to traditional playground components, Branch Out is perfect for playgrounds that plan to grow.

Ropes sway and move as other kids join in on the climbing fun, creating new experiences every time.


Lakeshore Woods Park Windsor, Ontario, Canada The City of Windsor is transforming old, outdated playgrounds into family destination parks. For this playground at Lakeshore Woods Park, a whimsical, nature-inspired experience was created, with Branch Out as the focal point.


Nature Inspired Influenced by natural elements, built for maximum performance. Grid of photos and renderings on These products make white with photo/silo kids placed in. No overhead views. No technical outdoor play second nature. information. Pushes readers to the new website for more information.

“Nature play� is all the rage right now and studies show it provides endless developmental benefits for children. The problem is, kids are choosing indoor, sedentary activities instead of going outside to play. Our nature-inspired components bring kids back to the playground, reintroducing them to the great outdoors in a familiar, friendly way. When set against the landscape, this equipment blends in, mimicking natural textures, colors, and scale. It also offers a safer, more durable, and kid-optimized play experience. From tree stump steppers and boulders with special handholds to more whimsical elements like dinosaur bones, our exciting, nature-inspired creations help kids reconnect with the natural world. 24

Our newest nature-inspired components are made with glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), providing a highly-detailed, realistic look and feel without all the maintenance and durability issues.



Gateway Park Sunny Isles Beach, FL This park is just steps from the ocean, situated on a long, narrow plot of land. We made the most of the small space, designing a beach-themed destination playground with custom ocean panels and a lighthouse. And because it’s always sunny in Sunny Isles, shades over the entire space make it a “cool” place to hang out.



#PlayUnites Generations The world children live in today is much different than that of their parents and grandparents. But play is the thread that binds us all. It’s a chance to communicate with one another, to share stories and laughter, and to learn (or be reminded of) what truly matters in life.

“Blessed is the generation in which the old listen to the young, and doubly blessed is the generation in which the young listen to the old.” —William James


Unity® Connect It’s time to engage in more face-to-face interactions— to rediscover the physical world—Here. Now. Together. 30


As kids get older, their opinions on play change—opting for more solitary activities and digital interactions. But there’s a way to get them out of the house and back on the playground. Connect is a towering, modern play structure that invites older kids to engage in real, face-to-face interactions and physical activity. It’s a destination where they can meet, move, and define their own path of play. Baskets, hoops, and treads provide areas for gathering, while networks of rope create unpredictable challenge. With a modular A-frame design and more than 20 unique play components, this structure is also highly customizable to your needs, no matter your budget or space requirements. Connect is a cool, relevant new solution for kids who think they’re “too old for the playground”.

A single A-frame with a triangular deck provides climbing, sliding, spinning and relaxing play in a small footprint.

Choose your favorite components and build off a single A-frame for a compact play space or join two A-frames for an expansive, immersive play experience. 32

Conestoga Community Playground, Philadelphia, PA This park was already a popular gathering spot, but it also had a lot of untapped potential. To revitalize the park and bring the community together, The Trust for Public Land worked with us to replace outdated equipment with Unity Connect.


The Unity Collection continues with twists on the classics of freestanding play—reimagined to promote even more interaction and cooperation.

Outward-facing inclusive seats at transfer height have an inward pitch that supports children with poor trunk control, and provide all kids with a place to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. 34




A whirl with angled sides and optional inclusive seats combines climbing and spinning action.

Available in large and small, these overhead circles challenge kids to climb in all directions.

Circles, varied climbing paths and openings invite kids to play in, on and around.

Slide Climber


Hoopla Swing

With three ways to climb up and a tube at the top for gathering, this isn’t your ordinary slide.

Add some challenge to the current journey or rest and ponder the next one.

It's one thing to swing alongside a friend. It's another to swing with friends together.



Teeter Tunnel™

Play like never before on a single play product. Climb. Crawl. Walk. Roll. Weave.

This spring rocker breaks down barriers, encouraging together play.

If it’s fun with two, why not ten? This Unity piece reimagines a playground classic. 35

Winters Run Apartments Bel Air, MD This brand new apartment complex packed a whole lot of play into a small footprint—an investment that will continue to add value and attract new families in the future. It’s the perfect spot for kids of all ages to unite in play.



#PlayUnites Abilities When children play in close proximity, they start to understand one another… and with understanding comes empathy. On the playground, we discover that we’re not so different after all. Despite the challenges we might face in life, play is something we can all enjoy—together.




South Housing Playground Joint Base Charleston Air Base Charleston, SC This custom rocket-themed play structure for kids ages 5-12 was designed specifically for this community of air base families. Graphic panels, climber fins, a 15’ (4,57m) spiral slide, and a 13’ (3,96m) tube slide create a dramatic experience that sparks the imagination.


Summer 2017


A child’s imagination is limitless, so give them a canvas that lets them play in their own way. Something with infinite possibilities…


Kids are never finished playing. Give them “just five more minutes” and they’ll discover a new world or save an imaginary city from destruction. Why limit them with boundaries dictating how and where to play? Embrace unstructured play and spark creativity with infiNET. infiNET is a hybrid “netform” solution that offers endless possibilities for play. With all the fun and excitement of post-and-platform, infiNET offers even more play value by using expansive, dynamic nets as the platform. Kids can traverse or relax on top of the nets, weave through and hang from them, or play underneath—interacting with kids above and the intricate shadow the structure casts on the ground. Open lines of sight and boundless nets allow kids to approach infiNET from all angles, maximizing child capacity. The structure also offers endless possibilities for configuration. Choose from small, medium or large nets and arrange them to fit or enhance the natural features of your space. You can even personalize destination portals with your favorite, traditional play components such as slides, climbers, and more. Your playground has infinite potential. Tap into it with infiNET. Available Summer 2017. Early conceptual sketches explore the possibilities.

After initial concept and design, infiNET has moved on to the prototype stage, during which it will undergo analysis from third party child development experts and play testing. This process informs further product refinement and engineering.


Lollipop School Park Ridge, NJ This preschool/daycare facility has been experiencing a play renaissance. To accompany two other new play structures, Playworld built a custom “ghost pirate ship,� featuring black graphic panels, pirate post tops and banners, towering tube slides, ground-level play, and four to nine-foot-high decks. Imaginations are set to sail the high seas on this playground!



#PlayUnites Communities The playground is a neighborhood symbol. So when you involve the whole community in building it, you instill a sense of ownership and pride in the people who live there. In partnership with KaBOOM!, Playworld helps communities build playgrounds where they’re needed most—bringing people together through the power of play. Local volunteers work together to install this PlayWeb® at Christopher Columbus Park, Passaic, NJ.



Play Testing

Durability Testing

Nobody knows play better than a child. That’s why we invite kids to play test our products at various stages of development. Whether it’s to answer practical concerns about proportions and ergonomics, assess engagement, see how they play, or understand how caregivers can interact, play tests reaffirm our play-centered designs and highlight opportunities for growth.

Our commitment to play is only as strong as the integrity of our products. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure our products are kid-tough, vandal-resistant, and environmentally fool-proof. Intense sun and rain, salt spray, extreme temperatures, weight loading, blowtorches, hammer blows at -20°F…our products are built to withstand them all.


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