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MAGPIE -­‐  Museums  &  Galleries  Partnership  in  Education     MAGPIE,  was  an  initiative  that  started  in  2004  as  a  partnership  between  Manchester   Children’s  Services,  Manchester  schools  and  five  museums  and  galleries  in  Manchester  to   develop  new  practice  and  resources  to  deliver  the  Primary  Framework  for  literacy  at  years  3   and  4.  The  Primary  Framework  within  Schools  encouraged  creative,  cross  curricular  and   whole  class  approaches  to  developing  writing  and  language,  as  well  as  involving  children  in   their  own  learning.    Museums  are  extremely  well  placed  to  help  teachers  deliver  these   preferred  ways  of  learning.     MAGPIE  was  coordinated  by  a  Primary  Consultant:  Museums  and  Galleries.  Who  was  part  of   the  advisory  team  at  Manchester  Children’s  Services.  The  partnership  was  funded  by  five   museums  and  galleries  in  Manchester  through  Renaissance  in  the  Regions.         Research  proved  that  the  partnership  achieved  on  average  an  increase  in  pupil  attainment   in  writing  that  was  35%  greater  than  nationally  set  expectations  for  progress.     In  2008/9  MAGPIE  expanded  by  involving  all  primary  year  groups,  Early  Years,  family   learning,  networks  of  schools  and  ITE  in  projects  that  explored  the  MAGPIE  approach   further:     •  Developing  partnerships  and  communication  between  museums/galleries  and   teachers   •  Classroom  teachers  i.e.  Lead  Teachers,  supporting  other  teachers  and  trainees   •  Incorporating  creative  approaches  for  all  learning  styles   •  Integrating  sessions  at  the  museums  and  galleries  fully  into  programmes  of  study   •  Developing  teachers  skills  and  confidence  to  deliver  their  own  museum  and  gallery   sessions   •  Raising  attainment  in  literacy  by  providing  valuable  learning  opportunities.     MAGPIE  has  been  concentrating  on  embedding  this  approach  in  schools  by  working  with   specific  schools  to  create  structures  to  sustain  good  practice  in  museum  and  gallery  teaching   and  learning.  These  schools  and  teachers  can  act  as  advocates,  models  and  support  for   other  schools.  Over  the  last  two  years  the  partnership  has  widened  to  include  many  other   Manchester  cultural  venues.  MAGPIE  officially  finishes  at  the  end  of  2010.     MAGPIE  leaves  three  practical  legacies:   1. Cultural  Links  web  pages  -­‐ . This space is for teachers, cultural organisations and creative practitioners to share information, ideas and resources.     2.  Creative  Approaches  Handbook  =  This  contains  a  directory  of  venues  and   organisations,  information  about  planning  and  booking  and  lots  of  creative  ideas  to   use  both  outside  and  inside  the  classroom.  You  can  download  a  copy  from           3. magpie  Creative  Learning  Network  -­‐  A  strong  partnership  with  Manchester  Metropolitan   University  has  resulted  in  the  creation  of  magpie  Creative  Learning  Network,  this  is  a  

network for  teachers,  cultural  organisations  and  creative  practitioners  in  all  areas  of  the   curriculum  working  in  and  around  Manchester  who  are  interested  in  creative  approaches  to   learning.    The  aim  of  the  network  is  to:    

• • •

Share ideas,  advice  and  projects   Communicate  information  about  programmes  and  offers  from  cultural   venues  and  creative  practitioners   Create  projects  in  partnership  with  each  other  

For  further  information  about  the  network  go  to  or  contact   Julie  Howse         Organisations  involved  in  MAGPIE  include:   Manchester  Art  Gallery     People's  History  Museum     Whitworth  Art  Gallery     Manchester  Museum     Museum  of  Science  and  Industry      

OP Case Study MAGPIE  

MAGPIE, was an initiative that started in 2004 as a partnership between Manchester Children’s Services, Manchester schools and five museums...

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