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COURSE DESCRIPTIONS To ensure a well-rounded education, students are required to complete all courses detailed in this section. The following descriptions provide a basic overview of the fundamentals of each course. If you have any questions, please contact NLC for further information.

KNOWLEDGE PHASE TLP 11860 OSHA 10-HOUR ET&D This course is delivered by an authorized Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Outreach trainer and follows the OSHA 10 Electrical Transmission and Distribution (ET&D) format. Students will learn about the OSH Act, OSHA’s mission, and the regulations that are most applicable to telecommunications crews. Emphasis is also given to OSHA’s Focus Four hazards. Each successful participant will earn an OSHA Electrical Transmission and Distribution 10-hour card. Certification provided by OSHA and the ET&D partnership. TLP 11980 RIGGING FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS This course is designed to teach the student about fall protection and the tensions associated with common rigging used on the job site. The proper application of knots and the effects that knots have on ropes are discussed in detail. In addition, students will learn about the mechanical advantage gained with tensions with snatch blocks. Finally, students will explore safety when working around mechanical equipment.


TLP 11990 DIGGER DERRICK CERTIFICATION This course consists of a test of knowledge acquired from the Rigging course and Equipment Competencies. Students must pass the test and successfully complete TLP 11980 and TLP 12140 to receive certification. Certification provided by NLC. TLP 12060 TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS I This course provides an overview of working on telecommunications lines. Specifically, learners will focus on safety practices and situational awareness, working around electricity, and how to ground. Students will learn about the history of telecommunications. There is an emphasis on learning line equipment and hardware. Additionally, students will learn about materials needed for placing strand and cable.

TLP 12110 WORK ORDERS FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS This course instructs students on work orders and the important role they play in the telecommunications field. Students will learn common symbols related to work orders. They will learn how to read work orders and apply those work orders to prospective job sites. Finally, students will identify hazards not captured on the work order. TLP 12120 CAREER PLANNING & STRATEGIES A course structured to occur throughout the program term, and designed to simulate the hiring processes employed by the investorowned utilities. This course guides students as they develop job-hunting materials and skills. TLP 12130 TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS II This course is designed to teach the students about the placement of aerial fiber-optic communications cable. Students will explore the methods of back-pull and drive-off installation and will be introduced to underground systems.

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2019 Career Programs Vol 3 (FL,TX)  

2019 Career Programs Vol 3 (FL,TX)