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OPTIONAL COURSE DESCRIPTIONS These courses are not considered part of ELP curriculum, and are not required for graduation.

Highly valued in certain facets of the power-delivery industry, these courses are for students who desire a focused experience in specific disciplines. Because not all utility and line-construction companies require that their workforce obtain these certifications, they are offered as optional courses. Classes may be scheduled after hours and on weekends, so students interested in enrolling should remain flexible. While noted on a student’s transcript, these courses do not affect GPA. Every effort is made to accommodate all who wish to enroll; however, enrollment is limited. ELP 10300 SMART GRID & ELECTRICAL DEVICES CERTIFICATION With significant advancements in smart-grid technology, power companies are integrating “smart” electrical devices into their systems. The Smart Grid & Electrical Devices Certification course introduces students to many of the smart devices being used today. Unavailable anywhere else, this certification is valued by large utilities, and helps NLC graduates stand out. In this class, students take theories learned in the Electrical Grid courses and put them into practice in NLC's specially designed smart-grid electrical equipment lab. Using simulated energized lines, students are trained to operate the latest technologically advanced equipment, such as IntelliRupters, Scada-Mate switches, TripSavers, NOVA reclosers, SMART capacitor banks and regulators, and more. Students also learn operation of older “legacy” equipment, deepening their appreciation for the benefits these new smart devices provide. COST: $1,895.00 TRAINING HOURS: 32

See campus-specific policies for refund information.

Optional Courses are not under the purview of the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education or the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. They are not required for program completion and do not count toward Electrical Lineworker Program hours.



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2019 Career Programs Vol 3 (FL,TX)  

2019 Career Programs Vol 3 (FL,TX)