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INNOVATING ELECTRICAL LINEWORK The linework profession has always been closely associated with innovation. Regularly referred to as “gadgeteers”, lineworkers are responsible for the vast majority of safety, tool, and equipment innovations in the powerdelivery industry over the past 100 years. Students are encouraged to be innovative in their learning, and are regularly challenged by training specialists to be inquisitive and problem-solve at every opportunity. NLC is known as an institution of innovation, its remarkable professionals and educators having designed and developed the following: • 15-week ELP, the likes of which had never been seen before its launch in 1993 • Three-Phase Educational Model®, which maximizes student success by concentrating educational efforts on knowledge, skill, and behavior

• Specialized curriculum used by hundreds of power and construction companies across the United States • Unique scheduling methodology and field design that maximizes student participation and learning outcomes • Modern smart-grid and transformerbanking labs that provide a safe and engaging hands-on learning experience • Videos that clarify important safety and technical topics (created by NLC’s in-house studio, NLC Productions) • The OX Block®, which has revolutionized rigging and ergonomic safety in linework and related trades • Authorship of The American Lineman, a history book celebrating the evolution and importance of one of the nation’s toughest, most admired professions

Retired SVP of Research & Development Alan Drew authored The American Lineman.


Top: Students in Florida are trained using the TransBanker™ from NLC Manufacturing. Bottom: An Idaho student builds an electrical system model for a group project.

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2019 Career Programs Vol 3 (FL,TX)  

2019 Career Programs Vol 3 (FL,TX)