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TRAITS OF SUCCESSFUL GRADUATES The lengths to which NLC graduates leverage their education are nearly boundless. Presented here are characteristics highly successful graduates embrace to secure jobs and launch long, rewarding careers.


BE AS COMPETITIVE AS POSSIBLE There can be competition for many jobs, and companies make every effort to select the best applicants. Successful graduates make every effort to assure they will graduate as a top candidate as they progress through their program. MAXIMIZE GEOGRAPHIC FLEXIBILITY Utility and construction companies cover large geographic regions. Opportunities increase in proportion to the size of the geographic area in which a student is willing to work. A graduate willing to work in any state in the country will have the most opportunities. BE WISE WITH FREE TIME There are 168 hours in a week. Successful students understand that when sleep, full-time NLC schooling, and eating are subtracted, a substantial amount of daylight hours remain; they apply these hours to their studies, career research, and job search.

CONSIDER ALL COMPANY TYPES AS OPPORTUNITIES NLC programs serve many industries, as shown in the career charts in this catalog. Graduates who consider all these trades as potential opportunities maximize the number of jobs available to them. Successful graduates understand this fact, and keep all options available as they consider their employment. BE RELENTLESS AND ORGANIZED IN SEARCH FOR EMPLOYMENT New job opportunities continually present themselves. Successful graduates establish a diligent routine searching for jobs, including website exploration, résumé dissemination, employer visits, and more. They keep record of employers contacted, résumés submitted, and company contacts. They schedule follow-up meetings. They do not become discouraged, knowing their efforts will ultimately be successful.

THOROUGHLY RESEARCH COMPANIES Successful students and graduates take the time to learn everything they can about each company, including company type, its core values, customers, major projects, service area, system details, training, and more. The more that can be learned, the better. DON'T WAIT TOO LONG TO GET INTO THE TRADE History has shown that students who wait longer periods for a desired job to open often see their skills and knowledge diminish. As more time passes, they become less competitive when the opportunity for a job they really want comes along. It is important to get into the trade as soon as possible to start building experience and improving skills and knowledge.



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2019 Career Programs Vol 3 (FL,TX)  

2019 Career Programs Vol 3 (FL,TX)