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CURRICULUM NLC curriculum has been specially crafted to maximize student learning. To ensure students are learning the most modern, relevant concepts, NLC has a curriculum development team that includes technical authors, education professionals, subjectmatter experts, graphic designers, and videographers. Materials are well illustrated, explaining difficult concepts utilizing an easy-tounderstand format. This approach maximizes student learning and retention. Classroom topics are related to lab and field activities as well, reinforcing important concepts. The curriculum is designed to expose students to these concepts in three steps: they read it, hear it, then practice it.

NLC continually evaluates the effectiveness of its curriculum by measuring student performance. Materials not well understood are revised, and unclear test questions are rewritten. Courses are sequenced in such a way that fundamental concepts are learned first, followed by topics that require increased technical understanding. Students are also able to expand their understanding of the topics that interest them the most through self-directed learning activities. Every effort is made to ensure the curriculum is a vehicle to student success, rather than a barrier.

Hundreds of power and construction companies utilize NLC’s curriculum for training purposes. NLC was also specially selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to write curriculum related to the smart grid. Because the industries we serve continually evolve, NLC modernizes its materials on a regular basis.

An example of NLC’s curriculum, created by NLC’s own development team. It is specially designed to maximize student learning outcomes and is continually updated to include the latest industry standards and best practices.


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2019 Career Programs Vol 3 (FL,TX)  

2019 Career Programs Vol 3 (FL,TX)