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talks to us about body painting

MICHEÁL FEEHILY Chats about business

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Events guide Beauty tips Local recipes Business profiles 20 pages of photos, including Sligo Hunt Ball, Neil Delamere @ Hawkswell and much more!


Judges Praised & Awarded Kevin for:

“His Entrepreneurial Ins!nct, Stubborn op!mism & Diversity of Skills from Customer Service to Financial Management ­ He Epitomised a Spirit that, Despite Many Obstacles, Con!nues to Drive the Motor Industry Forward.”


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Your critical guide to events, culture, attractions and going out in Sligo


OUT AND ABOUT at the Hunt Ball


AT HOME WITH THE BARACLOUGH’S Nearly a year into the job and Sligo Rovers manager Ian Baraclough chats to Sharon Conway about the challenges involved in managing Sligo Rovers and offers readers a rare glimpse into his life away from the football pitch


OUT AND ABOUT at the Launch of Rackhouse Pilfer’s Debut Album


OUT AND ABOUT Velvet Rooms for Bachelor of the Year


COMPETITION! Our ‘Rear of the Year’ Competition!


MAKE UP MAGIC Making a huge impact in the bodypainting and makeup world right now, Michelle Anderson is one of the most inspired creative minds working in Sligo today


OUT AND ABOUT at The Hawkswell


WHATS ON IN SLIGO... Your definitive out and about guide!


OUT & ABOUT at the Radosson with Nathan Carter


LOCAL BUSINESS FEATURE We Speak to Sligo Wood Flooring







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hat a month it has been here in Sligo. Rackhouse Pilfer launched their new CD to a packed housed at the Model, Nathan Carter and Mike Denver gave two massive performances at The Raddison Blu and Neil Delamere also performed to a sell-out audience at The Hawkswell. This is just a small sample of what kept you entertained in March. Sligo Now and Tom Tailor launched their Rear of the Year competition at the Garavogue earlier in March and a great night was had by one and all. Music was supplied by the fantastic Quakers, followed by tunes into the wee hours by Sligo’s very own Graham Cawley. In this month’s issue we have the March winners, so be sure to look out for our April winners next month. All rears can be viewed on our Facebook page. In this issue Sharon Conway caught up with Ian Baraclough, the Sligo Rovers manager who is on a fantastic winning streak at the moment. He talks about life in Sligo and how important his wife Nicola and his four children are to him. He also tells us of his hopes for the future. Michelle Anderson, the Ballinacarrow girl, takes time out to talk to Kate Winter about life in the make-up industry. After winning the All Ireland Body Painting competition things are looking really good for Michelle. She tells us what inspires her to create such stunning pieces of work. In our business section we profile two of Sligo’s bestknown businesses. Michael Feehily of Feehily Flowers talks to us about what it is like running a business in the times that we are in and how important it is to diversify to keep ahead of the pack. We also profile Sligo Wood Flooring, a business set up 15 years ago by William Britton from Pettigo. Based in his new premises in Lynn’s Dock he guarantees a good deal every time you decide to shop with him. Your month wouldn’t be the same without it!

Seamus Casey - Editor Photoshoot: On location at The Clarion Hotel, Sligo. Photography: Colin Gillen - - Tel: 071-9173509 Hair: Martha Pinter and Muireann O’Connor / Makeup: Hair by John Cawley, Stylist, The Hair Lounge, Sligo - Tel: 071-9154757

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Editorial Team Sharon Conway Kate Winter Denise Kavanagh

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April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 3


Norah and Tyrone Gibson

Chris O Malley, Lynda Murry, Lynda Murry

Michael & Annmarie McCormack

Yvonne and Pat Munnelly

Mary Mc Mahon andShane Kivlehan

Aaron Quigley and Mary Maguire

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 4

Clair McGuigan and Cathy McGuigan

Brid and Dermot Fallon

Una Fallon, Vidis Corro, Padraic Mc Givney, Pauric McCrory

Finola Murphy, Dawn Porter, Vincent Mannion

Gordon Robison, Rose Gillease, Bronnie Gilleare

Beatrice and Padraic McGivney

Hazel Halls, Catherne Martin

Marie and David Foler

Pat and Catherine McDonald

Geraldine Currid, Maura McCann, Deirdre McDonald

Paul Barnes, Katy McAleenan

Concepta Quigley, Karl Quigley, Irene Tiernal

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 5


Enjoying the Night at Source

June Mc Cormack and Clodagh Finnegan,

Eoin and Anne Troy

The Morrison Sisters

Ciaran Keaney, Sean Davey, Seamus Harris, John Jeffers, Ringo Davey, Dolly Murphy, and Sean Clearey.

Marian Hargadon and Fidelma Cassidy

Clary Lee, Thomas Burrows, and Nicola Hunter,

Calvin Parke , Sean Mc Ewen, James Hughes,and Samatha Commons,

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 6

Turlough Quinn and Aisling Keenan along with Joe Groogan (right) Director of Source

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 7

Ian pictured with his children, Esme, Connie, Cleo, Ella-Jessie, and wife Nicola April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 8

Nearly a year into the job and Sligo Rovers manager Ian Baraclough chats to Sharon Conway about the challenges involved in managing Sligo Rovers and offers readers a rare glimpse into his life away from the football pitch


all and athletic, Sligo Rovers boss Ian Baraclough cuts a lean silhouette. Dressed casually in light blue jeans, a navy jumper and brilliant white sneakers, he comes across as down to earth and as relaxed as his attire suggests. A lot is known of his profession and of his passion for football, but not a lot is known of his life away from the pitch, and the forces that motivated him to make a decision to leave the UK to take up employment in a town on the West of Ireland. "Well, it was never in the plan, it just sort of happened out of the blue! I got a phone call from a good contact of mine in Ireland asking if I would submit my CV for the role of Sligo Rovers Manager. I was nearly a year out of work at the time, so I was very eager to get stuck into a new project. I sent over my CV and within three days I was hired. The job gave me a lot of scope to work with and the club was on the rise, so obviously I was delighted to take on the role of manager here.” It must have been tough to make a decision to leave the family to work in Ireland, but now that you have settled in on the job here, how has your experience of Sligo been so far? “Sligo is such a beautiful place, maybe people here are so used to it that they don’t realise just how special it is, its on the coast, its a very welcoming town, and the people really want the best for their club.” Married to the lovely Nicola, the couple have been together since meeting in their late teens and have four daughters; Ella Jessie 13, Esme 9, Connie 4, and Cleo 3. Both Ian and Nicola work hard to sustain a balance between their retrospective careers and family life. “My girls are into everything except football" laughs Ian, "You name it, music, dancing, horse riding, fashion, shopping, they are into it. I’m blessed that I have a good wife and family who are all behind me one hundred percent, and hopefully they understand that I'm creating a pathway to a better life for us all. Its definitely tough but we know we have to make sacrifices along the way. Skype is a wonderful way of keeping in touch. I miss them a lot, and they miss me. Thankfully I have a job that keeps me busy, it really is 24/7. The kids come over during the school holidays, in fact they love it over here, they came over for the cup celebrations last year and had a fantastic time. Its always hard saying goodbye, however, I knew if I was going to give the job my all then I wouldn’t be able to commute back and forth to England.

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 9

I had to base myself here in Sligo. The role demands a lot of attention, the phone is always going whether chatting to the players, the media, other managers, coaches etc. Im always looking for new angles, and other coaches can often help you to see things more objectively. At times the family does get pushed back, but i'm lucky to have a very supportive wife. We have been together a long time, she has always been a great support to me in helping me to do what I love. I have been fortunate to play football as a career up until 38. I had a good life as a player and miss that side of it, but management was the inevitable next step.” The couple base themselves in Leicester, the family home is five miles outside the city. There must be a world of difference in the pace of life of both places? “Its a different life in the UK, its busier, especially the roads, I try to get home every five or six weeks. We have a business at home, we set up a fitness centre/gym and Nicola looks after the the running of that. Nicola is very much into health and fitness, she has a real passion for it.” Keen to emphasise the precarious nature of management, Ian says managers today don’t get to feel secure in their jobs for too long. " In football you can be here today and gone tomorrow. A few bad results can change everything. The role of management is a lot more insecure than being a player.” No stranger to the ruthless nature of the football world, Ian experienced the dark side of the job when he was abruptly sacked from his role as Scunthorpe manager. “It came as a great shock to me as I genuinely felt that as a team, we were punching well above our weight at the time. I didn’t see it coming. The media aspect was the toughest, but now I realise that its part and parcel of the job, they have to fill their newspaper columns, its often a case of who can we prey on next. You have to work with the media a lot of the time, and just hope that they cut you some slack if things turn bad for you.” Modest of his achievements in the footballing world Ian enjoys talking to people, mixing with the fans and chatting to the media “ I usually feel relaxed in front of a camera. I try to give an honest appraisal where possible. I read a lot of sports biographies, and I love to study other sports, gaelic, cycling, golf. I'm interested in doing a course in sports psychology too. Its an area thats definitely growing. If the players know they have an independent confidant to talk to privately it can be a real benefit to them. Some of the bigger clubs have their own sports psychologists. The mind is such an important part of the game. With Sligo Rovers, we are lucky, there are no big egos. We have started really well as a team this season and have brought in four new players. When I'm recruiting, personality is as important as playing capability. Everyone is equal and character, attitude and discipline are often decisive factors in assessing a players February 2013 • Sligo Magazine • Page April 2013suitability.” • Sligo NowNow Magazine • Page 10 10

Maeve modelling swimwear at a photo shoot she did in London

Managing a team of adrenaline fueled young lads must have its unique challenges, “Obviously there's going to be hiccups from time to time, but that's normal. Each player has their own personality. As manager you have many roles, father figure, teacher, role model, tactician, whilst all the time imparting your knowledge of the game on the players.” And who your heros in the sporting world? I have always admired the likes of Alex ferguson, and Arsene Wenger, especially Ferguson, look at how he has adapted and developed his management skills over the years. He has built two or three new squads over the years. When you look at what they have achieved its remarkable really.” And your own philosophy for living? “I like to think motivation comes from within and if you surround yourself with positive people you will get a positive result in whatever your chosen field. Hard work and talent will go along way. Also, networking is important, Im learning to become better at it as I go along, it's a skill in itself. It doesn’t bother me now to lift the phone to Alex Ferguson if I need advice. The footballing world is a small world and contacts overlap. Alex was good to me when I left Scunthorpe, he told me to keep going, to keep believing, as was Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers. They are positive people who help younger managers along the way. If I could one day get to a level that those guys are at, and maybe even get to manage the England football team one day, then that would be the ultimate dream come true for me.”

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 11



ell done to Rackhouse Pilfer on a fantastic night in the model arts centre where they launched their new album. A great night was had by all.The fabulous sarah crummy was brilliant as usual. Best of luck with your album sales and we can't wait for your next album!

Aneta Pawlowska, Emma Cunnigham, Kristuna Muru

Aidan Gildea and Ciara Ferguson Ustane and Marty Probest

Edel and Kieran McGown

Alison Crummy, Alison Beirne

Louise Murry, Sarah Jones, Helen mulligan and Seline Grimes

Christina Keaney, Mary West and Gabrielle Mc Garrigle

Rackhouse Pilfer

Sandra McNulty, Orla Gilligan and Paula McNulty

Aishling O'Neill, Ciara O'Neill and Anna Marie O'Neill

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 12

Philip Scanlon, Natasha Mcgowan, Alan Reynolds and Joanaha Sweeney

Martina and Niall O Neill

Beata, Martin and Mikolaj Pociecha

Des Beal, Jenn Bradshaw, Stephen Speirs

Dorothy Reidy and Mary Fitzpatrick

Jason and Philomena Mallard

Kay and Brid Cunnane

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Ver! few off licences will capt#re your imagination like Foleys, with its breathtaking range! April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 37


Paddy's Eve Hooley with Agnes Agocova, Ferro Hesso, Jozef Soltis, Radoslaw Kalarus, Aneta Telekove-Ani, Martin Bystriansky

Rylan with Megan, Mezz, Barry and Lauren

Paddy-s Eve Hooley with Andy Colleran, Olwyn Parslow, Danny Lynnott, Jason Kenny and Mary Vesey

Katie O'Reilly,Susan Fahy, Rylan,Cass McKenna and Judith McGoldrick

Rylan with Laura Taheny and Aoife McGowan

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Arlene Devenney's Hen Party

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Linda Doyle, Hannah Foster, Laura Parke

J-Baptiste Valjan

Lucile Hammou

Photo: 'Entwined Melody' Michelle’s winning Championships entry


aking a huge impact in the bodypainting and makeup world right now, Michelle Anderson is one of the most inspired creative minds working in Sligo today. She talks to Kate Winter about inspiration, beauty and her recent win at the Irish Bodypainting Championships. You have a passion for the fantastical, the ethereal and the sublime, which really comes across in a lot of your work. Can you pinpoint where that came from, any particular influences from your childhood? I loved art and was drawn to fairies and sparkles from a young age, but it really started coming out of me in secondary school. Every theme that we had for a project, I always found a way to incorporate some level of fantasy into it. I just always did it, I don’t know how or why. My hand would just draw that kind of stuff. It didn’t really come from movies or anything like that; it was more just that fairies and the like were embedded in my brain! I’m definitely away with the fairies!

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 16

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 17

You have a personal theory when it comes to inspiration and creativity – that of the ‘unimpossible’, can you explain that to us? I’m very lucky to work with clients who put their trust in me. I can’t really tell what is going to come out of me before I do it – I’ll commit to a day and I’ll be there to give my all, but I can’t really plan definitively what I’m going to do. I just let it flow. I might get inspired by the model’s face, her eyes, a certain feature. Or if the designer has a piece there, a pattern might catch my eye and become incorporated into what I’m doing. The end result can end up miles from the starting point, but it somehow always works. That’s the unimpossible. You started out quite nervous and shy when you first set out on your freelance career. Has that changed along the way, or do you still struggle with those old demons? I’m still fairly shy. I’m quite humble in everyday life. When I come to drawing on somebody, though, I’m not shy at all. I have gotten over my nerves a little bit, but they’re still there. I’m definitely more confident than I was, which I think is down to age and experience – when I started out, my confidence in myself and my ideas was nil. But now that I have seen people commenting on my work, liking what I do, that has really helped me to believe in myself. I do still have the odd day when I look at my portfolio and hate very single piece in it, though! What would you say are the best and worst aspects of your job? The best part of my job would be just losing myself in my art. I love it, it’s my bliss. And the worst is the administration side. Emails – I hate emails! You scooped first prize for facepainting in the recent Irish Bodypainting Championships, with your creation “Entwined Melody”. That’s quite an achievement – how was the whole experience for you? This was my first ever competition, so it was quite a challenge. The theme for it was ‘music of the mind’, which was a great starting point. I asked Barry Finnegan, a very talented hair stylist in Dublin, to design me a headpiece and I also took my model’s personal style into consideration. The idea of the piano keys came from an initial desire to do something in black and white and it just developed from there. One of my main thoughts was that we all hear music and distort it into all sorts of different emotional

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 18

connections in our mind, depending on our individual experiences. The actual competition was really enjoyable; it was very friendly and relaxed. I remember at the very end, everything was done, and I left with my model, who still had her full makeup on. We had to walk through Temple Bar and the reactions from the people we passed were amazing. We owned that street! Everybody was just in awe. For me, that was even better than winning the prize. To create something that has that effect on people, that made me very proud. What do you think is the worst mistake women today are making with their makeup? Fake tan! I hate it so much, it’s horrible and it’s everywhere. Orange, blotchy,

smelly, just stop it already, girls! Lay off, you’re Irish - your own natural skin colour is the one that suits you best, it’s your colour! You have been ‘Director of Makeup’ at both the Elite Model Look Ireland and Alternative Miss Ireland shows – was there much of a difference between the two? There was a massive difference between the two. I mean, the Elite Model Look, you’re working with big names, elegant women, young models in their white tee shirts and jeans, just getting their makeup done for the show. And then you’ve got absolute pandemonium and drama behind the scenes at AMI. Makeup, big glittery dresses, feathers everywhere! Personally, I liked the AMI better. I loved the challenge of it, being at the centre of

such a whirlwind of activity. It was so much fun. And I found the people involved in the AMI more authentic – which might sound funny, as they’re actually men dressed up as women, but they were just being themselves so much more than you find in the professional modelling scene. Do you feel you’ve reached the peak of your career yet, or are there still set goals you want to reach? Where do you go from here? I do not know where I’m going! I’m just kind of going with the flow. I have wondered at times, at certain points, “Wow, can it get any better than this?” But I don’t really think about it too much – I love what I do and I just want to keep inspiring people.

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 19

Fergal McGrath, Maria Boland

Kathryn Byrne, Clare Connellan, Niamh O'Halloran and Orla O'Halloran

Benita and Hugh McKee

Paul Smith & Noelle Sammon

Bernie Kivlehan & Rebecca Kivlehan

Allison and David McMorland

Mary Lynch & Geardline Boylan

Paul Farry & Clare Rooney

Mark and Christiane Boyle

Fergal and Paula Mitchell

Ronan Keys, Sinead Keys and Heather Keys

Catherina McGovern & Colim Waters

Michelle and Dermot Mc Glone

David Lipsiett, Aveen McHugh

Ken Keaveney & Colleen O Connor

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 20



Grattan St, Sligo. Tel: 071-91-70824 OPEN 7 DAYS THURSDAY TILL 7PM, SUNDAY 2-6PM •


Andrea Gilmartin Kelly & Sharon Clancy

Colleen Kelly, Sinead Glynn and Anna Dufficy

Donna Finlay and Richard Fleming. Bonatziu Horia, Marius Tartza and Andreea Turcu

Lorraine Keane and Cathy Keaney

Ellen Martyn, Sarah Mc Gowan and Karen Kelly

Tara Taheny, Keelan Cleary, James Kinsella, Nollaig Stevenson, Shane Isaac, Scoop Glynn and Lorna Watters

Sandra NaShailleabhain, Una O Sullivan and Jelena Manyc-Voltas.

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 22

Patricia Foley and Wayne Conway

James Kilmartin, Naomi Maguire & Danielle Mclinden

Unit 12, Johnston Court Shopping Centre, Sligo

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Janet McGoldrick and Laura Scanlon

Cara Clancy and Zoe Coleman

Aidan Cunningham, Aileen McCawley and John Nicolson

Gioia Pinna and Gary Dunbar

Denise Clarke, Elaine McGuiness and Amy Mulvany

Anthony and Lorraine Fox with Jamie and Brian Brehony

Lorna Reilly and Louise Leonard

Sarah Brennan & Aisling Davey

Emma Durkan and Caysey Blankenship

Eva Mulholland and Bebhinn Morrissey

Emma Halton and Aoife Kilmartin

Kathleen McCormack, Louisa McLoughlin and Yvonne Gordon

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 24

Jessica Cassidy

Dwayne Keenan , Dermot Lewsly & Mark Beckett

Nicole Mooney & Rachel Tiernan

Ronan, Lauren and David Sweeney

Westport Festival of Music & Food 2013


he two-day, family-friendly Westport Festival is an annual event taking place this year on the 29th and 30th of June in Westport House, one of Ireland’s most beautiful historic homes and parkland estates set amidst a stunning 400 acre site in the heart of Co. Mayo. Headlining acts at the festival will include Elvis Costello and Imelda May with other confirmed acts including legendary Galway band The Stunning, Alabama 3,

Damien Dempsey, Ryan Sheridan, Delorentos and many more. Also, for the first time ever, the festival will play host to The Roisin Dubh Stage – a homage to our favourite Irish artists; from electronic to bluegrass to rock, Westport Festival has provided a cross section of the enormous array of talent in the current vibrant Irish music scene. Westport Festival promises a relaxed weekend with first-class festival facilities onsite. The established caravan and camping park hosts amenities such as showers, a café and a bar as well as the finest local food and refreshments. 2013 sees the delicious ‘Best in the West’ food village come to Westport Festival. An array of food producers will present the most exciting and vibrant foods the West has to offer; from Clew Bay Oysters and local Killary mussels, taken from the sea the day before to local Connemara Mountain Lamb infused with Garlic and Rosemary. The Friendly Food Form will return again this year combining cookery demonstrations, led by Irish chef Derry Clarke, with

audience viewing, participation and interaction. This year’s Westport Festival will have a number of additional features suitable for all. The Dylan Bradshaw Hair Salon will give festivalgoers a chance to get their hair styled by one of Dylan’s team of multi award winning hair stylists. Top Irish photographer Barry McCall will have a Photo Booth on site, while another new addition to the festival this year is The Cotton Club, where you will be transported back in time to the heady days of the 1920s. The on-site family area will rival any other festival with the awardwinning Pirate Adventure Park on the festival grounds. Families will be able to enjoy the Pirate

Queen swinging ship, the Pirates Plunge Water Slide, the gorgeous swan Pedaloe Boats, the Westport House Express miniature train ride, bouncy castles and many more fun festival activities! Brian Quinn from Failte Ireland said, “I think we were all surprised at the uniqueness of the Westport Festival given the wide spread of age groups attracted and the location of Westport House. The result is a brilliant family weekend not to be missed with great music, food and fun” Tickets for Westport Festival of Music & Food are on sale now via with combined festival and camping tickets on sale through



Mon, April 8 MUSIC

Traditional Session: Harp Tavern Mash up with residential DJ: Shenanigans Open Mike Night: Furey's Cathy Jordan from Dervish: Strand Bar Trad night: Teach Murray in Gurteen Live Music: Shoots

Thurs, April 11 MUSIC

Trad Session: Earleys DJ Richie: Cullens Scruffy Duffy: Garavogue Trad Session: Shoots DJ Tommy Finan: Shenanigans Trad night: Earley's Fireside Sessions: Barrys of Grange Sharon Conway and friends: Hargadons

Fri, April 12 MUSIC

John L: Foleys Various Artists: Hargadons Resident DJ’s: Shenanigans Live Music: Fureys Live Music: Fiddlers Live Music: Garavogue Live DJ: McHughs Trad Night: TD's Bar Trad Night: 10pm: Foley's Trad night: Durkins Ballinacarrow:

OUR SHOW 13 The Avalon Centre, formally St. Anne’s Youth & Community Centren presents

Tues, April 9 The Model 2nd April - 19th May


Trad Session: Shoots Craic Addicts: The Swagman Scruffy Duffy: Shenanigans Blue Stack Open Mic: McGarrigles Trad Session: Roisin Dubh, Gurteen Luke Mitchell from Home and Away: Shenanigans

Wed, April 10

Our Show. The show which is now in its thirteenth year is a showcase of Sligo’s young talent. Our Show is an adrenalin rush for all those involved, including the audience. It features a variety of dance forms as well as song, drama and fun. Our Show is one for the calendar and is definitely not to be missed.

No Crows: Shoots Grooveology: Swagman Trad Session: McLaughlins DJ Trolley: Cullens DJ Ryan G: Shenanigans The White Gorrilas: Fiddlers Open Mic @ Fureys Fureys Pub are proud to announce the launch of Sligo’s newest open mic night every Wednesday hosted by Nigel Robinson and Daniel Boyce.

Trad night: Border Collie in Tourlestrane

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 26

The Model is delighted to present Irish Women Artists of the Twentieth Century. The Niland Collection holds a considerable amount of work by key Irish women artists and when looked at together, these works provide a comprehensive survey of the changing themes and practices of Irish female artists throughout the twentieth century. Artists such as Mainie Jellet (1897 – 1944), Evie Hone (1894 – 1955), Mary Swanzy HRHA (1882 – 1978) and Norah McGuinness (1901 – 1980) who were central figures in the Modernist movement in Ireland, are included in this show alongside contemporary artists such as Dorothy Cross, Kathy Prendergast, Marie Foley and Alice Maher. Jellett, Hone et al were the driving force in the emergence of modernism in Irish art in the 1920s – 1950s, thus forging the way for the next generation of artists.

The Jazz Ladds

Sat, April 13 MUSIC

Live Music: The Pier Head, Mullaghmore Seamus & Friends: Foleys DJ Tommy Finan: Shenanigans

Live Music: Fureys Live Music: TD’s Live DJ: McHughs Trad Session: Roisin Dubh Gurteen Cool Hand Dukes: Swagman Gerry Singer: Pier Head, Mullaghmore Trad Night 10pm: Foley's Live DJ: Fiddler's Creek: Hargadon's Ray Lynam: Cullen’s Smash Hits: Garavogue NIKOLAI DEMIDENKO, PIANO The Model, The Mall, Sligo 8.00pm

Sun, April 14 MUSIC

Live Music: The Pier Head, Mullaghmore Sunday Mass: McGarrigles DJ Tommy Finan: Shenanigans Lunchtime Jazz with the Jazz Lads: Harp Tavern Deja Groove from 1pm: Garavogue Live Music: Owenmore Live DJ: McHughs The Quakers / 21 Outs: Swagman John Farry: Pier Head, Mullaghmore Jazz from 7.30pm: Fiddler's Creek Trad night: Donaghy's Music from 3PM: Cullen’s Live Music: Fureys Live Music: Fiddlers Live DJ: McHughs Trad Night: TD's Bar Trad Night: 10pm: Foley's Glitter Bugs: Garavogue Live music: Glasshouse Live music: Southern Hotel Livd Music: Kennedys Live Music: Belfry Jazz with Cathal Roche (Sax), Ken McDonald (Drums), Mark Murphy (Piano), Eddie Lee (Bass) @4.30 Rafferty's SOLAS Hawkswell 8pm

Tickets: €20 / students €10 at the door (Inclusive of meet the artists reception) Programme: Schubert: Impromptus Op.90 D899 Schubert: Drei Klavierstücke, D946 Beethoven: Piano Sonata No.14 Op.27 No.2 in C sharp minor (Moonlight) Beethoven: Piano Sonata No.8 Op.13 in C minor (Pathétique)

A special night of Irish music is instore as the wonderful Solas make their way to Sligo. Celebrating their fifteen year anniversary, Solas is one of the most popular,influential, and exciting Celtic bands ever to emerge from America. From Woody Guthrie's Pastures of Plenty, to Springsteen's Ghost of Tom Joad


The Jazz Ladds are Sligo's longest established band and thanks to their continuing popularity can still manage a full diary of dates for the coming year. With regular appearances at the Cork Jazz Festival or a trip to the Kempten Jazz Festival in Germany, we are firmly established as one of the busiest bands around. Though originally known as a traditional jazz band we now include in the programme Latin American (Salsa etc.), Blues, Country and even the odd old time waltz, when required. The variety means that we can handle most functions, be they weddings, parties, corporate functions, pub gigs etc. The Jazz Ladds feature a 5 piece Band, i.e. Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Harmonica, Lead Guitars, Bass, Rythm Guitar, Drums and four members also feature on vocals. The Jazz Ladds can be heard every Sunday at their lunch-time session at the Harp Tavern from 1pm.

Pat Shortt: I Am The Band New One-Man Show by Pat Shortt: Pat Shortt’s new one-man comedy show charts the life of Dixie Walsh (Jumbo Breakfast Roll, Where Did My Money Go) a solo lounge musician. The show is a tribute night to Dixie where all his peers and friends (the audience) come to celebrate his career. During the night Dixie reminisces about the path his career has taken and the struggles he has had to endure to get to the top of his game. Pat Shortt is one of Ireland’s bestloved comedians. As the character Dixie Walsh, he has had one of the biggest selling number one singles with ‘The Jumbo Breakfast Roll’. I Am The Band is a hilarious look at life on the back roads between Ireland’s dance halls, and a tribute to one of this country’s true music legends - Dixie Walsh.

Mon, Mon,March April 15 18 MUSIC

Traditional Session: Harp Tavern

Mash up with residential DJ: Shenanigans 80’s Fancy Dress Party: Swagman Trad Session: Shoots Live Music: Fureys

Thurs, April 18 MUSIC

Fri, April 19 MUSIC

Trad Session: Earleys DJ Richie: Cullens Scruffy Duffy: Garavogue Trad Session: Shoots DJ Tommy Finan: Shenanigans Cuban Dawn: Swagman Trad night: Earley's Fireside Sessions: Barrys Sharon Conway and friends: Hargadons The Rocketmen: Fiddlers The Odd Couple: Source

John L: Foleys Various Artists: Hargadons Resident DJ’s: Shenanigans Live Music: Fureys Live Music: Fiddlers Live Music: Garavogue Live DJ: McHughs DJ PC: Swagman Trad Night: TD's Bar Trad Night 10pm: Foley's Trad night: Durkins Ballinacarrow



Hawkswell Wed 17th and thurs 18th


Trad Session: Roisin Dubh, Gurteen

Wed, April 17 MUSIC

No Crows: Shoots Grooveology: Swagman Trad Session: McLaughlins DJ Trolley: Cullens DJ Ryan G: Shenanigans The White Gorrilas: Fiddlers The QT: Swagman Open Mic: Fureys No Crows: Shoot the Crows Trad night: Border Collie in Tourlestrane:

By Tom Barry, Adapted for the stage and directed by Neil Pearson Admired by Che Guevara, feared by the British Army, loved by the people he led. Tom Barry, legendary Commander of the famous West Cork Flying Column survived the War of Independence to tell his incredible story. Guerilla Days in Ireland, Barry's thrilling firsthand account of the struggle for independence in County Cork, the Rebel County, is now brought to life in this stage production. Barry led a volunteer army in a hide-andseek campaign of Guerilla warfare matching wits against an enemy of overwhelming strength and power. “A shattering won’t see theatre of this quality very often. Beg, borrow, steal a ticket but get to see it!”

Sat, April 20 MUSIC

Live Music: The Pier Head, Mullaghmore

Seamus & Friends: Foleys

Hawkswell 8pm €24/€22 conc

Tues, April 16 Trad Session: Shoots Craic Addicts: The Swagman Scruffy Duffy: Shenanigans Blue Stack Open Mic: McGarrigles


Experience all the passions of opera in one spectacular production, featuring leading voices of the Irish and International operatic stage: Sandra Oman, Soprano (Opera Ireland, Co-Opera, Opera Holland Park), Deirdre Masterson, Mezzo-Soprano (Opera Ireland, Wexford Festival Opera, Lyric Opera), Owen Gilhooly, Baritone (Opera Ireland, Wexford Festival Opera, ENO, Royal Opera House) and guest Tenor. With piano accompaniment by Musical Director, David Wray (Opera in the Open, Music Theatre Ireland). Immerse yourself in a diverse programme of musical masterpieces including selections from La Traviata, Carmen, Cosi Fan Tutte, La Boheme, Turandot and The Barber of Seville

DJ Tommy Finan: Shenanigans Live Music: Fureys Live Music: TD’s Live DJ: McHughs Trad Session: Roisin Dubh Gurteen Hughie Lowry: Rafferty's

Trad Night 10pm: Foley's Live DJ: Fiddler's Creek Live music: Hargadon's Country Jamboree: Cullens

Sun, April 21 MUSIC

Live Music: The Pier Head, Mullaghmore Sunday Mass: McGarrigles DJ Tommy Finan: Shenanigans Lunchtime Jazz with the Jazz Lads: Harp Tavern Live Music: Garavogue Live Music: Owenmore Live DJ: McHughs Jazz with Cathal Roche (Sax), Ken McDonald (Drums), Eddie McFarlane (Piano), Eddie Lee (Bass) @4.30 Rafferty' Jazz from 7.30pm: Fiddler's Creek Trad night: Donaghy's


Hawkswell €18/€15 conc

The only performer to hold the dual honours of a Lifetime Achievement award by BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and induction into the Scots Traditional Music Hall of Fame, we are delighted to welcome singer and guitarist Dick Gaughan to the Hawk’s Well Theatre this April. Gaughan made his first solo album in 1971 and was an early member of Boys of the Lough. While his greatest musical love is for ancient traditional Scots ballads, his own songs have been recorded by, among others, Billy Bragg, Mary Black and Capercaillie.

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 27

Mon, April 22 MUSIC

Traditional Session: Harp Tavern Mash up with residential DJ: Shenanigans

Open Mike Night: Furey's Cathy Jordan from Dervish: Strand Bar Trad night: Teach Murray in Gurteen Trad Session: Shoots

Tues, April 23 MUSIC

Trad Session: Shoots Craic Addicts: The Swagman

Scruffy Duffy: Shenanigans Blue Stack Open Mic: McGarrigles Trad Session: Roisin Dubh, Gurteen

Wed, April 24 MUSIC

Thurs, April 25 MUSIC

Trad Session: Earleys DJ Richie: Cullens Scruffy Duffy: Garavogue Trad Session: Shoots DJ Tommy Finan: Shenanigans Kieran Quinn and friends: Source Trad night: Fureys Fireside Sessions: Barrys of Grange Live music: Gormleys Live music: Fiddlers Live music: Kennedys Live music: Foleys Trad :McLaughlins Live music: Swagman Live music: The Harp

Fri, April 26 MUSIC

John L: Foleys Various Artists: Hargadons

Resident DJ’s: Shenanigans Live Music: Fureys Live Music: Fiddlers


First produced in 1907, Synge’s great comic masterpiece tells the story of Christy Mahon, who stumbles into a public house in County Mayo claiming he has killed his father and so capturing the romantic attention of the daughter of the house, Pegeen Mike. This wonderful play sent shock waves through the dramatic world, pushing the limits of decency and stoking an already redhot nationalistic fire. Though met with near instant rioting and controversy, it is now considered a masterpiece of poetic drama. A story of love, rivalry and betrayal – Synge’s best-known work is a must-see from this multi-award winning company. Wed 24 March Sligo Rotary and Inner Wheels Clubs Charity Night. Wine Reception @7.15pm. Tickets €15

No Crows: Shoots Grooveology: Swagman Trad Session: McLaughlins

Live Music: Garavogue Live DJ: McHughs Trad Night: TD's Bar Trad Night:10pm: Foley's Trad night: Durkins Ballinacarrow Michelle Feeny and Co: Kennedys Live music: Swagman Live music: The Harp

Sat, April 27 MUSIC

Seamus & Friends: Foleys

DJ Tommy Finan: Shenanigans Live Music: Fureys Live Music: TD’s Live DJ: McHughs

Trad Session: Roisin Dubh Gurteen Queen Bee: Pier Head, Mullaghmore Trad Night 10pm: Foley's Live DJ: Fiddler's Creek Live music: Hargadon's Live music: Gormleys

Live music: Kennedys Dean Mahon: Raffertys Live music: Southern Hotel Live music: Earlys Live music: Garavogue Live music: Swagman

Open Mic @ Fureys

DJ Trolley: Cullens DJ Ryan G: Shenanigans The White Gorrilas: Fiddlers Open Mic: Fureys Trad night: Border Collie in Tourlestrane:

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 28

Sun, April 28 MUSIC

Sunday Mass: McGarrigles DJ Tommy Finan: Shenanigans Lunchtime Jazz with the Jazz Lads: Harp Tavern Live Music: Garavogue Live Music: Owenmore Live DJ: McHughs Curly Bros: Pier Head, Mullaghmore Jazz from 7.30pm: Fiddler's Creek Trad night: Donaghy's Sun 28th April @4.30 Jazz with Cathal Roche (Sax), Ken McDonald (Drums), Eddie McFarlane (Piano), Eddie Lee (Bass) @ 4.30 Raftery’s Live music: Gormleys Live music: Swagman Live Music: TD’s CAHALEN MORRISON AND ELI WEST @ Hawkswell When The Saturday Review section of The Times asked Chris Wood to choose his Six of The Best Folk Acts, he included Cahalen and Eli, saying they were “passionate, committed, accomplished, searching and sailing in the sea of their own inheritance”. The duo are back on this side of the Atlantic


Fureys Pub are proud to announce the launch of Sligo’s newest open mic night every Wednesday hosted by Nigel Robinson and Daniel Boyce. Nigel prides himself on his old time blues style with a roots reggae influence while Daniel focuses on soulful powerful lead Every week will be varied. The introduction of a drum kit will make for an edgier night where as other nights will simply have an acoustic vibe. Other sessions will be a relaxed jam where everyone just joins in! The night itself will be open to all styles of music and will host a gathering of musicians with all levels of musical interest and talent. Each week will also include a special guest or guests from Sligo’s top bands.


Chinese State Circus ‘Yin Yang’visits The Hawk's Well Theatre

€25/€20 conc. Family Ticket €75 - Watch 2000 years of tradition explode in the world's greatest acrobatic circus. The highly awaited return of China’s greatest circus featuring the first UK appearance of the formidable Shaolin Master known only as “The One" sourced specifically by Director Phillip Gandey. This unique extravaganza showcases only the best in entertainment; witness acrobats defying gravity as the ancient discipline ‘Icarian Games’ returns to centre stage. An act rarely seen in circus arts, steeped in tradition, this remarkable display of human juggling where the human body becomes catapult and catcher in an elaborate, explosive and highly choreographed presentation of power, poise and agility. The show features traditional Chinese acts with the amazing legendary ‘Bicycle Act’ which will keep the audience on the edge of their seats as 12 artistes manoeuvre onto a single bicycle. Witness the unpredictable and exhilarating twists of foot juggling with drums, the famous swinging poles, the sensational contortionist and the dynamic hoop divers with their amazing somersaults, leaps and jumps which all go towards completing this action packed programme. Every sensational act flows into sensational act without narrative and accompanied by a captivating and atmospheric all girl group of live musicians.

Mon, April 29 MUSIC

Traditional Session: Harp Tavern Mash up with residential DJ: Shenanigans Open Mike Night: Furey's Cathy Jordan from Dervish: Strand Bar

Trad night: Teach Murray in Gurteen Trad night: Donaghy's Live music: Shoots

Tues, April 30 MUSIC

Trad Session: Shoots

Craic Addicts: The Swagman Scruffy Duffy: Shenanigans Blue Stack Open Mic: McGarrigles Trad Session: Roisin Dubh, Gurteen Trad Session: Fureys

Wed, May 1 MUSIC

No Crows: Shoots Grooveology: Swagman Trad: McLaughlins DJ Trolley: Cullens DJ Ryan G: Shenanigans The White Gorrilas: Fiddlers Open Mic: Fureys Trad night: Border Collie Birds of Chicago @ The Hawkswell is a collective based around JT Nero and Allison Russell. Whether touring as a duo or with the full family band, Nero and Russell have emerged as two of the most compelling new voices in North American Roots music.

Thurs, May 2 MUSIC

Trad Session: Earleys DJ Richie: Cullens Scruffy Duffy: Garavogue Trad Session: Shoots DJ Tommy Finan: Shenanigans Trad night: Earley's Fireside Sessions: Barrys of Grange Live music: Hargadons Live music: Glass House Live music: Cullens Live music: The Harp Kieran Quinn: Source Live music: The Swagman

Fri, May 3 MUSIC

John L: Foleys Various Artists: Hargadons Resident DJ’s: Shenanigans Live Music: Fureys Live Music: Fiddlers Live Music: Garavogue Live DJ: McHughs Trad Night: TD's Bar Trad Night:10pm: Foley's Trad night: Durkins Ballinacarrow Michelle Feeny and Co: Kennedys Live music: Swagman Live music: The Harp

Sat, May 4 MUSIC

Live Music: The Pier Seamus & Friends: Foleys DJ Tommy Finan: Shenanigans Live Music: Fureys Live Music: TD’s Live DJ: McHughs Trad Session: Roisin Dubh Trad Night 10pm: Foley's: Live DJ: Fiddler's Creek: Live music: Hargadon's Live music: The Swagman Live music: Fiddlers Live music: The Harp Mass: THe Garavogue

Sun, May 5 MUSIC

Live Music: The Pier Head, Mullaghmore Sunday Mass: McGarrigles DJ Tommy Finan: Shenanigans Lunchtime Jazz with the Jazz Lads: Harp Tavern Live Music: Garavogue Live Music: Owenmore Live DJ: McHughs Dean Mahon: Rafferty's Jazz from 7.30pm: Fiddler's Creek Trad night: Donaghy's Off the Hook: Garavogue

The Picture of Dorian Gray


Markree Castle on Sun 12 May, 7pm & 7:30pm

Decadent Victorian London: The socialite Lord Henry seduces the beautifully boyish Dorian Gray, into a double life of pleasure, murder and excess. Unlike Lord Henry, Dorian never ages - only Basil Hallward's picture portrays his decline into sin and ultimate self-destruction. Indulge in a delicious dinner and Wildean wit, when the text of this Gothic masterpiece is narrated and staged for you by Basil, Lord Henry and Dorian - actors Michael James Ford, Simon Coury and Michael Winder - and directed and adapted by Alice Coghlan. The performance takes place in Markree Castle, the Cooper family home for 370 years, which has been lovingly restored by the current owner Charles Cooper and his wife Mary to become one of the finest country house hotels in Ireland. Set in a secluded 500 acre estate in County Sligo, peace and relaxation combined with good food, fine wine and old-world charm make a stay at Markree a step back in time. The only castle hotel in Sligo, Markree is a truely unique hidden gem in the heart of Sligo. Tickets With a two course dinner: 7.30pm. Price: €42 / With a three course dinner: 7pm. Price: €47.50 Optional: B&B €59 per person sharing, €65 single. Contact Markree Castle directly to avail of this special accomodation offer. Phone 071-9167800 or Email



Hill St, Ballina - Tel: 096-72607 Email:

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April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 29


Micheal Feehily, Karen Sherwin

Paula Browne, Deirdre Fahy, Fiounnala Keveny

F Brenda Beirne & Josephine Conlon

eehily's Flowers had their easter flower demonstration last month with Karen Sherwin. It was a great success. Over 100 people turned up to see Karen create some fabulous arrangements,

Mary Kivlehan, Mary Teresa Scanlon

Margaret Stewart, Amanda O’Brien

Kathleen Maguire, Noreen Mulligan, Callista Reilly

Roisin Philips, Julie Kilcawley

Anna Mulligan and Magde Smyth

Sinead Roycroft, Caroline McLoughlin

Norma Duignan, Ethell Mitchell

Pauline Flannery and Mauve Prunty

Maureen Davey,Brenda Duffey

Trish Egan, Francis Horan, Curina Collins

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 30






Stella Murry & Emer Boyle

Ashling Ward & Michelle Gildea

Michelle Furling, David Furling, Aaron O'Hara and Mareze Hollywood

Michelle and Kevin Comiskey

Aine Galagher & Mary Vesey

Saoirse, Johnny & Sarah

Gemma Lavin & Caroline Milne

Mary & Frankie OBrien

Barbara Welby, Chantelle Williams & Christine O'Leary

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 32

Tina and Bob Funk

John Killgallen, Mary Odoyle & Gordon KillGallen



athan Carter played to a full house at the Radisson Blu last month where a great night was had by one and all. The fastest rising star pn the country scene is already looking forward to returing to Sligo.

Chantelle Williams, Nathan Carter, Barbra Welby & Christine O'Leary

S Ger Watters, Liz McGinley, Mary McDermot, Vivienne Foley

Graine McKoen, Sarah O'Connell, Emer McKeon

Caroline Rooney, Nathan Carter and Stephanie Sproule

Berbnie Gardner, Joanne Gardner, Johnny Brady and Brenda Howley

ea Sessions released their official 2013 lineup in a tweet on Thursday afternoon, and the headliners for each day are Fat Freddy’s Drop, Xavier Rudd and Bastille. The unveiling of New Zealand funk-reggae sensations, Fat Freddy’s Drop as headliners has certainly caused quite a stir – these guys have a cult following and a reputation as one of the very best live acts in the business today. Their unique brand of soul/funk/reggae has spawned many imitators in the past few years, but nobody can match their energetic and imaginative live performances. Xavier Rudd will fit right in at the surf festival – an Australian surfer with a penchant for awe inspiring multi-instrumental live shows, he has been a favourite on the worldwide festival scene for several years now. Garnering critical acclaim for their recent album, “Bad Blood” and all over the radio of late with the immensely catchy hit, “Pompeii”, Bastille are another big name scoop for the folks at Sea Sessions. Starting out as a solo project by the creative force behind the band, Dan Smith, these guys

have exploded onto the music scene – being variously described as ‘Indie Pop’, ‘Rock’ and ‘Folk’. This ability to defy conventional genre-labelling is definitely part of the band’s massive appeal. Aside from these big names, there will be copious amounts of other talent rocking Bundoran for Sea Sessions 2013. Jam packed into the weekend of the 21st to the 23rd of June are Soak, The Strypes, Le Galaxie, The Minutes, Duke Special, DJ Scruff, Foy Vance and many, many more brilliant Irish and international acts. The usual surfing and beach events will, of course, be on too, as well as some new attractions, including ‘Brushboarding’ and some fabulous inflatable structures that will have to be seen to be believed. Basically, what we’re saying here is, if you haven’t got your tickets yet… Well, get begging, borrowing or stealing, because this is going to be the festival of the year. If you’re feeling lucky, check out or, just in case there are still some tickets knocking about. But do it fast. We’ll see you there!

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 32


Louise Maloney, Grainne Devaney, Margaret Curley, Carol Brennan, Lauren Clinton, Conor Clinton

Lorraine and Mark Alexander

Meadhb Maxwell & Geraldine Maxwell Claudia Michan, Imelda Harte & Angelika Koenig

Noreen Gearithy, Ann Walsh, Geraldine Gilroy,

Brid Fallon, Margaret O'Connell

Mary Finnegan, Gayle Norman

Bernie, Heather and Anton Murphy

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 34

Marie Shannon, Liz Nolan, Irene Fleming

June Harte, Olive Jones, Geraldine McHugh

SLIGO WOOD Lynns Dock, Sligo - Tel: 071-9157

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Ashling O Brien, Alma Higgins, Juella Flannery, Micheal Feehily, Sharon gorman, Velena Yakhtina

The Feehily name has become synonymous with innovative and successful business in Sligo – How long has your family been in business now? My Dad started the original Feehilys taxi business a little over sixty years ago and the flower shop is on the go since 1981. The floristry kind of followed on from the undertaking side of the family business, it seemed a natural progression at the time. It was maybe seen as something that would only last a couple of years at the most, nobody really anticipated the success it would become. It’s been phenomenal. Working with family is a beautiful thing, and I love every one of them, but every day has its own challenges, we all have our own ideas! But we’re all in it together and I always say, “We’re all here because we’re not all there!” You’ve seen boom times and bust, how has it been working through a recession as

opposed to how it was at the height of the Celtic Tiger? I’ve been in the floristry business a little over twenty years and I took over the shop myself about twelve years ago. I developed the Bridge Street shop and then bought Carraroe about six years ago – at the height of the boom! As soon as I had it bought, the whole world fell apart. That was a very difficult couple of years, at the beginning of the downturn – our costs were doubled and our sales were falling drastically. But we worked through it. We rethought the business and figured out what we needed to do differently. We re-worked the online side of the business, started doing classes and demonstrations, put together new types of more budget friendly wedding packages. Basically, we just really put ourselves out there and thankfully it has worked for us. What’s been your greatest achievement in business so far? Surviving! A few years ago, we all just worked away and the profits were high, whereas

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 38

nowadays we are working harder than ever before and for a lot less. But to be honest, with the current climate, to be able to survive is fantastic! I haven’t had to let any of my staff go, I haven’t had to cut wages. Our staff are fantastic and they are working very hard as a team to get through this time. We are here – we are going to be here into the future, this too shall pass. When we come out the other side of this recession, we will be much stronger as a business. Is the online side of the business very important? Yes. We relaunched the website a few years back and it’s doing brilliantly. Social media and the like is very effective too. For example, we did a ‘like and share’ promotion on facebook for Mother’s Day, giving away a free bouquet. According to the stats we got back, six hundred people shared the promo, which essentially meant twenty two and a half thousand people saw that post. That’s some cost effective marketing right there! The texts are a big hit too – especially

our reminder service, the fellas love that! We take their details, and four days before an important event, like an anniversary or a birthday, we just drop them an email or a text, and remind them of what needs to be done. Honestly, the reaction is great, we have people coming into the shop and saying “Thank you! You’ve saved my life again!” What kind of occasions are the big ones, and what’s your favourite aspect of the job? The obvious occasions like Mothers Day, Christmas and Valentines are the big ones. We do huge amounts of business at these peak times. I get great satisfaction that we, a relatively small florists business in the North West of Ireland, can handle the volume of work we handle, with brilliant staff and serious organisation. I’m proud of that. And also, I find that we have customers, especially

when they attend classes, or they’ve had a wedding with us, with whom it feels like we have forged a relationship. It’s from those relationships that our business really benefits and I get a kick out of that. And your least favourite part? Floristry is a brilliant career; you can go anywhere with it, you can have a great life with it, but I don’t think people realise how tough it can be too. It’s very physically and mentally demanding, and there’s a lot of time pressure. At different times of the year the workload can quadruple and you just have to go with it. The hardest thing is time management. Sometimes I wish I could have more time for my family, for myself. But then, this is my business, this is my thing; nobody’s making me do anything. I think it’s important to remember that. There’s always a choice. And I absolutely choose to do what I do!

Where are you going from here – any specific plans for the future? Oh we have big plans for this year, but I can’t divulge too much! Let’s just say I’m very excited about what’s to

come. We are going to be working on a much bigger scale and taking ourselves beyond the current boundaries, hopefully on a national level. And that’s all I’m saying!

April 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 39

The Unsung Heroes in the Heart of Sligo T

he Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre is a shining light in our town. Offering free and confidential counselling and support to survivors of sexual violence and abuse, as well as providing emergency care and advocacy services wherever needed, the staff and volunteers of this organisation work tirelessly to help others, under circumstances and conditions which would be deeply challenging to most ordinary folk. So why don’t we like to talk about it? We are lucky to have one of the eighteen Rape Crisis Centres found nationally right here on our doorstep. We should surely view it as the excellent resource it is, rather than shying away from even speaking its name because of an outdated sense of taboo. It is this particular ‘taboo’ attitude to sexual abuse and violence in the towns and cities of Ireland that leads to feelings of shame, blame and powerlessness in innocent victims, and provides a blanket of silence for perpetrators. And such victims are not as far removed from you or I as we would like to believe. Disturbing statistics show that one in five Irish women (and one in ten Irish men) will be subjected to sexual violence at some point in their adult lives. And that in 84% of cases, the perpetrator is known to the victim. It is highly likely, whether you know it or not, that sexual violence will have affected someone you know. Rape Crisis Centres are often the only place survivors and those closest to them can turn. So, perhaps we could stop turning a blind eye for a moment and look directly at the positive presence Sligo RCC has in our town. The commitment and energy behind this organisation demonstrates the levels of empowerment and change which are possible when we work together towards a common goal. Rape Crisis Centres first appeared as a result of the women’s movement in the 1970s. There was no funding and little support for such organisations, but nonetheless, women saw the need for providing aid to survivors of sexual violence. Most of these centres were run from living rooms and hotel lobbies, by ordinary people. In 1985, there were six independent Rape Crisis Centres operating around the country, offering support, information and counselling at

a basic level. These centres saw the potential strength in joining together to pool their resources and when they did so, the Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) came into existence. Their common goals at that time were simple. They wanted to gain recognition and respect for the work they were doing, obtain funding from the state in order to expand and improve the service they provided and form strong and positive working relationships with official bodies such as health boards, hospitals and gardai. Perhaps most importantly, they were tireless in their dedication to changing attitudes towards survivors of sexual abuse, both in legislation and in everyday life.

“I was a founder member and have worked here since 1995, first as a volunteer, later as counsellor and counselling co-ordinator. It has always been a great place to work for me, there have been beautiful genuine meetings with many clients, who have offered me insights and wisdom around authentic feelings like pain, hurt, shame, fear, anger and also happiness and fun. I still love the work.” Founder Member, SRCC

While we have come a long way since 1985 in terms of legislation and the availability of support, thanks to organisations like the RCNI, we still have a long way to go. It is common knowledge that rape and sexual offences are relatively leniently treated in our court system, with most cases never even making it to trial, often due to the stress and pressures experienced by victims facing the ordeal of reliving their experience in the face of disbelief and blame. It is estimated that only one in ten instances of sexual violence is reported. Which leaves nine innocent people keeping quiet, for fear of imagined repercussions. Sligo’s Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre, set up in 1995, is a place for such innocents to turn. While they provide the means, support and information necessary to place

a formal complaint and potentially bring abusers to justice, this is certainly not their sole function. Nor will they ever pressure a survivor of a sexual attack to take this action. The counsellors and volunteers at RCCs focus on the empowerment of those who turn to them, whether to return to normal life after an incident, take the case to court, or mend a close relationship damaged by the impact of abuse, past or present. The Sligo RCC runs a freephone counselling service, as well as face-to-face counselling in safe and private surroundings, legal advice, advocacy and support. They provide these services for free, not only to those directly affected by abuse, past or present, but also the families and loved ones of survivors, who can often be forgotten about in such situations. While the RCNI today receives limited funding for its vital work in communities around the country, local Rape Crisis Centres like ours still need substantial financial help. Fundraising provides an integral part of the running costs of such organisations. With our hesitancy to even speak of such things, it’s no wonder that many important awareness talks or education programmes have to be put on hold due to insufficient finances. This is much to the frustration of the dedicated staff within, who have more than enough expertise and commitment to bring a better level of understanding and ultimately, action, to our community through such ventures. So perhaps we can all do our bit to slowly break the silence. Let’s recognise that there is a fantastic non-profit organisation in our town, called the Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre, which provides much needed help and support to those among us who need it. Let’s talk about it openly, to our friends and lovers, our parents and our children. Let’s be thankful that while maybe we are fortunate enough not to have need of their services, others who are not so lucky have somewhere to turn. Acknowledging this is the very least we can do – and it can make a real difference, too. Sligo RCC Helpline 1800 750 780 (10.30 – 12.00 weekdays, call or leave a message for a confidential appointment, with no long waiting times) 24 hr National RCC Helpline 1800 778 888

TopforTips Skincare Muireann's Here to help Do you have a Beauty or Make up question you'd like answered. E-mail:

Q: I received a beautiful set of make up brushes for Christmas and I would love to know how to wash them and how often I should do this? Katie If they are for your own personal use then washing them once a month will be fine but if you are using them on anyone other than yourself then you need to wash and sterilise them inbetween uses. The best way to care for your brushes is by washing them with warm water and a mild baby shampoo. You should then rinse them out, reshape the hairs and leave them on a wire mesh tray to dry overnight. Be careful not to wash them with very hot water, as this will cause the hairs to fall out and never blow-dry them as the heat will melt the hairs of the brush. If you need to sterilise your brushes you can purchase a solution in any chemist, which you can spray on to keep them clean and sterile.

Q: Is it true that once opened you should only keep mascara for a few months? Sorcha Yes I would advise replacing mascara every 3 – 4 months to avoid bacteria growing which can cause eye irritations or infections. Mascara can also start to clump as air gets into the tube so to stop this happening keep the lid closed tightly and don’t pump the wand in and out of the mascara tube.

RAPE CRISIS AND SEXUAL ABUSE COUNSELLING CENTRE SLIGO, LEITRIM AND WEST CAVAN If you have been raped, assaulted or sexually abused recently or in the past we offer free, professional counselling and support services. Our counsellors are available to women, men and their friends and family. We are specifically trained to deal with sexual violence issues. Please do not hesitate to call us on 1800 750 780 we are here to support you.

Sean and Sinead Duffy Niamh and John Nickleson

Aidan McGowan and Mary Glennon

Ross McConnell and Erica Ffrench

Yvonne Gilmartin, Hazel Burns, and Hilary Burke

Shone Mulvany and Rachel Collins

Open Thursday to Sunday Evening Meals 6.30 to 10pm Sunday Lunch 12.30 to 3pm Bar Food is Served Daily from 12.30 - 9pm For Reservations call: 071-916-4934

See for details of our Communion / Confirma!on menu

Tel 071 9146770 17­19 Lord Edward Street, Sligo

Áit Eile - 096-37222 Enniscrone Austies - 071-9177111 Rosses Point Belfry - 071-9161250 John F.Kennedy Parade. Bella Vista - 071-9122222 Strandhill Beachbar - 071-9176465 Aughris Head Bistro Bianconi - 071-9141744 Tobergal lane Bistro Reidy’s - 071-9147421 Stephen St. Bombay Tandoori - 096-37773 Enniscrone Castle Dargan - 071-9118080 Ballygawley Cawleys - 071-9185025 Tubbercurry China City - 071-9161010 17 Temple St. Classic India - 071-9147700 7/8 Market St.

Clevery Mill - 071-9127424 Castlebaldwin Coach Lane - 071-9162417 1-2 Lord Edward St. Cromleach Lodge 071-9165156 - Castlebaldwin Crossbar - 071-9182203 Gurteen Eala Bhan - 071-9145823 Rockwood Parade, Sligo Embassy - 071-9161250 John F Kennedy Parade Fiddlers - 071-9141866 Rockwood Parade Garavogue - 071-9143825 Stephen St. Riverfront Hargadons - 071-9153709 4 O Connell St. Harrisons’s - 071-9166123 Cliffony Henrys - 071-9173985 Cashelgarran Jade Garden - 071-9168140 Strandhill

Killoran's - 071-9185679 Tubbercurry Lang’s - 071-9163105 Grange Laura’s - 071-9163091 Carney Mandarin Court - 071-9142568 McDermott's - 071-9165132 Castlebaldwin Molly fultons - 071-9160027 Ballisodare Rd. Montmartre - 071-9169901 Market yard New Jewel in the Crown 071-9120689 - Tubbercurry Paprika - 071-9151948 Pearse Rd. Poppadom - 071-9147171 O'Connell St. Riverbank Restaurant Dromahair 071-9164934 Sakura 071-9149833 Stephen St. Shenanigans - 071-9146799 Bridge St.

Souperb - 071-9147746 6 Johnston Court Shopping Centre Source Sligo - 071-9147605 1/2 John St. The Adelaide - 071-9162000 The Silver Apple - 071-9146770 17-19 Lord Edward St. The Strand - 071-9168140 Strandhill Teelings - 071-9167134 Main St. Collooney Tra Ban - 071-9128402 Strandhill Venue - 071-9168167 Top Rd. Strandhill Waterfront - 071-9177122 Rossespoint Wong Kee - 071-9167777 Ballisodare Yeats County Inn 094 92 55 053 - Curry Yeats Tavern - 071-9163117 Drumcliff

The Beach Bar Advertise Here! Call our friendly sales team today on 071-9154538

Templeboy, Co Sligo

Old World Traditional Pub, sitting peacefully on the unspoiled Aughris Beach. Serving delicious Hot Food, Offering Bed and Breakfast and Live Entertainment.

Tel: 071-9176465



Lilys Café Freshy oven Baked early every morning Daily Lunches Available -WIFI Available -Pre-Orders or takeaway available The Yeats Building, Hyde Street, Sligo - Tel: 087-6680145

Bella Vista Bar & Bistro Shore Rd, Strandhill, Co Sligo

€20 Gourmet 5 Course Meal, All Week, 5pm ­10pm Offering Delicious Irish Steak Served on a Hot Stone

Early Bird €15.95, All Week 5pm­7pm

Each mouth watering morsel is cooked by sealing in all the delicious juices and always cooked to your own perfection.

Gift Vouchers Available Also catering for Parties, Christenings, Birthdays, Weddings and Funerals outside our normal opening hours

Castlebaldin, Co. Sligo • Tel: 071-9127424 clever!" • www.clever!" Open Friday and Sat#rday 6.30 - 9.30pm & Sunday 12.30 - 3.30pm Open any day for large bookings

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner We Cater for All Size Par#es. Tel: 071­9122222

With John Kelly of The Riverbank Restaurant, Dromahair

Pan seared king scallops

Blackpudding springroll, curried butternut squash puree, apple and poppy seed salad Serves 4 Ingredients • 8 king scallops sliced across • 300g Clonakilty blackpudding • 4 sheets of spring roll pastry • 1 butternut squach • 1 tbsp of madras curry paste • 200ml fresh cream • Butter • 1 Granny smith apple • Pinch of poppy seeds • Pea shoots for garnish Methond To Make squash puree Peel and remove any seeds from the squash cut into small dice cover in cold salted water and bring to the boil, when squash is soft and you can easily cut with a knife, strain and return to the stove, add cream, curry paste and a knod of butter, bring to the boil and place in blender blend until smooth and set aside. For the spring rolls roughly chop and shape the blackpudding into small sausage shapes then wrap in spring roll pastry, placing the pudding mix on end and rolling away from you finish by brushing the end with some beaten egg. For the apple salad slice the apple into juliene or long strips using a mandolin or sharp knife add a squeeze of lemon and some poppy seeds To finish dry scallops on some kitchen paper and cook on a hot pan with little oil 2 min each side is enough any more and thet will become tough finish wuth a knob of butter To plate drop your spring into the fryer gentely heat puree and put a swipe on the plate arrange scallops on plate slice black pudding springroll in three and put on plate then garnish with apple and poppy salad and some pea shoots Happy cooking


Extraordinary Wines at Ordinary Prices with The Wine Buff, Tobergal Lane, Tel: 071 9140020 • Email:

Our red wine for April is Terruno Corcoles Tempranillo It’s the long, tall black bottle from La Mancha – made from the Tempranillo grape and aged in oak for 8 months and spending a further 20 months in the bottle before release. The result is a wine with an attractive dark red colour with cherry reflections throughout. There are huge aromas of ripe black fruits with mineral and balsamic overtones. On the palate it has a great fruit taste. Its a seductive wine with a very long finish. The producers are the Bernal García-Chicote family (father Santiago and his two sons Ángel Luis and Moíses) who run a 19 hectare estate located in the province of Ciudad Real. Their wines are neither fined nor stabilized during the vinification process. They undergo a light filtration prior to bottling, so a heavy sediment is to be expected. This is a great match for lamb dishes. Offer price €14.99. Our white wine for April is Rawen Chardonnay

Rawen wines come from the vineyards of Ravanal, founded in 1936 by Teodoro Ravanal. Vina Ravanal is one of the oldest wine estates in the Colchagua Valley, which is located between the Pacific ocean and the Andes mountains in Chile. The family tradition continues with Teodoro’s son Mario, a leading oenologist, and grandchildren, Pia and Mario Sebastian, who have chosen to follow in the family footsteps. Unoaked, pale yellow in colour, this mouth-watering Chardonnay shows delicate tropical fruit and slight banana aromas, with floral overtones on the nose. The taste is complex, dry and refreshing. It’s a great match for white meats and salads. Offer price €9.99




WANTED For more details contact Seamus on 085-2498067 or email


For more details contact Seamus on 085-2498067 or email


arch. The month of utterly unpredictable weather, drunken celebrations of our national pride and, bizarrely this year, Easter. And, for me, the month of the DETOX. My very first new leaf; an ambitious leap into a brand spanking new, healthy, vibrant, frankly glowing with goodness me. And the necessary prelude to all the bendy yoga and mindful meditation, knitting, tango lessons, etc which will of course all come in good time. We hope. Anyway, detoxing. It’s all the rage. Has been for some time. All the Gwyneths and themfolks like her do it. I’ve observed friends and acquaintances (from a safe distance) cleansing their insides with fabulous concoctions of seaweed and baboon juice, tickling themselves with stinging nettles (anti-aging, I swear), starving themselves enthusiastically and generally trying very hard to punish their bodies into feeling good. I looked at all those options, really I did. But then I decided it all looked a bit mental and like it had been thought up by some vitriolic, cackling nerd with secret cameras hidden in his bestselling branded multi-vitamin maltshake. So I made up my own detox. I won’t bore you with the details. Simply put, all you need to know is that I cut dairy, sugar, processed foods, caffeine and fried foods from my diet completely. Oh yes, and alcohol. For almost a month. The ‘Big

Bads’ for me are caffeine and wine. These are companions of mine, absolute bosom buddies. We hang out, usually in cosy twosomes, but occasionally all three of us get together and, well! The craic is mighty! Still, I set out on my detox all excited, this was going to be great! My skin would be clear, my eyes would be bright, my coat would be all shiny and smooth. I could feel my health improving exponentially as I bounded around Tesco buying stacks of fresh, yummy veggies and organic meat, wholegrain bread so brown it’s almost black – Oooh, olives, great for snacking! Hurdle number one. Checkout. How much?! Note to self: Healthy food is flabbergastingly expensive. That first bill came to well over a hundred euros. For one person! (Plus a man who was around a bit at the time and tended to raid the cupboards – but that problem solved itself). So I started week one with lighter pockets, but a full larder. Which I needed, because I quickly discovered that eating out with ‘dietary requirements’ is quite tough in this town. I ate at home for the week – damned if I was going to see those courgettes going off in a corner of the fridge after spending all that dough. It was grand. Detoxing was no bother. Look at me go! Then towards the end of week one, a mild emotional hiccup (involving the aforementioned man and his sudden ceasing and desisting from raiding my

cupboards) led me to find myself at my best friend’s house in a slightly mascara-smudged state. I drank wine. AND I’M NOT SORRY! Now that I have confessed, I can assure you that this was my only cheat, and I’m sure you will agree, it was entirely necessary. And that was the best (two) bottle(s) of wine I have had in many years. Oh, ok then! Damn my conscience. There was one other minor cheat. I did, the morning after the night before, while making my decaf coffee, get overtaken by caffeinewithdrawal mania. Cackling loudly (alone, in my kitchen), I tossed the last two or three scoops of real coffee into my decaf jar and shook it up like a wild woman. So for the remainder of that week, there was a miniscule amount of caffeine in my decaf. Barely any, but it made me smile every morning as I sipped. Aside from these two slips, I stuck to my guns and found I was enjoying the challenge of cooking without oodles of cream and butter and all things deliciously tasty that I usually lash into my food. I really, really struggled with not drinking wine when out with the girls, but found non-alcoholic beer helped with my cravings, if not with my general levels of bon-viveur. In week two, I developed bronchitis. Cue everybody telling me, “That’s detoxing for you! Brings out all the badness!” while nodding sagely into their pints. I was really quite sick and

miserable for several days. During that period, I would have sold my left ovary for some chocolate. I didn’t cave though, and once I got some antibiotics into me I actually made a much speedier than normal recovery. Could this be a sign that all the healthiness was paying off? Sure enough, in week three, people started commenting that I was looking well. My eyes were actually getting quite bright and my skin did clear up considerably. By this stage, I had also managed to get the shopping bill down to around sixty euros. That said, I ran out of food by the weekend, which made me hungry and tetchy and a bit of a pain in the arse. At the end of my detox, I don’t feel hugely different. The benefits that I can see aren’t massive. I will say, however, that my weight, which usually can fluctuate by as much as half a stone in one day, stayed absolutely level for the entire three and a half weeks. And I didn’t feel bloated or lethargic at all, even though I was eating lots of food. I’ve found that it made me want to keep eating healthily – it’s funny how fast you can adjust, craving wise. It’s also made me think more carefully about what I’m putting into my body (and in a time when we don’t necessarily know if we’re eating beef or donkey, that can’t be a bad thing). Best of all, though, the time apart has done wonders for my relationship with wine. We are closer than ever and so very, very happy together...

Collette Sheerin – Album launch of “Making Grace”


f the definition of the word Grace is “a characteristic or quality pleasing for its charm or refinement” then Collette Sheerin’s latest offering to the world of music entitled “Making Grace” certainly does what it says on the tin! The album is a beautifully crackin’ collection of ten original songs and given her passion for lyric and poetry, it is perfectly packaged to show case her song writing skills and composition of music. Her voice has been described as “expressive, musical, distinctive and full of charm”. Most notably known as a flautist, Collette has been a prominent part of the Sligo

music scene for many years since moving here from her native County Offaly. In recent years, however she has also been a regular collaborator with Sligo world music geniuses “No Crows”, she has performed at the knock out hugely successful Source theme nights and also in 2011 Collette formed her own folk/rock outfit “The Candles”. Being surrounded by such talent, inspiration and generosity it was only natural that these musicians would lend themselves to augment each and every song on the album. Those musicians being Leslie Jones & Willie Kelly (Rackhouse Pilfer), Anna Houston, Steve

Wickham, Eddie Lee & Ray Coen (No Crows), Seamie O’Dowd, Kieran Quinn (Anything Goes), Brian McDonagh (Dervish), Hugh Feely and also featuring Eoin Troy and Dean Gurrie on backing vocals. “Making Grace” was recorded and engineered by Brian McDonagh at the Magic Room studio. Folks this is a gig you won’t want to miss and a definite date for your diary the official launch of the album "Making Grace" will be happening on Friday the 10th of May at 8 o’clock in The Model Arts Centre. Admission is five euro (including special offer on cd ; ).

Quayside Shopping Centre Wine Street Sligo, Second Floor

Active Slimming on Vibro Treadmill in the Vacuum Price List

20x(30min) 15x(30min) 10x(30min) 5x(30min) 1x(30min)

€130 €110 €70 €45 €11

Price List for Tanning 1 Min. from €0.90 35min course €25 70min course €50



Solarium Hawaii

March 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 37

health & wellbeing 1st Floor, Millennium House, Stephen Street, Sligo Tel: 071-9140728

Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment

Eithne Cromey

Weight Loss Expert & Fitness Trainer

• Promotes normal bowel function • Increased energy levels • Helps with weight loss programme • Improved metabolism • Improved circulation • Feel ‘lighter’ and ‘clean’ afterwards • Bloated feeling reduced • Reduced toxins in the body • Improved absorption of essential nutrients • Strengthens the immune system • Toning of the abdomen • Improved digestion • Better skin tone

A place of peace and hope for people with cancer and their families

Sligo Cancer Support Centre is a place of peace and hope where people with a cancer diagnosis and their families can get support in a caring and tranquil environment. We provide Counselling Psychology, Yoga, Art Therapy, Bio Dynamic Therapy, Reiki Healing, Therapeutic Workshops, and and One to One Support.

44 Wine Street, Sligo. Phone 071-9170399

Tel: 087-2668758 (Sligo) Email:


Specialising in Diagnosing and treatment of conditions and illnesses that affect people in all ages and social groups

Summerville Physiotherapy & Sport Injury Clinic, Strandhill, Co. Sligo

Tel: 071-9128430 / 087-2473500

Promoting healthier lifest!les for all

Usual hours open to receive callers at the door 11:00am - 9:00pm

Talk to us any time you like, in your own way, and off the record – about whatever’s getting to you. You don’t have to be suicidal

Samaritans Sligo, 3 The Mall, Sligo Tel: 07191-42011 (Lo-call )1850 609090

North West Counselling Counselling for people with addictions eg. Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling • Relapse Programme • One-to-one Counselling • Referral system for private clients to White Oaks Rehabilitation Centre • Addiction and General counselling available Afternoon, evening and weekend appointments available

Counsellors are professionally trained and are fully accredited or working towards accreditation. For appointments ring: 087-2879707, 086-4000555 or 074-9723822 Email: Tabor House, Drimark, Donegal Town

Helping people to recover

When home is where the hurt is

Free and confiden!al support, informa!on, advocacy and court accompaniment for women experiencing violence and abuse in their rela!onships. Access to safe crisis accommoda!on provided.

Call 071 9141515, 10am ­ 5pm Mon ­ Fri or log onto www.domes!


Classes: • Boxing training (Boxercise) • Body Tone Supplement Shop: Diet Program


On Thursday 2nd May at 8pm

One on One

For this you can sample a main course, dessert, salad and enjoy a glass of wine.

Personal Training


1­2 John Street, Sligo • All proceeds to North West Simon Community preven!ng homelessness in Sligo, Leitrim & Donegal. Further details contact Mary on 087­7708865

• Tone Up • Build Up • Trim Down

Popeye Gym Sligo

OPEN MON-FRI 6-10, SAT 10-6, SUN 10-3

Adelaide Street, Sligo • Phone: 085-848-5558



COLLOONEY 07191­18010



Loose anywere from 3-10 cms after one treatment

31 O'Connell Street, Sligo • Tel: 071-915-3944

One-to-One Lessons in Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Vocals and Saxophone. Gift Vouchers Available Call for more details

Tel: 071-9157862 •

Trinity PC Repairs !


Speed up your slow PC ! Virus removal Password removal ! Software upgrades & drivers updates Laptop repair & screen replacement Cash for laptops (sell broken or unwanted laptops) Trade-ins accepted ! Sales of refurbished laptops

Important Notice The software we use to repair/service your PC ! can remain on your PC. ! So you will never need to get it serviced again! We professionalise in the recycle & decommissioning of T&C apply unused / broken laptops from the private and business sector. Cash can also be offered if laptops are of value. ! !

Contact Bernard 7 days a week on: Mob: 087 145 93 95 Email: Website:

Repairs starting from €19.99 Number One alternative to PC World! No Fix, No Fee

No.1in the No.2 Business... • Domestic Drain Cleaning • Emergency Service Call Out • Commercial Drain Cleaning • Man Hole Covers Replaced • Odours Investigated • High Velocity Water Jetting • Annual Maintenance Contracts • CCTV Drain Inspection

• Septic Tank Cleaning

Quality used cars from Edison Whiteside at Riverside Motors


Contact Damien: 087 297 4842 or 071 916 8086

Chem-Dry Sligo 323 Ferndale, Cartron Point, Sligo

• Carpet Cleaning • Upholstery Cleaning • Leather Upholstery Cleaning • Tile & Grout Cleaning • Stain Removal • Water Damage Restoration • Smoke Damage Restoration All Franchises Independently Owned and Operated - Covering all of Sligo County

Tel: 071-91-43519

Aluminium & PVC Repairs To windows, doors and patio doors

Expert patio door repairs! • Rollers • Tracks • Hinges • Door Realignment • Locks • Multilocking systems etc

Over 20 years experience servicing Irish windows and doors. Fully insured GLASS PARTS ETC REPLACED Brendan Gormley: 071-9183860 / 087-2562669

For a professional service in planning applications for: Private houses, extensions (any size), small scale commercial, also cottage renovations etc. Timber frame and low energy dwellings a special interest.

Contact Martin McGloin Bunduff, Cliffoney, Co. Sligo

Tel/Fax: 071-9166277 • Mob: 087-2817620

Advertise Here! Call our Friendly Sales Team on 071-9154538

Sligo Now April 2013  

Sligo Now April 2013

Sligo Now April 2013  

Sligo Now April 2013