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elcome to the January issue of Sligo Now. The festive season has come and gone and I hope you all had a good one and may i wish you all a peaceful and healthy new year. In this issue we talk to Lisa Brady, the very successful Dj from Sligo. She talks about her hopes nad aspirations for this year. It is also a privilege to chat to the Legend that is Eamonn O’Hara. A man that has only ever given 150% on the GAA field for his beloved county talks to us about what drives him on year in year out. We also talk to Kieran Quinn who walked the walk on numerous occasions with Eamon on the field of play. In this issue we talk to him about his passion for music and his plans for the future. Once again we go out and about on the streets to see what everyone’s wearing on Street Style. Plus we have loads photos from various events that have been happening over the festive period. If there is anyone or anything that you would like feature in Sligo Now drop us an email at the address below. Your month wouldn’t be the same without it!


6 THINGS DO IN SLIGO For your Birthday!


OUT AND ABOUT at the SHOUT Luncheon


MIXING UP A STORM AT A CLUB NEAR YOU: WE SPEAK TO LISA BRADY She is the voice of iRadio's iChill and iPlay and a well known Club DJ and MC around the country.


OUT AND ABOUT at Source Sligo


OUT AND ABOUT IT Sligo Social Charity Ball in aid of the Oran Nibbs fund at the Sligo Park Hotel


PITCH PERFECT Grace Larkin speaks to Kieran Quinn


AFTER DARK in The Penthouse at Toffs




WHATS ON IN SLIGO... Your definitive out and about guide!












WHATS COOKING With Ronan Fox of Ait Eile Restaurant


ONLINE SHOPPING What to watch out for



Seamus Casey - Editor Sligo Now has been launched to provide a platform for all that is good in our wonderful city. It will provide inspiration, intelligence, information and irreverence. We aim to bring you the very best Sligo has to offer. Every month, we’ll bring you the best in style, fashion, beauty and intriguing features. Over time we will become the trusted friend that Sligoians will turn to to find out what's hot and what's not - the best restaurants, films, shows and exhibitions the city has to offer. Want to know the best places to socialise, the best events to attend? We’ve got it covered. Send us your photos of any events such as weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays etc and we will include them in the next edition of Sligo Now. Email your photographs to

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January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 3


Treat yourself to something fun Everyone should celebrate by doing things that they enjoy. Even if you have always spent birthdays with family, if you would rather do something else, take this chance to do it. You could spend the entire day shopping for a new outfit in Johnston Court or Quayside or visit any beauty treatment clinic for a day of rest and relaxation. Maybe an hour or two at Sligo golf academy would be something that you would enjoy.

Do something you have always wanted to do Have you always wanted to climb a mountain, go for a horse riding lesson at Markree Stables or visit the Carrowmore tombs? Take your next birthday as an opportunity to do this, treat yourself! Remember that a birthday should be memorable, so get out your bucket list and try to knock at least one interesting thing off of the list on your birthday.

Be Lord/Lady of the Manor for the day

Pop into Alfies for a hot shave, an experience that every fella should have at least once in a lifetime. Drop all your blouses/ shirts into Gurries laundrette and have them iron for you. Doing this will allow you put your feet up for the day and read that book that you have been meaning to for a long time. And while you are at it you might as well treat yourself to a freshly prepared take away dinner from the Food Experience. Roast beef, chicken curry, turkey and ham, cottage pie etc the cholice is yours.

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 4

y a d h ! r i B r for you year. It is your day! l and come only once a Birthdays are very specia ember that this is the rem and it y different. Enjo Do not let anyone tell you what you want to do! one day that you decide

Spend the entire day doing something that you never seem to find the time to do Do you have a hobby that you really struggle to time find to do? Perhaps if you like to paint check out Taylors art gallery near Castlebaldwin as they hold regular classes. Or if fishing is something that you have always wanted to try out give Sligo sea shore fishing a call. For a birthday treat, take the entire day and devote it to doing that one thing that you love the most, maybe take a cooking class at Source? Life tends to squeeze out things that we would like to do because of the pressing needs of things we have to do. Deviate from this pattern on your birthday.

Go to the cinema or maybe a night at the theatre How long is it since you treated yourself to a big bucket of pop corn at the Gaiety? A great inexpensive way to spend your birthday is to take a trip to the cinema. Watch the latest chick flick or action movie in all its glory. Every month the Hawkswell have a choice of first class plays and musicals. Some are local productions and others are award winning shows which travel the country. We are privileged to have such a facility on our doorstep. It would have you asking yourself the question, Why don’t I come here more often???

Do something unusual

Maybe you are the type that always plays by the rules and never does anything unexpected. For your birthday this year you might want to do something uncharacteristic. Maybe you haven’t been to the Showgrounds in years? You might fancy a flutter on the gee gees at the race track racing in Cleveragh. Whatever you want to do, you can use your birthday as an excuse to do something out of the ordinary.

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 5


Monica, Asia and Mania.

Jason Clakin, Trevor Gormon, Keyn Finn and Alan Finn. Caroline Cawley and Andrea Gordon.

David Hennessy, Kerry-Ann McLaughlin and Nail Connolly.

Lukas, Karolek and Zibi.

New Year celebrations at Velvet.

Rachel,Rachel and Lassara.

Michelle Mulligan and Caroline Wynne.

The fifth annual ladies luncheon in aid of the Sligo Hospital Oncology Unit Trust (SHOUT) took place last month, in the Sligo Park Hotel. The event, now a permanent fixture in the local social calendar, was bigger and better than ever, with a full programme of entertainment.

Shirley Barlow, Lorraine Alexzander, Karen Reynolds and Miriam McDermott Feeny.

Julie Feehily, Aisling Burrows, Geraldine Courtney, Marianne elliot and Brenda O’Boyle.

Kim O’Beirne & Nuala Ginnelley

Eabhan O’Hara, Senator Imelda Henry and Janet Linsay.

Barbara Laws, Noelle Galvin and Ruth O’Dowd.

Cliona McPartland, Ann Gallagher and Una Kinkeade.

Louise O’Neills, Rachel Devins and Moya Wilson.

Lina Murray, Lorna Watkins and Pilar Castro.

Marie Conway & Bernie Kavanagh

Valarie Burn, Marie O’Hara and Sheila Finn.

Maira Gilbarry, Margaret Harrington, Carmel Flynn, Herta Doherty.

Voted Best Wedding DJ in Connacht

in the awards Now Launching Brand New

Wedding Packages forBarbera 2013 Moloney and Linda O Hanlon Contact: 086-8216484 • Email:

Photoshoot: On location at Castle Dargan Hotel, Sligo. Photography: Colin Gillen - - Tel: 071-9173509 Hair & Makeup: Martha Pinter and Muireann O’Connor at The Hair Lounge, Sligo - Tel: 071-9154757

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 8

She is the voice of iRadio's iChill and iPlay and a well known Club DJ and MC around the country. Sligo's own Lisa Brady talks to Sharon Conway about her passion for her work, her love for Sligo, and why she admits to being a little bit of a nerd at heart.


ith her friendly-down to earth personality, good looks, and steady ambition, Lisa Brady has been building a profile for herself not only across the nations airwaves, but also on the live djing scene over the past few years. With regular MC and presenting jobs across the country, the future is looking bright for the Ballygawley native, and like many others her interest in music was sparked at a very young age; “I always loved music, and I had been learning the piano when I was a kid but I would always end up messing around with Mum and Dad's old vinyls, spending hours teaching myself the decks. I started djing at seventeen, and at that time there really weren’t that many girls on the scene, in fact I was told several times that it really wasn’t a job for a girl. But I loved it and knew it was something I

really wanted to do” “I approached a few local bars and tried to get myself some gigs while I was in college at Sligo IT. Around that time a new station had been opening up, Ocean FM, I applied for a job there and got it. I had always wanted to get on the air and see how the desk worked, and what it was like behind the scenes on radio. I used to engineer Mass for the radio, so that was good, I got to hear mass and learn my craft at the same time” she laughs “Ocean FM are really good for supporting their own, and they were really good to me. I also worked on the Ocean

Energy show with a few others and I learned a lot around that time”

I used to engineer Mass for the radio, so that was good, I got to hear mass and learn my craft at the same time”

Since leaving Sligo, Lisa currently works on popular youth radio station iRadio, with two shows every weekend. She has also worked with Dublin City Fm, Q 101 Radio in Northern Ireland and has just started a weekly global syndicate R and B show. Lisa also makes a regular appearance DJ-ing in a number of top venues around Ireland,

How do you cope with the demands of such a hectic lifestyle? “I think its just about dividing your time. The traveling side of the work is hard, especially when you are starting your work when most of your friends and family are off and socialising, so in that sense it can get a little bit lonely, especially when you are working on new years eve! I somehow always end up crying on new years!! “ Some people might think with the job I do that I'm a party girl, but its really not the case at all. You give up your weekends essentially, but there is a great buzz from live presenting or live djing. It's lovely to be able to have the craic with people. You wouldn’t want to be worrying too much about your hair and makeup though when club djing as the earphones wreck your hair, it gets frizzy and messy, its really not all that glamorous!

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 8

You get faster at the makeup though. I have learned a few tricks along the way to speed the hair and makeup routine up.” Which do you prefer, Radio or the club scene? “Radio is a very personal medium. You can share your own thoughts beliefs and opinions. In that sense its very addictive. I have loved Radio from the word go! Im very lucky to have eight hours on air with iRadio. Im really happy working at the station, every day is exciting and Im very lucky to be part of something so special. There’s a good mix of male and female DJ working at the station. More women are getting into Djing and radio presenting, which is great because there were so few women at it when I was starting out! Its all down to the individual themselves if you have a talent and work really hard at it then anything is possible.” People often wonder how presenters are able to be in good form all the time, especially if they are having a bad day, or going through personal stuff? “To be honest, for me, its a release from stress, once I'm behind the mike that's when I can just put up the fader and relax for the four hours. Of course you are going to have days when your annoyed about something, or in bad form but you have to leave it all at the door and concentrate on the job. I can imagine it would be very tough if you were to go through a family bereavement though . That would be very hard to deal with.” Have you made any room for romance in your life? “I have someone very special in my life, I met him in Galway a year ago. He is gorgeous, and he is great fun. It can be hard to meet someone that you can have a good laugh with! Sense of humor is very important to me. Though my job isn’t the most relationship friendly, we do our best to work around each others schedules.” Lisa is keen to make time for her other passions, including returning to her studies “ I think I have always been a little bit of a nerd at heart. I love studying and hope to go back to college again at some stage. It is possible to work the club scene and study as well! I really love what Im doing now, and the variety that it brings, but I would really love to go back to college to study for a PHD.”

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 10

Lisa already holds a BA in Information Systems Management as well as a Masters in Journalism. She also has a fascination with the life of Countess Markievicz whom she wrote about for her college dissertation. “I really admire her and all that she tried to accomplish. I don’t think she has been given her right place in History, she has been misunderstood.” Lisa is currently working on a project with Liam Leonard, lecturer at Sligo IT Social Studies Department. They are writing a book about the Countess's life and achievements; “She was such a multidimensional character, a poet, a nationalist, suffragette, a journalist, singer, excellent horse woman. She just has such a fascinating and inspirational life story.” How do you like to spend your time when you are off? “My ideal night out depends on where I am, if I'm heading out on the town then I really love to let my hair down and go mad!! But there’s the other side to me that loves nothing more than sitting in on a night off.” A keen lover of the out doors, Lisa likes to get out and about when she gets back to her family in Sligo “I love walking in Union Woods and I like to swim three four times a week I have been living in Athlone for the last while, and while it's a really lovely town, it's no Sligo. We are truly blessed here in Sligo, its a wee gem, I love the mountains and beaches, no matter where you are in the world Sligo always calls you back!” And future ambitions? “Please God I would love to continue my work in radio, and also get into TV presenting. Also I'm really enjoying the MC side of my work, I have done a lot of that this year and would like that to continue. I presented Roscommon Bachelor of the year awards there recently and that was such a laugh! Actually Sharon, don’t you think we should have a Sligo Bachelor of the year Awards Ceremony? “Thats a brilliant idea Lisa, you could present it, and I could pick out the winner?!” Also, TV presenting is definitely something I will be looking at in the near future” And I have no doubt but we will be seeing this Sligo lady on our screens in the very near future.

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 11


Collette Hamiltion and Barry O’Flynn.

Brenda Cullen, Mariam Gilmartin and Angela Doohan.

Gabriel O'Mahoney, Majella Gallagher and Sarah Conlon. Sharon Burke, Thomas Egan and Trisha Brennan.

John Farrell and Donna Caufield.

Magdalena Gasiorek Podrora, Caroline Casey and Louise Leech.

Paul Gilfoyle and Adrianne McCann.

Brid McNulty and Carolin Maye

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 12

Louise Dons and Fidelma Cassidy.


Aisling Mulvey and Shauna Higgins.

Shannon Mulronet, Fiona Baker, Niamh McCarron.

Oisin Doherty and Sarah Grennan.

Aine Hannon and Dayrl Haverty.

Kelly Ann Carney and Frankie Cregg,

Shane McDerrmott and Niamh Clancy. Anna Marie Queenan, Catriona McGovern and Samantha Berine.

Christopher Doherty and Marie Staunton. Shaunna Quigley and Shauna Sweetman.

Jonathan O'Grady and Siobhan Rigby.

Tara Caulfield, Tamsin Cavaliero and Olivia Gaughan.

Padraic Fahy and Shauna Lardner.

You can follow us on our Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning monthly prizes! January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 14

Fiona Flynn and Paddy Byrne.

Magella O'Donnell & Catrina Foley

Kate Gibbons and Martin Finglas.

Louise Gallagher, Helen Conway and Ailleen Gallagher. Angela Savage and Eithne Currid.

Mark and Fiona Whymbs.

Maria Collery, Caroline Collery and Elaine Clerkin.

Sorcha Gallagher and Barry Rogers.

John O'Shea, Steven Carroll, Martin Carroll and Steven Higgins.

Stacey Forde, Aoife Creaby and Micheal Ega.

Ray O'Grady and Garrett Mullany.

Jenny Murrins, Emer Connolly and Leo Kelly.

Ruth Goodwin and Aoife Moran.

Stephen Cullen , Micheal Keighron and Pat Garrett.


Grace Larkin speaks with Sligo’s Kieran Quinn By Grace Larkin


OT MANY would choose to sacrifice a successful career playing with the Sligo Senior Football team for a career in music, but for Kieran Quinn it was a case of every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. With a thriving music school, countless recordings, musical director roles and serving as Source Sligo’s resident piano player, Kieran is one of Sligo’s rare recession success stories. In 2008 when the property bubble was just about

popping, he decided to hang up his football boots and concentrate on his number one passion: music. Now in an age where people are emigrating to countries such as Australia to find work, Australian born Kieran has forged a flourishing music career here in Sligo. Although technically an Australian Citizen, Kieran considers himself a Sligo man through and through having moved here aged four. “Mum and Dad lived in Australia for about three years after they got married. I’m an Australian citizen due to the fact of being born there but

Mum and Dad are both Irish and just lived there for a few years. My mother is from Dublin and Dad was born in England of Irish parents. Dad is a doctor and found a job he liked and they decided to move here and move the family here,” he said. Originally from Ransboro Kieran now lives in Strandhill with his wife Sinead and 21 month old daughter Nixie. After spending a year in Australia following his Leaving Cert, Kieran was Trinity College bound where he studied Psychology and Philosophy.

I’d have gigs on at the weekends when the lads would be training or having matches and I teach music as well. That takes up a lot of weekday evenings so it just became harder to combine the two of them.

Aged 20 Kieran achieved many young men’s dream when he was called up onto the Sligo Senior Panel, having played underage football with Coolera/Strandhill. “ It was a bit strange as I’d been away from Sligo through boarding school and Australia for the guts of seven or eight years and hadn’t really played much football in that time. I got back involved in the club at the age of 19 and I was playing football with my college and then the Sligo panel was a bit of a shock at the time but I got used to it. 2008 was my last year with Sligo,” said Kieran. During this time there were a number of highs, but winning the Connaught Championship in

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 16

2007 was the highlight of his time with the team. He also remembers with pride some great days in Croke Park. “We beat Kildare, we beat Tyrone, and we came very close to beating Armagh. They were huge days out for Sligo at the time. It really brought us to a national level,” he said. Yet despite his success with the team, the lure of a musical career was too strong and something had to give. “It became harder, the more my musical career developed; I had a lot of weekend and evening work, it became harder to give the time to the football. It’s a huge commitment playing county football. My hours weren’t really compatible. I’d have gigs on at the weekends when the lads would be training or having matches and I teach music as well. That takes up a lot of weekday evenings so it just became harder to combine the two of them,” he said. Yet the concept of becoming a professional musician was not always as prominent in his life. “I played piano from a young age from about eight until twelve and got a formal training in it, but didn’t really enjoy that so I gave up the piano again until about the age of 16, until I realised I could pick stuff up by ear and at that point I really got interested in it. After I finished college I was looking for something to throw my hat at and I saw an advertisement in the paper for a course in the Newpark School of Music in Dublin and decided I’d give that a go and about a year into that I figured I was really enjoying it and wondered if there was a way I could make a career out of it and started looking into it and dipped my toe in a little bit and it went from there,” he said.

Kieran (second from left) pictured with Anything Goes After completing two years of a Degree in Jazz Performance Kieran decided to begin his career as a professional musician. “I suppose the fact I had a degree already and was a little bit older than some of the people in my course, I wanted to get out in the world and play rather than do another full degree, so I did two years there. That brought me to 2006 and from then on I’ve been a full time musician,” said Kieran. While Kieran is zealous about performing, of equal importance to him is his teaching career. “I started teaching in 2005. I remember I put an ad in the paper at the time looking for students and I got a few and from there it has grown. I now run a school of music in Strandhill (Strandhill Sounds) with up on 80 piano students coming there a week,” he said.Ranging in age from 7 to 60 plus, students are taught piano in a twofold way. Far from the typical study of piano which involves studying classical music to achieve grades, Kieran offers something a bit different. “I didn’t enjoy the grades when I was doing them. Students get all the technique of the piano, their scales and how to read music, but the big difference is the tunes they learn will be tunes they want to learn, things that

are relevant to them, not classical tunes which they may never have heard of or which they never may play again after the exam. I arrange versions of pop tunes or film themes or whatever it is they are into and help them learn. Another big thing of mine is teaching by ear; to be able to listen to a melody and be able to play it themselves without sheet music. That’s a very important thing,” he said. The impending arrival of daughter Nixie also encouraged Kieran to train in another form of music. “When Sinead was pregnant I started looking into was there anything that could be done for very young children, toddlers and infants and I came across an American programme called Music Together. So I went over to the states and trained in that and I run those in Strandhill. It’s very informal. It’s to expose them to music. One of the ways children learn is from their parents. If they see their parents dancing or singing or playing an instrument no matter how well or badly, if they can pick up the fun and the play and the enjoyment their parents get off it, be exposed to it, that will automatically give them an advantage at the age of say seven or eight if they do sit down to formal tuition just

having been exposed to it,” he said. When it comes to music there are indeed many strings to Kieran’s bow. As resident piano player in Source Sligo Wine Bar on John Street, every Thursday he plays with a different guest. This has produced a series of theme nights with different musicians from around Sligo coming in and joining him. These have included a Tom Waits night, a Paul Simon night and a Divas night. When he is not teaching or performing in Source Sligo, Kieran has his hands full playing musical director. As well as being Musical Director of this year’s Christmas Pantomime, run by Coolera Dramatic Society for two weeks in the Hawkswell, he has also been the musical director with another musical society, the Star Factory, and oversaw their productions of Hairspray and West Side Story. Kieran also plays with the well- known band ‘Anything Goes’ who specialise in the fun, quirky and unique arrangement of tunes. As well as playing pubs and weddings, the group is currently writing a new theatre show for 2013 which will be on in the Hawkswell in February called “A Brief History of Popular Music. “ He was also involved in the acclaimed review “An Evening with Sergeant Pepper’s” in

2010. On top of all this Kieran accompanies popular wedding singer Sinead Conway, and has recorded with a number of local musicians including No Crows, Collette Sheerin, Aminah Hughes, the Odd Socks Revival and Joe Hunt. So what does the future hold for Kieran? “December is always a very busy month so I take a week off in January and try and relax and see what the next year might hold,” he said. But whatever next year may bring Kieran is definitely one to count his blessings. “I consider myself very lucky to be able to make a living out of this. It was only at the age of 25, that I started to do this so there was a good few years where I was going from part time job to part time job which I hated. For the first 25 years of my life I never thought I would be able to and so having come from that position it’s really good to be actually doing it,” he said. Anyone interested in contacting Strandhill Sounds can look up Kieran on Facebook under Kieran Quinn. Also those interested in learning more about Anything Goes can check out their website on

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 17


David Gibson Jumper - Tom Tailor - €20 T-shirt - Tk Maxx - €6 Jeans - River Island - €25 Shoes - Penneys €7

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Keith Phillips Blazer - Tom Tailor - €39 T-Shirt - Penneys - €4 Jeans - Pull and Bear - €20 Shoes - Foot Locker

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 20

5 Adelaide St, Sligo • Tel: 071-9160341 • Email:

Recent winners of ‘Schwarzkopf Hall of Fame’ award for Connacht Salon of the Year


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Mary McGavan and Roisin Toher.

Alan McDaid and Joeann Conway.

Sinead Moriarty, Michelle Henry and Megan Walsh.

Amanda Duffy and Brid McSharry. Vasia Krysa and Jurgita Kdvzan.

Shannon McGahon, Edel Flanagan and Leanne Dineen.

Marie and Brendan Mullen

Tara Gallagher, Brian Mullen and Anna Mullen.

Laura McAndrew and Mark Byrne.

Caroline Golden, Gretta Henery, Rachal Rooney and Doreen Oldfield.

Chris Kelly and Shannon McGahon.

Edel Lyons, Ashling Nickloas, Mandy McKeown and Rachel Coyne.

Caroline Cullen, Olivia Byrne and Stephanie Sproule.

Catherine Keegan, Annaleen flynn, Clare McLoughlin and Arifin Aprjanto.

Patrick Munday, Tea Saksin and Valeria Barber.

Nicola monaghan, Ann McCormack and Tiffany Meades.

Claire Mullen, Shane Fallon and Lorna McGowan.

Shauna Foye and Densie Quinn.

Joyce O'Brien and Lorraine Murry.

Sandra Canavan, Tony O'Hora, Gerry Sweeney, Catherine O'Hora, Sinead O'Malley & Willam Rowan.


Colin and Shane Carthy.

Rachel Lee and Chi Thert.

Eamonn Davey, Natasha Arkinson and Dave Meehan.

Jacinta Sweeney, Vera Scanlon and Brian O'Sullivan.

Fergal Gallagher and Ian Craig.

Janice Cawley and Sharon Foley.

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 24

Sean McGagh and Sean McMorrow.

Marta Bueno and Sarah Peinda.

Connolly Garage staff enjoy their Christmas party at Velvet.

Ciara Culkin & Caroline Sheehan.

Connolly Garage staff.

Greenstar staff.

Lilliput staff enjoy their Christmas party at Velvet.

Stacey White, Helen White, Emma Scanlon and Corinne Feeney.

Tanya, Des Gaynor, Lydia Murray and Chris O'Malley.

Greenstar staff enjoy their Christmas party at Velvet.

Exhibit staff enjoy their Christmas party at Velvet.




Brendan Grace Coming to Sligo Park The grandmaster of comedy Brendan Grace is coming to Sligo on the 29th of January and he is sure to draw a crowd. The man is a modern day legend and his playful humour and mischievous sense of devilment is a show worth seeing. Brendan has been a household name in Ireland pretty much since the 70’s and has been travelling the globe selling out venues and theatres with his school boyish gags and laugh out loud cheer. You are advised to get your tickets early as it will most likely sell out, you can purchase them from the hotel and, the Sligo Park Hotel’s number is 071 9190400, get ringing or they’ll be gone! Rockhouse Pilfer - McGarrilge’s 7 Sean Lynch Church without a Steeple Art Expo runs til 31 Mar The Model Into the Light Art Expo runs til 31 Mar The Model DJ Richie - Cullen’s Mash Up With Resident Djs Shenanigans

Trad Session - Shoot’s Bluestacks Jamclub Open Mic McGarrigle’s DJ Peter Crann - Swagman Dj Scruffy Duffy - Shenanigans



Trad Session - Shoot’s Bluestacks Jamclub Open Mic McGarrigle’s DJ Peter Crann - Swagman Dj Scruffy Duffy - Shenanigans


No Crows - Shoot’s The White Gorillas - Fiddler’s Grooveology - Swagman Trad Session - Mclaughlin’s Dj Ryan G - Shenanigans


Rockhouse Pilfer - McGarrilge’s 21 DJ Richie - Cullen’s The Field By J. B. Keane - Hawks Well Trad Session - Harp Tavern Mash Up With Resident Djs Shenanigans

Trad Session - Shoot’s Arlo Guthrie - Hawks well Bluestacks Jamclub Open Mic McGarrigle’s DJ Peter Crann - Swagman Dj Scruffy Duffy - Shenanigans


No Crows - Shoot’s The White Gorillas - Fiddler’s Grooveology - Swagman Trad Session - Mclaughlin’s Dj Ryan G - Shenanigans



30 No Crows - Shoot’s The White Gorillas - Fiddler’s Grooveology - Swagman Trad Session - Hayden’s - Ballymote Trad Session - Mclaughlin’s The Master - The Model Dj Ryan G - Shenanigans

Rockhouse Pilfer - McGarrilge’s DJ Richie - Cullen’s Trad Session - Harp Tavern Mash Up With Resident Djs -Shenanigans

Rockhouse Pilfer - McGarrilge’s DJ Richie - Cullen’s Trad Session - Harp Tavern Mash Up With Resident Djs Shenanigans


Trad Session - Shoot’s Bluestacks Jamclub Open Mic McGarrigle’s DJ Peter Crann - Swagman Brendan Grace - Sligo Park Hotel Dj Scruffy Duffy - Shenanigans

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 26

No Crows - Shoot’s The White Gorillas - Fiddler’s Grooveology - Swagman Trad Session - Mclaughlin’s Dj Ryan G - Shenanigans






Oliver - Sligo Fun Company

Maura O’Connell. Sun 27 Jan, 8pm

Fri 1 – Fri 8 Feb, 8pm / Sun 3 Feb, Matinee, 3pm Following their sell out production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s CATS, Sligo Fun Company brings Charles Dickens' timeless characters vividly to life with the ever-popular story of a boy who asked for more. Lionel Bart’s sensational score for Oliver! includes classics such as Food Glorious Food, Consider Yourself, You’ve Got to Pick-a-Pocket or Two, I’d Do Anything, Oom Pah Pah, As Long As He Needs Me and many, many more.

After more than 3 decades of touring, Maura O'Connell has announced that the 2013-14 season will be her farewell solo tour. Throughout her career, this celebrated songstress has collaborated with the industry's very best, including: Bela Fleck, Dolly Parton, Jerry Douglas, Van Morrison, John Prine, Eric Clapton, Paul Brady and Alison Krauss. Her contemporary interpretations of Irish folk songs, strongly influenced by American folk music have captivated listeners for years.

10 Trad Session - Shoot’s DJ Richie - Cullen’ s The Rocketmen - Fiddler’s Trad Session - Earley’s Scruffy Duffy - Garavogue 2 Euro Thursday - The Clarence Invited Artists exhibition - the Hamilton Gallery, until 28th Live Music - Swagman

Live Music - Garavogue 11 Trad - Hayden’s - Ballymote John L - Foley’s Live Music - Venue Various Artists - Hargadon’ s A Local Live Band - G’vogue Live Music - Furey’s Live Music - Fiddler’s Chris Bailey - The Strand Kieran Quinn - Source - (tbc) Live Music - Kennedy’s

12 Tabby - Fiddler’s Live Music - Venue Seamus & Friends - Foley’s Francie Keohan - Earley’s Wizards Of Sonic - G’vogue Tony Marren - Td’s Sunday Mass - The Strand The Sand Park Hawk’s Well Live Music - Kennedy’s Breakaways - Harp Tavern


18 John L - Foley’s David O’Doherty - Hawkswell Various Artists - Hargadon’s A Local Live Band - G’vogue Live Music - Venue Live Music - Furey’s Live Music - Fiddler’s Chris Bailey - The Strand Widows Paradise By Sam Bree Rathcormac Hall

19 Tabby - Fiddler’s Seamus & Friends - Foley’s Dead Rock - Garavogue Night Hawks - Harp Tavern Live Music - Venue Seamus & Friends - Foley’s Live Music - Furey’s Live Music - Td’s Mary Rose & Enda - Earley’s Rockhouse Pilfer - The Strand

Trad Session - Shoot’s 24 DJ Richie - Cullen’ s Sharon Shannan - Hargadon’s The Rocketmen - Fiddler’s Scruffy Duffy - Garavogue Trad Session - Earley’s Live Music - Swagman Live Music - Venue Kieran Quinn - Source - (tbc) The Little Mermaid Hawks Well

John L - Foley’s 25 Live Music - Furey’s The Certain 3 Tour The Model Various Artists - Hargadon’s Live Music - Venue Live Music - Fiddler’s Live Music - Kennedy’s

Tabby - Fiddler’s 26 DJ Dessie - Fiddler’s Blue Moose - Garavogue DJ Brendan Jinks - Cullens Live Music - Venue Seamus & Friends - Foley’s Live Music - Furey’s Live Music - Td’s Little Mermaid - Hawks Well Live Music - Kennedy’s Quay St. Band - Harp Tavern

Trad Session - Shoot’s Sharon Shannan - Hargadon’s DJ Richie - Cullen’ s The Rocketmen - Fiddler’s Scruffy Duffy - Garavogue Trad Session - Earley’s 2 Euro Thursday - Clarence Live Music - Venue Kieran Quinn - Source - (tbc) Live Music - Swagman

Trad Session - Shoot’s 31 Sharon Shannan - Hargadon’s DJ Richie - Cullen’ s The Rocketmen - Fiddler’s Scruffy Duffy - Garavogue Trad Session - Earley’s Live Music - Swagman Live Music - Venue Kieran Quinn - Source - (tbc) Country All Stars Concert Southern Hotel

13 Dj Tommy Finan Shenanigans Sunday Mass - McGarrigle’s Jazz Lads - Harp Tavern -1pm Trad - Hayden’s- Ballymote Live Music - The Strand Live Music - Garavogue


Liam Murphy - Earley’s Sunday Mass - McGarrigle’s Trad - Hayden’s- Ballymote Live Music - Garavogue Live Music - The Strand The Field By J. B. Keane Hawks Well Jazz Lads - Harp Tavern -1pm Dj Tommy Finan Shenanigans Maura O’Connell 27 Hawks Well Sunday Mass - McGarrigle’s John Keohan - Earley’s Trad - Hayden’s- Ballymote Live Music - Garavogue Live Music - The Strand Dj Tommy Finan Shenanigans

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January at the Model The Certain Three Tour The Certain Three Tour returns for its fourth annual outing this January, 2013. Continuing on in the tradition of the last three years – where Irishbased booking agency Word of Mouth curates a triple bill of three very different acts and sends them out on tour – the 2013 tour will feature a diverse and compelling lineup, with an alternating running order for each show. Previous tours have featured Katie Kim, O Emperor, We Cut Corners, The Lost Brothers and Alessi’s Ark, amongst others. The lineup for the Certain Three Tour 2013 will feature three homegrown Irish acts: electro-pop duo Nanu Nanu, lo-fi shoegazer Si Schroeder and the post-punk of Trumpets of Jericho.

Nanu Nanu Nanu Nanu are an Alien-Pop duo based in Dublin. Members Mirrorman and Glitterface use analog and modular synthesizers teamed with a strong foundation of heavy beats and lush, otherworldly vocal processing to create their exciting and unique ‘Alien-Pop’ sound. They have just finished their debut album, which will be released in early 2013 on Flaming June. Their debut single will be Pocket of Gold. It has been mixed by producer Rob Kirwan; the man who mixed PJ Harvey’s Mercury Prize winning album Let England Shake.

Si Schroeder The Master Following the elemental There Will be Blood was always going to be a challenge for writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson, so this latest drama operates on a more intimate scale, yet with hardly less expressive intensity. America, post-WWII, and traumatised exsailor Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix) is a man apart, filled with rages and desires he can barely control, much less understand. By chance he wanders into the orbit of Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman), scientist, philosopher and figurehead of a nascent cult known as ‘The Cause’ – if the latter can put Freddy back together, perhaps the critics will see that his theories on past-life regression hold some water after all? Expect the unpredictable as their push-pull relationship plays out, driven by Anderson’s elliptical editing, a swirling Jonny Greenwood score and vibrantly contrasted performances from the two leads. The result is captivating, a seething mosaic of thought and emotion, pieced together by a filmmaker confidently exploring the troubled depths of the American psyche. (Notes by Trevor Johnston.)

Si Schroeder is a Dublin-based musician who mixes his voice with guitars, samples, acoustic instruments, beats and live drums to create haunting and uplifting melodic songs exploring the darker side of the human condition. A layered approach to composition and production results in dense, textured blends of synthetic and organic sounds, over which Si’s warm, soothing voice unravels stories of chaos and destruction. Highlights among his live shows include 2007’s Electric Picnic, 2008’s Future Days, The Kilkenny Arts Festival 2009, and abroad at EUROSONIC in Holland, Berlin’s Popkomm and New York’s Intelfest, The Chicago Cultural Center, and repeat visits to London’s influential Kosmische Club. His second album is due for release in 2013.

Trumpets of Jericho After two years of creating some semblance of a sound that they can call ‘their own’, the group finally decided to record their debut Songs Like an Alum Ut Its Nor Really, garnering praise and indifference in equal measure. Their energetic live shows have built them a strong and loyal following in the south of Ireland (i.e. Cork) and they recently opened for The Fall, which is pretty cool. Cork’s Trumpets of Jericho have delivered a wonderfully idiosyncratic statement with their debut full-length release.

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What’s on at The Hawkswell

The Field

Maura O’ Connell,


he Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo begins 2013 with a chock-a-block month of Theatre, Comedy & Music to put a spring in your step! There really is something for everyone from the big names such as Arlo Guthrie, Maura O’ Connell, David O’ Doherty, Seamus O’ Rourke and treasured favourites from Sligo General Hospital Musical Society & The Sligo Fun Company. The Mairead McMorrow Drama Academy will present a selection of short plays including the hilarious two act play by JM Synge, The Tinkers Wedding, Fri Jan 4. Niamh Farrell & esteemed friends, return Sat Jan 5 with an evening of Traditional, Classical music and dance. Fans of Seamus O’ Rourke, author of ‘Ride On’ & ‘Victor’s Dung’ will be delighted to learn that his new playThe Sand Park comes to

the Hawk’s Well, Sat Jan 12. It’s the heart-warming take of how Offaly farmer James Anthony Lowery, a man in his mid-fifties, came to terms with the death of his son and now, his wife Rose. It’s a play about rural Irish life and the way we cope with the inevitable. It’s funny, uplifting and real. “We are taken on a roller coaster ride, I cried, I laughed but as with all of O Rourke’s work I left the theatre with a lot to think about.” – Charlie McGettigan. There is a second helping of Theatre later in the month when Galway’s Hourglass Theatre Company visits with John B Keane's classic play The Field, Sun 20 Jan. This powerful production promises to be a great night out. Laughs mid- January come from one of Ireland’s most adored comedians’ and EdinSeamus O’ Rourke

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 30

burgh Comedy Award winner, David O’ Doherty, Fri Jan 18. The Guthrie family legacy is celebrated by Folk Music Icon Arlo Guthrie. A truly a legendary artist his exceptional shows are unique and inspiring. Hear Arlo’s timeless stories and unforgettable classic songs as he carries on the Guthrie family legacy Tues 22 Jan. Sligo General Hospital Musical Society bring the Hans Christian Andersen classic fable ‘The Little Mermaid’ to the stage from Thurs 24 – Sat 26 Jan. After more than 3 decades of touring, Maura O’ Connell has announced that 20132014 will be her farewell tour. Her contemporary interpretations of Irish Folk Songs, strongly influenced by American Folk Music have captivated listeners for years. We are delighted to welcome this legendary singing sensation back to Sligo for a very special evening Sun 27 Jan. The ever-popular story of the boy who asked for more. “Oliver!” will come to the Hawk’s Well David O’ Doherty,

stage from 1 - 8 of Feb 2013 in a Sligo Fun Company Production. Music Aficionados will be looking forward to the arrival of Award-winning quartet WeBanjo3+1 Feb 9. The quartet combines Irish Music with OldTime American and Bluegrass influences to reveal the banjo’s rich legacy and roots. Sharing the bill is Northern Lights , whose performance evokes everything between the ice of the North sea and the warmth of Irish summer pastures, in search of a deeper understanding of the things that unite us all. Visit for further details. Niamh Farrell







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Looking forward to a busy year Claudia McGloin didn’t let the recession dampen her entrepreneurial ambitions. She opened up her own clinic in Sligo in December 2011 and it is still going strong. Her clinic is a Private Medical Aesthetic, Trauma and Orthopaedic and Colonic Hydrotherapy clinic offering several treatments for various problems. Claudia trained in the UK with top Consultant Plastic Surgeons and has completed several adding new medical clinics for 2013!


o how has the past year been going since you opened in December 2011? It’s been going really well. I’ve met lots of people who’ve read my articles in Mature Living, they love the articles and they’re saying that they can’t wait for the following month to see what I’m writing about. I met some people in Castlebar at the Mature Living exhibition and people were saying ‘we’re so delighted to meet you and finally put a face to it’ and they say ‘you don’t hold back, you tell it as it is’. And I think it is important for people because they want to know about certain aspects regarding the colon and different issues and different problems, they’re afraid to ask and I just come out with it so it’s just there! What does running a successful business in Sligo mean to you? It's been going really well. The clinic is getting very busy and I've got clients travelling from all over Ireland and Northern Ireland for treatments and have even had a few enquiries from Europe! I've been adding lots more treatments and procedures to the clinic list and I've also linked up with a couple of Consultant Vascular Surgeons for The Vein Clinic Ireland which is a division of the Claudia McGloin Clinic. I'm also busy writing monthly articles for Mature Living Magazine and am looking at

What led you to leave your job as a Trauma and Orthopaedic specialist nurse in the UK and move back to Ireland? It was a tough decision, I was still recovering from major spinal surgery and I knew that I wanted to distance myself from London and carry on with my recovery. In some ways it was like; I woke up one morning and after saying for the past fourteen years ‘I’ll never come back to Ireland’, the time just felt right. I decided to come back and to open up the clinic and I absolutely loved the colonic hydrotherapy treatment and because there was nobody in the North West of Ireland I knew that it was certainly a treatment that people in Ireland would absolutely love. And everything just fell into place and it just felt absolutely right to move back. It’s funny because a friend of mine moved back as well at the same time….we met up with each other just after Christmas in one of the bars in Covent Garden and we both said ‘we’ve got some news’… ’we’re both moving home’…it was fantastic! You go by the motto ‘less is more’; did this philosophy lead you to your career in the cosmetic industry? No, throughout my career I’ve seen lots of people who’ve had cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and for me; I really feel that less is definitely more. You can always add but you can’t take away. You just want to have that natural look that enhances your natural beauty. Not where people look and they know immediately that you’ve had some work done. What benefits are there from the colonic hydrotherapy treatment that your clinic offers? The colonic hydrotherapy treatment is the most amazing treatment because the bowel is one of the most important organs in the body but it’s one that is forgotten about! It’s

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 32

courses from Medical Aesthetic Injection Procedures to Thread Vein removal surgeries. It’s not many interviews where you talk about colonics in such detail but Claudia has a reputation for telling it as it is! She moved back to Ireland after being in the UK for fourteen years and her clinic has gone through the first year as a success. PostChristmas detox treatment anyone? certainly one that a lot of people don’t like talking about. We get a lot of toxins that are stored in the colon; there are a lot of gases, bad bacteria and parasites. Through the course of years and years, you can get a huge build-up of faeces that’s just stuck to the colon wall. So the average person can store up to twenty pounds and somebody who suffers from constipation can store up to forty, which is a lot! It can get up to about three inches thick. Quite a lot of the colon will be covered in faeces and it just slows down the bowel. 80% of all critical illnesses start in the colon so by the time they’ve worked their way through to different organs the GP’s will send you for investigations for various things and then by the time you’ve come back it’s a case of ‘there’s nothing wrong here’. But everybody needs to have a colonic really to give the colon a really good cleanse and a good hydrate. If people are hesitant to attend the clinic to treat a certain problem like that, what advice would you give them? I know lots of people are worried but it’s the initial insertion of the speculum and that’s what people fear! I’ve had several treatments myself it’s the most amazing treatment that I’ve ever had because I’d contracted a parasite when I was in the Dominican Republic nine years ago. It’s the only one that’s actually worked for me. But I know that when people read things up on the internet they’ll hear a lot of horror stories and they’re just scare mongering stories. So my advice really is to come in and have a look, everything is completely disposable; it’s not as bad as what they think and if they’re really relaxed, they have an amazing treatment. Your clinic was rated within the top 5% for customer service by; you received 100% positive feedback from your patients which earned you a Customer Service Award in 2012. You must be doing something right!

That was fantastic; I didn’t expect anything like that! I think I got that when the clinic was about seven months old. And it was really fantastic to have achieved that from You are ‘big’ on patient safety and are involved with the Safe Surgery Saves Lives Campaign. Definitely. Patient safety is paramount and there are so many cases of people coming through that have had issues. The Safe Surgery Saves Lives Campaign is there, it’s just a simple little checklist to make sure that when people do have surgery; they have the correct surgery for the correct area. You have started courses in your clinic; do you enjoy passing your training onto others? I love teaching, I’ve always taught when I was in the hospital. I taught student nurses, newly qualified nurses and doctors and I just absolutely loved it. So we are going to start up some cosmetic surgery courses and hopefully see lots of people come through who have been trained here and who will adopt my methods. You offer sessional clinics in Enniskillen, Dublin and London. Do you find it hectic to travel around and offer treatments when you are running the clinic in Sligo as well? It can be hectic travelling here, there and everywhere but I'm used to it and I love it. The main clinic for now is Sligo and I tend to spend most of my time here but I intend to divide my time with London which is still my home and set up teaching courses and clinics there! There are occassions when I need to be in two places at once and that is just hard to do. I will need to clone myself! Look up Claudia’s clinic on or call 071 9140728 to ask about treatments or book an appointment.

World Renowned Der!aCeutic range is exclusive to Sligo and the Claudia McGloin Clinic

Colonic Hydrotherapy Colonic Enemas Vibro Plate Chemical Skin Peel (Mild or Medium) Genuine Dermaroller Stretch Marks, Acne and Scar Treatment Dermal Fillers Lip and Cheek Enhancement, Lines and Wrinkles Advanced Cosmetic Procedures Moles, Milia, Warts, Veruccas, Blood Spots, Skin Tags, Thread veins Mesotherapy Fat and Cellulite Reduction Sports Injuries Facial Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening Microsclerotherapy Thread Vein Removal Aqua Detox Foot Spa Osteoarthritis Knee injections Medical Skin Care ...Prices on consultation

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Paraic and Olwen Conlon. Judy Scanlon and Keiran Quinn.

Kara Davy and Leona Meehan.

Andrea Lally and Anna Durkin.

Niall Caulfield and Tracie Byrnie.

Alan Molloy, Eileen molloy and Yvonne O'Rorke.

Elizabeth McGuire, Ann Barrin and David Craddock.

Hugh conway and Karina Caraway.

Eamonn and Deirdre Kielty.

Geard McCarroll, Aoiffe McCarroll and Clara Meehan.

Helen White and Monica Doherty.

Lis McMorrow and Niamh Kielty.

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Joan McDounagh, Liam Cashell and Patricia Cashell.

Mary G Whitney and Breege Marren.

Joanne Carty, Patrick hopkins, Gretti Kelly and Varmel Dunne.

Evelyn Mullen and Anne Marie Foley.

Bryan and Karen Walsh.

Gabriel and Orla Keaveny.

Jim Howley, Anne O'Brien and Seamus Curley.

Fiona Tiffoney and Cait Reynolds.

Gllian Shaw and Mick Kenny.

Mlarites Davis, Elizabeth Costello, Alma Scanlon, Lily Costello and Lisa Masa.

Ruthanne Cawley and Oliver Brady.

Clare Hourihane and Marian Gavigan.

Jackie O'Leary and John Kearins. Olivia and Aidan Connaughton.

Susan Shanley and Marie Therese Foley.

Yvonne Cawley, Karen Cawley, Maria McGuire and Eillen Connaghton.

Carmel Durkin and PJ Mullarkey.

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Andreas Garcia and Nacho Tur. Ronan McArt and Niamh Plunkett.

Tommy O'Donoghue and Yasmina Rahmoune.

Rebecca Carty and Charlotte McManus.

James O'Sullivan, Elaine Sweeney and Mary McHugh.

Andrea Vytaite and Eurika Povilaityte. Sarah Haddow, Elaine Granagh, Sinead Ward and Sandra Dooley.

Derek O'Hara and Niall Gallagher.

Leonie Conlon and Declan Reidy.

Marsha Trotter and Aisling Branley.

BCW Group enjoying their Christmas party.

Paddy McGowan and Breda Kint.

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Aaron Spring and Gemma Parsons.

Eddy Cunningham, Patrick O'Riordan and Gerry O'Donnell.

Lorraine Cuffe and Alison Mannons.

Aoife Rooney and Sara Callagy.

Olivia Finn and Ruth Connelly

Owen Kelby, Daniel Haran and Ryan Stallaod.

Anne Marie Conneely, Paula Cunnings, and Linsey Dunne.

Connor Barry, Killian Roache, Sean McCarthy and Patrick Fitzpatrick.

Helen and Alison Kelly.

Elaine Regan and Sharon McGowan.

Katie Banks and Declan Buckley.

Yvette Kelly, Joanne Clarke and Shelly O'Rourke.

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Emma Halton and Emma Higgins.

Johney Spice and Emma McGowan.

Skincare Ideas By Muireann O'Connor

Grainne Kearns Caroline O Grady and Niamh O’Grady.

Aisling Dignam and Farragh Quigley.

Joanne Murphy and Cora McCauley.

Stacey White Emma Scanlon and Helen White.

Declan Gilgun and Clodagh Curran.

Andrea Kelly, Andrew Kelly and Sharon Clancy.

Ann Marie and Keith Keenan.

Patricia Henry, Laura McGlinchey and Christine McGlinchey.

Deane Gurrie and Gayle Gurrie.

Michael and Noelle Kenefick.

Gerard McErlean and Diane Carry.

Brendan Henry and Mireta Henry.

The new year is upon us and with it a raft of resolutions most of which we rarely stick to. This year I propose we start the year by taking small steps to achieving improved health and a better lifestyle. Small changes such as drinking more water or adding more fruit and vegetables to our diet are an easier feat than cutting out all our favourite foods. Suddenly our healthy eating goals are more attainable. These changes not only cut calories but are of huge benefit to our skin. Healthy radiant skin makes us look and feel fabulous and now instead of splurging on the latest beauty products we can raid our cupboards and make up some great mini facial treatments that will save a fortune and leave your skin radiant. Oily skin will love the Egg Facial Mask. This mask requires one egg and should be applied once a week at night for best results. Using the egg white first, whisk and apply to the skin for 10-15 minutes this will draw out the oils. Remove with tepid water and then whisk and apply the yolk for a further 10 minutes to hydrate your skin. Again, remove with tepid water and apply moisturiser to hydrate your skin while you sleep. For dry and mature skin the Avocado and Honey mask is a real treat. Begin by mashing half of a ripe fresh avocado into quarter of a cup of honey. Apply to the skin for 1015 minutes. Remove with tepid water and apply moisturiser to finish. Mix some honey with brown sugar to make a brilliant exfoliating moisture treatment for chapped lips in wintertime. Next month hair stylist Martha Pinter and I will be answering your Hair and Beauty questions so drop us an email



You have had a lot of success in your sporting career and were presented with an All Star Award in 2002. Is it satisfying to know that your training and hard work is being recognised? To be honest, I never did it for recognition. It’s a choice to play football. It’s really everybody’s choice; if their intention was to go into playing football and think that they’re going to get recognised or think that they are going to get some sort of notoriety out of it, they’re fooling themselves. That would have been my attitude when I started off; it’s changed quite a lot in the last while, probably in the last ten years. There’s more TV attention, there’s more media there for the players and there is much more reporting being done. But going into it, you’re doing it for yourself and yes, you would love to get success but that’s for yourself. It’s not really to please anybody else. Yes, It’s great for Sligo people to have success, that’s the reason why I’m playing it, to put Sligo on the map. But it is for myself, that’s ultimately why I did it. You have had a few injuries in your career, particularly a knee injury that is giving you trouble again this year? Yeah , I had both knees operated on, I had the groin operated on…Well, right now, I am 100% fit which is great you know but it took a lot of work! When injuries come along like that, you know what I mean; you can have a good run of it and then you can have an injury that will lead into another injury. It just frustrates you and you sort of never feel that you are 100% fit. Things like that tend to happen and with the year being tight enough as it is you sort of try to cram in as much as you can. Injuries are likely to happen so you have to accept that and take them on the chin. It takes a lot of hard work to get back from those injuries; you miss out on weeks or months in some cases of training. You are starting from a bottom pace and an awful lot of people have to do a lot of work to get me back to play at the level I wanted to play; a huge debt of gratitude goes to them as well.

“Absolute legend, Just a fantastic player, the skill, the quality, his decision making is unreal, when to carry, when to pass, and he is accurate. Watching this man over the yrs has been a privilege, and I am indebted and grateful to watch him all these yrs”. what a fan says.


e has had great success with his club team in Tourlestrane, winning seven championship medals. He made his intercounty debut in a league game back in 1993. He scored a spectacular goal for Sligo in 2007, when they won the Nester Cup for the first time since 1975. He has gained a lot of success in his career but it doesn’t come without a lot of hard work.

A youthful looking Eamonn O'Hara, pictured here at the Sligo Park Hotel back in August 2002, where a lunch was held in his honour, when he won the Vodafone player of the Month award for July.

January 2013 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 40

What drives you to keep going each year? That’s a great question! Stupidity in one way..! But on a serious note; I love the challenge, when I started playing football you just did it for the love of the football. I still enjoy football but it has almost become like a full time job, the commitment is there so much. So you ask yourself why would you get up at six o’clock in the morning to go training while everyone else is at home getting ready to go to work. We get up and do the gym, or whatever time you need to do it or alternatively you do a full day’s work and go back. When everyone else is sitting down watching Home and Away, we’re getting ready to go out for probably four hours. It could be an hour to training; it could be two hours training and an hour to come back. I’ve gotten back in at eleven or twelve o’clock at night. It’s the stuff that people don’t see. You do ask yourself, what’s it all for? It’s the competitive challenge that’s there and trying to push yourself to the limit that people probably won’t understand until they do it. It’s hard to describe it but for me personally it’s that challenge, challenging yourself to be at your very best and trying to perform at that highest level. When you were growing up in Sligo, did you have a hero to look up to that made you decide to play football? Well when I was growing up it was always Galway or Mayo that was on the TV in the Connacht finals so there wasn’t a Sligo player that I could look up to. I would have leaned more to a Mayo or Galway player than I would have a Sligo player but you just watched it and for Daragh Ó Sé was my sort of, idol. I had seen him playing for Ireland in the Australian Rules and playing for Kerry in AllIrelands, he was who we looked up to but not as regards to an idol or anything else like that…..He was one guy I actually admired and looked up to and respected for what he achieved and how he went about getting it.

If you did not get into GAA, what other sport would you have liked to play? I came from Tourlestrane where GAA was your only choice, it wasn’t the case that we had a soccer club or a rugby club. Now, there is. We went to school where there was just Gaelic Football and there was nothing else really there. I would have loved to have played rugby if it was available. Rugby has taken off in the last number of years. If it was a choice I would have loved to have tried rugby to be quite honest with you. I’d play every sport; it’s not a case where you wouldn’t do anything. You know, every sport… I’d have a crack at it so to choose between one or the other is hard to say but I would have liked to have tried rugby to see what it was like. Or alternatively I would have loved to have gone off to Australia, if I could roll back the clock and I was eighteen or nineteen again and the opportunity arose to go to play Australian Rules; I’d be on the plane in the morning! I found a video of you on YouTube speaking at a Substance Abuse seminar; you were speaking about the fact that you do not drink. Are you glad you made the decision not to drink? Do you think it made a difference to your training? It doesn’t make any difference to me or anyone else to be quite honest with you. It is a choice I made a long time ago and it was nothing to do with sport. It was a case that I didn’t like the taste of it at the time when everybody else around me was trying it out, I was one to try it out as well. I just didn’t like the taste of it and as time went on I didn’t really like what it does to people; a lot of people putting on a lot of shows and the boasting and the talk that comes after it. When I hear fellas, as I said at the seminar, saying that they had a great night but they remember nothing...

I just don’t buy into that theory and I don’t buy into that bullshit! I can enjoy myself without drink and I have a number of friends that don’t drink and a lot of friends that do drink. You just have the level of respect for each other when it comes down to it, we have great nights out and it doesn’t necessarily have to involve drink. That was the choice I made and I’m not looking for recognition for that but at the same time I’m not trying to stand on a pedestal and say you shouldn’t drink, I know lads that are fantastic footballers, the best in the country and they have a few drinks, so that’s the situation with me. How do you balance family life with football? Do they mix well? It’s very difficult I suppose! It’s a case that you try and put in as much time as possible, it’s a case that they all understand. Everybody in my family understands how I operate and you’ve got good days and bad days. There’s times where they’d know if I don’t play well…you don’t come and talk to me or you don’t try and analyse

the game with me. You give me a few days and let me cool off! At the same time, when you win, they won’t let your ego get away with itself or anything like that! It’s just a case that the people around me know me quite well, and that’s family and

friends, and they know how to treat me and I know how to treat them. We know the common ground that we can walk on.

How do you unwind outside sport? Very, very easy! It used to be bad when I was younger. If we lost a game I’d be two days absolutely like… I’m trying to find the words….it was bad! But I think over time I have mellowed quite a lot. I won’t say it’s less ‘the be all and end all’ but at the same time

you’d just be disappointed, Gaelic has changed so much. Everybody has an opinion on how you play and everything else and ultimately I’ve learned that if I’m happy with my own performance, win or lose; that you can walk off the field and say that I did very well or I did my very best, I’d be happy with that. If I didn’t perform and walk off the field saying I only played my 50% I just look forward to

Eamonn in action for Ireland in the International Compromise Series of 2002

the following Monday or Tuesday night at training and say; well it’s a case where I have to improve on A, B, C and D and I’m my own worst judge. I’m judge and jury when it comes down to it and I’ll search myself and punish myself in the right way. Really, for unwinding that’s how I unwind from sport but over time I have mellowed quite a lot when it comes to analysing myself. I can just chill out. I have loads of other hobbies. I’m just normal; I’m no different to anybody else! Who has been your toughest opponent that you have played against in your football career? They’re all very tough! I suppose for me, the best battle that I have ever was probably against Paul McGrane of Armagh. What are your hopes for the future; would you ever consider going into management? I would consider it, it’s something that there’s a lot of focus on at the moment. A lot of young managers are going into football and I think football is evolving. If you’ve been away from football from one, two or three years…you’re well behind when it comes to management. So ultimately if I was to manage, you’d want to be doing it straight out of finishing football so it’s something I would definitely consider. I am involved with the Sligo minors at the moment as being a selector with them so it’s a new challenge, it’s something different and I’m looking forward to it. Now the big question from the lads in the office at Sligo Now….Will you be back to play for Sligo in 2013? That’s up in the air at the present moment. I’m taking the winter off and keeping away from selective sessions. That’s the most tiring thing about training with a county team, it’s that selective sessions are there and they’re working to a timetable. I’m training away, doing my own program myself and really it will be up to Kevin Walsh if he wants me back in the New Year. We have spoken already and you know, if he wants me back I’d be willing to make myself available. If he feels that he’s got enough of guys there, I’ll just have to accept the decision whether I’m happy with it or not! I’ll have to wait and see in the New Year to answer that question.

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Winter warmers Baked ham Glaze Ingredients 1/3 cup light brown sugar ½ cup honey 1/3 cup dry red wine ½ cup pineapple juice 1 medium clove garlic 1 fully cooked ham

Potato Bread and Ham the family recipe Ingredients ½ cup freshly boiled, mashed potatoes 1 cup self raising flour 1 level tablespoon of butter 2 level teaspoons of salt Method Place the warm potatoes, butter and salt in a bowl and mash thoroughly. Gradually work the flour into the mix. Turn the mixture out onto a baking board and knead until smooth. Roll out to ¼ to ½ inch thick and cut into rounds . Fry on a hot pan until golden brown. It takes about 5 minutes.

Method Combine the brown sugar, honey, wine , pineapple juice and minced garlic in a large bowl. Place the ham in the marinade, turn to coat well and let marinate for 6 hours or overnight in refrigerator. Turn frequently to keep ham coated with marinade . Preheat oven to 180 C . Place the ham on a rack in a roasting pan , reserving the marinade for basting. Bake the ham, basting frequently with the reserved marinade , until fully baked . (approx. 5 minutes per pound)

Smoked Haddock and Prawn Fish cakes Ingredients 5 medium potatoes

2 glasses milk 2 salmon fillets 3 haddock (or cod) fillets 200g king prawns salt and pepper to taste 2 tablespoons mayonnaise (or soured cream)

120g plain flour 2 eggs 125g breadcrumbs Oil Method 1. Boil potatoes, drain, then mash. 2. Boil milk, and just before it starts to raise up the sides of the pan, turn down the heat and add the salmon and haddock; simmer for 5 minutes. 3. Chop king prawns and after fish has been in milk for 5-10 minutes, break into little pieces. Mix fish, prawns and potatoes together, adding salt, pepper and mayo or soured cream. 4. Mix 2 eggs together in shallow bowl. In another bowl place flour, and in a third bowl place breadcrumbs. 5. Make fish cakes from mixture - the size 2” rounds - then cover in flour, then egg and then in breadcrumbs. 6. In large pan heat about 2mm of oil and cook each cake till golden brown. Once browned on both sides, put cakes on a baking tray and place in oven at 200 C / Gas 6 for 10-15 minutes, till piping hot inside.

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hristmas is over and the pounds are on. So what will you do to lose them? Will you...... Reach for the green tea from last January? Drink enough water to fill a small swimming pool? Eat the kind of foods that leave you losing the will to live? Will your exercise involve "walking the roads" for the next 3 weeks and little else? And, will the whole regime last, say, all of........1 month perhaps........maybe. Until next January.

By Dave McEvoy of Dmac Media, Sligo.


hristmas is finally winding down and the January Sales are in full swing. You have had your fill of mince pies and you are looking for great buys. Considering that over €420 million is spent online by irish people in December and January is not far behind We wanted to give you 3 things to watch out for to make sure you get the bargain and not the booby prize. 1. Is it secure? On any website you are about to enter your credit card details you should be sure it is secure the quickest way to check this is to look at the right hand side of the address bar. You should see a small padlock icon. This is a good sign it means the site more than likely use a security certificate that creates a secure connection between you and the website. 2. Who are they? Particularly for a first time purchase from a website it is important to know who you are buying from. if the address is not available on the contact or about us page then you should take care. Also have a quick look at there terms & conditions. If they don’t have them easily accessible then don’t buy as you do not know how they will deal with your order. 3. If the price is too good to be true... If you see a price that sounds too good to be true unfortunately it probably is. Always spend a little time price checking on other sites like amazon to be sure your price is not too far off the normal retail price as this is often a warning sign. These three things are small pointers that should see you make the most out your online shopping trips.

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Here's a thought How about making 2013 the year you dedicate yourself to a fit, healthy, happier you! Sounds tough? Its not as hard as you think. Here are a few helpful tips to get you on your way. 1. Ditch the detox plans. The body is great at detoxing itself. Eat and drink everything in moderation, drink enough water to stay hydrated and have fruit and veg as part of your meals as usual. Have some caffeine but not too much. Your body will do the rest. 2. Stop smoking. That's it. Just stop. Enough said. 3. Exercise 3-4 times a week every week of every year if possible. Exercise should work up a sweat and guess what, sweating helps the body detox. Exercise also keeps your mood elevated, you weight stable, your heart and lungs strong and your chances of suffering from many illnesses & diseases lower, your bones stronger and your brain sharper. 4. Do weight bearing exercise (weights, resistance). Doing regular resistance keeps your muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones strong. When done right, it will also help with your posture. Resistance also has a very positive effect on your metabolism, speeding up fat loss improving definition. 5. Eat fish twice a week. Oily fish when possible. Great for omega oils and protein. Omega oils help regulate blood clotting and body temperature. They help protect the heart lowering blood pressure. Reproduction and immune function also benefit. Omegas also shut of enzymes that cause inflammation and pain in arthritis. There are other sources of omega oils other than fish including wholemeal sources. 6. Go easy on the alcohol. The alcohol itself has 7 calories per gram, 2 less than a gram of fat. A typical pint of beer has roughly 182 calories, Guinness has more at 210 calories approx, 120ml of white wine

has roughly 87 calories and red wine has a little more than that. Moderation is the key. 7. Watch out for the smoothies! They are healthy to a degree, but they will also add a substantial amount of calories to your daily intake. 250 - 800 calories depending on its content. Adding yogurt, peanut butter etc. adds quite a few extra calories to your smoothie. 8. Get sleep. Your body repairs itself when sleeping. Your body and mind.The lack of proper sleep can slow your metabolism and leave you craving refined sugary foods. These foods will raise you energy levels fast. However they will also fall very fast leaving you craving more.....and more.....and more. 9. Eat enough. Eat too much and you will put on weight, simple. If you eat more than your body can burn in a day the surplus will not dissolve into thin air. They are still there. Eat more than you burn in a day equals weight gain. Burn more than you eat in a day equals weight loss. This is TRUE for most people. However, do not get obsessed. Don't calorie count. You would be suprised how many calories you will burn in a day with a healthy metabolism, going about your normal daily routine. Additional exercise will obviously help you with the process, burning that extra few calories that can make all the difference. 10. Make your healthy routine a life long habit. Exercising hard for a month or two and then lying dormant for months on end only exacerbates weight gain. Yo-yo dieting has the same effect. Spend time finding a balance that suits you, create attainable goals and keep your eye on them. A good, long term routine will take time and effort.

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Sligo Now January 2013  

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