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Angelscopes October Fiona Faery is a spiritual intuitive and medium. Her readings offer insightful guidance, clarity and comfort. She has worked on television, radio and hosts a regular Facebook Live show every Tuesday at 9.09pm, to connect with her followers. Her Angelscopes and poetry have appeared in various publications throughout the country. Fiona gives private 1-to-1 sittings at The Sligo Park Hotel on the last weekend of every month. She is also available for private consultations or One Question readings on her website





Lucky day: 15th October Lucky Crystal: Carnelian Card: Angel of Self Acceptance Learn to take a compliment Aries. Know you are worthy of love, success & opportunity. Seek Balance this month. Allow a favour to be repaid. You show the world how to treat you.

Lucky day: October 22nd Lucky Crystal: Jade Card: Angel of Listening Listening in today’s busy world is a feat in itself. Too often we are waiting to jump in with our viewpoint instead of listening to what the other person is saying. Learn to listen this month. For if you do, you will gain an important insight into what a certain individual is saying or not saying as the case may be!!!!

Lucky day: October 27th Lucky Crystal: Citrine Card: Angel of Serenity Take a walk in nature. Watch the waves crash across the beach. Spend some time alone this month Gemini. You may feel “peopled out”. Reboot & Revive your energy. Nourish your spirit.

Lucky day: October 14th Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz Card: Angel of Abundance It’s either feast or famine with you this month Cancer. Stay positive, otherwise you will attract a lack vibration. Know you are worthy of success, luck & opportunity. Surround yourself with positive people & affirmations.





Lucky day: October 17th Lucky Crystal: Clear Quartz Card: Angel of Romance If you are single, romance beckons in a group activity, hobby, casual setting. Don’t stick with familiar faces, introduce yourself to someone new. For couples stuck in a rut, try something new. Take time out together to connect. Listen to what is being truly said.

Lucky day: October 28th Lucky Crystal: Rhodochrosite Card: Answered Prayer Your Angels have heard your cry for help. Loved ones in spirit send you signs. Look for the robin, Feather, Rainbow etc. You are never truly alone. If you need help, Ask for it. You are responsible for your happiness.

Lucky day: October 19th Lucky Crystal: Rainbow Obsidian Card: Angel of Nature This month sees you take care of your body. Start by listening to what your body is saying, it could need sleep, rest, water, nutrition or love. Connecting with nature, pets will lift your spirit. Attending a yoga course or meditation class will help relax your mind. Feel where you are guided & act on it.

Lucky day: October 20th Lucky Crystal: Amethyst Card: Angel of ideas & Inspiration Creativity surrounds you this month. Take up a hobby. Do a D.I.Y. Project. Allow a Rainbow of colors inspire you to paint or decorate to your heart’s content. Just go for it! Practise makes perfect!




Lucky day: October 29th Lucky Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone Card: Angel of Forgiveness Let go & let God. The gift of forgiveness is to yourself. As you Are imprisoned in a tomb of pain by holding on to grudges & slights. You can forgive the act but not the person or vice Versa. Ultimately, you hold the keys to your prison cell. It’s time to move on & let your success be the greatest revenge to those who would try to destroy your inner peace.

Lucky day: October 21st Lucky Crystal: Aventurine Card: Angel of Children Your inner child is always looking to laugh & play. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? Connect with a good friend, watch a funny movie. Lift your spirits above the drudgery. You are responsible for your happiness. Don’t let one negative person spoil your day. Focus on the positive.

Lucky day: October 31st Lucky Crystal: Black Tourmaline Card: Angel of Meditation This month sees you cut chords with a toxic individual. Have a salt bath. Clear the clutter from your life, be it emotional or physical. See how much lighter you will feel. Take a meditation class or keep a gratitude journal. You are worthy of happiness & respect.


Lucky day: October 16th Lucky Crystal: Moonstone Card: Angel of Bodycare This month may feel like hard work Scorpio, as you have been burning the candle at both ends these last few weeks. It’s time for you to get your priorities in order & give your body the care it is crying out for. Be aware of those who have no heed for your welfare. When someone shows you who they are....believe them!

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