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Tech OuT YOur ride! 4 New FeaTures ThaT will Make liFe easier BehiNd The wheel

it’s charging up. Now your vehicle’s dashboard will resemble your familiar iOS home screen, showing many supported first-party apps like Phone, Messages, Maps and Music along with a growing selection of third-party apps as well. For example, you can play music from Spotify or TuneIn Radio. Press the push-to-talk button on the steering wheel to activate Siri, your personal assistant that resides on your phone, and give a command or ask a question like “Read me my texts,” “What’s the weather like tonight?,” “Take me to 123 Main Street” or “Play Led Zeppelin.” When not driving, you can use the large app icons on the dashboard screen. Similarly, Google’s Android Auto first has you connect your Android smartphone and then when you want something, press the button on the steering wheel, which activates Google Now. You’ll have access to all your contacts, messages, music, maps, and other info all while keeping your eyes on the road


f you thought blind spot sensors and rear cameras were the epitome of invehicle technology, wait until you climb behind the wheel of new models packed with hightech advancements to make your drive safer and more entertaining, with hands-free access to information, navigation and communication. In other words, the “connected car” is here. Here, a look at some examples of the latest in emerging automotive tech — and what’s coming down the road. 1. Next-gen infotainment systems While automakers still offer their own infotainment system, many are allowing drivers to use what they’re already most comfortable with: their smartphone. Both Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto make your car’s dashboard look and feel more like your smartphone’s screen. With CarPlay, simply plug in your iPhone and put it away as Page 32 | Mature Living Magazine

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