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3. WEAR EARRINGS THAT SUIT YOUR LIFESTYLE Where will you be wearing the earrings? Work or Office: The more conservative the office, the more conservative the earring. Choose classic styles in gold for the most authority. Executive dressing means no dangly or hoop earrings. Avoid large earrings if you are in very traditional, conservative field s like finance and law. After Work: Now’s the time to loosen up and show your personality. You can forget the simple studs and have some fun. 4. SELECT EARRINGS IN TUNE WITH YOUR STYLE PERSONALITY What’s your Style Personality? Are you the romantic type who enjoys pretty feminine clothes? Choose earrings with rounded and curvy details. Dramatic, or city chic types, choose earrings with straight edges, and square, rectangular, and triangular shapes. If you are the a If you ar the Artsy /creative type, some dangle suits you, and you can wear color well. Classic types – simple, timeless styles such as small hoops, button earrings in gold and silver, diamond studs work. Natural types – wear small and simple, so you barely notice them. Nothing too shiny or detailed. 5. MATCH EARRINGS TO YOUR COLORING What season are you? If you have warm undertones in your skin (yellow or peach), that means you are a spring or autumn and look best wearing golds and copper metals. If you have pink or blue undertones in your skin, then you are a winter or summer. Silver and pewter make you look fabulous.

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