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Law School Application Timeline 

Each program has its own requirements and deadlines. The timeline below is a general overview of the application process. Please note the materials and timing required for each application you plan to submit.


Meet with a Pre-law Advisor at UCS or WCAS for assistance with the decision making and application process Sign up to take LSAT prep courses in the spring or summer, if necessary Register to take the LSAT exam in June or October Research law schools of interest Request letters of recommendation from two or three faculty members

SUMMER OF JUNIOR YEAR        

Take the LSAT exam or prep courses, depending on LSAT exam date Prepare a draft of your personal statement and have it reviewed by a Pre-law Advisor at UCS Prepare a draft of your resume and have it reviewed at UCS Create a list of law schools to which you are applying Register with the Credential Assembly Service (CAS): Verify with the Office of the Registrar that your official transcript is accurate and current Request that your transcripts be sent to the CAS Visit law schools of interest

FALL OF SENIOR YEAR          

Attend a law school forum: Finish revisions and finalize your personal statement Update and finalize your resume Ensure you have all necessary letters of recommendation and/or LSAC evaluations: Start looking into financial aid: Take the October LSAT if applicable Complete the LSAC application Send completed applications by Thanksgiving Contact law schools to confirm the completion of your applications Relax and enjoy the holidays!


Develop a ‘Plan B’ by brainstorming and discussing alternative options Prepare for interviews, if necessary Evaluate and submit offers of acceptance Congratulate yourself and celebrate getting through this tough process!!

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Law School Application Timeline  

A timeline of the law school application process.

Law School Application Timeline  

A timeline of the law school application process.