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December 2012

10K Initiative

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ASG Gives Students Opportunity to Improve NU with 10K Initiative What would you do with $10,000 to improve Northwestern? That’s the question that the Associated Student Government is asking the student body and the best idea will be implemented this Spring. The program, called the 10K Initiative, provides students with a website to submit project ideas that can be implemented for a cost of $10,000. After committee members narrow down the ideas—there were around 180 submissions last year—the student body will vote on which idea they want to see ASG turn into a reality. The Initiative comes after last year’s extremely successful 5K Initiative, which asked students for ideas that could be implemented with $5,000. “The 10K initiative gives Northwestern students the chance to truly improve our campus and community with tangible projects and unlimited power to submit ideas,” said Brad Stewart, ASG Executive Vice-President and chair of the 10K Initiative Committee. “Students can harness their creativity and offer ideas that will better our university.” Last year’s 5K Initiative led to the installation of wireless Internet on the southern part of the Lakefill. Before being put to a final, campus-wide vote, the 10K Initiative Committee evaluates ideas based on their feasibility, applicability and overall benefit for the Northwestern community. Other ideas for last year’s initiative included commissioning a large mural in Library Plaza, motion-sensing lights throughout campus to conserve energy, and screens at each shuttle stop giving estimated arrival times for each route. Students have through the end of Reading Week of Fall Quarter to submit ideas at: http://asg.northwestern. edu/10k “Submissions can be anything—from technology to the arts to campus beautification,” Stewart said. “Students have $10,000 to do anything that will make a genuine, positive impact on our university and our Northwestern community. This is a real opportunity for student voices to be heard and fully matches the mission of ASG— Connecting Northwestern.”


So far this year, ASG has made some major changes to its executive board that will serve to improve the organization. Earlier in the quarter, Senate, after many questions about such an important issue, voted to create the position of Chief of Staff on the executive board and to eliminate the outdated position of Clerk. This change, which was achieved through a constitutional amendment in Senate, is intended to change the executive board in a way that will make it more effective and successful in all of the work that it does for Northwestern’s student body. Weinberg junior, Carly Blumenfeld, was ASG’s former clerk and she was immediately appointed by the Executive Board and confirmed by Senate because of her extensive experience. “I am thrilled to take on this position,” said Blumenfeld. “I believe it has the potential to push ASG to new heights and I am excited to be the one breaking trail! The rest of the members of the executive board have been so supportive of this position and of me so I am eager to begin working with them on our vision and to bring further success to this organization.” The Chief of Staff position will be responsible for coordinating ASG recruitment, managing retention of current ASG members, chairing all selection committees as a non-voting member, and taking minutes and documenting meetings of the ASG Executive Board and Cabinet, as well as many other responsibilities. Compared to the old office of Clerk, this is an expansion of an executive board position and will allow whoever holds it to take on many more responsibilities and become a greater asset to ASG as a whole. ‘Cats Care is a new group housed under ASG responsible for coordinating response efforts to emergencies and disasters, providing support and relief to affected communities and the Northwestern family. Project Sandy is ASG’s fundraising campaign to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief. ASG welcomes th entire campus to come together in raising money for relief efforts as many members of the Northwestern community have been affected. Since its start, Project Sandy gathered proceeds from several fundraising events including One Night Stand: An Open Mic Night and the Winter Food Truck Festival. Additionally, proceeds from t-shirt sales, beginning this week, will also benefit the fundraiser. Donations can be placed online at http://asg. From now until December 14th, every dollar donated will enter you in a raflle to win a new iPad. Please take a moment to donate today.


With the year coming to an end, it is time to start making plans for housing arrangements next year. As a response to student requests for more off-campus housing resources, the Associated Student Government (ASG) hosted its second Housing Fair in the Louis Room at Norris University Center. The event took place on Tuesday November 13th from 3-6pm and attracted an inflow of roughly 150 students. Stationed by the entrance, ASG representatives from the Community Relations Committee approached students with sheets of information on tips for off-campus housing, housing resources, and monthly budgeting. Since most students attending the fair have had little experience living on their own, the information packet provided a starting platform for their journey to independence. This year, six landlords attended the fair including North Shore Apartments & Condos, Evanston Place Apartments, BJB Evanston, Open Communities, Apartment People, and Evanston Neighborhood Properties. As students made their ways around the stations, each landlord provided graphic brochures on available apartments and condos ranging in location, size, and price. Eric Casep, the president of North Shore Apartments & Condos, said that his experiences working with Northwestern students have been largely positive and that he loves working with students. Occasionally he encounters tenants who like to throw loud parties, but he understands that students are just being young. Brendan Saunders, the director of Organizing & Advocacy for Open Communitiee also expressed his excitement for getting to meet young potential tenants. In alignment with the organization’s statement, he believes that it is crucial to provide customers with fair and affordable housing. Representatives from Open Communities also provided students with information on foreclosure services, home sharing programs, and landlord-tenant advocacy counseling. In addition to the six landlords, two other groups were also present. The U-Vote project attended the fair to help students register for voting. Plain and Simple, an Amish Furniture store, marketed their products to help potential buyers complete their new homes. The ASG Housing Fair gave students an introduction to the off-campus living process from budget planning, to contacting the landlords, to interior decorating. For more information on off-campus housing, visit

r r e t e t n i r a W u Q

CLASS GUIDE Whether you’re still deciding on classes for next quarter or you’ve already decided it’s time to rearrange your life, this crack investigative journalist has tracked down Northwestern’s musttake classes for winter 2013.

Intro to Psych with Renee Engeln If you aren’t a psych major or minor…well, you might be after taking Renee’s class. Renee Engeln is one of the most popular professors at NU and her Intro Psych class is always a solid choice. The workload consists of your basic readings, midterm and final. Definitely get to know Renee because she is hilarious and she clearly cares about her students. Plus, she’ll bring her adorable dog in to teach you about Pavlov. You really can’t go wrong here.

Humanities Explorations with Gary Morson and Morty Shapiro There’s a consensus in the northwestern community: the opportunity to take a class with Russian Lit star Gary Morson and one of the most liked university presidents, Morty Shapiro is too good to pass up. You’ll spend a couple hours per week watching two smart and interesting men argue about humanities. At the end of the year, you are invited to dinner with Morty at his house, an experience you will never forget.

Modern Cosmology with Michael Smutko If you’re not Pre-med or an engineer, the thought of science distros probably makes you physically ill. However, there is a solution: take an introductory astronomy class. Modern Cosmology is a great class for getting that requirement out of the way. Unfortunately, you will have to do actual science in this class, not just staring at stars (though you will do some of that too). But Michael Smutko is a great professor and a hilarious and engaging lecturer. If get lucky, you may one day get to hear his advice on how to use astronomy to pick up women.


Northwestern’s Associated Student Government is proud to introduce “Northwestern Neighbors,” a new feature in ASG Monthly that details some of the major destinationand happenings within the Downtown Evanston area. To kick-off our first full issue, we would like to discuss an issue of great significance to the Northwestern student body: Late-night dining destinations. For many years, Northwestern students have been given few options for late-night eating. With Taco Bell closing at Midnight and Clarke’s late-night hours only occurring during the weekend, students looking for late-night food have often been forced to choose between Burger King and Burger King. However, in response to the growing demand for late-night dining options around Northwestern’s campus, two restaurants with favorable late-night hours have recently opened in Evanston: JT’s Bar and Grill and Cheesie’s Pub & Grub. JT’s Bar and Grill, which recently opened at 1639 Orrington, is a diner and bar that serves both traditional American food (burgers, macaroni and cheese, etc.) and a limited selection Mexican food. Though similar to Clarke’s in its interior set-up and in the fact that they serve breakfast all day, JT’s is open until 3 a.m. every night of the week and also serves alcohol to those who are of age.


Cheesie’s Pub & Grub, located at 622 Davis, is another new late-night dining option that has garnered the praise of many Northwestern students. Cheesie’s serves a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. Monday through Saturday and is also expanding to provide delivery options. However, Cheesie’s does not serve your standard grilled cheese sandwich. Though you can buy a traditional grilled cheese sandwich, Cheesie’s serves grilled cheese sandwiches are likely a little different than what your mom probably made you – with macaroni and cheese, jalapeños, and tater tots being some of the their possible sandwich fillings. Additionally, Cheesie’s – like JT’s Bar and Grill –are in the process of acquiring a liquor license to sell a limited range of alcoholic beverages to of-age customers. Although Evanston has long been lacking late-night dining options, Northwestern students can be happy that progress has been made to help quell their late-night hunger. Both JT’s and Cheesie’s are excellent restaurants and anyone looking for a post-midnight snack should not hesitate to visit either of these destinations.

The Monthly - December  

ASG presents the first issue of The Monthly, a recap of current happenings on campus.