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Christmas 2013 Newsletter

ASPIRING LEADERS UPDATE Inside this issue: Quality Matters

Developing Strategies for 2014

Contract Performance

Curriculum Development

Quality Matters Who would have thought ESTYN would again appear on our doorstep in 2013! North Wales Training must be the most inspected provider in Wales. Our inspection record began in March 2000, with a re inspection in June 2002. Estyn again paid us a visit in November 2006, followed four years later in November 2010. Hopefully the inspection in 2013 will be the last one until at least 2018 but I know you all think they will be back next year! There have been three models for Estyn Inspections since 1999 and we have been inspected against all three models, twice against the current common inspection framework with this present cycle only commencing in 2010! To say that we are well practiced for Estyn inspections is an understatement! I thank each and every one of you for the part you played in making the latest one so successful The Estyn report for the consortium will be published on February 2014 until then we must contain ourselves and keep the provisional judgments confidential. Before we close for Christmas holidays I am hoping to conclude our 2013/2014 Self Assessment Report and Quality Development Plan. The recent inspection has enabled me to assess our performance for 2012/2013 in great detail and I have created a virtual Quality Development Plan (virtual meaning in my head) The challenge now is to get it all down on paper for you to take home and study when you have a spare moment over the Christmas break!

Aspiring Leaders Programme I am pleased to report that Julie Evans has achieved her Level 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management. Lisa Newall, Sarah Jones and Roger Pendleton have also achieved their Level 5 Diplomas in Leadership and Management and Jane Jones has completed her Level 5 Award in Coaching and Mentoring. Mark Davies Work Programme Coordinator has achieved is Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management too. The Senior Management Team are close to completing Level 7 Award in Coaching and Mentoring with Deb Mitchell and Martin Craven to complete their Level 7 Diplomas before Christmas. Well done to one and all! The second year of the Aspiring Leaders programme commenced in November 2013 and there are a variety of projects the group and the Team Leaders will be focusing on in 2014 to make us more cost effective in our programme delivery and in use of Information Learning Technology. Managers, Team Leaders and staff are tasked with undertaking an ICT initial assessment by January and all of us will be trained to a minimum of Level 2 Essential Skills Wales by the target date of September 2014. This will help where appropriate to raise the IT skill across the company and in part ensure the projects the Aspiring Leaders and Team Leaders are undertaking succeed. Project updates will be recorded in the Team Leader Meeting Minutes and can be accessed on SharePoint.

“I am looking forward to an Estyn free 2014 and thank you all for the work you have done this year and for the high standard of work you will continue to do throughout 2014� Sue S

Developing Strategies for 2014 and the next 4 years National Aim: ‘The Education and Skills portfolio aims to raise the standards of education and training provision, so that everyone can reach their potential; deliver a skilled workforce with high quality opportunities; provide support to individuals, families and communities to improve wellbeing and to see the Welsh language thrive in Wales’

Of interest to us? – Yes –

Introduction Delivering national and local priorities in the face of reducing budgets requires a whole new approach in cross company working to secure the successful delivery of all our outcomes. Below is an overview of the allocation of funding for education and skills throughout Wales. All references contained within this article are the drivers of our organisation’s business strategies.

the provision to be procured must reflect the ability of the organisation to deliver the 5 priorities listed. The criteria will include not only can you deliver but how do you deliver and in what time – this is known as value for money.

What are the programme areas of investment? Jobs Growth Wales £12.5 m (strong track record 76% nationally sustaining employment or progressing into an apprenticeship). Programme extended to 2015-16. Read: We are good at this how can we be even better?

Delivery of high quality apprenticeships. The budget

Cross Cutting Key Themes. Growth and Jobs – supporting growth and creating jobs to support the economy and to tackle poverty Educational Attainment – deliver world class education Supporting Children, Families and Deprived Communities – support routes out of poverty and give access to learning

The Cash – How Much?

for work based learning programmes set at £119.3m 2014-2015 and £121.3m for 2015-16. All programmes to be reviewed to ensure that provision will have the most impact on growth and jobs. Read: We need to be progressive, efficient, modern, fresh and sharp. Tender commencing FEB 2014

Welsh Language. An investment of £19.8m in 2014-15 and £24m in 2015-16 in training programmes with the aim of improving Welsh skills for employment. Read: The more Welsh language provision we offer the more money we can earn.

Engagement and Progression Framework -allocation Q. – How much money is allocated by Welsh Government for Education and Skills? A. - £1,773,000.00 (Draft Budget October 2013)

The strategic priorities informing allocations of the national budget are: Training Standards £1,167,519 m Skilled Workforce £69,043 m Improving wellbeing £354,837 m happiness Welsh Language £ 24,376 m Delivery Support £ 3,149 m

- Read: Best in Class - Read: Skilful and talented -Read: Health, wealth and - Read: Siarad Cymraeg? - Read: Technology, coaching mentoring

(Including £10.4m for 14-19 provision)

unclear, save we know that £10.4m will be through Networks – could be a change of focus for Network funding but only that which is not ring-fenced. Main programmes for delivering this important framework, are Apprenticeships, Jobs Growth Wales and Traineeships. Read: Play nicely, communicate, collaborate and work together for the benefit of the learner. An Investment of £19.8m in 2014-15 and £24m in 2015 -16 for supporting progression and adaptability within the workforce. You will only access this cash if we have a modern leading edge, imaginative and topical course portfolio to offer.

Other key drivers that will directly or indirectly influence our planning and delivery. Welsh Baccalaureate – to be at the ‘heart of qualifications for 14.-19 years old – to include development of 21st century employability skills and attributes’. Keep abreast of developments in this field and develop provision for 14-19 to take full account of the provision within schools.

What conditions come with the cash? The Transformation policy: This policy requires all Learning Providers to support the policy by planning and implementing change to secure significant improvements to learning delivery to result in significant benefits for learners with a firm focus on improved skill levels for all young people and adults,

Q. What are we doing?

Literacy and Numeracy to be central to the new qualifications system. We will have a literate and numerate country.

A. We have been working on a change culture for over 2 years, driving out inefficiencies, increasing productivity, investing in technology and staff development. Our policy will continue to gather momentum and by adopting new ways of working we aim to stimulate more effective employee involvement and commitment in order to achieve high levels of performance.

The next six months should see considerable changes within our working practices; we have introduced new projects with clear goals.

Using Digital Technology. Having the right skills available is crucial, if businesses are to pursue ambitious strategies.

Priorities for next six months

Contract Performance

Welsh Government Contract Priorities Target 45% of starts to be aged 18-24

The budget performance table for year ending July 2013 shows under and over performance against budget in our main income lines. Overall total actual income was 99.45% of budget.

Apprenticeships Steps to Employment Essential Skills in the Workplace 14-19 Potensial Jobs Growth Wales Commercial Work Programme

Increase numbers of Modern and Higher Apprentice starts To maximize the number of jobs created under the Jobs Growth Wales Programme. Essential Skills in the Workplace Contract Priorities

Budget 2012/2013 £1,441,796 £511,250 £99,270

Actual 2012/2013 £1,420,715 £380,271 £84,510

£97,750 £94,862 £35,099 £59,910 £145,890

£92,456 £166,156 £45,194 £91,090 £190,395

Performance in Work Programme and Potensial saw both areas exceed budget.

Ensure that the contract target of starts is met across all teams. All Teams must identify potential Essential Skills in the Workplace learners Work Programme Contract Priorities Increase the number of jobs for those with health issues.

North Wales Training is an approved Provider to offer the Jobs Growth initiative to employers. In the last contract year Jobs Growth Wales introduced us to over 54 new employers in the area who we have never worked with before. Many of these employers have recruited Apprentices with us or attended commercial courses.

We had an excellent year for commercial income greatly supported by New Work Connections courses delivered by the Youth Engagement Team in Construction, in addition to bespoke Retail and Hospitality courses delivered by the Administration and Hospitality Teams.

JobFit Provider League Table Success measured on Job Outcome Rate Provider Job Entry Job Outcome Rate Rate NWT Interserve Futureworks A4E North A4E South Antur Teifi Ceredigion Training

Well done to all concerned!   Disappointingly, the Apprenticeship contract underperformed which was entirely due to starts not being recruited in line with the profile. Although we exceeded the apprentice start target it was too late to make a significant impact on the finance. Consortium Contract Performance 12/13 Apprentice Steps NWT 99% 74% Gwrp LLan Menai 100% 53% ADT 102% N/A Overall 102% 64% 2013-14 This contract year has seen an overall contract decrease due to the Welsh Government ceasing to funded Apprenticeships for over 25 year olds in the non priority areas and the introduction of the new Work Ready Programme for unemployed Adults. We face a challenging year with the Work Based Learning contract as we work towards creating the training Job Centre Plus want under the Work Ready Programme whilst continuing to proactively develop and deliver Higher Apprenticeships at Level 4 and 5. Additionally , the Welsh Government expects 60% of our Apprenticeship starts to be under the age of 25 so I would ask you all to be mindful of the contractual priorities we are working towards.

63.3% 78.4% 48.5% 52.2% 67.1% 58.8% 40.4%

62.2% 45.9% 44.5% 38.7% 38.4% 37.7% 35.6%

Our current Work Based Learning contract which was from August 2011 to July 2014 has been extended to March 2015. We have started the tender process for the Work Based Learning contracts which will commence in April 2015. The timeline is as follows:      

The consortium has submitted a Pre Qualification Questionnaire. (PQQ) Evaluation of PQQs will take place Nov -Dec 2013 Providers will receive feedback January 2014 In February 2014 the Welsh Government will Publish Invitation to Tender (ITT) –for providers successful in the PQQ process Tender submission March 2014 Successful tenderers notified in September 2014

Where are we going?

Curriculum Development We currently have a total of 566 apprentices in learning:

In 2014 and moving forwards we are continuing to face a range of curriculum- related challenges with the only constant being more change……… The wheel below identifies some of the main areas we need to focus on, to ensure we stay ahead of the game

Care/Childcare, 256


Engineering, 26


Admin 195


Manufacturing, 34

Digital Literacy Motor Vehicle, 85

Hospiltality, 46

14-19 Qualifications Review

We work with Sector Skills Councils Awarding Organisations

9 8

We are delivering Frameworks Qualifications


56 81

Apprenticeship Review

Wheel Of Change



Higher Apprenticeships ESW Key Skills

And include:

ESDGC Wellbeing Literacy Numeracy Safeguarding Bi-lingualism ERR ESW Wider Key Skills We have 186 14-19 learners, (including commercially funded), and are also delivering programmes under ESiW, Work Ready, Job Growth Wales and the Work Programme, along with a range of bespoke short courses and our commercial portfolio Moving Forward Key focus points moving forward, include, increasing numbers of Higher Apprenticeships across routes, and identifying emerging sectors. Positively embracing the use of ILT within all our delivery and compliance activities, and the sharing of best practice and resources both internally and externally.

Some of the changes/challenges will be imposed of us, as a result of external reviews and changes to policies, but many others, such as the continuing changes within QCF and the introduction of the new ESW (Autumn 2014) will need an effective approach that can be developed and implemented from within. Working cross company and using the strength and skills within the company as a whole, will enable us to effect efficient, innovative and cost effective solutions for our learners and stakeholders. The introduction of an ‘Innovation Group’, with members drawn from across the company, will provide a platform for development, design and delivery of sustainable and transferrable solutions, that will support a more efficient and focussed curriculum across all our delivery sectors. This can only be done if everyone engages with the processes and embraces the changes in a positive way, in order to benefit all.

I would like to thank you all for your contributions this year, and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to a positive and productive New Year. Allison Jones

attributed to our resourcefulness and flexibility in being able to respond quickly to the ever changing requirements of the Welsh Government.

Message from the Chief Executive You can see from the Newsletter that the Company has faced some real highs and lows during the year. We have performed extremely well in some areas whereas in others we have struggled, partly due to the constraints of the Welsh Government contract. We recently celebrated the outcome of the Consortium Estyn Inspection which reaffirmed our 2010 inspection of solid “good� grades and provided further confirmation that we are an organisation who continues to offer training to a high standard. However we cannot rest on our laurels as Welsh Government and Estyn are committed to increasing levels of achievement and standards of delivery year on year. On a more sombre note we have also suffered reductions to our overall WBL contract income for 2013/2014 with the withdrawal of funding for non priority apprenticeships over the age of 25 and also the demise of the Steps to Employment contract which has been replaced in the short term by a reduced provision through the Work Ready Programme. These two events have sadly led to some severe economies having to be made which have resulted in the loss of some very valued members of staff and colleagues. Having been in business for over 30 years now, North Wales Training is not unused to the roller coaster ride which is the Welsh Government. Our ability to survive over all these years can be

In addition, in the past year, our income from nonWBL sources has increased from 26% to 29% and is forecast to continue this upward trend in the coming year, due in the main to our success in the 14-19 Sector and the consistently strong performance of the Work Programme where we remain top of the leader board for Wales. For 2013/2014 we face a challenging year as you can see, however we know what we must do, and if we all pull together we can achieve the quality standards demanded of us and also achieve the income requirements necessary to support our continued viability. We must work smarter, not harder, and we must embrace all the advantages that technology can bring to the company. 2014 will see us entering into a new tendering round with our Consortium partners for the next WBL Contact which will commence in April 2015 and which we are hopeful will bring the opportunity for further growth and expansion. As we head towards the end of 2013 and the Christmas break I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to us all returning in the New Year charged with enthusiasm to face the challenges of maintaining and improving the quality of all that we do. Together, working as one team, I know we can be the best! Happy Christmas. Sue Denton

Printed by the dashing men of the reprographics department Have a great holiday!

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