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Food for thought

It is a brutally sad day in the life of any

your head can give you at least three more

middle-aged person: that moment when

press-ups than you thought you were capable

you find a note on the fridge from your

of. The only downside is that the next day,

metabolism saying ‘Right, I’m off!’ That day

my body punishes me for my eagerness by

has now officially arrived. As a callow youth,

filling my veins with anti-freeze and making it

I had a remarkable capacity to eat practically

impossible for me to bend my knees.

anything without suffering any noticeable consequences. No indigestion, no weight gain,

This terribly impressive Herculean group

nothing. I used to eat chicken pies like they

effort took place on the beach in Colwyn Bay;

were paracetamol capsules, often scarcely

good work swiftly undone by a bacon bap

even bothering to chew.

and a coffee from Bryn Williams’s splendid restaurant at Porth Eirias. Along with

Nowadays, if I so much as walk past a loaf of

everyone else there, I was struck by just how

white bread, I have to munch a pair of Rennies

extraordinarily beautiful the beach is these

and pronto. Shortbread has become my own

days. Jogging away under the golden rays of

personal Kryptonite. It’s humiliating. Then

the summer sun, we really could have been on

there’s the terrible realisation, common with

Venice Beach in California.

many of us 44-year-olds, that the weight that used to burn itself off miraculously after a

Transforming the beach at Colwyn Bay been

Cai Ross is co-owner

walk to the shops now seems to want to stay

a long, expensive and laborious process, not

and Maitre d’ of

on my body forever.

without its controversy. The long-standing

the award-winning

legal issues with the old pier (no longer

Paysanne Bistro in

I often think of Marlon Brando and the

there) and the practice of importing sand

Deganwy, which has

journey his body took over his lifetime. How

from elsewhere did not go down well with

been serving French

could anyone transform from one of the most


country-style food to

beautiful men that ever existed into a sentient

the fine people of North

human hillock, large enough to land an aircraft

However, everyone I spoke to said that they

Wales since 1988. He

upon. Did he not think at, say 18 stone, “Hmm,

felt like they were on the Mediterranean

also writes for Calibre

should knock off the ice cream a little bit?” 21

coast, and with a fine vista stretching up the

Magazine, BBC Good

stone, maybe? 25?

promenade towards Rhos-on-Sea, it’s clear


that North Wales has another great beach to

and The North Wales

So as not to follow Brando’s example, I

list alongside names like Shell Island, Traeth

Weekly News

recently took the bull by the horns and joined

Llanddwyn and Porthdinllaen, which might

one of those Cross Fit groups that can often

just steal first place by having a first rate pub

be spotted on beaches, hillsides and large

on the beach!

gymnasiums most weekend mornings while reasonable people are still in bed.

If you’re in the mood for something summery to set before your guests, or just yourself, that

I’m actually enjoying it more than I thought

doesn’t interfere too much with any exercise

I would: the camaraderie, the sense of

regimes you’re currently putting yourself

achievement, and the realisation that playing

through, here are two delicious, fresh

the training montage music from Rocky IV in

summer treats. n

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