Beacon Grand Lunch Menu 05_26_23

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Fresh Oysters

Lemon Seaweed M gnonette Sauce

Gulf Shrimp Cocktail

Lemon Cocktai Sauce

Ahi Tuna

Avocado, Radish Furikake L me & Sesame Dressing


Lemon Preserve Marcona Almonds, Romesco Sauce

Buffalo Burrata

Marcona A monds, Arugula, Blood Orange Marmalade

* Add Gr lled Bread 5

Ricotta Tartine

House-Made R cotta, Cherry Tomato

P ckled Red Onion, Basil

Grilled Brokaw Avocado

Ricotta Pep tas Mustard Greens, Aleppo


Summer Salad

Asparagus Orange Segments Garlic Buttermilk Dressng


Pont Reyes Blue, Cypress Grove Goat, Nicasio Valley Cow Candied Pecans Mostarda, Grlled Bread


Coppa, Toscano Pcante, Soppressata, House-Made Pckles, Grain Mustard, Grlled Bread


Seared Salmon

Snap Peas, K ng Trumpets, Dill Emu sion

Portobello Mushroom Burger

Butter Lettuce Heirloom Tomato, P ckled Onion

Beacon Grand Burger

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, House-Made Sauce

Steak Frites

Ch michurr , Red Fri l Mustard


White Chocolate Brioche Cake

Blueberry Preserves Vani la Chantil y Cream, Marcona Almonds


Equator Coffee

Sma l Pot | Large Pot

Cappuccino or Caffè Latte

J'enwey Tea

Fresh Green Juice

Sp nach, Ka e Celery Orange Ju ce


Orange, Ruby Grapefru t, Tomato Carrot, Cranberry


J Cuvee 20, Orange u ce

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BEACON LOUNGE The Health Department adv ses that the consumpt on o raw or undercooked food could be harm u to your health We st l think it can be pretty del cious A 20% service charge is added to each guest check The ent rety of th s service charge s prov ded to and shared amongst the team. 16
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