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Focus on Create Good Content Growth The audience’s goal regardless of age or socioeconomic status is growth. In fact, everyone’s main goal has a particular element of growing or learning. Try marketing to an audience that shows how your brand can help them to grow, to learn, and to succeed. A brand that truly helps a client to grow will be a successful one.

Creativity can be sparked from music, art, photography, ideas, philosophy, or nearly anything else. The point is that creativity does not just occur. Make sure to open your eyes to creativity in any form. Study success and see what is happening out there in the world. The Internet is a great source that can help to spark your imagination and really get the creative juices needed for good marketing content flowing.

Welcome Constructive Feedback Open yourself up to new ideas, and don’t close the door on anyone’s feedback. Strip away anything that’s overly negative, and get to the heart of the feedback. Once you remove the emotion from it, you can almost always learn something, which can only make your next effort better. Likewise, when discussing marketing ideas with other people, provide constructive feedback to them instead of stifling the creativity behind the ideas.

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AUGUST | SEPTEMBER 2012 North Valley


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North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012  

North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012

North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012  

North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012