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Marketing Savvy Publishers Adam and Matthew Toren examine the skills required to implement the marketing methods you need for your business to thrive.

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Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten

(Students must be 5 years old by Dec. 31) Program includes: Gymnastics Spanish Music and Art Computers

Marketing is an important skill to have if you’re running a business—and for life itself, really. Anything can be marketed, including a product, an idea, yourself, or your viewpoint. The biggest mistake people make is thinking that if they just get their name “out there,” they’re going to see results. But no matter what you’re marketing, there are effective methods and ineffective methods. And while the type of marketing you do can depend a lot on your industry and business model, there are some important skills that are pretty much universal. Here are the seven that we feel you need to nail if you want to maximize your marketing results.

Recognize the Power of Perception All methods of communication are slightly skewed, depending on the specific situation. How the audience perceives the communication is all that really matters when it comes to marketing. Make sure to take the audience’s perception into account when devising marketing communication strategies. Ensure that the audience doesn’t feel manipulated, or this skill may become a hazard instead of a success.

Use Compelling Communication

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Marketing depends on how communication takes place. The audience will be more likely to retain the information and more willing to take action if the communication is sufficiently compelling. Try packaging ideas within a story to promote the audience’s subconscious to relate to the idea being communicated. Make sure that the story being told is something that the audience can understand and relate to.

Keep Your Mind and Your Message Positive It’s important to remember that there are always bumps in the road to success. These bumps must be anticipated and viewed with a positive attitude. Reframe your life’s outlook to handle both the good and the bad in a positive state of mind. See struggles and adversities as challenges to be overcome and opportunities for growth. This may be easier said than done sometimes, but it can be achieved with practice. And once you have this skill down, your positive outlook will shine in your marketing message.

Create Value While we seemingly encourage a “call to action” at every turn, not every marketing pitch has to (or should) have one. Instead of trying to capture a customer by asking him or her to do something, try to form a lifelong customer by creating value. Many successful brands don’t have a call to action in their message; instead, they communicate a clear demonstration of the value they bring to the market, which then creates action itself.

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North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012  

North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012

North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012  

North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012