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Joy Christian School Joy Christian School is a comprehensive K–12 school dedicated to educating children through the very best people, resources, and strategies, based on Christian principles. Joy features a preschool, an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school on the extensive campus

located at 75th Avenue and the 101 freeway. Joy Christian is currently the eighth-largest Christian school in Arizona, and it continues to work on its vision to be recognized as the leader in Christian education. Joy has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years and

hopes to continue to build on that momentum. A number of distinctive programs are helping to set Joy apart from the others. One of them is the growing athletic program, which has experienced incredible success. Their varsity football, volleyball, and baseball teams all made it to the state playoffs in 2010–2011. Joy also offers competitive sports in cheer, basketball,

soccer, track, cross-country, and football. The school enjoys the diverse background and culture that over forty international students have brought to their campus over the last two years. These students are housed with local families, and this enriches the lives of both the international student and the host families. There were fourteen international students in the graduating class of 2011. Joy is passionate about offering rigorous and relevant curriculum that incorporates stretch learning experiences for all students. A few recently added elective courses include EMT, Fire Science Academy, Early Childhood Internship, IT Internship, and American Sign Language. Joy also offers AP and Honors courses at the high school level. This summer, the campus has been busy with classroom renovations and the addition of a new technology lab and two new high school classrooms. Tours of the school are still available, and enrollment is ongoing. For more information, visit

El Dorado Private School El Dorado Private School prides itself on offering a cutting-edge approach to education. Individualized curriculum allows for each student to progress at his or her own rate, which means accelerated learning and success. El Dorado offers schooling for preschool, elementary, intermediate, and middle school levels, and the low student/teacher ratios afford your child individualized attention. The kindergarten, primary grades, and middle school have a twelve-to-one student-to-teacher ratio. El Dorado develops well-rounded students who participate in several activities or programs outside the classroom. As for extracurricular activities, students can participate in Student Council, join a ceramics class, learn chess, and play on one of the school’s sports teams, among many other activities. Integrated hands-on learning, specialized art, computer, Spanish, PE, and music instruction are among the activities your child can choose from. The school is also excited to be implementing a new schoolwide upgrade through Apple technology, which will include standardizing on Apple devices for all preschool through eighth-grade classes. The technology plan calls for replacing all Microsoft Windows-based desktop computers with Apple iPads and MacBooks. All classrooms will have MacBooks for

teacher use as well as a one-to-one instructional ratio of iPad to student. The upgrade will work with the SMART Boards introduced last year

and the new Aerohive wireless network, making El Dorado a classroom of the 21st century. Visit

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North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012  

North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012

North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012  

North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012