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Now, anyone bringing a bird to Fallen Feathers is encouraged to donate time, money and talent. When Angel Morris and her mom found a baby quail with a leg deformity, they brought it to FF. Angel Morris needed no encouragement to become involved. Morris has become the official photographer; while Kieran works with the birds, she creates signs and photos for around the facility and FF’s hour-long public-education programs. She’s also responsible for content on YouTube. One that’s especially memorable is a video of a beautiful Harris hawk that someone had wounded in the wing and neck with buckshot. The sight of the bird being released to the wild illustrates how some people make a positive impact on the world even when others have done the opposite. Good volunteers are a treasure, and avian veterinarian Hillary Frank of North Central Animal Hospital is another person for whom Kieran is grateful. Her donation of time and skill helps the birds regain their health.


FF volunteers with some feathered friends

“I really just want this organization to go above and beyond,” Morris says. “All of the donations we get help us out immensely, but the one thing we really need above anything else is a building. If we had a building of our own, we could really go to new heights with the rescue and provide even better service to the animals.” All of the beautiful, healthy exotics are up for adoptions to good homes. People who wish to adopt exotic birds must come and play with, feed, and care for the birds. Bonding happens during a series of “sleepovers.” There is no fee to adopt, but Fallen Feathers wants to be certain that the adoptive parent understands the work involved with their new friend—a pet that can be loud and messy and may bite. Approximately thirty exotics are awaiting homes as of this writing. But exotics are birds of only one feather. Kieran’s injured wild birds and others that may be thought of as urban pests get equal care and treatment. FF is what Kieran calls “a nondiscrimination organization.” “It was important to me that my children learn about discrimination and that just because a lot of people don’t like pigeons, sparrows, and, starlings, they’re living things and deserve the same care as any other living thing,” Kieran says. “This lesson then goes to why a person of a different race, color, etc. should be treated with the same respect.” Oh—and by the way, Elizabeth did eventually become a veterinarian. “What started out with just helping a little bird, then helping my daughter decide what she wants to do in life, to finding what I wanted to do with mine is an adventure,” Kieran says. Learn more at or on their Facebook page.




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North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012  

North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012

North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012  

North Valley Magazine Aug.-Sep. 2012