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Musicology: Scottsdale

Matthew Dearing

Matthew: Musicology is an awesome solution for new parents. It’s not

Leeann: I’m always looking for fun infant-friendly activities now that I’m a mom. Musicology in Scottsdale (they also have a Gilbert location) offers a beautiful product that is wonderful for Baby and fun for Mom. As a trained pianist (and an admitted music snob), I’m a tough critic when it comes to music workshops--but I loved these! The intimate classes offer a series of musical activities and mindstimulating activities perfect for Baby’s developing brain!

Matthew: I am beyond impressed with this program. It’s really simple to use: You offer a loan on Kiva, and throughout the life of the loan, you’ll receive e-mail updates about your investment. There are all different sorts of entrepreneurs with different needs—you can help provide supplies for a farmer in El Salvador or fabric for a seamstress in Tajikistan—the list goes on. You can find a story that resonates with you and help provide an entrepreneur with the resources to keep his or her business going.

Leeann: I was given a gift certificate to Kiva as a birthday gift. I hadn’t heard of the organization, but my husband and I were interested in finding out what it was. This is a wonderful nonprofit with a mission to “connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.” You can lend money to an entrepreneur in another country in $25 increments. It’s amazing to see how your loan can change someone else’s life! Photo courtesy of Tara Capsuto

Matthew: Obviously, our three-month-old won’t be swimming laps any time soon, but we do want him to feel at home in the water. If a baby hasn’t yet developed a fear of water, it’s the perfect time to get him or her into the pool. Hubbard swim classes are an awesome way to do that. Once your little one gets past the six-month mark, their classes are reasonably priced. It’s a no-brainer for people seeking swim classes in Arizona. They have several valley locations in Phoenix, Mesa, and Peoria.

Leeann: With pools being ubiquitous in our state, it’s important to teach kids to be safe in the water. I researched some local swim schools online and found Hubbard. They offer free (yes, free) swimming classes to babies under the age of six months! Score! I took our son down for a lesson and absolutely loved the family environment. The quality of instruction was fantastic. The instructors had games and exercises to help infants feel comfortable and secure in the water, which was exactly what I wanted.

Matthew: Our first experience with GNS Medical Suppliers was very positive. Their staff was attentive and addressed all of our questions and concerns. Leeann’s grandmother kept saying how much more comfortable she felt walking with the cane we purchased at GNS. I would recommend them to anyone looking for medical supplies, safety equipment, or homecare necessities.

Leeann: My grandmother was visiting from New York last month and found she needed a cane for walking. We went to GNS Medical Suppliers on 32nd Street and Shea, and they were incredibly helpful in finding the right kind of walking cane for my grandmother. Their customer service was remarkable, and we’ve already started referring friends and family to them.

Matthew: This place is pretty fantastic. You’ve got to try the original cheese steak sandwich. So good! My wife also convinced me to try the buffalo chicken version, which was equally delicious. And as if that weren’t enough, they have hot pretzels, and I’m a sucker for hot pretzels. I give it two thumbs way up. This is a great addition to our repertoire of neighborhood restaurants.

Leeann: I was thrilled to see a pizza place open near our house! (I’m a Sicilian girl. What can I say—I like my pizza.) I had no experience with Corleone’s prior to their new location on Shea and Tatum, but one experience and I was hooked! The pizza is fantastic, and they offer free delivery within a 10-mile radius for each $10 order! Can’t beat that.

an intimidating atmosphere, and it’s great for Baby! These classes teach parents songs and games that they can incorporate into their home play as well. And they’re easy to remember, so dads can play along, too!

Hubbard Family Swim School: Phoenix

GNS Medical Equipment

Leeann Dearing

Corleone’s: Shea and Tatum

Matthew and Leeann Dearing own and operate the local Dearing Acting Studio off Shea Boulevard and 32nd Street ( Leeann is one of Dr. Bob Parson’s official Go Daddy Girls. For more of their thoughts and suggestions, follow them on Twitter @LeeannDearing and @DirectorDearing. 40

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