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University of North Texas Phi Chi Theta Alpha Nu Monthly Newsletter January 2014


  President: Jay Cho   Vice President: Allen Johnson   Treasurer: Corey Rand   Recruitment Chair: Shelby Garry   Fundraising Chair: Rodney Bridwell   Social and PR Chair: Elizabeth Angle   Historian: Nicole Cioffi   Community Service: Bree Crawford and Victoria Nelms Congrats new officers!!!

Member of the Month Allen Johnson, Vice President January 2014

Allen has gone from general member to vice-president in one semester. That’s an incredible jump and he has rocked it! In just a few weeks he has already gotten a potential new member and presented many resources including forms for business cards, info on lectures, etc. to Alpha Nu! Keep up the great work, Allen!!

Plans for the Spring 2014 Semester

  T-Shirt Fundraiser   New T-shirts!   One fundraiser, one philanthropy event, and one social event a month!   Speakers and Interview/Resume Workshops   Full Rush week   Formal End-of-Semester Banquet   Meetings- 5PM Thursday evenings


ay Cho-­‐  Full  schedule  first  mee4ng-­‐Woohoo!   February  schedule  posted  next  newsle>er!)  

Looking Forward- January 2014

n the Next Issue…   Calendar   Accomplishments and Updates!

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