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A Biblical Discovery!

Read how a team of adventurers discovered the 12th cave known to have held part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the connection to North Texas!

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About the Cover... A group of adventurists recently returned from the Holy Land with quite a story to tell! This expedition, that began as a 2 week archaeology dig, became a “Once in a lifetime� discovery of Biblical porportion! The group became part of history as they discovered the 12th cave of the Dead Sea Scrolls! Pictured on the cover is the remnant of a scroll found. Currently undergoing testing, it is not known as of yet whether or not there is scripture written on it. Photo was graciously given for use in our articles by Bruce Hall, Biblical Archaeologist and Pastor. Thank you, Brother!!

The Musings of a Crazy Woman... By Sandi Argo The signs of spring are all around us! From the occasional thunderstorm to flowers blooming to the new babies that are discovering the new and many wonders of the world! Human or other, each of these new faces are a miracle! As spring gets settled in, I am reminded of the many that we witnessed from the cow lots on the Grace Ranch. What a great time those days were! The sounds of the chute gates slamming shut behind a big black angus cow as we wormed the mamas and tagged the babies, to the sounds of the croaking frogs as we wound down the day by wetting a hook at the lake. Those were, indeed, special times. Lots of things going on these days. Easter has passed so now we look toward the next few weeks with Proms, Mothers Day, Graduations and all of the small events that accompany them. Enjoy the days, they are splendid! If nothing else, try to get outside and just BE. Trust me, one day you’ll look back and think about how good these days really were. Happy Spring everyone!

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Finding the


How a group of modern day explorers found a treasure of a lifetime

Story by Sandi Argo Photos used with permission by Pastor Bruce Hall Assoc. AIA, RRC, RWC, REWC, RBEC, CDT

bib•li•cal biblik/l/ adjective Relating to or contained in the Bible. “the biblical account of creation”
 resembling the language or style of the Bible. “there is a biblical cadence in the last words he utters”
 Or, there’s this definition….. very great; on a large scale. “we need rainfall of biblical proportions to bring us back to normal”

A local (Jack County) couple returned recently from a trip to the Holy Land.... A trip that went beyond “epic”… one that can only be described as Biblical. For Pastor Bruce Hall, Biblical Archaeologist, and his wife, Rebecca, the trip to the Qumran area will be one that they will never forget. In what some are saying could be the “Find of the 21st Century” the Halls, along with a team of scientists and other archaeologists (lead by Dr. Randall Price, from Liberty University in Virginia), have discovered evidence of a 12th cave that once held the Dead Sea Scrolls. Dr. Price was the American Dig Director and Pastor Hall served on his staff as the General Area Supervisor.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of some 981 different manuscripts discovered originally in 11 caves between 1946/47, 1956 and 2017 in (now) 12 caves in the immediate vicinity of the Jewish settlement at Khirbet Qumran in the eastern Judaean Desert, of the modern West Bank. The caves are located about 1.2 miles inland from the northwest shore of the Dead Sea from which they, and the scrolls hidden within, get their name. Hall stated “Keep in mind that we were 1300 feet below sea level. It is the lowest place on earth”. As Hall explained “Qumran is the town…where the ruins are, Khirbet means ‘the ruins of’. Qumran is where the old city used to be, and then these caves are the scroll library. Near the Qumran ruins there are 300 to 600 caves. If you go “down the beach” of the Dead Sea, which is toward Ein-Gedi, there are over 1600 caves estimated in the cliffs. So there are caves all over the place. “Dr. Price is the one that decided that this cave (then labeled cave # 53 now cave # Q12) was the best one that could show us something”. Apparently, the Israel archaeologist had their doubts about this cave, says Hall (chuckling) “As a matter of fact they barely pulled the permit in time for us to go and excavate cave 53”. Hall added “Finding this cave has been the capstone of his (Dr. Price) career, because if nothing else is found in the 21st century, this could be the find of the 21st century.” The finding of the 11 caves was the find of the 20th century. Hall says “If we’d have found just a little bit of ancient writing on the scroll we found, they would have already declared it”. Testing is currently being done on the scroll discovered as well as a piece of papyrus that was found in the cave. To the human eye, writing could not

be seen through the (over) 2000 years of dirt that the artifact had been buried under. The scroll has been sent to a lab that will be able to use high tech methods to detect any such writings. Dr. Price had been digging in Qumran plateau area “town ruins” for over 10 years, but has been a career archeologist for 25. DSS Cave Q12 was the first cave that Dr. Price was granted permission to excavate. With hundreds of cave to choose from, it is almost unbelievable that the first cave Dr. Price chose was the jackpot for DSS material culture. Price and Hall were also involved with the recent ice dig for Noah’s Ark on the summit of Mt. Ararat (17K) in eastern Turkey 2013. The expedition of that dig went on to become the movie “Finding Noah” (see more information at the end of this article). Price and Hall were two archaeologists featured in the film directed by Hollywood filmmaker Brent Baum. The film went on to become the most distributed documentary to the big screen in the history of the film industry. Finding Noah debuted on October 8, 2015 as a Fathom Event on 640 screens across the USA and it was shown continuously in various select theaters until May 24, 2016. The film won the Sun and Sand Filmmakers Festival for “Best Documentary” in 2015. Also, The Dove Foundation gave high honors to Finding Noah by nominating the film for “Best Documentary” for the Crystal Dove Seal Award in 2015. Dr. Price has cave Q12 film footage and Hall anticipates another documentary of biblical proportions to make it to the big screen soon.

The cave Q12 team found themselves in a drama that has been played out for more than 2000 years (Israel against Philistines then Romans and later Islam), and especially in recent times the Palestians. The “battle” has morphed to being between Christianity and other religions, this time in history it is the Islam/Muslims. It has been theorized by non-Christians that the original 11 caves have never produced Islamic writings because the

caves were explored and excavated by Christian and Jewish archaeologists. In this cave (cave Q12), a Palestinian was on the cave Q12 dig staff to observe if any Islamic evidence was brought out or discovered. “We didn’t find any proof or evidence of Islam material culture” Hall said, “But the irony is that the Palestinian was the one who actually found the first storage jar with the scroll inside.” Christians across the world think this is not merely coincidence. “Rebecca and I came within about a foot of finding the storage jar and scroll the day before the Palestinian found it” says Hall. The area has been a long history of turmoil in this Dead Sea region within Israel. Masada, which is a fortress down the beach at the other end of the Dead Sea, was taken over by the Romans in 72 A.D. The Jewish people that lived there were forced to move about, and sometimes move quickly when the enemy was coming. It is the theory of some that the Jewish would take what they needed to survive, and leave the rest. That is why they find storage jars used to carry water or scrolls. As valuable as we know they are today, to the earlier cave looters, it was more important to have a jar that would carry water than a scroll they did not a use. So, the looters would typically dump the scrolls out of the storage jars and onto the floors of these caves and just take the jars.


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Various caves held different biblical scrolls, with all but 1 book of the Old Testament written on them. To date, the book of Ester has not been found. Hall says “Only about 25% of the scroll corpus found are tied to the Old Testament, the rest were community rules and a lot of different books were found such as commentaries to the sacred writings”, adding, “They were the writings of the day. There was the Bible, and then there were other writings too”. Like explorers of old days, the archaeologist had to haul their tools and equipment quite a distance up the side of a hill to reach the cave 12, with the Dead Sea and the country of Jordan in the distance as a backdrop view. With not a lot of space for footing, the trek was a tricky one for the first few days of the dig. Once they brought dirt and sand out of the cave to sift through, they were able to widen the path a bit by building up a work area. The fine sand of the desert was a constant issue meaning a breathing obstacle, but not one to deter them. Throughout the dig the team found remnants of pottery (enough to fill 4 to 5 large buckets). Even more significant is the remnants of what scientists call “textiles” which looks like burlap type cloth. These are parts of linen, leather and other products is what the Jewish community of Qumran used to bind or wrap the scrolls. One of the finds was a leather strip, about 8 inches long and half an inch wide. The leather was likely used to bind the scroll. The pottery found was considered “2nd Temple period” finds… meaning they existed during the time of Christ. The team is also the first to actually discover storage vessels (jars) for the scroll in-situ…meaning that the clay vessels of cave Q12 were discovered in the very spots they were placed over 2000 years ago. This is quite a big deal that comes along with some braggin’ rights!

Hall says “Finding the 12th cave of the Dead Sea Scrolls (God’s own library) 70 years after the first 11 were found makes us feel like we hit a home run to drive in the 12th run to win God’s World Series! It is God 12, Satan 0! Now, going forward with the scroll analysis, if the scientists in the lab detect ancient writing on our 12th cave scroll, then we will feel like we hit a grand slam to win the World Series!” Adding “It’d be like Robert Redford in the movie, The Natural, with the lights bursting and sparkles falling around our team as we gather at the home plate to celebrate and giving all the glory to God!” The world awaits the results of the testing but even if they show no writing, the significance is the same. Gather your families; grab some popcorn and watch as God’s Word unfolds right in front of us. What a wonderful world we live in!

Food For Thought... from Pastor Bruce Hall Believers should take a moment and recognize that the DSS discoveries are a modern day miracle given to us “God’s Children” on a specific date November 29,1947. What is so important about that date? In one day, God revealed His hidden away Library (time capsule)- Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) and the United Nations voted to allow God’s people to return to the land flowing with milk and honey! Dr. Eliezer Sukenik declared the DSS finds as authentic 2,000 year old scrolls on 11-29-47 and the Great Isaiah scroll (found in cave #1) was fully preserved which contains a special prophecy! United Nations voted (passed 33-13) on 11-29-47 to give Israel back a portion of their land and later on May 14, 1948 Israel came home to fulfill the special Isaiah prophecy (Isaiah 11:11-12). This is not a coincidence! Is God sending us a message through His Ancient Library that has served as a buried Old Testament (OT) time capsule dating to before Jesus 250 - 0 BC? Yes! God is saying His Word can be trusted! This is a miracle story that should be in every believers’ home up on the wall. Also, it is not a coincidence that our team discovered DSS Cave 12 in 2017, 70 years later? 70 is a very important Bible number. So I am wondering what is next Lord!”

We asked Pastor Hall what this meant, specifically, to Christians. His response was clear. “Anytime someone says to a Christian that the Bible is not like it was way back in the 2-4th centuries AD, then you can respond by saying that the DSS scrolls predate Christ and the biblical DSS are deemed by the 21 century secular scholars to be 95% accurate to our Old Testament Bible we read today. Think about it. The scribes and Monks who “hand xeroxed” the Word of God down through 2,000 years had less then 5% error (Jewish scholars say about 2% error). WOW! In fact, some modern skeptics have suggested that the Old Testament was changed after the life of Jesus to fit the life of Jesus “The Christian Hero.” If this were true, then when we discovered the DSS Micah 5:2 it should have stated that the messiah would be born in Jerusalem or Hebron, not itty bitty Bethlehem. Skeptics were wrong! Thankfully, Micah 5:2 DSS states (prophecy) that the messiah would be born in Bethlehem just like our Old Testament Bibles state. Same is true for the other Jesus is the Messiah prophecies. Thank you Lord for the modern miracle of the DSS!”

on track with racetrackmom.com The State of the Track Address! Story by Sandi Argo

Photos by NTNE Media

The 2017 NASCAR ™ race season hit the road on February 27th, with new changes to the racing format as well as the group of drivers that fans have grown to know and love. Before the season started, fan favorite Carl Edwards announced his immediate and sudden retirement from the sport. Always an engaging and friendly guy, he quickly became one of our favorites to talk to. He will be greatly missed by anyone that has a true appreciation for the sport. Also missing from the mix is Tony “Smoke” Stewart, yet another favorite who decided to retire after the conclusion of the season last year. Although it wasn’t quite the surprise as Edwards, the impact has felt the same. Yes, we love our sport but one can not help but feel an absence at the races we love. At least the consolation with that is the fact that Stewart is still racing...just on the dirt tracks! He brought the exciting dirt races to TMS the weekend of the NASCAR races. If you have never been to a dirt race...GO! They are a blast! Get some mud in your hair, you’ll be happy that you did! If there’s one thing that Eddie Gossage has figured out, it is how to give race fans more than they ever expected in a race weekend! Prior to the April races at Texas Motor Speedway, Gossage threw a media day event at Billy Bobs Texas ™, in Dallas. This yearly event brings together the area and national media sources to have an opportunity to interview the top drivers from NASCAR™ and Indy™ Series. This year the guests of honor included NASCAR™ favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr. After missing 18 races due to a concussion last year, Earnhardt was the fan favorite, with a huge crowd gathered

to see him. Gossage opened this event to the public, in order to raise funds for the Speedway Children’s Charities™. The mix of media folks along with race fans made for a very special event. Informal interviews gave fans a special insight of the drivers, and the program was (as usual) very entertaining! One of the main topics of conversation was the track repave. It was announced in January that the track at TMS™ was to undergo a repave and partial re-do. Although the drivers may have initially preferred the track to be left as-is, Gossage and crew knew the time was right for the change. Always looking for ways to enhance the race experience for the fans, last year’s multiple rain delays made it brutally clear that something needed to be done. Lowering the grade in turn 1, and repaving the track was just the start. Adding a better drainage system to remove water during rain events was the big change. March 13th was the official unveiling, with local NASCAR™ driver Chris Buescher (from Prosper, Texas) and Indy™ driver Ed Carpenter present for the presentation and fireworks! Afterwards the drivers (and Gossage) gave rides in TMS™ pace cars to waiting and brave media members! Race weekend brought sunny weather and wind. The track stayed dry, and drivers were faced with a lot of unknowns! The Xfinity race was under a new entitlement, with a 5 year contract signed with Wise Health Systems, out of Decatur, Texas. Having a local sponsor gave it a true hometown feel!

Complete with mobile PT and assistance with track physicians, the “marriage” appears to be a very happy one! The My Bariatric Solutions 300 ran without a hitch, with Eric Jones claiming the victory! The O’Reilly 500 was the main ticket on Sunday, to nobody’s surprise the winner was Jimmie Johnson (7 time NASCAR™Champion, 7 time winner at TMS). The drivers gave huge kudos to Gossage for the repave, with some giving the track their vote to be the track to beat all tracks in a couple of years, after it is “seasoned”. Gossage kept the crews working long into the nights with the Tire Monster and Tire Dragon to bring teams the best conditioned track possible. A broken fluid system in the 48 car caused a severe case of dehydration for Johnson, causing him to seek medical assistance at the treatment center. 3 bags of fluids and a very late post race interview showed Johnson to be on the mend, thanks to the track doctors and assistance from Wise Health Systems.The next big race weekend at the track will be in June, when the Indy™ Series hits the pavement! You won’t want to miss this, and tickets are on sale now!

Aaron Watson and Reckless Kelly to perform at the Food Truck Championship of Texas!

Up to 50 food trucks competing for $10,000 grand champion prize! Music by Walker McGuire, Reckless Kelly, Aaron Watson Graham, Texas June 3rd, 2017 11am to 5pm (or til food runs out) Food Trucks will be competing for the title of the Texas Grand Champion in America’s Largest Downtown Square The third annual Food Truck Championship of Texas is expected to bring even more eaters to America’s Largest Downtown Square this year on June 3rd. Other events that same day include: live music, Possum Pedal Bike Ride, children’s activities, and an artisan showcase. Bring your family, lawn chair an empty belly and enjoy the Food Truck Championship of Texas! Then, that evening, catch the concert at the Young County Arena! This year’s lineup includes Walker McGuire, Reckless Kelly and Aaron Watson! Gates open at 4:00 pm. Tickets go on sale April 1st. Pre-sale tickets are only $29 and $35 at the gate. Preferred floor tickets are avaliable for $59 and can be purhcased online. Bring in your own cooler for a small fee of $25.00/cooler.


At the Table withChef BrentHines BBQ Sauce the Southern Mother Sauce

By Brent Hines One staple you find in every pantry, corner store and glove box in Texas is the good ole BBQ sauce. Whether you like it tangy, sweet, smoky, zesty or spicy there is no disagreement that it goes with just about any protein. BBQ is a worldwide sauce that is popular not just in the US but Asian, Caribbean, Latin America and beyond. Texas style BBQ contains plenty of vinegar, chilies and just a hint of sweetness. Its best served warm with your meat of choice. With all the different variety there is in the south your taste buds will surely be satisfied. For your next backyard BBQ try making your own sauce. No need to buy name brand plastic bottles. A basic recipe is easy to follow and nothing like slathering your flaming cheeseburgers with your own homemade sauce. I like to cook mine on the grill as I get the day started in a cast iron saucepot.

Texas Style BBQ Sauce Makes about 6 cups

14oz Ketchup 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tablespoons Yellow Mustard 1 tablespoon fresh Lemon Juice ½ teaspoon Liquid Smoke Ÿ cup Chili Powder 2 tablespoon Smoked Paprika 1 teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes 1 teaspoon Black Pepper 2 teaspoon dark brown sugar 3 cups water 1. Combine all the ingredients in a large saucepot and stir until all ingredients are mixed well. Place directly on your grill or over medium heat on your stove. 2. Simmer for 30-45 minutes; stirring often to prevent burning. Be careful if you do cook over the grill. Sauce should be a rich brown in color with a gloss look to it. 3. You can serve immediately or store in mason jars for further use. Its best if you let it sit for 2 or 3 days before use.

faces to watch

ethan Daniels “Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don’t have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up.” Amby Burfoot If the last part of 2016 were any indication of things to come, North Texas local Vanessa James better get ready. In a couple of very short years her son, Ethan Daniels, will be old enough for a Drivers Permit. Not unlike any other mom that knows eventually the reality will hit home, Vanessa already has a bit of insight to this particular “right of passage”. You see, what we average moms think about once our (not so little) “babies” reach the age of driving is 10% about the maintenance of the cars they drive and 90% about the speed in which they go! For James, this has been something she has been dealing with since 2010 when Daniels was a mere 6 years of age. Daniels, you see, happens to be a kart driver, and a winning one at that. What began innocently enough, with a young Daniels somewhat reluctantly taking the first few laps in a kart has turned into a passion for the sport, one that shows in the success Daniels has had on the track. At the suggestion of Ethan’s dad, whose family was involved in karting, Ethan stepped into his first kart...and into a world of dirt flying, engines smoking and rubber burning. His most recent victory netted him the title of Champion at the Lonestar Shootout, and a very nice trophy to boot. “Kart racing or karting is a variant of open-wheel motorsport with small, open, fourwheeled vehicles called karts, go-karts karts, design. They are usually raced on scaled-down circuits. Karting as the stepping stone to the higher ranks of motorsports.”

On a recent weekend, the Texas Motor Speedway held their NASCARTMspring race weekend. On that particular Friday and Saturday, (retired) NASCAR favorite Tony “Smoke” Stewart ran on the dirt track in the ASCS Sprint Car Nationals. The average speed for that race was 88.5 mph... grown men. Going fast. Not far behind the “big boys”, Daniels races in 2 classes, the 125’s and the 250’s. Just so you’ll know, the 125’s average about 40 to 45 mph and the 250’s will run about 55. Not shabby when you compare to the cars on the national circuit are only hitting about 25 to 30 mph more...driven by grown men... If one were to compare that to NASCAR, that would mean that the average daily driver would be driving at 155 up and down the highways (according to Wiki the average speed of a NASCAR race car is 188 mph). Although I have ridden with a few that made me FEEL like they were going 155, they actually weren’t. James tries to not think about the fact that her 13 year old is flying around a track like a NASCAR driver. She is comforted by the fact that today’s karting is a high tech wonder and that safety is the main concern, even above winning, to the men and women involved in the sport. High tech neck and head gear, as well as the way the cars are put together make the sport both competitive and safe. Well, as safe as one can be riding on a dirt track at 55 miles per hour in a kart. Racing go karts have evolved over the past 50 years to become one of the most competitive forms of motor racing in the United States. Kart racing has been a “stepping stone” for many drivers working their way up the professional ladder in NASCAR, Formula 1 and the Indy Racing League. Drivers like Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick, Michael Schumacher and Sarah Fisher each got his or her start in this less expensive but adrenaline pumping form of motorsports racing. As a recreational activity, karting can appeal to just about anyone. From age 5 to 75, racing go karts have become popular all over the world with people looking for an exciting way of having fun. In fact, many amusement parks have added rental racing go karts (called concession karts) that use detuned 4-stroke go-cart engines for a milder experience Not the typical 13 year old boy that awaits the return of football every fall, Daniels races year round. Although he likes to play baseball, his true love is on the track. For that reason, Daniels says he won’t be found on a baseball team roster. “If there’s a chance that on a weekend there could be a tournament, I’m not going to miss a race for that.”

His plans for after high school include a future in the racing sport. To be a driver, specifically. Like all pros, Daniels has his rival. His friend, Jacob. In a race last year, the competition came to a dramatic head when Daniels started out 7th, in a pack of 12. After working his way to 4th place, Daniels spun out and was sent to the back on the restart. Working all the way back to 2nd place, Daniels went for the first place in an attempt to pass. Somehow he was wrecked and sent to the back, again. With time ebbing away, Daniels worked his way toward the front and ended up 4th. A pretty typical example of how these drivers learn from an early age to “stay with it and never, never, never give up”. Like most of the NASCAR drivers that I have had the opportunity to meet, Daniels remains humble in the limelight. Making sure that he remembers the people that have helped him get where he is today. Daniels made a special request during our interview “I want to be sure to thank my Dad, Starla, Kevin (Grampie), Granny, Pops, Mom and Steve. They’ve all helped me and they support me, and I appreciate that”. If what he wants comes to be, look for this young man to do big things on a track somewhere. Who knows, perhaps he will find himself racing the legend, Stewart. I’ve seen both of these gentlemen race, and what a nail biter that would be! If and when that happens, you’ll find me sitting right there on the front row, popcorn in hand and dirt in my hair, right next to his mom and family. That’s the way racing is. That’s the way it has always been. Family, friends and fast cars. What’s not to love about that?

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty Psalm 91:1

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North Texas businesswoman Cheryl Searcy, has been busy the last

few months. Between helping her son and daughterin-law prepare to become parents, chasing after a very active 3 year old, homeschooling a pair of teenage boys and helping her husband, James, with a lawn and garden business Searcy finds herself with very little down time. Oh, and add to that the fact that she is an Independent Sales Director for a little known company called Mary Kay. Searcy only has about 400 consultants under her wing, between the US and Canada. Yes…that is Four HUNDRED. Searcy began this trek in a rather unusual way, from the hospital bed as she was about to give birth to her youngest son, Joshua. Searcy says “I was in the hospital, about to give birth. My friend had told me that I should give Mary Kay a try. I was needing something to help out with the family finances, yet I needed something that I could do from home. My friend had been selling it for a while and thought it would be a good fit for me and my situation. I had been using the products for a long time and loved them, so I thought maybe … As I went to have the baby I told her that she could bring me a kit sometime. She brought it while I was in the hospital and before I was released a couple of days later I had already sold about $300

worth of product to the nursing staff!” Searcy felt that was a good sign to give the business a solid try. Being a faithful Christian, Searcy also credits the decision to the “sleep test”. “I had always heard that if you think about something when you fall asleep, and are still thinking about it when you wake up that God is telling you a message about what you’re thinking about. It just felt like He was telling me to do it”. Sixteen years later, the decision appears to have been the right one. With the support of her family, Searcy has come a long way. “It didn’t start out rosey” she says “My first party was a $50 party. I went home thinking that I couldn’t do this! Like so many I was convinced that I wasn’t a salesperson” “Next party was about $600. I thought ‘Okay, maybe I can’ and just kept at it, booking parties and having fun meeting people. I have always enjoyed messing with makeup, now I get paid to do it.” The job has rewarded Searcy and crew with quite a few added benefits. Anyone from the south (and other areas too) are quick to associate the Mary Kay brand with the pink Cadillacs the company is known to give to top ranked associates. Searcy has earned 7 cars since she started (although not a pink Caddy as of yet but it is likely in the near future). The company is also very generous in other rewards “of the blingy kind” and Searcy has definitely enjoyed those spoils as well. One of the most treasured is a bumblebee ring Searcy proudly wears. Mary Kay used the bumblebee as a symbol of determination in starting and running a company, years ago. “She used to say that the bumblebee was not supposed to fly because it looks like, aerodynamically, it should not be able to fly. The body is too heavy we’re told, and the wings too small. It shouldn’t be able to get off the ground! But it does, we’re told, because God has whispered in its “ear”, “You can do it!” Whether or not the story is true doesn’t matter. The principle is there. With the “can do” spirit, Searcy has proven that to so many, and likely none more surprised at what she has accomplished than herself. Searcy says she was a shy and quiet person, and gives credit to her career for giving her the boost to get out of her “comfort zone”. Having been a part of the business growth Searcy has found herself talking about beauty products inside of the US, and abroad. The travels even took her to India, where she spent about 3 months recruiting. Mary Kay products are sold in over 50 markets world wide. What’s next for Searcy? She has her sights set on becoming a National Director. To do so, one must have 12 Sales Directors under their wing. There is no doubt Searcy can accomplish that task. “It’s part of what I call my 6 Most Important List. I have 6 things that I am working on, marking them off one by one. First is to finish the year with the Alaskan trip, then to earn the pink Cadillac, then National Director. Those are my top 3”. She’ll get there. A little bee told me so. Cheryl and her husband, James have been married for 23 years and have 4 children. James, 22, married to Shelby (who is very soon to deliver Cheryl’s first grandchild) Jacob (18), Joshua (15) and Chyla, who is 3. James is the owner of Father and Sons Landscaping. For information on the Mary Kay opportunity or for party information, Cheryl can be found at www.marykay.com/cherylsearcy

Bible Baptist Celebrates 50 years 50 years ago God would move a family from Graham, TX to Jacksboro, TX and forever change the lives of many people. When Bro. Billy Rodgers told his wife, Joyce and daughters; Connie, Vicki, and Pam, that God was moving them to Jacksboro to start a church, they weren’t sure what to think. Rodgers had been pastor of a church in Young County for two years before agreeing to go to Jacksboro. But, through faith and a God given vision they moved to South Second Street and on April 17, 1967 Bible Baptist Church was born. In the beginning the Rodgers family held Sunday school in their home and then walked across the street to have worship service in a small one room building. During this time the congregation grew from the family of five to approximately thirty. It was soon realized that they were outgrowing the then facility. With much prayer, planning, and commitment from the members of the church it was decided, and God provided the way financially, to build a building. So the “Little Rock Church on the Corner” was built. Bro. Billy, a rock mason by trade, literally built the sandstone and limestone building at the corner of Knox St. and Thompson St. The church had 4 small Sunday school rooms, a nursery, an office, and a small kitchen. In 45 years the building was remodeled four times and rooms added on until they became landlocked. After 32 years of preaching, 30 of those at Bible Baptist, Bro. Billy decided to retire and hand the reins of the church over to his grandson, BJ Nunley. In 1996 Nunley surrendered to the ministry and on March 2, 1997, he was ordained in ceremonies at the church. [From the Fort Worth Star Telegram] “It is a real honor to follow in my grandpa’s steps,” Nunley said. “Grandpa talked to me, and he told me what he expected of me and asked me not to disappoint him.” Rodgers is quick to praise his grandson. “He’s an exceptional boy,” the retired minister said. “He’s never run around town; he could have, but he didn’t. He spent hours singing by himself at the church. It was not my

heart’s desire that he surrender to preach; it is a rough road to travel, but I am proud as I can be.” Joyce Rodgers said that having her grandson take over the church is a comfort. “We love it and the people and they’ve all worked so hard. They’re such good, loving people. We can’t let the devil close the doors of this church.” Then in 2012 God opened another door and answered more prayers. For those that know BJ, you’ve probably heard this story. When he and David Moore were working funerals being held in the First Presbyterian building they would walk the halls and claim the building for Bible Baptist. Unbeknown to BJ there were others in the community driving by and asking God to do a mighty work so that the beautiful facility would not be vacant. BJ was contacted by Clint Strickland and the rest is history. Through lots of blood, sweat, and tears; valleys and mountains; faith and prayers; the Rodgers family has stayed true to their roots at Bible Baptist Church. There are things that they know for certain and you aren’t going to change their minds: 1. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it 2. When we can’t see a way, God is making THE way 3. We are nothing without Christ, but we can do ALL things through Him 4. Christ is all WE need. Now in 2017, the church is seeing another “growth” movement. Since January 1, there have been approximately twenty people (young & old) surrender or rededicate their lives to God. With the rise in youth participation and prayers from the congregation, God made it possible for them to purchase the land next to the church. Now, plans are being set in motion to build a Youth Center on the vacant lot.

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