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November 2012

Phase 2 Feasibility Report on Proposed Event Centre Released see page 8

Tbaytel’s Purchases the Dryden DMTS Mobility Local Artist Makes Donation To Thunder Bay and Area Victim Services Organization Delta Hotels and Resorts Named Hotelier on Thunder Bay’s Waterfront TBRHSC Breaks Ground on New Health Services Centre

Dowland Contracting Ltd. Signs innovative steel-based housing venture with PTH Canada and PTH China See Page 6

New Technology With The 2013 Cadillac ATS See page 5



National Army Reserve Recognition Day Sees Thunder Bay Transit Employee Honoured MCpl Kulyk, Kayla Lake Superior Scottish Regiment It would not be unfair to say his defining feature is his moustache. In fact, you may recognize it from the sides of Thunder Bay City buses last Movember. Captain George

Technician since 1980. He, like many other reservists, finds the time to balance a full time civilian career and family; some soldiers even balance the demands of school. The City of Thunder Bay Transit Department along with the

Members of the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment and Thunder Bay Transit Maintance Staff.

Captain George Romick receives his Certificate of Appreciation in honour of National Army Reserve Recognition Day Left to Right - Chief Warrant Officer Rob Morris, Manager Fleet Services, City of Thunder Bay Jim Suffak, Captain George Romick and Lieutenant Colonel Geoff Abthorpe, Commanding Officer of the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment Romick has been a member of the Canadian Forces has recognized his excepCanadian Forces as a reservist since 1975 tional commitment on the Third of October and has held a civilian career with Thunder with the first Army Reserve Recognition Bay’s Transit Department as Lubrication Day. “This day provides an outstanding

opportunity to recognize and highlight the Army Reserve’s important contribution …” explained Lieutenant-General P.J. Devlin, the commander of the Canadian Army. He goes on to further say “Army Reservists serve the Canadian Army with dedication, all the while remaining active in their home towns and their civilian jobs”. For the last thirty-seven years George Romick has been just that, dedicated and active in his home town and civilian job. It

takes well-rounded individuals to be able to play multiple roles in such demanding domains. It is this flexibility and dedication displayed by George Romick throughout his career that has granted him recognition for his outstanding contribution as an Army Reservist at the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment since 1975. Recognition was also made to the City and his Coworkers for the support they provide to George in order for him to meet his military requirements.



Thunder Bay Plays Host To Huge Medical Conference BY SCOTT A. SUMNER

Thunder Bay BUSINESS The hotels are sold out, flights into Thunder Bay were hard to come by and the excitement level was high as 882 medial delegates from over 50 countries round the world converged on Thunder Bay to learn more about themselves and what they can offer others. “ There are five medical organizations that are known world wide and we are fortunate to have our Dean, Dr Roger Strasser who is a member of all the organizations. The main theme of these organizations is around rural health education with other mandates as well. The five organizations traditionally have their own conferences but this one event in Thunder Bay is bringing all those conferences together into one,” said Sue Berry, NOSM Assistant Dean of Integrated Clinical Learning. “ Many of the participants are from over 150 different health schools around the world. We have 300 learners, 200 of our own NOSM students plus 100 from elsewhere as well as researchers and clinicians. Thunder Bay is an ideal location to hold this event as we are the newest medical school in Canada and have a similar mandate as others who are socially accountable

for the regions they serve with leading edge technology.” Everyday the event will feature speakers in the morning and afternoon from around the world. After these sessions

incredible expertise here in Thunder Bay this week according to Sue Berry who noted there are 17 medical schools in Canada and we have 75% of them represented here.

Sue Berry, NOSM Assistant Dean of Integrated Clinical Learning. there are workshops and 10-minute presentations on research activities. Also delegates present their research and unique activities like Pearls (personally arranged learning sessions) occur where the audience helps with answers. There is an

“ We have taken over most of the hotels rooms in Thunder Bay and the flights are sold out here for several days as we found out with one delegate who was trying to get in after a missed flight and had to wait two days. This event highlights the NOSM

as one of the younger medical schools making a difference in Canada. It is a thrill that 882 people wanted to come to Thunder Bay to see the community,”smiles Sue Berry. The event had local community site visits to different organizations here to learn how we service the local economy. There were also conferences on the move to travel in NW Ontario. “ On Thursday we have two coach buses leaving for Sudbury. One will be travelling the north route to the Lake Helen Reserve and then on to Hearst and Cochrane ending up in Sudbury. The other will go along Lake Superior, stopping in Nipigon and leaning about our Digital Imaging System across the North - telemedicine and then on to Wawa and Manitoulin Island and then to Sudbury. We also have delegates going on 1-day workshops in Sioux Lookout and some going to Marathon. There are also tours around Thunder Bay.” said Berry. “ The delegates to this conference are from all over the world and in some cases flights can be over $2000 with the total cost to them to attend over $4 to $5000.”

New Technology With The 2013 Cadillac ATS BY SCOTT A. SUMNER

Thunder Bay BUSINESS For carmaker GM, the 2013 Cadillac ATS fits into a segment called the compact luxury car that has competitors like the BMW

3 series. It is not made to replace the Cadillac CTS but to bring buyers in that are looking for a sport luxury car according to Brad Haywood, Used Vehicle Sales Manager at Badanai Motors in Thunder Bay. “ There is a ton of new technology on the Cadillac ATS from GM. As soon as you get in the car everything is blacked out and when the car is running all the systems light up displaying the Cadillac name. The new CUE system which stands for Cadillac User Experience gives you a whole array of services like the touch screen, the navigation system, 3 USB ports and voice controllability,” said Brad Haywood. “ It is very easy to use and be as complicated as you want it to be. It can dial your phone, read your text messages and so on.” “ The first thing you notice when you touch the screen is it has an I Pad feel to it with big large icons that are easy to use and select. When you select something all the not pertinent in formation will go away until you touch it again. The screen has a

proximity system on it so as soon as you bring your hand close to the touch screen all the buttons will visualize again. It is very user friendly.,”said Haywood. The 2013 Cadillac ATS has three differ-

ent engine combinations including the base 2.5 liter 4 cylinder that is an all-new engine from GM this year and is also used in the new Malibu. There is also a 3.6-liter V6 engine that really has a lot of power and is available with a manual transmission. The 2-liter turbo is also available with a ton of technology. It gives you a lot of torque soon and all the way through the power band. For the performance driver that wants to get good economy and performance the 2 liter turbo will just go. The car is also very light using a lot of aluminum. “ You can feel how nimble it is when you drive it. It weighs less than a Cobalt sedan and has the Cadillac magnetic ride control which can be adjusted from normal to sport to even a system that would maximize it for snow and ice,” said Haywood. “ The ATS is not your traditional Cadillac of the past. I have driven many mid sized sportier cars owned by friends and they don’t compare. When you take your first corner you will realize the power of the car. It will be an awesome offering for

Cadillac with a nice MSRP depending on what engine and options you choose. It is just very fun to drive and the first car we have received that has all the user-friendly technology that will be standard on all the

new models. The lease rates will be very attractive as well as it is a traditional leasing segment car.”



Dowland Contracting Ltd. Signs innovative steel-based housing venture with PTH Canada and PTH China BY SCOTT A. SUMNER

Thunder Bay BUSINESS Patrick McGuinness, President and CEO of Dowland is pleased to announce an agreement to provide steel-based housing between PTH Canada and PTH China has been reached. The ceremonial signing will took place October 17th at the Fort William Historical Park Visitor Centre. This special event was organized by Wasaya Dowland Ventures LP in consultation with numerous organizations throughout Northwestern Ontario committed to the ongoing economic development of the region, including the Federal Government, the Government of Ontario, the city of Thunder Bay, First Nations organizations and Confederation College. “Our shared objective is to initiate an exciting longterm investment process to improve accommodations at mining sites, housing for First Nations communities and housing for new growth associated with the Ring of Fire developments across Northern Ontario” said McGuinness. About Dowland Contracting Limited Established in Tuktoyatuk, Northwest Territories in 1983, Dowland is a full service construction company. Today, they operate executive offices in the Northwest Territories and Alberta and are engaged in projects across the territories, provinces and Alaska. Dowland responds to changing conditions with a positive attitude and their diverse teams are leaders in developing solutions. Health and Safety as well as Quality Control in Dowland work are top priorities and hallmarks of Dowland’s commitment to its employees and clients. Dowland is the benchmark for building in the North and, with 25+ years’ experience, is the builder of choice for industrial, institutional, commercial and infrastructure projects from coast to coast to coast. The Ontario Division office of Dowland opened July 1, 2012 in Thunder Bay. About PTH

Zhang rutang Chairman of PTH China and Patrick McGuinness President and CEO of Dowland, sign agreement Established in 2003, PTH China is an ISO9001 certified company headquartered in the in the Binnhai development zone of Shaoxing, China. PTH devotes itself to the manufacturing of pre-engineered buildings, research and design, construction installation and service of their PTH brand. It has a production facility of more than 45,000m 2 including 35,000m2 workshops and 150 employees with 30 engineers and 35 senior skilled workers. The facility is equipped with more than 100 sets of advanced production lines to ensure the superior quality and production capacity capable to meet the demand.

offices in Edmonton as well as offices where where we operate. The company began in the early 80’s and currently has about 425 employees depending on the

businesses. There may be multi year opportunities in the communities. We are spread from Alaska to BC and Thunder Bay and offer many services. We can

For more information on Dowland Contracting Ltd.:

Patrick McGuinness President and CEO of Dowland, principal shareholder who is a CA and been with the company for 10 years. Their head office in the Northwest Territories and they have administrative

Terry Chu, General Manager of PTH Canada with Zhang rutang Chairman of PTH China and Ray Williamson of Dowland jobs at hand. “ It is a huge long term strategic move opening the office here in Thunder Bay. Thunder Bay and the region is very like the area we work in now and acts as a support city for the hinterland. We have a great partner with Wasaya. The opening up of resource opportunities in this area ties in well with our business as well, so it is a good for us.” “ Some of our projects are in towns of under 500 people. We always try to use as much local resources from local small

focus on many different markets. Don Wing has been great to have on board.” Don Wing of Dowland “ For Dowland to come into NW Ontario and make the investment here is incredible. We need to build relationships and a strong team which we have already. You need trust and the Wasaya Dowland relationship is a good one.”





Phase 2 Feasibility Report on Proposed Event Centre Released The completed Phase 2 Feasibility Study Report on a proposed Thunder Bay Event Centre will be presented to Council as a first report on Monday, Oct. 15. The consulting team, using a broad-based Site Evaluation Matrix, is recommending the Downtown/Waterfront site because it offers the greatest short- and long-term benefits. A flexible, multipurpose facility is recommended that will include both spectator and conference components including 5,700 seats and a 50,000 square foot conference centre with major meeting rooms and a banquet hall for up to 1,000. Based on the Phase 2 Feasibility Study, the proposed Event Centre will have significant one-time and ongoing direct economic benefits to the City. The corporate report recommends moving forward with an initial Request for Expressions of Interest related to private sector interest in the project.

knowledge of Event Centres are recommending that the Downtown/Waterfront site presents the greatest immediate and future benefit.” Based on the Phase 2 Feasibility Study, a number of positive economic benefits are expected as a result of construction and operation of the proposed Thunder Bay Event Centre. During operations, 265 to

The report process has been designed to provide time for Council and interested members of the public to review and consider the findings and recommendations. The report is available for public review at and at City Hall, and a public meeting will be held on Nov. 21 with a presentation at 7 pm at the Thunder Bay Community

380 full-time jobs will be created with annual employment income of about $5 million. The proposed Centre will support more than $20 million in new spending annually including $6 million in visitor spending.

2013 Cadillac ATS

Auditorium. The Corporate Report will then be discussed by Council on Monday, Nov. 26. "Subject to Council's approval, the next step in the process is a detailed design and financial/business plan which would include exploration of funding opportunities and public/private partnerships,” said Tim Commisso, City Manager. “We have already invested more than two years of work in the development of this major project and there will be several more years ahead to put all the pieces in place. We have a proven track record with Prince Arthur's Landing and we can bring that expertise to bear to create a destination for residents and visitors that will continue the transformation of our city." Qs & As What economic benefits are expected? A number of positive economic benefits are expected as a result of construction and operation of the proposed Thunder Bay Event Centre. During construction, about $150 million in direct and indirect spending is expected together with $80 million in employment income growth and about 1,125 person years of employment. During operations, 265 to 380 full-time jobs will be created with annual employment income of about $5 million. The proposed Centre will support more than $20 million in new spending annually including $6 million in visitor spending.

2013 Cadillac ATS * Preferred Equipment Group * 2.5 l i4 DI, DOHC, VVT * Transmission, 6 Speed Automatic * Audio system, AM/FM Stereo, Dual USB Ports, SD Card Slot * Seats Front Bucket * Choose your own options!

Starting at $36,790 399 Memorial Avenue Thunder Bay, On P7B 3Y4

What is the projected cost? Total overall cost is approximately $106 million. This includes $92.6 million for the Event Centre facility (including site works and a new pedestrian overpass), $7.23 million for a new 200-stall parking structure and $6.3 million for facility “fit up” (including public art) and relocation of the Hydro substation.

Why is Innova Park not the recommended location? The Business Park ranked lower on the Site Evaluation Criteria in all categories except parking and access. However, dedicating over 1,000,000 square feet of land to periodic surface parking would underutilize valuable development land. Innova Park continues to be appropriate as a business park. Most of the sales of properties in Innova have happened in the last three years. Its location near Lakehead University, Confederation College and Thunder Bay International Airport is more supportive of its use as a business park. The potential for a significant new mining and industrial cluster (i.e. supply and services) within Innova Business Park is consistent with the City's long-term vision for this site.

“The Downtown/Waterfront site is exceptional in terms of character and potential,” said Conrad Boychuk, Senior Director, CEI Architecture, lead on the Phase 2 Feasibility Study. “A new Event Centre on this site would result in a truly unique entertainment venue that will garner national attention, build on the success of Prince Arthur’s Landing, and promote Thunder Bay as an event destination.” "For more than two years citizens have told us that they are solidly in support of a new Event Centre providing it's affordable and a catalyst for economic growth of the City and region,” said Mayor Keith Hobbs. “The consulting team with a wealth of

- combined with Prince Arthur's Landing will create a unique synergy as a destination for residents and visitors

License & Taxes Extra

Tel: (807) 683-4900 Fax: (807) 345-8005 Toll Free: 1-800-465-3915

Why is the Downtown/Waterfront the recommended location? The Downtown/Waterfront site: - scored higher in the Site Evaluation Matrix (79.7 compared to 63.1 for Innova) - is consistent with general consensus that Downtown North is the entertainment district or precinct - will be a critical element in the transformation of the historic downtown Port Arthur, similar to many precedents in both Canada and the United States

Will there be enough parking at the Downtown Waterfront location? Yes if, as recommended by the Consulting Team, a 200-stall two-level parking structure is built nearby the Event Centre. The site sits within the context of existing parking made up of both public and privately owned stalls to support day-to-day activities. There are also over 200 privately-held parking stalls within the area that could be dedicated to event parking, according to owners. What's next? Subject to Council's approval of the Phase 2 Feasibility Study on November 26, the proposed next step is preparation of a Detailed Facility Development and Financial Plan/Business Plan (“Project Ready Plan”) in 2013. This will include Expressions of Interest for possible Public Sector and Private Sector involvement. If the project moves forward, how will it be funded? and is it affordable? Subject to the approval of the Phase 2 Feasibility Report, Phase 3 will include a strategy for funding the project based on a higher level of design, a more detailed estimate of probable costs and a refined business plan. The proposed Event Centre project requires significant one-time financial support from other orders of government and the private sector to be realized over the next few years. A preliminary Option for City funding of 33.3% would require $35.4 million. Of this, $25 million is currently in place through Renew Thunder Bay (an interest bearing reserve fund) and a further $8 million will need to be confirmed in 2013/14. This option assumes combined Federal and Provincial financial support of $55.7 million and private investment of $15 million. New debt of $2.4 million would be required for the new parking structure (1/3 share of cost). As detailed planning for the various phases of the project are completed, Administration will provide additional reports to City Council outlining future financial implications.



TBRHSC Breaks Ground on New Health Services Centre Thunder Bay, Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - To mark the official groundbreaking at the future site of a new health services centre on Oliver Road, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s President and CEO Andrée Robichaud, City Councilor Iain Angus, and Tom Jones Jr. of Tom Jones and Sons put their shovels to the ground today. “As we continue to put the patients of Northwestern Ontario and their families at the centre of everything we do, we see the advantages of expanding our capacity in order for us to help our patients become healthy together,” said Andrée Robichaud, TBRHSC President and CEO. After a competitive, transparent procurement process, TBRHSC is working once again with Tom Jones Corporation and FORM Architecture Engineering to construct the new facility. Tom Jones Jr. said he is looking forward to building on the success of the Medical Centre at 984 Oliver Road. “The new building represents a tremendous opportunity for the Health Sciences Centre to expand its services, as well as an opportunity for commercial expansion, such as physicians’ offices and a pharmacy,” said Jones. The existing Medical Centre is home to many of the Health Sciences Centre’s essential programs and services including the Bariatric Care Program, Internal Medicine Clinic, Regional Stroke Program, Stroke Prevention Clinic, the Maternity Centre and Tamarack House, a home away from home for cancer patients from as far away as White River or the Manitoba border. “Providing the right care at the right time in the right place is not only more appropriate for patients and families; it is more costeffective,” said Robichaud. “The new health services centre will further expand the range of programs and services available to patients and families, including Cardiac Services, conveniently close to the Health Sciences Centre.” The new 75,000 square foot facility provides even more space for TBRHSC programs and services and regional partners in health, and also offers opportunities in both the public and private sectors. “The delivery of healthcare needs to takes place within healthy environments, and we are proud to be part of the team building such an environment,” said Cory Stechyshyn, Architect and partner with FORM Architecture Engineering. Stechyshyn discussed the environmental and sustainability features of the new building, that include maximizing the southern exposure for winter solar heat gain and maximizing natural daylight throughout the year. City of Thunder Bay Councilor Iain Angus also welcomed the announcement of a new health services facility, particularly in light

Tom Jones Jr, Manager of Tom Jones and Sons Limited, City of Thunder Bay Councilor Iain Angus, and Andree Robichaud, TBRHSC President & CEO of the Health Sciences Centre’s Strategic are making a large commitment and see the together to build this building and an excitPlan and guiding principle of Patient and the growth in the hospital.” ing addition to the health care campus. The Family Centred Care. building will be a healthy environment that “I congratulate the TBRHSC and its partCory Stechyshyn Partner and Architect with is energy efficient. We hope to high lite that ners on their next stage of expansion which Form. with this building.” demonstrates their commitment to deliver“ It is unique in how they brought the team ing high quality healthcare to patients and their families in Northwestern Ontario.”

Andree Robichaud, TBRHSC President & CEO “ It really demonstrates that we are making progress on our journey to become an academic health sciences centre because some of our expansion is to do with NOSM and Lakehead University. Cardiac Services out patient basis may be moved here to save our space in the main building for acute care.” Scott Potts of TBRHSC administration “ We anticipate about 15,000 to 25,000 square feet from our site coming to this building. We have great interest from other tenants to locate in this building as well. There is synergy being located here rather than somewhere else.” Tom Jones Jr, Manager of Tom Jones and Sons Limited. “ We will look after the development, are property managers and will be shareholders in this new building along with the hospital and others. This will be at least a $15 million project. We are looking at different family health teams and new recruits to Thunder Bay. In the other building on site we manage there is currently only 1500 square feet available out of 72,000 square feet so there has been a strong demand. It will be early 2014 when we are ready for occupancy. It will be likely 3 or 4 years before we get the building fully leased. We



Thunder Bay Business November 2012  

Lots of construction activity in Thunder Bay. Local business happenings.

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