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TO ‘Merry CHRISTMAS’ OR TO ‘HAPPY HOLIDAYS’! What’s it going to be? By Sherry Aalto Actually! It really is your choice! But just for argument sake… let’s examine both sides of this question for a moment…o.k. for as long as it takes for you to read this article! Christmas! It is a season all its’ own! Christmas! The most dreaded, the most magical, the loneliest, the happiest, the most romantic, the most expensive times of year!... It is celebrated most everywhere in the world by most everyone in it. People of many different religions, spiritualist, cultures, ages and dialects celebrate this holiday in an amazing number of different ways! But, bear in mind, all who celebrate, do not celebrate in the same way as their neighbors, whether it be in their own town or neighbours of different counties and continents. But having said that, having pureness of heart in the spirit of Christmas is, every bit as vibrant in people in other countries as it is in our own. In other words, we don’t have the monopoly on Christmas and that is great because, just imagine Christmas being the same everywhere in the world??? We would never have the great fortune to experience Christmas of other cultures, which can be most enriching to our souls.

For example, one of the fascinating aspects of Christmas is the Big Happy Fellow we refer to as Santa Claus, or Saint Nick. In other countries, this is what Santa Claus is called…Ready??? Albania – Babadimri, Argentina - Papa Noel, Armenia - Gaghant Baba, Australia Santa Claus, Bahamas - Santa Claus, Belgium - Pere Noel, Bermuda - Santa Claus, Brazil - Papai Noel, United Kingdom - Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Turkey - Noel Baba, just to name a few!!!! Phew!! So! When you think of the different nationalities there are in the world, just think of all the different ways there are to celebrate and say ‘Merry Christmas’! It is no secret that there are mixed emotions about whether to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays on a lot of different levels but, if you get into strong debate, bordering on argument, then you have lost the spirit. Peace on earth and good will to ALL is what the message of Christmas is, or should be all about. ‘Peace on earth and good will to all men’, as read in verses 8–20 of the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke. The story goes, Shepherds were tending their flocks out in the countryside near Bethlehem, when they were terrified by the appearance of an

angel. The angel explains that he has a message of good news for all people, namely that "Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger." After this, a great many more angels appear, praising God with the words "Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests." Deciding to do as the angel had said, the shepherds travel to Bethlehem, and find Mary and Joseph and the infant… The King James Version of the Bible translates the words of the angels differently from modern versions, using the words "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men" (where the word "men" is used generically to mean "people" or "human beings"). ( Now this brings us full circle to how do we get past the argument of whether to defend Merry Christmas against Happy Holidays. Well, read on please for mere insight and let there be no contempt prior to investigation please. Exerts from Huffington Post Blog: Let’s start with the fact that there are several holidays that fall during December including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice and the newly minted secular HumanLight. They all would like, and deserve to be acknowledged and respected. So! This brings us to the Merry Christmas vs Happy Holiday debate that is not complicated and is solved with basic etiquette. If you know someone is a Christian who is celebrating Christmas, you should say to them ‘Merry Christmas.’ Likewise, say ‘Happy Hanukkah’ to a person you know is Jewish, etc. For example, during the month of Ramadan I say to my Muslim friends ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ because it shows them that I acknowledge their tradition and wish them well as they observe the holy time in their calendar. This courtesy and respect should be part of what it means to live in a pluralistic society and it is easy for all of us to offer to those to whom we are close. However, if you don’t know the spiritual tradition of a co-worker, friend, or stranger in the elevator but wish to offer them a ‘Season’s greeting’ — a simple ‘Happy Holiday’ is not at all an insult or a denigration of Christmas, or any other tradition. It is an appropriate and inclusive salutation that recognizes that there are many ways that people are observing the season and you don’t know enough to be specific. Let’s join the wider circle of the many traditions that make up our country. Besides, any Christian knows that Christmas is not about displays in shopping malls, or capitols, or schools, it is about a spiritual event that we honor most in our families and our homes. Continued on page 4

As for the merchants that choose to express ‘Happy Holidays’ or Season’s Greeting’, as opposed to Merry Christmas, they claim to do this to recognize all cultures and religions in the world that celebrate Christmas. Some say that the merchants are taking the spirit of Christmas out of Christmas but to them…they are adding in the rest of the world, not just focusing on one concept of Christmas and how it should be expressed. The more the Merrier!! Change can be difficult for some, but change is not always a bad thing. Change can be growth and acceptance. Our children are growing up in a world that expresses ‘Happy Holidays’ rather than Merry Christmas and who cares as long as they carry the spirit of Christmas within them. Families share their memories and break bread together, this and this alone, strengthens the spirit of Christmas within each person who shares together this experience. Christmas has strong religious importance for many Christians, because they consider it the birthday of Jesus Christ. Some Christians even think it’s offensive to say, “Happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” But for the most part, the world is now tending to be more easygoing. Many cultures simply view Christmas as another chance to spread cheer, without any religious meaning whatsoever. It’s simply a time to share gifts, spend time with loved ones and rejoice in traditions, such as decorating a Christmas tree together. For others, Christmas isn’t something they celebrate at all, so saying “Happy holidays” is a more general way to wish someone well this time of year. The message that we should all be getting about the birth of Christ (Christmas) is “Peace on earth…good will towards all men”! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings refers directly to the Christmas Season specifically. Truly, the spirit of Christmas is not diluted in any way when the greeting is said differently…it is just a more universal acknowledgement for ALL the people in the entire world. It is not meant to keep God out; it is meant to bring others in! Attraction rather than Promotion! Embrace it and share your Christmas spirit. The world needs it now more than ever, no matter HOW it is said! TO Merry CHRISTMAS OR TO HAPPY HOLIDAYS! It’s all up to you! Peace on earth…Good will towards all men! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Season’s Greetings!



Lakehead University Engineering Career Fair 2016 Connects students with jobs

Publisher’s Note Scott Sumner There was a lot of activity at the Lakehead University Faculty Lounge recently as Engineering Career Day was taking place! Antony Gillies is the Assistant Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Lakehead University. He came to Thunder Bay for two years in 1984 and that was 33 years ago! Antony is originally from New Zealand and did his training there, then worked as a consultant for 5 years before coming to Lakehead University How are engineers doing in Thunder Bay? “ Engineering firms seems to be doing well in Thunder Bay. There are also a number of newer ones that are doing well and getting a foot on the ground. We are resource based here so you have to be versatile to adapt to the economic climatesay less forestry and then more mining. Firms have to be very clever to adapt.” How has engineering changed in recent times? “ The overlap in engineering disciplines is becoming more and more significant. For example the mining field needs electrical, chemical, civil and computer engi-

neers of course. The area of engineering is fully integrated with computers now so it means all engineers do computer courses. I got my first PC the day I started here in the mid eighties. At the moment civil is the most popular discipline.” Is engineering growing at Lakehead University? “ Engineering is a popular choice for students today. At Lakehead University, engineering is a big part of the university with 1000 students in the five disciplines of civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical and software. Software focuses on the application not the creation of the language. We have a masters program and are moving into PhD starting with electrical. The break down of men versus female students is still lower for women.” Is it easy to get a job after graduation? “ The student find jobs pretty quickly after finishing. Engineering is such a portable degree so they work in the US or England as well as Canada. After graduation there is a period of 4 years where they intern with a company and then do an exam. You

then get the Professional Engineer license and all the responsibilities. Engineers can work in sales and marketing and many other varied non traditional areas of employment for engineers.” Abel Raath is a 4th year Civil Engineering student originally for South Africa and later living in Calgary. He did his engineering diploma in 2009 at Lethbridge College. Lakehead University is one of the few places were you can update your diploma to a degree with out starting from scratch. Abel is also the vice president for the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering which offers management and support for engineers. They work here primarily with

students by bringing in speakers from other fields say on the Ring of Fire and on bridge topics. “ This program draws many students from out of province. Our third and fourth year has many come in from the technology diploma approach, some with experience.” “ Tuition for engineering here is competitive at about $8 to 10,000 year. We have very knowledgeable professors and others with support service to help.” “ My goal is to get job after graduation. I like Thunder Bay depending on the jobs available.”

A Lawyer’s Night Before Christmas © 2016 Brian Babcock (with apologies and copyright credit to Clement Moore) Twas the night before Christmas, when all

Legal Matters through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads. And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap, Had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap. Praying no one claims feeding sugar to the kids is child abuse The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below. When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, But a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer.

With a little old driver, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be St Nick. More rapid than eagles his coursers they came, And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

“Trespass at Night” is still a criminal offence And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof The prancing and pawing of each little hoof. As I drew in my head, and was turning around, Down the chimney St Nicholas came with a bound.

Causing all the neighbours to call in noise by-law complaints As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky. So up to the house-top the coursers they flew, With the sleigh full of Toys, and St Nicholas too.

And now I’m trying to explain to my insurer that hoof damage on a roof is just like hail damage, and, oh, by the way, will my homeowners policy cover me for the personal injury claim by St. Nick? We at Weilers wish all of you a happy and safe Holiday Season.



Maltese Grocery Complete Very Successful Expansion BY SCOTT A. SUMNER

Thunder Bay BUSINESS If you live in the Thunder Bay area you probably have heard of and shopped at

Maltese Grocery located for over 85 years at 301 Pearl Street in the Northward.This 4th generation business has become well known for their high quality food products and unique selection. Lisa and Dave Maltese, sister and brother, own the family

business and have worked there from a very early age. “ I started in the business at age 8 years old pulling the little red wagon down the street to Wanson Lumber. In the old days we needed sawdust for the floor so I would pull the wagon, usually twice in the day, and fill it up with sawdust every 5 days.” smiles Lisa Maltese, co owner Maltese Grocery. “ The business was started in 1931 by our grandfather right here at the corner where our parking lot is now located. It was an existing house and they started with a store front, the fruit stand and an ice wagon which he used to deliver ice to peoples houses. They lived above the store and eventually bought the house next door. My mom and dad then lived in the apartment.” Maltese Grocery built the existing build-

ing in 1989 and have done little improvements inside, but their current expansion was the next big undertaking. The sister and brother team spent about $1 1/2 million on the expansion and almost doubled the square footage of the store. In January they will introduce some new products. “ A lot of the customers here are families that started with their grandparents, then their children and now the grand children. We really are a community based business. We believe in supporting each other, your neighbour and friends and if everyone has that attitude the entire world is taken care of.” notes Lisa. “ When you support the local businesses you support yourself, your family, your neighbour. My brother and I invested so much back into this because we have the most amazing staff, the right people in place, to make this a success. Our customer base is incredible and honestly we could never do this without our customers. Our customers are everything. They’re loyalty and support of us I can’t speak enough about it. They are incredible. We are so isolated here and Thunder Bay is very unique so it is very important to support each other and the outside communities.” The Maltese Grocery team believe strongly in supporting local so bring in many products that are local from suppliers such as Chocolate Cow, Thunder Oak Cheese, Cupper Salad Dressing, Big League Pasta, DeBruins Greenhouses, Sleepy G’s, European Meats, North Country Meats, Busters Barbeque Sauce, wild rice from Kenora, the Polish Hall on Simpson, the Polish Hall on Court, The Fish Shop, Thunder Bay Meat Processors and the list goes on. When you support local you are supporting yourself is their motto. Continued



Maltese Grocery Complete Very Successful Expansion Continued “ When you enter our store, we are actually an Ontario regulated meat plant so our standards are a lot higher. We get inspected very regularly. Today most food retailers don’t process their own meat products and when it is shipped in it is already several days old. We age our beef, our chickens are fresh and packed in ice. These little things are huge because of the quality you get.” said Lisa. “We focus on our customer service. To us anybody can put a product on the shelve. What makes us stand

apart is our customer service which is critical to our success and any business’s success. Our staff is my family to me just like our customers are my family. We count on each other.” Maltese have over 30 staff and are open 7 days a week. “ In this expansion our contactor Aurora and the subtrades were unbelievable. With Gino and Peter and their team nothing phased them and nothing is impossible. The project went so well because of Aurora.” said Lisa. What makes Maltese Grocery unique? “ We are always changing our product lines. Our cheese selection for example is excellent. I love to cook and look for

things you can’t find in Thunder Bay and then bring them here. I love cooking unusual foods and bringing in the ingredients. This business is a passion for me, this is my life, and my brother has the same attitude. Most of our staff have this attitude as well. Working here is like socializing and having them at my kitchen table. They are my family!” “Thunder Bay is the hub for

Northwestern Ontario for healthcare, education and government and it is a pretty good economy. Mining is picking up quite a bit and I am confident it will continue and Thunder Bay will do well,” said David Maltese. “ We get customers from all over Northern Ontario. We try to get the best and most fresh food for our customers. We also produce most everything ourselves, it is not made somewhere else. We try

to sell as many local products as possible as there is a really big push for that. Everyone wants local food. It has become a movement so you need local independent suppliers. Local products don’t just fit as well in to the big national supply chains. We try to find specialty markets and it has worked well for us.” Continued



Maltese Grocery Complete Very Successful Expansion Continued After the store expansion Maltese Grocery will remain the same in terms of how they do things which was important to their customers. “It is still a mom and pop store just a little bit bigger. We brought the store up

to date with a better flow to make it easier to move around and shop, with more products,” said Dave.“ This move has been excellent for us. We thought about this expansion for a long time and it is an investment in Thunder Bay. The customers have been good to us and we wanted to reinvest back into the commu-

nity. Our staff have been here a long time and many are in their 40’s so it will take them to retirement. Many see Maltese as a staple of the community and that is why we wanted to reinvest back into it.” It was great to see the expansion of Maltese Grocery and feel the passion the sister and brother team have for their business. On a Monday morning when I was there the place was hopping with customers and felt like a real family atmosphere. You should check out the new expansion soon!


SPINAL STENOSIS – WHAT CAN BE DONE? In our last issue we were talking about Lateral Spinal Stenosis. This is an arthritic condition of the spine that will affect 25% of the population in the next fifteen years. It will be a leading cause of pain, disability and loss of dependence in the elderly. In this issue we will discuss the therapy options and what research tells us about their effectiveness. No matter what health issues you have a logical and thoughtful approach would be to start with the most conservative therapies first, as they are generally the safest and have the least potential for side effects. Conservative therapies start with home care, lifestyle modifications, certain exercises and postural improvements. Next would be therapies such as physiotherapy, massage or chiropractic care. Attempting more aggressive therapies should be assessed for risk benefit ratios before proceeding. However, too often people and health practitioners jump to more aggressive therapies first. Before starting any therapy you must reflect on your goals. Is it solely to get out of pain? Is it to have better function? If so what function are you trying to achieve: daily house chores, walking, sporting activities, social activities? As a health practitioner I can guide you on what goals are more realistic and achievable but ultimately it is up to you to set your own priorities and goals. When discussing spinal stenosis one needs to understand that although pain reduction is a desirable goal, most peo-

ple with this condition will always have a certain amount of pain. A more realistic goal would be to improve and maintain a higher level of function. Functional goals will go a lot further in also reducing other health risks like cardiovascular disease and diabetes than will pain goals. Scientific literature reviews in 2012 in Spine and also in 2014 by the think tank The Cochrane Collaboration both described effectiveness of various therapies: · NSAIDS (anti-inflammatories), Gabapentin and prostaglandins – not effective because spinal stenosis is not an inflammatory condition · Pain killers like acetaminophen and opiods showed poor results. · Epidural injection – no evidence of positive outcomes. Despite this, 25% of all epidurals done are for spinal stenosis. · Physical therapy, chiropractic – some positive effectiveness, especially to reduce leg pain but results diminish over time. · Surgery – moderate effectiveness to reduce leg pain but no effect on low back pain. Results last 2-5 years

and then secondary surgery is often done. No difference in walking, pain or disability scores when compared to conservative therapies.

One therapy which has impressive results in terms of significant improvement in function, is the Boot Camp Program for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis developed by Dr Carlo Ammendolia DC. This program includes a combination of chiropractic techniques to increase spinal joint function along with specific low tech exercises that the patient learns to do in office and then continues to do at home indefinitely. It has received several accolades

amongst the spinal research community for its effective functional results, its patient centered approach and its low tech, low cost application. There are several local chiropractors who use the Boot Camp Program for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis. James DiGiuseppe is a local chiropractor with a busy family and wellness practice. For more health information or to contact Dr DiGiuseppe visit

Emotional Healing for Family Issues Are you one of those lucky people who can go home to visit family for the holidays and everyone is getting along perfectly with no issues at all? Or are you like so many people who sometimes dread the holidays? Well guess what, help is here! I love Christmas and my personal truth is that as much as I had held a vision of the perfect family in my head, I decided to let go of the fantasy and just accept what is real. Each year the holidays seem to change due to everyone’s schedule. As my kids have grown older, it seems more like a balancing act. After the holidays are over, I tend to reflect about how everyone has grown and matured, including myself. I accept the things I cannot change and I have used some powerful tools such as essential oils to help me heal some emotional issues. I found that I was more spiritually open, I let go of my fears, and I was able to add more joy

into the experience of family gatherings, rather than expecting perfection.

tiful essential oil is considered a cleanser of spiritual darkness and can allow an individual to see the gold in the situation. Spiritual awakenings happen when pressure is created for individuals to look within. By applying this essential oil on a regular basis, it can offer a sense of emotional protection and love during a time when one feels abandoned or forgotten. It also helps to restore a bond with Father/ Father role models .

Many families have issues and I continue to encourage individuals to look to healing modalities that help us balance out some negative emotions. The following 3 essential oils are what I would personally recommend and why.

Myrhh Essential Oil- This essential oil when used frequently can also create more of a sense of trust in the world where fear is present. It can help to strengthen a mother/child bond from any past trauma, issues of mother role models or problems with birth if the delivery was unstable, or the maternal mother was not available after the birth.

Frankincense Essential Oil –This beau-

Wild Orange Essential Oil- This amaz-

This attitude became my miracle.

ing essential oil is extremely uplifting and helps to restore physical energy as an immune boost. It can help an individual reconnect with their inner child. With daily use, it will create a sense of spontaneity, fun and adds joy back into one’s life! It also helps to open the mind to creating a sense of abundance and let go of a scarcity mindset. The combination of these 3 essential oils is a powerful way to enhance your emotional well being during the holidays. They can be used together topically, in a diffuser or even internally. For more information contact Tammeron at Join my Business Facebook Page under Tammeron’s Place for my FREE weekly Facebook Class : How To Use the Book-Emotions and Essential Oils

Tis’ the Season to Make a Christmas Wish Come True

It Really Just Starts with Me and You Christmas morning is in their grasp, so long as we have hands to clasp. It is every child’s wish to wake up Christmas morning with a gift under the tree. Dilico Anishinabek Family Care is once again welcoming individuals, local businesses, organizations and families within the community and district of Thunder Bay to make a donation and fill Christmas Wish Bags. Too busy to shop for your Christmas Wish Bag? Let our elves do the shopping for you. All cash donations welcomed. If you fill more than 10 wish bags and require a pickup please call the Elf Line before December 9th, to schedule your pickup on December 12th or 13th, between the hours of 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. If you have any questions please feel free to call any of our elves for assistance. Elf Line: (807) 345-3763



“EATING FOR HEALTH AND SUCCESS: PART 2: PROTEINS AND FIBER” In Part 1, we discussed “Carbohydrates and Fats”. This article will explain the macro nutrient “Protein” and the essential nutrient “Fiber”.

Fiber, because of its protective qualities, helps to promote efficient intestinal function and regulate the balanced absorption of sugars in the bloodstream. Dietary fibers are broken down into two categories: soluable and insoluable. We normally consume about 12 to 15 grams of fiber daily. It is recommended that we eat between 25 and 35 grams daily. An increase in your dietary fiber will result in a decrease in your body fat as well as caloric consumption. We need to eat more fruits (“apples, bananas, peaches, pears, figs, berries, prunes etc.”), vegetables (“lettuce, raw carrots, spinach, potatoes, beets, turnips, broccoli, mushrooms etc.”), and grains (“oatmeal, whole grain breads and pasta, brown rice, popcorn, bran muffins, high fiber cereals etc.”) are just a few good source foods containing fiber. The macro nutrient “Protein” is an organic compound of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Your body uses protein to make structural and biochemical reactions that are required for muscled contraction, the cardiovascular system, and the immunity from diseases. The energy yield of one protein is 4 calories per gram. The ulti-

mate value of food protein or protein supplements is it’s “amino acid” composition which plays a major role in both performance and recovery. There are two types of protein we consume on a daily basis and they are complete and incomplete proteins. Complete proteins like milk, eggs, beef, pork, chicken, fish, whey, and casein carry all the essential amino acids. Incomplete proteins like fruits, vegetables, rice, grains, seeds and nuts are deficient of one or more amino acids.

pound of body weight. When designing a meal plan, your protein intake should be divided over 5 to 6 meals. Additional protein in the body is normally stored as fat and the conversion between protein and fat is done by the liver. The thing you need to consider if you are planning to partake in a ‘high protein” diet is the duration of time you will be doing it. It is highly recommended that you drink lots of water when taking in protein as it will help in the repair of tissues that are normally damaged through training.

The amount of protein you consume depends on your daily activity levels. Individuals involved in intense resistance training or heavy manual labor jobs require more than those leading a less active or sedentary lifestyle. Serious athletes would normally have an intake of 1 to 3 grams of protein per

In conclusion, the importance of eating a well-balanced diet consisting of carbohydrates, fats, and protein is essential. As mentioned earlier, the body requires six essential nutrients and they are carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. The key is in both balance and moderation. The

body will give you what you give it. Jeff Garofalo is a certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach and former International Sports Sciences Association (“I.S.S.A.”) fitness trainer. He has over forty years of experience in helping people achieve their fitness goals through body transformations and lifestyle changes. Jeff was a top 2000 finisher worldwide and currently shares his expertise both locally and across Canada via technology. As a successful language trainer in South Korea, Jeff worked with top business professionals in leading multinational companies. He believes that everyone has what it takes to make their dreams become reality.



Enterprising Women Take Centre Stage Thunder Bay PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise put eight local entrepreneurs in the spotlight on Thursday night at the Victoria Inn, as they were honoured at the 2016 Enterprising Women Awards. The regional women entrepreneurs represent a diverse cross-section of regional entrepreneurs who are doing amazing work in their communities from hospitality to improving literacy. The 2016 Enterprising Women Awards recipients are: · New Business of the Year - Brette Cain, Brette’s Foot Care (Atikokan) · Established Business of the Year – Liisa Hymander, Northern Baby Links (Thunder Bay) · Young Entrepreneur of the Year – Kaija Saarinen, Green and Gone Pest Solutions (Keewatin) · Social Entrepreneur of the Year- Taylor Gorrie, Taylorpedia (Thunder Bay)

· Building Bridges of the Year – Dayle Passley, Dayle’s Easy Sew (Thunder Bay)

going to go out of their way to help you,” Saarinen says.

cival war in 1994 and I came to Canada at the age of 26 with 3 kids.”

· PARO Fundraising Circle of the Year – New Beginnings Circle (Nipigon/Lake Helen First Nations)

Thunder Bay Public Library Community Hub Librarian Jesse Roberts, which won PARO Partner of the Year, agrees. The two organizations have been working together for more than 20 years. “I think PARO has really helped push the public library here in Thunder Bay to become better and do better to support women in the community,” Roberts says.

“ Paro is a great organization that helps women grow their businesses. When I speak at organization like this I think the participants walk away with if she can do it I can too. You just need to dream big, work hard and if you do that you can do anything you want.” “ Support is a huge part of this journey. There are lots of lonely days, days that you are frightened, when you can’t sleep because you don’t know where you are going to pay salaries from. Having the support of an organization like Paro, that peer support really does make a difference.”

· PARO Alumni Award – Gabby Cross, Norma Jean’s & PARO Circle Member (Thunder Bay) · PARO Partner of the Year – Jesse Roberts, Thunder Bay Public Library (Thunder Bay)

“These women are an integral part of our community and the economy. Despite the unique challenges women entrepreneurs face, these enterprising women have thrived and PARO hopes that everyone will leave the event feeling the inspiration and enthusiasm that was all around us;” says Rosalind Lockyer, PARO Founder and Executive Director.

“When you are starting a new business you might not comprehend how much help you are going to need. You should ask for help because places like PARO and the library are here for you.”

Kaija Saarinen from Keetwatin’s Green and Gone Pest Solutions, winner of Young Entrepreneur of the Year, says the best thing a budding entrepreneur can do is ask for help. “Don’t be afraid to reach out. Everyone at PARO wants to see you succeed and is

The awards were part of a full-day of business education events, attended by more than 200 people, dedicated to connecting current and future enterprising women with pertinent industry information, networking opportunities and mentorship sessions to strengthen regional small business. Daytime events were highlighted by a keynote lunch featuring Zahra Al-Harazi, a survivor of two civil wars and CEO and Creative Director with Foundry Communications. Zahra Al-Harazi lives in Toronto. “ I am the Canadian Ambassador to Unicef, launching a new company called Elan GoGo, an experience philantropic company, and sit on a number of boards, If you are having fun nothing seems like work and I love what I do.” “ I was born in Uganda and left there during the civil war when everyone that was brown was kicked out of the country. We left with $7 dollars that my dad hid in his shoes and went back to Yemen which is where my father is from. We left Yemen right after the

“ I was a designer and started my traditional marketing company which I have just sold. Elan GO Go is our new company which is a experience company that is philantropic by nature. For example you get to play a charity tournament with the Toronto Raptors. The money you pay goes to the Raptors Foundation or a Make a Wish event.” “ We want to help the charitable sector raise money. There is lot of donor fatigue and people who just don’t give the way they used. We live is a gig oriented society which mean gives me something to do as well when I donate. There is a lot of competition for donor dollars. We want to provide you a story to tell after you give. eg Toms Shoes give one pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair sold.We are working with businesses for employee engagement and retention.” Jesse Roberts, Community Hub Librarian Learning Supervisor based at Brodie Street and won the Paro Partner Award. I asked Jesse how the Thunder Bay Public Library can help the business audience? “ Hub North is a partnership that started with meetings for two years and opened in 2016 with the TBPL, Paro, CEDC and the Innovation partners. We want to provide an open encouraging assessable space for business development here in Thunder Bay and NW Ontario. It is a one stop shop where someone can come and be able to access these resources.” “ There are events held in this space with the partners involved. It is a general working space and you can use the library resources. You can have a space, a desk, wifi to work with and have good resources nearby in the community.” “ There is very little we can’t do for businesses at the library. Our brochure describes these services and supports and includes meeting spaces you can use, sometimes with a fee but mostly completely free. In addition our collection of books, databases, ebooks etc. You can find out about bringing an idea to a business plan, access grants to even succession planning. We have staff that know their stuff and events and activities. It is lots of information at no charge. We want smiling faces coming in our doors. We have a staff of 56 full time and also part time staff.” Continued Next Page



Enterprising Women Take Centre Stage Thunder Bay BY SCOTT A. SUMNER

Thunder Bay BUSINESS Continued From Previous Page Rosalind Lockyer of Paro “ This is an annual event and each year it gets bigger and more wonderful. The women are so enthusiastic in promoting their businesses. There is also a regional focus as well showcasing all the new businesses and those that are growing. We have women here today from Atikokan, Keewatin, Fort Frances and so on.” “ Our keynote speaker is an immigrant women and hopefully everyone will relate to her and embrace the challenges.” What is important to be a success in business? “ Don’t be afraid to ask. Today we have

social media. It is about telling your story is a way that captures the audience.” “ We do the awards which are backed up by a video the winners can use for their marketing. It is a way to recognize all the hard work they have put in to grow their businesses.”



Business December 2016  
Business December 2016  

Long time Thunder Bay business Maltese Grocery expands their location, Paro awards and LU engineers!