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hilly mornings and early sunsets mark the beginning of the winter season here in Gauteng. The “Boot Season” as some South African’s call it, is finally here. This is the time when we crave hot chocolate and wrap ourselves in soft throw overs in front of our gas or electric heaters depending on your personal preference. With chilly mornings and afternoons, it’s a relief for most parents that schools close on the 21st of June allowing kids to escape from this dreadful cold. Despite all of this coldness and the misery of winter ailments, North Rand is abuzz with activity. In some cases we are left feeling overwhelmed somewhat. No matter how much effort you put in, the in-tray is still full. By the time you get home you just want to curl up and get into a restful slumber. The past quarter seems to have been the busiest in North Rand. A number of things have taken place in this third quarter and most of these are covered in this issue. Our first quarterly Comms session was a great success with our employees addressed by DJ Sbu who had both the guys and girls screaming as he shared a very powerful message with all of us about not being lazy and working hard to make ourselves as well as the DC successful. We

had our first members meeting of the year and we’ve received great feedback from our retailers about it. We launched the 2013 Ladies Race Pretoria leg at the beautiful Lynwood Bridge, we’ve revamped a number of stores to improve the look and feel as well as the performance of those stores. A number of cell meetings have been held and successfully so. Everyone is sprinting towards the finish line as we head to the end of the year and we need to pull all stops to make sure that we finish strong. Our thanks to everyone for doing their best and pushing themselves to the limit in the effort to get to the finish line. On a separate note, I would really like to express my thanks to everyone who submitted articles for this issue. Due to the limited number of pages we can fill, we’ve had to hold back some of the articles and these will be included in the next issue. Also due to the limited space we have in the magazine we are sometimes required to edit some articles and shorten them but we do try to maintain the message intended at all times. Sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and happy reading!! Tiisetso


EDITOR Tiisetso Malise CONTENT Lungile Ngubane Phumzile Khuzwayo DESIGN Nash Dube CONTRIBUTORS Prue Mashiloane Ilna Kovacs Christo Fourie Eugene Bouwer Anton Liebenberg John White Debbie Verity Anna-Marie Roets Morongwa Ramela COVER Photographer: Qoolerbox Media Solutions Models: Romeo and Jessica Location: Willow Way SUPERSPAR


We bid Farewell to


WORDS: Prue Mashiloane


he 30th of April was the day we all had to face up to saying goodbye to our Loraine Stander; who has been a part of SPAR for the past 22 years. As sad as it was watching her exit SPAR for the last time. She did the walk in her own unique way with her father and husband. Loraine said the most amazing speech which left all of us emotional but full of wisdom. We will miss Loraine very much. We are however glad; that she is finally taking the holiday; she had long been waiting for. We wish her all the success in the world as she spreads her wings and touch others with her beautiful personality.

Fresh Food T FUSION

he second Fresh Food Fusion was hosted by SPAR NR at the Irene Farm on the 6th of March. We had approximately 40 suppliers showcasing their products for DC and Dropshipment. What a spectacular day it was with the weather providing the perfect backdrop for showcasing our drive on Fresh. The retailers had the opportunity to view new products and interact with the suppliers.

WORDS: John White

We are grateful for the feedback we received from both retailers and suppliers, as it will be used to ensure that next year’s event is even better. Thank you to everyone who assisted in putting the event together and making a success of it. See you next year!




etail, by its very nature is an environment so dynamic that no two days are ever the same. While we may have meticulous plans and forecasts, the key to our success lies in our ability to be agile and innovative in response to the rapid changes in our operating landscape while we focus on the implementation of our strategic plan. In spite of the tough trading conditions that we have experienced, our retail sales continue to gather momentum growing at 9% in total and 7.6% on a LFL basis. More importantly we must continue our efforts to significantly reduce the number of stores trading below inflation, which remains a key area for us to drive distribution centre sales and long term sustainability. At retail, we have completed a number of major store upgrades, which will drive growth in retail sales by delivering a great shopping experience for our customers. We also launched our first new concept KWIKSPAR; turnover is currently growing at an average of 44.62% at retail, with distribution centre sales into the store growing at 57.18% YTD. In order to increase our penetration of the emerging market and ensure that we capture a bigger share of the low income consumer spend, we have put a huge amount of work into targeting existing independent retailers in our regions CBD and industrial area’s as well as outlying rural areas, this effort has started to yield benefits because we have successfully converted and launched 4 independent retail outlets under the SaveMor format. These stores are trading well and are all showing good growth. At the distribution centre, we continue to focus on improving our efficiency and increasing our

productivity and we have a number of initiatives underway, one that we are very proud of is the launch of our satellite depot in Polokwane. This has allowed us to shift significant volume out of the main facility and assist us with capacity constraints and make significant savings on fuel and trucking costs. Supplier Back–Haul is another project that we have started at North Rand this mitigates the ever increasing cost in fuel, essentially third party supplier’s transport our goods to our SPAR stores on their return leg to the Limpopo Province saving us further costs in transport. Looking forward, At Retail, delivering an improved fresh offering is a strategic imperative for the retail operations team. This will drive our retailer profitability and create destination fresh areas for our consumers. We have finalised our fresh strategy, and our fresh specialists and operations managers have clear specific objectives in each store. Customer Service: The reason that SPAR North Rand exists, is to provide leadership and access to a full support service to our retailers enabling them to run sustainably profitable and professional businesses. In order to do this, we need to be a customerfocused business. We introduced the concept of a Tailored Service Package (TSP), the intention being to improve the level of service we deliver to our retailers across all departments in the DC. We on an on-going basis measure our progress against the targets we set and report back to the retailers the results specific to their stores. The next round of exec and management visits to stores has been set up to discuss the


tailored service requirements of each retailer increasing our service delivery and ensuring that we continue to add value to their businesses. In all our dealing with our retail customers, let’s always ensure that we give them that extra special North Rand AWEH service. At the distribution centre, as part of improving the DC culture and ensuring that performance management is entrenched in our business and that there is focus on teamwork, we are running effective organisation workshops focused on communication and customer focus. We have also implemented a talent management process, which will assist in succession management as well as properly managing talent within our business. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the hard work, and commitment thus far, there is no doubt that if we continue to remain agile and innovative through the effective implementation of our strategic plan and turnaround programs that SPAR North Rand will continue rising to meet – and quite possibly, surpass – our customers’ expectations thus becoming leaders in the way we do business. Desmond Borrageiro Managing Director


A Fresh Look for



fter six months of hard work, Valhalla SPAR finally re-launched on the 21st February. Gerhard Coetzer is the proud owner of the store and delights the Valhalla commu-

nity with a “new store� by having them experience a fresh look and feel. The main focus was on fresh departments, but having a temptation and biltong bar also adds


WORDS: Christo Fourie

some excitement to the store. The scope of work included an extra 141m2; including butchery, wine, bakery and perishables departments.



WORDS: Ridwan Haniff

topp launch WORDS: Prue Mashiloane On 13th May North Rand converged and successfully launched its Talent Optimisation Programme. The programme’s objective is to identify and develop talent within the DC. Once that has been done, the selected individuals would be taken on a 12 month programme where they will focus on working through their action plans. North Rand is currently cultivating leaders who are always on TOPP of their game, and leaders who are ready to rise to the challenge. We believe in the concept of being “Powered By Our People”, and ensuring that employees understand how much they are valued at SPAR.


he success of any business depends very much on quality customer service. Simply put good service means repeat business. To that end the Outbound Department has launched a new Customer Interaction Department in an attempt to revolutionize their current customer service model. Customer care in the past mainly focused on informing retailers about the whereabouts of their daily deliveries; however experience has proven that the retailer wants to know much more than that and employees were not adequately equipped with the tools to effectively deal with the retailer’s needs. The focus has now shifted from just giving delivery updates to a more holistic approach in dealing with our retailers without taking out the personal touch element. The new Customer Interaction Department will now be responsible for retailer updates, promotions and normal order queries; complaints and concerns; special deliveries and assisting with new store launches and re-launches in terms of planning of stock supply. Some changes will have to


be made to assist in achieving the above: the staff will sit in an open plan office to ensure timeous information sharing; two 42inch screens will be mounted in the department (one will be following all our vehicles with a 0.003sec refresh rate on the whereabouts of all our vehicles and the other screen will reflect a PIP (picture in picture) display portraying DRM and the COMMs link); a full interactive telephone system will be introduced which will be linked to individual computers, this will allow retailers to leave messages if they receive a busy line, allow a quicker pickup as it will reflect on the individuals desktop and it will also allow for retailers information to be stored on the computer for a quicker dial up. Management reports will be sent out daily to monitor call drops/missed calls and return of messages; a new meeting room introduced will allow for a daily 10 minute meeting every morning to discuss issues and reflect on all daily queries and a drawing board will be set up in the meeting room for all to see how their areas are impacting the daily queries to Outbound.


NR Comms Session WITH DJ SBU



WORDS: North Star Journalist

SPAR NR visits



It is said that our schools are performing well below expectations. The World Economic Forum Report ranked South Africa second last in the Maths & Science education.

The same report ranks the quality of our education system 140 of 144 countries! One of SPAR’s cornerstones is ensuring involvement with the communities they operate in. It is with this very ethos that North Rand has taken on the initiative of sponsoring Tlama Tlama Primary School in Tembisa, through a partnership with the Maths Centre, an organisation whose primary objective is to equip teachers, learners and parents with learning materials and programmes in order to develop a higher competency and performance in these learning areas.


We were invited to the launch held at the school on 18th June. Amongst the delegates were; The NR Exec Team, District Officials and the School Governing Body. Speakers for the event included our very own MD Desmond – who touched on the relevance of the month of June and how important it is to ensure that the actions of the 1976 class were not in vain. The primary school principal Mr Steven Dire expressed his appreciation and commitment to the success of the programme There are still many other challenges within the school of 1402 learners. NR will be renovating / painting some of the classes during the winter holidays. NR will also provide soup for the learners. Thank you to all the NR employees who participated in the nomination of the schools.


Fresh Feel for THOHOYANDOU SPAR WORDS: Eugene Bouwer


hat does it look like when the biggest store in North Rand; with the biggest turnover in the country re-launch? Awesome, spectacular, fantastic! All words used to describe excellence. What took more than a year to plan and design, and then took another year to build, redesign and build again finally come together on 14th

March. Owners of the store Cornel Zaayman, Peter Connan and Joe Lubisi were instrumental in the ground breaking functional design of equipment for the emerging markets. A new benchmark has been set. The equipment was designed to be durable, functional and to show off the products during high volume trading times. They


succeeded in all departments! Combine all that with a killer promotion, lots of activities and goodies for customers to win and you have a recipe for success. The results speak for themselves, 75% growth during the two week launch period and 43% during the first full month trading. Congratulations Thohoyandou SPAR!





he revamp and planning of this store began in 2010, it was only a year and a half later when the actual construction could go ahead. The store selling area grew by 552sqm, taking it from 1697sqm to 2249sqm. The main focus of the revamp was FRESH. The pictures show a clear demonstration of the amount of hard work that went into this project. Chris and his wife Kirsteen can be fully proud of this magnificent store.



Polokwane Satellite WAREHOUSE WORDS: North Star Journalist


he Polokwane Satellite warehouse was launched on the 12th of April. The warehouse is situated centrally in the centre of Polokwane along the N1 with easy access for suppliers as well as our trucks. The

opening of the facility means a quicker turnaround time for our Limpopo base of stores, less pressure on the North Rand DC as well as a reduction in fuel and transport costs by reducing the amount of trucks required to go

13 13

up to Limpopo. This was a project put together by the logistics team in collaboration with the Marketing, Retail Ops as well as the IT Teams. Retailer support is central in making this facility a success.




he Salaries team held their conference on the 4th of April in KZN. It was rather cold and wet on our arrival and all Antoinette (whom I’d just met at the plane) wanted was to have something to eat and to drink (milkshake) while we were waiting for the other ladies from South Rand and Western Cape to arrive. On their arrival we all got inside the arranged bus and headed to Ammazulu Palace at Kloof for our conference. The venue’s drive way was so steep that the bus had to drop us off in the street in front of the Lodge. That walk up-hill was definitely our exercise for the day! All I could think of was that my new pair of sandals were ruined from the wet leaves and that SPAR owes me a new pair of shoes. Eventually we made it and found the other team members waiting for us on the top of the driveway. Refreshments were offered and they were most appreciated as we felt as though we had just walked to the top of Mount Everest! The venue was beautiful with huge rooms and a strong Afrocentric feel. This unique lodge is a private exhibition of traditional

Zulu art. Their rooms furnished with beaded panels, antique chandeliers and wall hanging rugs. Wildlife can be admired from the terraces overlooking the reserve. An unforgettable experience was when each person had to personally introduce themselves to the group; Anil from KZN was the winner in this category. His introduction was: “I am Anil, I am working for KZN, single and available!” From that moment we had a new person who kept our spirits up! A few weeks earlier before the conference, all the DC’s had to provide information on various Pay Roll processes. This was done in order to be able to get an understanding of payroll similarities and differences between all the DC’s. All thanks to Marie von Bargen and Velani Pillay from Central Office who worked very hard to put everything together. All the presentations were informative. We discovered early in the conference that although we all work for the same group, every DC is doing things differently and we could all learn from each other. The evening was lovely; we got a chance to know everyone on a personal level and that was re-


WORDS: Ilna Kovacs

ally nice. I’ve learned through the years that we all are such good pretenders and we actually could let go that evening and be ourselves. The following day we all had to be at Central Office Training Academy at 7h30AM. We had the privilege to have Wayne Hook, Mark Godfrey and Thuli Tabudi from HR as speakers for the day. We also were provided an opportunity to meet some of the people we work with but have only spoken to over the phone. From there we had to say goodbye and were taken back to the airport. As we were getting closer to the airport all the laughter and fun was fading away, back to normal again I guess! First we went into a restaurant for our last drink together before catching flights back home. I think it’s beautiful that the Salary Controllers still stay in touch and share information even after the conference is over. I would like to thank Management for giving me the opportunity to attend a conference of this calibre. I now realise what it means for me to work for SPAR North Rand Distribution Centre. I will always do what is expected of me and even exceed set expectations.


Powered by



orth Star Magazine was invited to attend the SPAR Members Meeting and to report on the glamour, the people and the fun of the event. The “Powered by Our People” themed event impressed our journalists with the beautiful turnout from invited guests, great food, magnificently planned and informative presentations. As the SPAR brand recently celebrated its 50th anniversary; most of the speakers shared beautiful learning’s from the James Bond Brand – which also happens to be 50years old. What has kept James Bond rel-



PEOPLE WORDS: North Star Journalist evant is the experience, quality offering as well as their ability to remain innovative over the years. “Every shopper that leaves our store, leaves with an experience�, said Julian Evans of CATMAN. This means that it is up to us to make sure that our customers walk away with a wow factor. A WOW factor is achieved by having great people skills. Building real relationships with our customers instead of treating them as transactions. Secondly by making a Fresh statement and Keeping a golden eye on all departments.

17 17



Urban Cell MEETING

he Urban Renewal Cell Meeting had a jam packed agenda with the theme and focus around “Fresh�. The presentations also included training, logistics, IT, customer complaints, the 6-5-3 principles as well as TOPS. The highlight of the meeting was a demonstration by Jacques Moll the Butch-

ery Buyer and Debbie Adriaanzen the Butchery Specialist, cutting a hind quarter in front of the retailers. Jacques was in his element with the retailers eating out of the palm of his hand. Debbie also showed us her skills and spoke about poor practices in some of our stores. The intention was to show retailers the


WORDS: North Star Journalist benefit of buying primals from SPAR vetted suppliers to ensure that the stores only bought what they needed, getting a high quality product and minimizing wastage in the stores. Well done to Tamara and the team for putting together an informative session.


Why is it difficult TO SAVE MONEY

WORDS: Nelson Letshwene


eorge Clason said it best: A part of all I earn is mine to keep. The principle of keeping money has been at the root of building wealthsince money was invented. It is only those that are able to keep money that are able to build wealth. It does not matter how much you make, it matters how much you keep. Those that are expert money spenders do not have a hope of building wealth. The worst are those who play the money game with other people’s money, that is, borrowed money. What are the reasons that many people can’t practice the keeping principle? Many people’s financial lives are unstructured. Everything is a surprise and therefore everything is an emergency. There is no forward thinking and there is no plan that is being followed. Even things that should not be a surprise are always a surprise including school fees and birthdays; and some people are in the habit of solving such “emergencies” by taking a loan, which creates other obvious problems of living for your creditors. So, problem number one, lack of structure in your finances will prevent you from being able to practice the keeping principle. Lack of purpose or “reason why”. Purpose creates motivation. Without a strong enough “Why”, most people never save! This means setting goals and targets for

saving. Saving money for no particular reason is not a good way to practice the keeping principle. You need to create a strong reason and motivation for saving. Lack of proper financial planning; and ignorance of proper financial tools and instruments that you can use to catapult you into a wealth builder. If you choose to use the stock market as your tool, you must be informed of its intricacies so that you can derive maximum benefit from your efforts. If you choose to use real estate as you tool, you have to know a lot about that sector. If you choose business, you cannot be a scatter-brain that runs from business idea to business idea. Sabotaging yourself includes what we call stealing from yourself. You save for a particular purpose, like, to put down a deposit for a house, and then you divert the money to buy a car or to some other project unrelated to your initial purpose. That is self-sabotage. You are what Walt Kelly’s cartoon character Pogo meant when he said: “we have met the enemy, and he is us!” Planning and not following your plan. They say if you fail to plan, you have planned to fail. But then again, if you plan and do not follow through, you have also planned to fail. And of course there are a lot of disempowering beliefs that make you think it is impossible to build wealth throughsavings! Check your beliefs. The enemy could be right inside. It is time to change your mind about your capabilities!


WELLNESS WORDS: North Star Journalist

Avoiding Colds



t is that season again, where sniffles become a part of our everyday lives.

The weather is cold and gloomy and getting out of bed becomes a chore. Those of us who have kids in preschool and primary school know just how vulnerable our kids are to colds and flu germs during this season. It seems like your child has just recovered from the last bout of cold or flu, when she/he comes down with it again. Whilst we can’t completely avoid colds and flu this season; even flu shots are not a 100% guaranteed; there are precautions we can take to minimise our exposure to cold and flu viruses. Keeping Warm: Keeping warm can help you avoid coughs, colds and flu. People do not always dress warmly enough, so if there’s a sudden icy snap, they will be more likely to feel the cold and start to shiver. Shivering depresses the immune system and this makes us more likely to catch colds. We lose up to 30% of our body heat through our heads - so wear a hat.

Wash Your Hands: Although most infections are mainly carried in the air and transmitted when someone sneezes, germs can be transmitted by physical contact and enter the body when infected hands touch vulnerable parts like our eyes, mouths and noses. Washing hands often - and drying them on disposable paper towels (or washing hand towels regularly) - can significantly reduce the chances of catching a virus. Teach your children to wash their hands, but be sure you don’t rush. Try to wash for 20 seconds using warm water and soap, sing a happy birthday song twice before you rinse. Drink Plenty Liquids: It is recommended that we drink about eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy. Water helps the kidneys function properly and flushes out the toxins that accumulate in our bodies. If you’ve already caught a cold, drinking plenty of fluids will help flush out the infection. Get Enough Sleep: Lack of sleep makes us more prone to infection, so make sure you get at least 8 hours of un-


interrupted sleep each night. Moods also affect our ability to fight off infections, and if you feel stressed you are more likely to become ill compared to when you’re feeling happy and relaxed. Exercise Regularly: Don’t underestimate the importance of regular activity, especially in winter. Apart from keeping our circulation going, regular moderate exercise increases the number of natural killer (NK) cells in our bodies. Keep cold and flu germs off surfaces Colds and flu are caused by viruses, which can easily pass from person to person, or from surface to person. Computer keyboards, telephones, doorknobs, pens - all of these are surfaces that have great potential for harboring germs. Wipe these surfaces regularly using alcohol based cleaners and antiseptic wipes. Take Vitamin Supplements: Taking a daily multivitamin is especially important in the winter when we may be less likely to be eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables, and are also more at risk from infection.



Wellness Day

WORDS: Morongwa Ramela


y now our readers know that SPAR NR considers wellness to be a critical part of business. The SPAR wellness Day is an event arranged on a yearly basis with different themes around Health. The objective is always to encourage all employees to know their HIV status, encourage females

to continue doing their yearly Papsmear test in order to prevent serious illnesses and get assistance early where there the need arises. Ofcourse one cannot claim a healthy lifestyle if they do not exercise and keep fit in some way or another. We had Virgin Ac-

21 21

tive representatives on the day to encourage Gym as a lifestyle choice. A Big thank you goes out to the Ekurhuleni Health District, AURUM, Resolution Health, Old Mutual,SIEEF Optometrists and to our Wellness Team who made the day a success. Well done!


t n MEAT RUB a r g a r F Ingredients 2tsp (30ml) rosemary - Removed from stalk 4 garlic cloves - roughly chopped 1tsp (15ml) Cumin 1/4 cup (60ml coarse salt 1tsp (15ml) black pepper corns 1/2 cup (125ml) chives - chopped 8 pieces of lemon zest - chopped 1/2 cup (125ml) olive oil 1 tsp (15ml) paprika - smoked if possible Preparation 1. Crush all ingredients together in a pestle and mortar to form paste. 2. Thoroughly rub both sides of the steaks with this mixture. 3. Braai steaks on the fire or in a frying pan with some olive oil. Try to avoid well done steak.


t u n r e t t u B SOUP

o TomatBREDIE SUBMITTED BY: Prue Mashiloane Try this traditional 18th century South African recipe. A bredie is an old Cape name for a dish of stewed fat mutton and vegetable. Winter is here, and with it the craving for warm hearty and healthy meals, all these ingredients are readily available at your local SPAR. Ingredients: 25 ml butter (or margarine, lard or sunflower oil) 2 large onions, sliced 1 clove garlic, crushed 1.5 kg stewing lamb or mutton, cubed 10 ml salt milled pepper little stock, water or wine 500 g potatoes, sliced 1 kg medium tomatoes, skinned and chopped 5 ml white sugar 2 ml dried thyme 5 ml chopped fresh marjoram Method: Heat the butter in a large saucepan and sauté the onions and garlic for about 5 minutes or until the onions are transparent. Add the meat and brown quickly on all sides. Add the salt, pepper and a little stock, water or wine and simmer, covered, for 90 to 120 minutes, or until the meat starts to get tender. Add the potatoes, tomatoes, sugar, thyme and marjoram and stew for a further hour. Serve with cooked rice.


A bowl of steaming hot butternut soup served with fresh bread is irresistible to most – especially on a cold winter’s day. This quick and easy recipe will allow you to whip up a typical South African starter in no time at all. This is an ideal way to chase the winter chill away, prepared with only the freshest ingredients from SPAR Ingredients: 1 large butternut 1 ½ cans of light coconut milk 1 tbsp brown sugar 1 large onion 2 tbsp butter salt to taste ginger to taste Method: 1. Cut the butternut in half lengthwise. Scoop out and discard the seeds. Rub the butternut with about one tablespoon of melted butter and sprinkle with salt. Roast the butternut with the cut-side up on a baking tray for about an hour at 190°C. You will know that it is ready when a butter knife goes into it with ease. 2. While the butternut is roasting, sauté sliced onion in a tablespoon of butter and when it is soft, add the brown sugar and cook for about three minutes. Remove from heat. 3. When the butternut is roasted, scoop the flesh out with a spoon and put it into a blender. Add the onion and brown sugar mixture. Add the coconut milk. Add a dash of ginger to taste. Blend until smooth. 4. Heat and serve.




How to play: The numbers 1 through 9 will appear once only in each row, column, and 3 x 3 zone. There are 9 such zones in each sudoku grid. There is only one correct solution to each Sudoku. Good Luck!





g n i t e e Cell M WORDS: Debbie Verity


e held our first KWIKSPAR cell meeting on the 11th of April here at the DC. This was in conjunction with our AWEH encouraging good customer service to our KWIKSPAR retailers. We had an awesome turnout with all our KWIKSPAR stores

being represented not just by the managers, but also by the retailers themselves.

Tours to all departments were arranged, giving the opportunity for retailers to understand how the DC operates and also meet people they deal with on a daily

25 25

basis. This proved to be an informative day where presentations were given by all departments covering the way forward for KWIKSPAR, Claims, Fresh offering, Ordering on Sigma, Heat system and what’s happening around deliveries from the warehouse.



WORDS: North Star Journalist


very Sunday morning, upon my arrival at church, I would change into my red and white uniform. As tradition would have it, we’d light up candles on the alter joined by all the other girls and boys at morning prayers before Mass. These Sunday morning rituals led to my contact with wine, as part of the Roman Catholic Church. I learned about the last supper where Jesus commanded His followers to remember Him by eating bread (His body) and drinking wine (His blood) until He returned. The first sip at communion would later ensure that, later in life, wine was not among my list of ‘drinks of choice’ at dinner parties. Based on my upbringing, you can appreciate how I had to learn and make distinctions between the Bordeaux wine glass and the Tulip. Let alone knowing which wine to serve in what glass. My story certainly isn’t reflective of every black girl in the hood, who may even be a knowledgeable connoisseur. It was only when I reached my late 20’s that exploring with wine was right up my alley. It was quite an awkward reawakening, a change of perception from my days at Mass and the Alter. We would buy the sweeter bottles or dash the more bitter ones with coke in order to make them more palatable. It did not matter whether we had a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Shiraz. At that time ‘wine was wine’, that’s what we thought.

My mother’s kitchen only had four (4) wine glasses – which I know were actually Tulips for white wine. When some of my friends would have to drink their wine and coke in cool drink glasses; the nuances were not such a big deal. Hosting people at your dinner party also means being able to understand these seemingly “small” differences. In my opinion, black wine drinkers are slowly changing the rules and setting a trend that hinges on freewill and simplicity in how they engage with various wines. The world of wine – once perceived as elite and complicated – now into by the masses. The black wine lover has not only learned about wine, but some have gone on to become discerning connoisseurs who visit the odd vineyard in the Western Cape and even successful wine producers in the industry. TOPS at SPAR plays a big role in informing the community about wine through their Wine Festivals and Tastings. The TOPS website also shares valuable information on their products and hosting tips. Visit our website and learn more about the Carnival Wine Selection as well as the Olive Brook Selection.




Ladies Day

WORDS: North Star Journalist

Phenomenal women came together in May at Stone Cradle in Pretoria at an intimate Ladies event hosted by SPAR North Rand.

Nia Nell

As Desmond welcomed the esteemed guests, he reminded everyone of the significance of taking time out and celebrating femininity and acknowledging the role played by women. Guest speaker & Musician Nia Nell stepped into the space of love and


self-appreciating urging women to know who they are and be truthful to themselves. What set this event apart from many others geared towards woman was having makeup artists who offered their services to all the ladies who were keen on getting makeovers. Have a look at some of the pictures and many more other activities that took place on the day!



he Inland Trade Show provided, new fresh and exciting focus! It was well attended by 75% of our retailers. The stores were there to impress with their range of Christmas on offer. New supplier products were lauch, for example Ariel and Lumoss; as well as a whole new range of SPAR brands.

29 29


LIFE ISBeautiful because... T his year marks the 16th year of the SPAR Women’s Challenge, undoubtedly a highlight on the calendars of thousands of women around the country. The Pretoria leg of the challenge, in proud association with Jacaranda FM, was launched at the Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria on the th of June, and as

always, it was a celebration to remember.

This year, the SPAR Women’s Challenge is giving women an opportunity – a soapbox to stand on, if you will – to say why life is beautiful to them. “Life is beautiful because…” was also announced as the theme for this year’s challenge, and it was greeted with much


enthusiasm and excitement by all who attended the prestigious launch event on Tuesday. Desmond Borrageiro, SPAR North Rand’s Managing Director was there to open the ceremony. The SPAR Women’s Challenge offers women the opportunity to partake in a 5km or a 10km race and follows a scenic route


through our nation’s capital. The Pretoria race is taking place on Saturday the 31st August 2013, at SuperSport Park in Centurion. This year, the race organizers are capping the entries at 25 000 and the organizers and sponsors of the event are confident that it is, as in the previous years, going to be a day to remember.

Pre-entries to “South Africa’s most beautiful road race” have already opened and women who wish to partake in the Pretoria challenge can find entry forms at selected SPAR, SUPERSPAR and KwikSpar stores, or they can enter online at http://www. “An entry into the SPAR Women’s Challenge will cost R60 for all licensed athletes partaking in

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the 10km race, as well as 5km entrants, non-licensed athletes partaking in the 10km race pay R90 for their entries (which includes a temporary license),” concludes Desmond. “Every single one of the 25 000 beautiful participants who preenter at one of the aforementioned SPAR stores, will receive a t-shirt and their race number.

SPAR North Star Magazine - July 2013  
SPAR North Star Magazine - July 2013  

This is the Winter Warmers July 2013 Edition. Enjoy!