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News October/November 2017

The Importance of Monitoring Somatic Cell Information from an ongoing study of large Midwest herds again points to the significant effect of somatic cell count (SCC) on profitability. The study showed a 19 pound difference in money-corrected milk between the top one-third most profitable herds, who had an average SCC of 196,000; compared to 239,000 SCC for the bottom one-third herds for profitability. Often the data collected through Dairy Herd Information (DHI) is not fully utilized. Julie Ainsworth, Coordinator of NorthStar’s Dairy Herd Records Analysis shares a few ideas here of how to more fully utilize the data to help your herds profitability.

Bottom Line

Are you managing SCC to the degree you are able to? No other service allows for the ease of monitoring and pinpointing problems more easily than monthly DHI SCC. Both of these reports are generated from PCDART. To learn more contact Julie or your DHI Specialist. Julie Ainsworth, Coordinator Dairy Records Analysis Contact Julie at:

Milk Production

This chart shows the difference by lactation group in actual projected 305-day energy-corrected milk for cows with a linear SCS, less than 4.0, and 4.0 or greater. Clearly cows that are not impacted by high SCC are better for production in this herd! The differences are in the neighborhood of 2,000 pounds of energy-corrected milk per lactation. That difference in production can really add up. For example, if the price of energy-corrected milk was $17 per hundredweight, that would be a difference of $340 per cow per year. Projected 305 ECM - Grouped by Lactation within Lactation Average SCC Score

2nd 1st Lactation Lactation

3rd Lactation 1st Lactation

2nd Lactation

3rd Lactation

4.0 to 9.9 SCC

0.0 to 3.9 SCC

Health & Reproduction Mastitis impacts health and reproduction; both of which are significant costs to a dairy farm. Let’s again use linear score to see the influence on conception. These reports look at conception rates by month for cows with a linear lactation average SCS of 0.0 – 4.0, and those greater than 4.0. Clearly mastitis has a negative effect on conception rates particularly in the summer months. SCS 0.0 - 4.0

SCS 4.0+

Set of 5 Gallons

Set of 15 Gallons

Set of 55 Gallons

UDDERgold $18 Semen $45 Semen $80 Semen 5-Star® credit credit credit AZTEC GOLD™ $14 Semen Not sold in $70 Semen credit this size credit 4XLA®

It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Tell your DHI Specialist which cows you want tested.


Herd Health Monitoring

$10 Semen $17 Semen $60 Semen credit credit credit

Milk Diagnostic Tests

Test Days/ Results Price

Pregnancy 1 $4.50 $27.00 Contagious 3 Mastitis 2 Complete 16 Mastitis 3 $35.00 Leukosis 5 $6.00 $18.00 Bulk Tank 5 5 $6.00 BVD Pooled (250:1) 10 – 20 $40.00 $6.00 Johne’s 5 Ask for Bulk Tank 10 $40.00 any of these options Neospora 5 $6.00 on your DHI test day.

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NorthStar News October/November 2017  
NorthStar News October/November 2017