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November-December 2018

Find my Cow locates cows easily "Find my Cow™ lets you find any cow you want for any reason," shared Dr. Ray Nebel, Select Sires' Vice President of Technical Services, regarding the new CowManager® module that was released at World Dairy Expo. The Find my Cow module is the latest addition to CowManager’s smart cow monitoring system for Fertility, Health and Nutrition. Find my Cow comes with a user-friendly, pocket-size cow locator, which enables producers to locate cows inside the barn and out on pasture. While it’s logical to use Find my Cow for identifying cows to breed, there are many other uses for the technology. “Let’s say you need to give vaccinations or perform pregnancy checks,” explains Nebel. “You can input those cow numbers into the software and it sends a signal to the server and then sends back to the sensor. When you walk in the barn and get closer to the animal you are looking for, the signal gets stronger, changing colors from red to yellow to green. It puts you right at that cow.” CowManager is already recognized

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across the globe for its ability to streamline workloads and reduce labor needs. Addition of the Find my Cow feature only adds to the time savings. Additionally, CowManager’s multi-view functionality allows multiple people, including the herdsman, employees, veterinarian and technicians, access to selected real-time accurate herd data. “We are extremely proud of this module,” said Gerard Griffioen, founder of CowManager. “This is proof of our expertise to keep innovating our revolutionary and user-friendly cow monitoring technology. We will continue to improve our platform to make farmer’s lives easier and achieve a successful and sustainable future in global dairy farming.” CowManager provides 24/7 monitoring, providing peace of mind to producers. All measurements are taken by a computer microchip that is combined with the cow’s ear tag. The system can measure health, fertility, and feeding

by constantly monitoring temperature, activity, rumination and eating time. “CowManager gives producers information they have never had before digitally on their phone, tablet or computer,” said Nebel. Now available for pre-order, Find my Cow will be available in February. To learn more about CowManager and Find my Cow talk with one of NorthStar’s CowManager Specialists. “Find my Cow is really the first in the industry to do this and we are really excited about the benefits it can have for our customers,” shared Nebel.

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Another Costly DA? Mycotoxin exposure may be the cause. Mycotoxin exposure can cause a variety of problems in the herd including weak or silent heats, cystic ovaries, elevated SCC, erratic intakes, sporadic loose manure and excessive DAs. BioCycle Plus™ aids in boosting immune function and fights environmental challenges while helping the cow overcome the damaging effects of mold related challenges. Ask your NorthStar Specialist about feed testing and strategies to deal with mycotoxin exposure.

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NorthStar News - November/December 2018  

Inserted with DHI Management Reports

NorthStar News - November/December 2018  

Inserted with DHI Management Reports