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Prevention vs. Treating Runny noses. Loss of appetite. Low productivity. When it’s your child, you bring out the chicken soup and wait for the cold virus to pass. However, if those are the symptoms in your dairy herd, it may not be a virus and it may not pass unless you intervene. More and more, dairy producers around the U.S. are linking these symptoms to poisonous fungi known as ‘mycotoxins.’ Found in nearly all forages, eliminating mycotoxins from a dairy is next to impossible. That’s why Eric Flory relies on NorthStar’s complete line of direct-fed microbials. The Albion, Indiana producer started feeding Select DTX™ in his 300-cow Holstein herd in February 2017 at the recommendation of his NorthStar Reproductive Specialist, Brian Thornton. “When Brian started breeding for us in 2016, we were really impressed by the increase in our conception and pregnancy rates,” stated Flory. “That’s why I was surprised when Brian thought our reproduction program could make more improvements. With the suppressed heats he was seeing and health issues, such as loose manure, Brian asked if he could send a feed sample to be tested for mycotoxins.” Just as Thornton suspected, the mycotoxin analysis reported high levels of Deoxynivalenol (Vomitoxin) in Flory’s TMR. “As soon as the report came in, we ordered our first dose of DTX,” recalled Flory. “It was incredible how fast we saw results. Within two weeks, our herd had more consistent manure – that was a re-

lief for me. I could tell the cows were feeling better, and they were looking really good too.” “The change we saw in our reproduction program is what really made DTX valuable,” claimed Flory. “Within two months, our pregnancy rate increased to nearly 30 percent! We’re so glad that Brian pushed us to improve our program. If it wasn’t for his eye, we’d still be where we were last year – not a bad place, but we’re doing so much better now.” With significant improvements in his herd’s health and reproduction, Flory is now focusing on his next goal; decreasing his dairy’s SCC with Select BioCycle Plus™. “We made the switch to BioCycle Plus in April after our SCC climbed higher than we wanted,” explained Flory. “By decreasing our SCC, we’re not only improving herd health but ultimately improving our profitability by earning a larger milk check bonus.” BioCycle Plus is a complete direct-fed microbial that combines the benefits of BioCycle™ and DTX. While DTX helps a cow’s immune system overcome negative effects of mycotoxins, BioCycle deals with the gram negative imbalances in the cow’s intestinal tract. Therefore, BioCycle Plus helps stimulate estrus expression and improves feed utilization and overall herd health.

Within two weeks of feeding DTX, I could tell the cows were feeling better and they were looking healthier too. Though only a few months have passed since Flory introduced his herd to BioCycle Plus, he is impressed with the changes he has seen. “Since feeding BioCycle Plus, we’re seeing a huge difference in our fresh cows,” stated Flory. “They’re really taking off without any metabolic issues, which is something that we struggled with in the past.” “Thanks to improved herd health and increased signs of heat combined with Brian’s consistent breeding technique, our milk production has also increased,” explained Flory. “Brian has been able to lower our average days in milk and we’re averaging about 70 pounds of milk per cow each day.” Treating symptoms can be both tedious and expensive. That’s why many producers, like Flory, are relying on direct-fed microbials to combat the effects of mold-challenged feed. “Having experienced steady increases in our herd’s health, reproduction, and milk production since using DTX and BioCycle Plus, I would recommend these products,” stated Flory. ~Kailey Watson

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Convenience: Analysis on routinely collected DHI samples.

Milk Diagnostic Tests

Test Days/ Results Price • External teat sealant provides physical barrier that aids in prevention of mastitis. • Coliforms and Mycoplasma cannot migrate through T-Hexx Dry (0.1% Triclosan) • Sanitizes on contact • Reduces fresh cow mastitis • Aids in lower SCC Available from your NorthStar representative or call 800.631.3510

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Pregnancy 1 $4.50 $27.00 Contagious 3 Mastitis 2 Complete 16 Mastitis 3 $35.00 Leukosis 5 $6.00 $18.00 Bulk Tank 5 5 $6.00 BVD Pooled (250:1) 10 – 20 $40.00 $6.00 Johne’s 5 Ask for Bulk Tank 10 $40.00 any of these options Neospora 5 $6.00 on your DHI test day.

NorthStar News March/April 2018  

Inserted with DHI Management Sheets.

NorthStar News March/April 2018  

Inserted with DHI Management Sheets.