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MORE on How Genetics are Worth the Investment! Julie Ainsworth, Coordinator Dairy Production Analysis, PAS NorthStar has the ability to provide insights on how genetics are working in your herd. Below we take a look at Daughter Pregnancy Rate and Cow Conception Rate and the impact they can have on your bottom line. Remember an investment in better

genetics can create more cows that are pregnant, healthier, live longer and add dollars to your bottom line. Your NorthStar team can show you how genetics are working in your herd, and can help design a plan to create trouble free, profitable cows for the future. If you would like to see this information for your herd please ask.

Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR)

Average Count Pregnancy Rate DPR

Can you breed for fertility? Even though it is generally considered a lowly heritable trait I have seen it make a difference many times in pregnancy rate. DPR indicates the pregnancy rate difference expected in lactating daughters of a bull, and a higher value is better. By using data from DairyComp (also available in PCDART), let’s take a look at the difference in Pregnancy Rate and Average Days Open when a herd is segmented into quartiles for DPR.

Average Days Open

















As you can see the more positive the DPR Average of the group, the higher the Pregnancy Rate and the lower Days Open. There is a difference of 16 Days Open between the low DPR group and the high group. Applying information from research done by Victor Cabrera the economic difference between the top and bottom pregnancy rates in this example would be $63 per cow per year.

Cow Conception Rate (CCR) Cow Conception Rate evaluates a lactating daughter’s ability to conceive when bred. Expressed in conception rate percentage points, the higher the value, the better. I have seen CCR influence fertility on farms. The following chart uses sire pedigree information that can be obtained from DairyComp and shows the differences in Conception Rate, Services per Conception and Average Days Open for the groups defined.

Average Count CCR

Overall Conception Rate

Services per Conception Rate

Average Days Open
















Like DPR, this example shows that the group with the low+1.9 486 45 2.2 108 est CCR has the least desirable performance. The highest CCR quartile has the lowest services per conception and fewer days open. Not only is the cost of extra Days Open a consideration, but consider the need for additional semen and synchronization therapy with a lower conception rate. In this herd the 394 cows with 2.7 services per conception will require 197 more units of semen to get pregnant than if they were in the top quartile at 2.2 services per conception. When you use $20/unit semen, it adds up quickly, but the cost is even greater when factoring in labor and extra days open.

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NorthStar News Jan/Feb 2018  
NorthStar News Jan/Feb 2018  

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