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“The best herd manager I’ve ever employed.” If your herd manager works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, never sleeps and consistently monitors your whole herd for signs of heat – stop reading, sit back in your favorite chair and kick your feet up! For everyone else, it’s time to learn more about CowManager®. CowManager works as a valuable employee, alerting you when an animal is in heat or has a possible health issue. CowManager utilizes ear tags instead of pedometers or collars that competing systems use. The ear tags work as a double temperature sensor, while recording movements specific to eating, ruminating, walking and estrus. Through multi-view options, you can have access to CowManager’s valuable, minute-by-minute data from multiple computers and smart phones, allowing you to save costs on labor and ensuring your herd’s wellbeing. Many producers like Jim Slavik have already entrusted their herd to CowManager. “After we lost our herdsman, we were stuck without the help and time needed to breed cows and administer our Ovsynch program,” explained the Ashley, Michigan producer. “We interviewed a few individuals, but didn’t find the right person; all-the-while our pregnancy rate began to decrease.” In need of help, the 180-cow Holstein herd installed CowManager in April 2017. “After talking to another dairy producer who was raving about the results, we decided it was time to give it a try,” stated Slavik. “The installation was simple and after 10 days we started receiving valuable data, track-

ing heat cycles in our targeted fresh cows.” With CowManager’s fertility module, producers receive heat cycle alerts which provide insight on the optimal time for insemination, allowing for higher conception and pregnancy rates. “CowManager has improved my daily routine significantly, by freeing up the hours I used to spend checking the herd for signs of heat and administering Ovsynch shots,” explained Slavik. “My wife, son and I all receive alerts to our phones which tell us which animal is in heat and where in her heat cycle she is. The accuracy CowManager has provided has allowed us to get rid of our Ovsynch program entirely. We now rely 100 percent on the systems data for tracking heats.” Trusting CowManager with the herd’s valuable heat information has paid off for the dairy, as they quickly experienced increased pregnancy rates. “The first pregnancy check we did after installing the system was a true testament to CowManager’s worth,” claimed Slavik. “My son Bryce, who is also our herd vet, was really impressed after the first palpation confirming 12 out of 14 pregnant. He said it had been a long time since he checked so many pregnant cows on our dairy.” “However, I was still a little skeptical since it was Spring, and our cows typically hold pregnancies better during that time,” admitted Slavik. “But month

Our worst month for pregnancies is still better than what we were averaging before installing CowManager. after month we keep hitting it out of the ball park on our pregnancy check days. Since April, our pregnancy rate has increased by 9 percent and our conception rate is averaging 46 percent! In fact, now our worst month for pregnancies is still better than what we were averaging before installing CowManager.” With continuous improvements in their reproductive program, Slavik decided to install another router in the dairy’s heifer barn. “We saved so much money with CowManager that it just made sense to install tags in our heifers as well,” explained Slavik. “We were wasting time and money on shots for our Ovsynch program, and when I sat down and did the math, the cost of installing CowManager was equivalent to one month of an employee’s salary. That’s a steal considering CowManager is the best herd manager I’ve ever employed!” With an ever-increasing pregnancy rate and 24/7 heat detection information in the palm of his hand, Slavik believes he made the right decision by “hiring” CowManager. “This program has already proved its worth and has provided all of the advantages it promised,” stated Slavik. “I’m definitely not disappointed!”

~Kailey Watson

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Convenience: Analysis on routinely collected DHI samples.

Milk Diagnostic Tests

Test Days/ Results Price • External teat sealant provides physical barrier that aids in prevention of mastitis. • Coliforms and Mycoplasma cannot migrate through T-Hexx Dry (0.1% Triclosan) • Sanitizes on contact • Reduces fresh cow mastitis • Aids in lower SCC Available from your NorthStar representative or call 800.631.3510

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Pregnancy 1 $4.50 $27.00 Contagious 3 Mastitis 2 Complete 16 Mastitis 3 $35.00 Leukosis 5 $6.00 $18.00 Bulk Tank 5 5 $6.00 BVD Pooled (250:1) 10 – 20 $40.00 $6.00 Johne’s 5 Ask for Bulk Tank 10 $40.00 any of these options Neospora 5 $6.00 on your DHI test day.

NorthStar News April/May 2018  

Inserted with DHI Management Test Sheets.

NorthStar News April/May 2018  

Inserted with DHI Management Test Sheets.