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Proudly Serving The Communities Of Acworth And Kennesaw • Vol. VIII, Issue III/March 2010 •

Finally! Spring Arrives After Snowy Winter


Four City of Kennesaw employees have filed suit in US District Court alleging they were deprived of their civil rights. The suit alleges the employees were deliberately selected for and subjected to disciplinary action because of their race. Defendants in the suit include the City of Kennesaw, Mayor Mark Mathews and City Manager Steve Kennedy. The complaint states that the City had a policy and practice of selecting white employees for disciplinary action and failing to subject similarly situated minority employees to such discipline. The Plaintiffs include Public Information Officer Scott Luther, Police Officer Scott Lewis, and Department of Public Safety employees Linda Johnson and Susan Power.   

Above, a young girl picks up Easter eggs at the Kennesaw Easter Egg Hunt last year. For details on this and other Easter egg hunts, see Calendar of Events on page 16. Photo courtesy of City of Kennesaw. Four current employees of the City of Kennesaw are suing the City for allegedly being selected for discipline solely because of their race.

Helicopter to Drop 40,000 Eggs Freedom Church and the City of Acworth have partnered together for an Easter Egg Hunt that you will never forget. Using a helicopter and numerous volunteers, thousands of plastic eggs will be dropped onto the fields at the Acworth Sports Complex on Saturday, March 27th. The event is for kids 5th grade and under and begins at 10:00am with an early hunt for Special Needs children at 9:45am. Ben Fowlkes, Children’s Pastor of Freedom Church, said, “Dropping thousands of eggs from a helicopter might sound like a crazy idea, but last year Acworth saw first hand how much fun eggs falling from the sky can be.” Five fields will be covered in plastic eggs and children will have the chance to collect as many eggs as possible and redeem them for candy. JR Lee, Lead Pastor of Freedom Church, said, “Acworth is an incredible city and we are grateful for the opportunity to invest in the lives of the people here with events like the Egg Drop. Families and kids of all ages will have an unforgettable experience at this fun and free event.” For more information, please call 770-529-6006 or visit u

The lawsuit states the Plaintiffs are bringing legal action as a result of the City’s conduct in deliberately accessing the email archives of white City employees, including Plaintiffs, and subjecting them to disciplinary action based upon digital content found within such archives while not imposing discipline on similarly-situated minority employees whose email archives contain similar or identical content. According to the Plaintiffs, this behavior constitutes discrimination against Plaintiffs and other white employees on the basis of their race.

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City Beat Acworth


City Beat Kennesaw


Classified Ads The KSU Museum of History and Holocaust Education hosts Dr. Deborah Lipstadt for a lecture on Holocaust denial and the rise of the “new anti-Semitism” on Tuesday, March 23 at 7:00PM in the KSU Center. For more information, visit

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The lawsuit alleges that in late May 2009, at least twenty white City employees, including Plaintiffs, were issued disciplinary warnings and/or notices of suspension for alleged violations of the City’s Internet and Email Usage policy. Teri Chambers, the City’s information technology director, discovered the emails upon which these disciplinary actions were based in the employees’ email archives after she was directed to conduct a search of employees’ archives for “offensive” content. The emails upon which Plaintiffs’ disciplinary actions were based had all been sent or received between approximately May 2007 and December 2008. As such, the emails at issue had been archived for between five months and two years at the time that Plaintiffs were disciplined for improper email usage. The City of Kennesaw recently settled a March 2009 lawsuit wherein Public Works employees Willie Smith and Stanley Mitchell alleged that they and other African-American employees had been subjected to racial slurs and harassment in the workplace.  Such alleged harassment included racially offensive emails routinely circulated by and among City employees.  The latest lawsuit states that the Smith lawsuit triggered a deliberate “witch hunt” by City officials in which they sought email usage violations in order to show that they, contrary to long-standing practice, would not tolerate offensive emails. This effort resulted in the discipline of at least twenty white employees while minority employees, who had many of the same emails in their archives, were not disciplined.  The lawsuit asks for back pay, compensatory damages and also punitive damages. u





City Beat: Acworth/Kennesaw

Spring Activities Around Town Compiled from staff reports

Reach Out and Touch-a-Truck

Touch-a-Truck rolls into Kennesaw’s Depot parking lot on Saturday, March 20 from 10 am to 2 pm. A unique exhibition of trucks and specialty vehicles from the Police Department, Public Works and Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services will be on display. Kids of all ages will love exploring every vehicle, climbing onto the driver’s seat, honking the horn and pretending to steer. Be sure to bring your camera. Admission is free. The Depot is located at 2828 Cherokee St. in downtown Kennesaw.. Touch-A-Truck is sponsored by the City of Kennesaw Parks & Recreation Department. For more information about special events visit or call (770) 422-9714. u

“Little Miss Panorama 2010” at NCHS

“Jail and Bail” Fundraising Event

On May 8th, 2010 the North Cobb Cheerleaders will be hosting Little Miss Panorama Queen Pageant at North Cobb High School. Pageant will start at 9:30 with the 6month age division and will end at 12:00. All winners will receive a crown, sash and trophy and will ride in the Kennesaw Christmas Parade, Big Shanty Parade and Acworth Labor Day Parade. Registration fee is $40.00 with an additional $10.00 for the Photogenic Category. If interested, please contact Sandy Carlberg via email ( for an application. All proceeds benefit the North Cobb Cheer Booster Club. u

On Thursday April 1st, 2010 the Acworth Police Dept. will be hosting a “Jail and Bail” fundraising event to benefit Georgia Special Olympics. During this time Citizens will be able to apply for a “warrant” to have an individual “arrested” by the Acworth Police Department and taken to “Jail.” The subject of the warrant will be notified in advance of the impending warrant and be given the opportunity to participate by “posting bail”. They will also be given flyers in advance to distribute to their friends to attempt to raise their “bail” in advance. Individuals that may not be able to leave their place of business or residence but would still like to participate will be given the opportunity to “Bribe” the officer who comes to “arrest” them in order to not go to jail. The event will take place on April 1st from 7 am to 8pm and all “arrestees” will be taken to the “Old Acworth Jail” located at 4357 Senator Russell Ave in Acworth. Upon arrival the “arrestees” will be booked in and have their “mug shot” photo taken as a souvenir. They will also have to stand before a “judge” and answer to their “charges”. Warrant applications will be available at the Acworth Police Department located at 4400 Acworth Industrial Dr. The fee for a warrant application will be $ 50.00 and must be paid in advance. The subject who is “arrested” will also have a “bail” of $50.00. All “Bribes” must also be at least $50.00 to be considered. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Georgia Special Olympics Foundation. For more information about this event contact Officer Jeff Rose @ 678-801-4073 or jrose@acworth. org. u




Does Chronic Pain Affect You Or A Loved One? You wake up with it and you go to bed with it, day after day, month after month; it has been going on years now. What we are talking about here is pain, chronic pain to be specific. Millions of people live with it. Maybe it takes the form of debilitating fibromyalgia. Maybe it is daily headaches. For some, it might be chronic back and neck pain. For others, painful arthritis. Chronic pain takes its toll – on the affected individual, on their relationships, in the workplace – in literally every aspect of a person’s life. And what do you do when you’re in pain? You do anything to reduce the pain, to make it go away, to stop it – even briefly – so that you can get some rest. Maybe you’ve tried over-thecounter or prescription pain relievers. Maybe you’ve been to every type of health care professional under the sun – including a neurologist, an internist, even a pain management specialist. And still…the pain persists. Some days you wish that you could just go to sleep for a while. That’s when it’s time to look at a different approach. An approach that doesn’t rely on drugs or surgeries to help you feel better only temporarily. In fact, you help you feel better! How? By harnessing your body’s own abilities. Messages from your brain travel out to every part of your body through your brain stem – which is at the base of your skull. Your nervous system is, in fact, like the

master control center of YOU! You could say that you live your entire life through your nervous system, so it’s very important to keep it in top operating condition so you can stay healthy. What happens when your nervous system doesn’t work properly? Well, it may take awhile, but eventually your body will start to break down and you will experience disease in the body part that is affected by any type of nerve interference. What causes nerve interference? Well, it usually occurs as the result of some type of trauma to the upper cervical spine (neck region), specifically in the first vertebra, the atlas. This trauma may be the result of an accident or injury, such as an automobile accident or a fall down the stairs when you were two years old. It may have even resulted from the birth process, during which there is a great deal of twisting and pulling exerted on a very fragile upper cervical spine! Any type of trauma can cause your atlas to shift out of place, pressing on nerves as they pass through it on their way out to the body. It can take years for this nerve interference to produce the type of chronic pain that you now experience, and in addition to chronic pain, many other types of conditions can result.

Upper Cervical care is an all-natural health care approach that looks to address the cause of your chronic pain – the nerve interference that was caused when your atlas shifted out of place. It doesn’t just treat symptoms with medications that can have some very serious side effects. Upper Cervical doctors receive specific training to locate, correct and remove nerve interference, by gently moving your atlas back into its correct position, in an effort to alleviate your chronic pain, wherever it is occurring – without drugs! Once the interference is removed, proper nerve function returns, re-establishing the vital communication links between your brain and your body. Then it’s “all systems go” once again! MIGRAINE HEADACHES – Christine J. – I suffered with severe migraines. Over the last two months with Upper Cervical care they have almost disappeared, and I am sleeping better now. NECK PAIN – Debra M. – I had neck pain for years, recently being unbearable that I could barely move. I was told by other doctors that I had to live with it or have surgery. Dr. Lukas has given me hope and so much less pain! UPPER BACK PAIN – Diana T. – Since starting Upper Cervical care, my neck and upper back feels great. Literally, it is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Overall, I feel great. CAR ACCIDENT – Carrie C. – I began Upper Cervical care immediately after my accident. I have been amazed by how much my neck and back has healed. If you, or someone you know suffers with pain or any other health concern and are searching for answers please call our office at (770) 420 – 2052. We will be happy to provide you with information on Upper Cervical care with absolutely no cost or obligation.

Health & Fitness


Why Physician Prescribed Weight Loss? Courtesy of Synergy Medical Centers

There is no faster way to safely lose weight than with the guidance of a physician. Under the care of a doctor, average weight loss is about 21 pounds in 4 weeks. Incredible results like this come from you and your physician working one-on-one to create a plan that is medically tailored to your body. If you have tried other weight loss programs with little or no success, you know it can be a frustrating and disappointing process. The latest proven medical weight loss options are available to you through your physician. These options are both safe and medically proven to be the most effective method to help you in your initial desire to lose weight and to help you reach your longterm goal of maintaining these results. All other non-physician weight loss services state in their literature: “Before starting any weight loss program please consult your physician.” The truth about weight loss is that there are many options available to you and in many cases these various plans will allow you to lose weight. However, many

people fail in their attempts to lose weight or to lose weight permanently, and many people put their health at risk by not fully understanding the repercussions of the diet they select. What may be a good weight loss alternative for some individuals could be medically contraindicated for your needs from a weight loss plan. The physicians at Synergy Medical Centers are formally trained to understand the various weight loss options available to you and to help guide you through a program that is healthy for you based upon your personal goals, medical history, nutritional habits, and your metabolism. By understanding your needs from a medical viewpoint and understanding your personal goals, your physician will create a customized, individualized program that will give you the results you expect without the need for special food supplements, pre-packaged meals or other gimmicks that nonphysician plans offer. It’s as easy as 1,2,3: 1. Receive Your Free

Consultation and meet the doctor and staff. Get to know whom you’ll be working with over the next several weeks. A few simple tests will determine your individual needs for the program. 2. Find the plan that’s right for you. After your evaluation, your doctor will recommend a specific plan for you, and work with you to customize it based on your needs. 3. Start your personalized program! Your doctor will provide all the tools you will need for success. You’ll meet with your doctor weekly for support and to chart your progress.

Curves Hosts Food Drive Curves of Acworth, Brookstone & Kennesaw are encouraging women in the area to show their philanthropic strength by participating in the annual Curves Food Drive. And, even though donating food to families in need is its own reward, the clubs are offering compelling incentives for both existing and potential members who participate. Until March 31st, Curves of Acworth, Brookstone & Kennesaw will collect non-perishable items and monetary donations for food banks in the local area. The goal, according to Pamela South of Curves of Brookstone, is for the community to come together to help families in need. “At the core of our business is the message that women are stronger when they rally together, and that is the point we hope to bring home with our food drive,” said South. “We want to show our community just how powerful the generosity of our members can be.” According to Aleen Krawiec of Curves of Kennesaw, members who donate a bag of groceries or make a minimum donation of $30 during the month of March between March 8 and 20 can join Curves for free. Curves will waive the cost to join.

Look at the results our patients are getting: W.C. lost 22 pounds in 1 week; S.G. lost 66 pounds in 5 months; M.K. lost 13 pounds in 1 week and B.C. lost 30 pounds in 2 months.

Each year, Curves locations collectively donate millions of pounds of food to feed the hungry. “We hope women in the Acworth & Kennesaw area will come together and participate in this initiative,” added Gayle Bender of Acworth Curves. “Even if you’re not thinking about joining a gym, you can still drop off your donations. There are so many families – right here in our own community – who need our help.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 770-975-1299 or visit Synergy Medical Centers at 3889 Cobb Parkway NW in Acworth. u

For more information about Curves of Acworth, Brookstone or Kennesaw, and the Curves Food Drive, contact 1) Gayle Bender of Curves Acworth at 770-974-3922; 2) Pam South of Curves Brookstone at 770-422-9744; 3) Aleen Krawiec of Curves Kennesaw at 770-426-0033. u


FEATURED ESTABLISHMENTS Big Shanty Smokehouse................................................... 7 Caper’s Restaurant and Bar.............................................12 Capo’s Italian Restaurant................................................10 Di Gusto..................................................................... 11 Dogwood Terrace......................................................... 14 Hong Kong Chinese...................................................... 23 Hong Kong Star............................................................. 8 Johnny’s Pizza.............................................................. 13 Keegan’s Irish Pub........................................................ 13 Mexico Tipico.............................................................. 10 Mojave SW Grill & Margarita Bar.................................... 7 NCG Cinema............................................................... 10 Oak Barrel...................................................................15 Puri’s Bakery................................................................ 15 Scooter’s Restaurant and Pub..........................................10 Stevi B’s Pizza...............................................................15 Stovetop Solutions.........................................................15 Trackside Grill..............................................................14 Whistle Stop Café..........................................................14

Caper’s Restaurant and Bar (formerly Capers on Main Street) has relocated to a new, larger space. For more information, please see their advertisement on page 12.




Wine Trivia By Cookie & Peter Thorpe

1. Which country is the main source of wine corks? (circle one) a. Portugal b. Spain c. France

3. Which of the following is not a red Bordeaux varietal? (circle one) a. Pinot Noir b. Malbec c. Petit Verdot 4. Which of the following is a white grape? (circle one) a. White zinfandel b. Sauvingnon blanc c. Cabernet Franc 5. What namesake winery and vineyard is owned by the actor who starred in the 1960’s TV series Daniel Boone?_________________ ______________

6. Tannins are extracted from: (circle one) a. grape skins b. grape seeds c. oak barrels d. all of the above Visit the Oak Barrel on Main Street in downtown Acworth, tel. 770-974-7720; Shop online at ♦

ANSWERS 1. a. Portugal 2. a. True 3. a. Pinot Noir 4. b. Sauvingnon Blanc 5. Fess Parker Winery 6. d. all of the above

2. While California is the American state producing by far the most wine, all fifty states can claim at least one commercial winery. a. True b. False


10 NORTHSIDE NEWS March 2010



12 NORTHSIDE NEWS March 2010



A Taste of Two Cities

From staff reports [Ed. Note: The recession has taken its toll on many independently-owned restaurants around town. Please continue to patronize your locally-owned restaurants, bars, and retail stores.]


BEEF O’BRADY’S in Acworth has closed. FISH HEAD GRILLE in downtown Acworth has closed. MONTECALVO’s in Kennesaw has closed after being in business for over thirty years. PIRATE’S BAY in Kennesaw has closed but has plans to re-open with a new concept “BIKINI BEACH.” RED PEPPERS in downtown Acworth has closed. TWISTED LEPRECHAUN in Kennesaw has closed. WATSON’S GULF COAST SEAFOOD in downtown Acworth has closed.


CAPER’S RESTAURANT & BAR (formerly Caper’s On Main in downtown Kennesaw) has moved to its new location on Barrett Parkway in the Publix Shopping Center near the intersection of Old 41 and Barrett Parkway. For more information, please see their ad on page 12.

UPDATES/SPECIALS: BIG SHANTY SMOKEHOUSE celebrated its 2 year anniversary in February. The restaurant was recently rated as “The Best BBQ in Georgia” by the blogger “3rd Degree Berns” and continues to be voted one of the best in Atlanta on The beef brisket, smoked prime rib

and smoked Portabella mushrooms topped with fresh crab meat all continue to be very popular. They also offer a wide variety of “gluten free” menu items and Shannon has created several delicious gluten free desserts. They are also offering a variety of smoked meats for Easter including Fresh Lamb, Spiral Sliced Hams and much more. For more information, see the ad on page 7.

St. Patrick’s Day Festivities at Keegan’s

CAPO’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT is offering you Thursday DATE NIGHT specials. A fixed price menu features a 3-course meal for two for only $19.95 AND half-price glasses of wine. For more information, see their ad on page 10. DI GUSTO ITALIAN Bar & Grill has brought back the ever-popular “2-for-$20” offer Monday -Thursday. Share an appetizer, choose an entrée, and split a dessert--all for only $20. For more information, see their ad on page 11. DOGWOOD TERRACE is now open for dinner serving steaks, pizza, seafood, and more. Executive Chef Peter Thorpe is bringing a tradition from across the pond: SUNDOWNERS. Come by and have a drink and a bite to eat and catch up with friends on Tuesday through Saturday from 3-6pm. You’ll be served on the porch if the weather is nice. See their ad on page 14. SCOOTER’S RESTAURANT AND PUB just celebrated their first anniversary and the party was shown on What a fantastic party! Join them this month for the MOST LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AROUND! See their ad on page 10. TRACKSIDE GRILL in downtown Kennesaw is now taking reservations for Easter Sunday brunch. Make your reservations early! For more information, see their ad on page 14.u

Keegan’s Irish Pub doesn’t just celebrate St. Patrick’s DAY; they celebrate St. Patrick’s WEEK. Beginning Friday, March 12th through Tuesday, March 16th, Keegan’s will offer Jameson Shots for $3; ST. Pat Shooters for $3, Car Bombs for $6 and well drinks for only $3. On Wednesday (St. Pat’s Day), the Ballybeg Band plays from noon ‘til 2, then Jeff Croker rocks from 9:30pm to 12:30am. You can also join them for “Hangover Thursday” at noon and take advantage of their $4 Bloody Mary’s and usher in the NCAA March Madness. For more information, please see their ad on page 13. u

14 NORTHSIDE NEWS March 2010



16 NORTHSIDE NEWS March 2010 ONGOING KENNESAW-ACWORTH LIONS CLUB meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at Montecalvos Italian Cuisine at 7pm. Call Dan Larson at 678-5745925. MILITARY SUPPORT GROUP FOR WIVES in Kennesaw/ Acworth area. Meet the second Saturday of each month; Call 770-422-2050 or email SENIOR LUNCHEON on the third Tuesday of every month at the Robert School Community and Education Center. Lunch served at 12, followed by Bingo and prizes. Call 770-917-1234. THE ROTARY CLUB OF NORTH COBB meets on Thursdays 7:30am at Pinetree Country Club. Visit WRITERS OF LIKE MIND meets every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at Vito’s Café, 10175 Dallas Acworth Hwy, (Rt. 92) Dallas GA. Meeting times are from 6 to 7:30 pm. For more information contact Hank Somma at TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is looking for new members to join in our weight loss meetings. TOPS meets every Thursday morning at 9:30am at the Kennesaw Public Library. For info on joining, contact Pamela at 770-426-8426. Attend an

Calendar Of Events/Classified

introductory meeting. MARCH 2010 March 13 FREE SEMINAR courtesy of A Wellness Center & Spa by Dr. Patricia Cohen. 1-3pm. Dealing with Stressful Emotions- Learn how to feel calm in a stressful world, when people are in turmoil around you. Facilitated by Melody Haines, Stress Management Coach at 5655 Lake Acworth Dr. Suite 230. Call to reserve a seat. March 15 BIG SHANTY SMOKEHOUSE will be holding their monthly cooking class on Monday March 15th at 6:30pm. We will be making a true southern breakfast complete with biscuits and gravy. Appetizers and beverages will be served. Cost is $15. Please come by or call 770499-7444 for reservation. March 16 CROSSROADS CAREER NETWORK for job seekers: The March 16, 2010 meeting will be held at Burnt Hickory Baptist Church, 5145 Due West Road, Powder Springs at 6:30 pm. Free of charge. For more information, call 770-590-0334. March 19-20 CHILDREN’S SALE Countyline UMC Childrens Sale March 19 & 20 Fri 9-7 sat 9-1. 1183 Countyline Rd Acworth, 30101. Sellers receive 75%, we take other sales tags. info Email March 20 FREE SEMINAR courtesy of A Wellness Center & Spa by Dr. Patricia Cohen. 1-3pm.

The Seven Spiritual Laws- Nature reveals to us a set of “Higher Laws” that govern the movement of the earth, the cycle of seasons, the forces of nature, the structure of an atom and the psyche of humanity. Learn to embrace these laws to bring harmony and balance into your life. Facilitated by Rev. Lorrie Schaffer at 5655 Lake Acworth Dr. Suite 230. Call to reserve a seat.

Saturday, March 27, 10 am-12 pm! Children’s message, music, puppets, egg hunts by age groups, crafts, and lots of fun for Preschoolers -5th grade. Free and open to the public! Summit Baptist Church, 4310 Moon Station Lane Acworth GA 30101. 770.975.4595 or angela.york@

March 26-27 GIGGLES AND GRACE CONSIGNMENT SALE on Friday, March 26 from 9 am-8 pm and Saturday, March 27 from 9 am-1 pm. More info on our website at If you don’t have a computer call Karen at 770-841-9710. Located at the Marietta Church of God gym 1083 Allgood Road, Marietta.

April 3 EGGSTRAVAGANZA! Join us April 3 from 3 to 5 pm. He’s Alive! Eggstravaganza! For ages 2 years through 6th Grade. Free to the Public. Fun! Fun! Fun! Egg hunts, Petting Farm, Crafts & Inflatables. Kennesaw First Baptist Church, 2958 North Main Street Kennesaw, GA 30144. For more information, call 770-427-3109 or visit www.

EXPERT CLEANING SERVICES By Deborah. Honest, dependable, thorough. Free Estimates. Call Cell 631-8341793 or 678-372-7278.

April 17 & 24 NORTH COBB JUNIOR WARRIORS will be holding registration for Spring Football practice at North Cobb High School on Saturday, April 17th and April 24th from 9:00am to noon. Spring practice will begin Monday, April 26th and continue through May 15th. North Cobb Varsity coaches will be involved teaching fundamentals. If you are a current 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th grader, don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the North Cobb Warrior program.

PART-TIME Bi-lingual help needed (Spanish/English). Golden Rugs in Acworth, tel. (770) 966-0801.

March 27 EASTER EGG SCRAMBLE, 10 a.m. SHARP at Swift-Cantrell Park, 3140 Old 41 Hwy, Kennesaw, GA 30144 As a way of welcoming spring, the event field at Swift-Cantrell Park will once again be covered with colorful egg candy. Children will be divided into groups based on their ages, so everyone will have the opportunity to scramble for treats. The scramble begins at 10:00 a.m. SHARP, so don’t be late. Bring a basket or container for the scramble, and don’t forget your camera -- we’re expecting a visit from the Easter Bunny and friends! Rain date April 3. Free. 770-4229714 or March 27 JOIN US FOR A FAMILY EASTER CELEBRATION on

APRIL 2010

For more information, please visit www.northcobbfootball. com. u

CLASSIFIED ADS APARTMENT NEAR KSU. 1BR 1BA kitchenette. All utilities, satellite dish, wireless internet included. $699/mo. Call 678777-9777. CONNER DENTAL ASSOCIATES is seeking a FT Patient Care Coordinator ($9-10/hr.). Must be able to work evenings. Dental office exprience a plus. Send your cover letter, resume, & 3 references to or fax to 678354-0062.

FREE 4-yr-old female German Shepard, house broken, fixed,up to date on shots. must have fence in yard. 770-4458744 or 770-876-0602. HIRING for all positions, full-time or part-time. Manager, Bartender, Cashier, Server, and Delivery Driver. All positions must have experience. 678-398-9698 or 678-613-3950. Hong Kong Star, 4719 Lower Roswell Rd, Ste. 110, Marietta.

PRESSURE WASHING SERVICE: Driveways, sidewalks, patios, houses, decks, everything...Professional results and a quick response. We are right here in Kennesaw. Call Howard at 770-316-3734. PRESSURE WASHING. Decks, driveways, houses. Very competitive prices. Call Scott @ 770-815-8411 ROOMMATE WANTED. Single dad seeking roommate. Large house in S/T neighborhood off Mars Hill Rd, Acworth. Use of 2 BR, 1 BA, garage storage. $800 mo. Includes utilities. Call 770-815-8411 Classified ads are $25 for 25 words; each additional word is $.50. Email: DEADLINE is the 25th of the month for the next issue. u



18 NORTHSIDE NEWS March 2010



20 NORTHSIDE NEWS March 2010

Home & Garden

STAGE YOUR HOME FOR THE BEST POSSIBLE FIRST IMPRESSION By Kathie Beckett Maybe you’ve seen the shows on television. In a mere thirty minutes, a crew can come in and totally transform your home and make it go from drab and dreary to a show-stopper. Of course, television makes it look easy and it will definitely take more than thirty minutes, but staging your home really can help you make your home stand out. Realtor® Helen Haugen of Chastain & Associates and accredited professional home stager Laurie Kavanagh have teamed up to help you get the biggest bang for your buck when you are ready to sell your home. Laurie said, “About 95% of the homes staged by accredited staging professionals sell within 37 days vs. 212 days on average. But you still have to make sure that the home is clean and ready to go. The homeowner should have the home professionally cleaned, including the carpet.” Helen said, “Staging is not a magic bullet; the home still has to be priced right. Staging just makes it more saleable. It allows you to present your product in the best light.” She added that it also helps to de-personalize your home and get rid of all of the clutter. “You want it to look like a model home and you want potential buyers to ask themselves, ‘Can I see myself in this home?’ Staging helps you with that. People often get distracted with looking at your personal belongings and pictures that they have a tendency to not see the home itself.” Another one of Helen and Laurie’s tips: store your stuff. “Make it look like you have mega storage in your home. If you have to hide your stuff, hide it! Rent a storage facility. Just make sure that it looks like you have storage galore.” Laurie said, “Don’t forget the outside of the home, too. Try to make the outside of your home inviting. Utilize that screen porch.” Helen agreed, and said, “Potential buyers don’t want to see a messy yard full of broken stuff.” In today’s competitive market, staging may not get you an extra $10K for your home, but it may make your home the one that buyers bid to buy. Staging will help you–and potential buyers–look at your home from a different point of view. Helen is currently offering a free accredited staging service with new residential listings of at least 120 days; call 678-525-8141 or visit u

Police Report February 18-THEFT-3140 Old 41 Highway, Swift-Cantrell Park- A woman left the park after being there for about an hour. She went to a gas station and then realized two credit cards were missing from her wallet. She called the credit card companies and was told there had been activity on one of the cards at a Publix and a Kroger in Woodstock and an attempted use at a Target store. February 19-THEFT-Northgate Way- A resident checked her mail and found only one letter which had been opened. She suspects some neighborhood juveniles whom she has had problems with in the past. February 20-ASSAULT-1750 North Roberts Road, CowboysThe manager reported that another patron assaulted a patron. Witnesses said the offender, a 26-year-old Hiram man, was talking to another man about mixed martial arts fighting. The conversation ended but about five minutes later the offender came back to the victim, asked him why he was “talking $#&%” and punched him in the head before leaving the club. A warrant was taken for the offender charging him with battery. February 20-MARIJUANA POSSESSION-2065 Baker Road, ITT Tech- An officer saw a car parked in the far corner of the lot with two males inside and the car full of smoke. The officer asked the men to step out of the car and he immediately smelled marijuana. 4.2 grams of marijuana was located inside a compartment on the dash. The owner of the car, an 18-year-old Morganton man, said the drug was his so he was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor amount. The other man wasn’t charged. February 22-THEFT-3111 Moon Station Road, Magnum Paving- An employee reported that sometime after 10:30 this morning someone cut through a chain link fence around the property and stole several tools. The tools were valued at about $200 and include 2 impact wrench sets, open end and pipe wrenches, a socket set and a half inch ratchet. The damage to the fence will cost about $500 to repair. February 23-BURGLARY-Big Shanty Road- A resident came home and found his front door unlocked and his bedroom door kicked in as well as his roommate’s. Stolen items include two cell phones, a gold necklace, a Kodak camera and a Gateway computer. February 24-THEFT-Lullwater Main- A resident reported that his Taurus .45 cal semi-auto pistol came up missing from his nightstand sometime after the 20th. There was no forced entry to his house and

other valuables were not stolen. Some of his friends are suspected. February 25-UNDERAGE DRINKING-Clairesbrooke Lane- Officers responded to a report of a loud party at a residence they had been to before on seven previous occasions. The first officer to get there asked the second officer to stop a green Ford Explorer that was leaving. The second officer had stepped out of his car and he waved his hands, yelled for him to stop and shined his flashlight at the driver but he drove right past the officer. The officer jumped into his car and went after the Explorer which pulled into Baker Elementary school, jumped a curb and stopped behind the school. Three of the four occupants were arrested and charged with underage consumption of alcohol. They were all males, 20 years old and from Suwanee. Back at the house contact was made with one of the tenants of the house who was issued a citation for excessive noise. February 25-UNDERAGE DRINKING-3655 Cherokee Street, Bullfrogz- An officer working an off-duty job here saw a female that was swaying and using the bar for balance. The girl appeared to be underage and the officer confirmed she was 20 years old. The girl said she had been drinking before arriving to the club and a breath test showed that her blood/alcohol level was .18 grams. She was arrested and charged with underage consumption of alcohol. February 25-FRAUD-Morningside Trail- An elderly woman received a phone call from a man who claimed she had won $500,000 in an “international sweepstakes.” The man said he needed money from the woman, however, to pay for taxes and insurance. The woman wired a total of $26,550 on six different occasions to a person supposedly named Ariel Deleon Tuana in Manilla, Phillipines and, of course never received her “sweepstakes.” February 25-BURGLARY-Douglas Lane- A man came home and found that his house had been burglarized sometime after 7am. The front door had been kicked open and it was lying on the living room floor. Stolen items include a 36” Vizio television, Panasonic laptop computer, fire safe with .40 and .25 caliber bullets and a Raven Arms .25 caliber pistol. February 27-THREATS-3600 Cherokee Street- A cab driver reported that a man came out to the parking lot and yelled at him that he was not supposed to be in Kennesaw since he was a Woodstock cab. The cab driver told the man he had a permit in Kennesaw and was not going to leave. The man then said he was going to get his gun and “blow (the cab driver’s) head off.” The man then kicked the tire of the cab and went into KB’s where an officer found him. The man,



a 29-year-old Kennesaw resident, said he did kick the tire of the cab but did not threaten to shoot the cab driver. A witness, however, confirmed the cab driver’s story. The 29-year-old man was arrested and charged with terroristic threats. February 27-THEFTS FROM AUTOS-Cornell Crossing- Two residents in Legacy Park, one at Cornell Crossing and one at Monticello Way, reported that their cars were broken into. The thefts occurred between 5:40pm yesterday and 10:15am this morning. One resident said his car had been locked but there was no sign of forced entry to either vehicle. Stolen items include a Dell laptop computer in a black bag and another laptop (unknown make), as well as a box of Girl Scout cookies. The bag, which the Dell computer had been in, was found the next day by a resident behind his home on Thorngate Lane off of Baker Road. February 27-ASSAULT-1000 McCollum Parkway, Sparkles- A woman was skating when a kid cut her off causing her to fall. The kid’s mother, a 29-year-old Cartersville woman, then came over, pushed the woman down and told her she would beat her up in front of her children. The 29 -year-old said that the victim cursed at her son so she told the woman she couldn’t do that while pointing at her. The victim pushed the woman’s hand away and the woman said that is when she pushed her down. The 29-year-old was arrested and charged with simple battery. March 2-PERSON DRUNK-2102 Old 41 Highway, HootersEmployees said the man had walked out of the business then returned with a bloody mouth. He was told to wait by the door until they could get him help but the man became hostile and began cursing at the employees. He then threw a menu and a ketchup bottle at the televisions on the wall at which time customers detained him. The man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated. It is unclear how he got the bloody mouth. March 3-PROWLERS-2100 Ellison Lakes Drive, Lakeside Vista Apartments- An officer parked his car to watch the area due to ongoing criminal activity. Within a few minutes he saw two male juveniles walking from the area of the pool. They came up to a car at the 300 building and tried the door handle but it was apparently locked so they went to another car with the same result. The officer walked up to them as they tried a third car and they took off running. The officer stayed with one of them but lost him as he headed toward Cobb International Boulevard. The other one ran toward the trails on the south end of the complex. u

22 NORTHSIDE NEWS March 2010

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24 NORTHSIDE NEWS March 2010

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