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Proudly Serving The Communities Of Acworth And Kennesaw • Vol. VIII, Issue I/January 2010 •

Two Women Shot and Wounded in Kennesaw While Sleeping

National Geographic Photography Exhibit at Somu

Dog Also Shot; Detectives Search for Suspect, Motive By Kathie Beckett

Two women and their small dog were shot at their home on 6000 Ashley Way in Kennesaw (above) on the day after Christmas. Police have no motives or suspects at this time, and encourage the public to notify them if they have any information on the case, no matter how small the information might seem. Above, “Down East at the Lobsterama” Photograph by Luis Marden. According to the National Geographic, the Lobsterettes not only lit up a 1950s lobster festival in Rockland, Maine—they also made an appearance in “Down East Cruise” (National Geographic, September 1952). Marden’s photo showcases the vibrant colors, especially reds, that were then possible with the relatively new Kodachrome film. The film’s chromatic punch drove many Geographic photographers to devise creative ways of getting more red into their pictures. Photo courtesy of National Geographic.

“In Focus” Exhibit To Run Through April 2010 The Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History is proud to host their newest exhibit, In Focus: National Geographic Greatest Portraits. “This exhibit is brought to us through our partnership with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service,” explained Jeff Drobney, executive director of the Southern Museum. “The photographs really convey a variety of cultures and time periods throughout world and American history that culminate in an interesting visual timeline.” Created by National Geographic and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, In Focus reveals the possibility of portraying the essence of people and places in two dimensions. The exhibit parallels National Geographic’s interest in ethnographic studies and reveals the magazine’s efforts to divert attention away from the hardships of American life during the Great Depression and World War II.The exhibit runs through April 18, 2010. “This four-month engagement will allow our community an ample amount of time to come and fully experience and enjoy this pertinent exhibit,” Drobney continued. For more information, call 770-427-2117 or visit online at u

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An unknown suspect fired bullets through a bedroom window at 6000 Ashley Way at 3:47 AM, hitting 36-year-old Danielle LeBrun and 38-year-old Dackrie Davis numerous times. Their small dog was also shot. The police report states that officers from the Kennesaw Police Department were dispatched at 3:47 a.m.; when the officers arrived, they observed the two female victims with multiple gunshot wounds inside the residence. Both victims were transported to the hospital by ambulance and both were listed in stable condition at press time. The dog had to be euthanized. Public Information Officer Scott Luther said that after further investigation, it appears that the perpetrator, the shooter, stood outside a bedroom window and shot into the house. There was no evidence of forced entry into the residence. There was also no evidence to show a motive or suspect information, although Luther said that it does not appear to be random. Friends of LeBrun and Davis have set up a Facebook page called “Bullet Proof.” The page was “set up to facilitate fund raising to cover some of Dackri’s and Danielle’s medical bills, security needs, and other miscellaneous expenses,” according to the creators.


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“Cookie” (owned by Ferrin Affleck of Kennesaw) catches a frisbee at the dog park. See story on page 6.


In the early morning after Christmas day, the quiet calm of Ashley Way in the Tara subdivision off Cherokee Street in Kennesaw was shattered.

LeBrun posted on the Facebook wall: “Dackri and I would just like to send out a heartfelt “Thank You” to all of our friends and family. We wish this had never happened, but the outpouring of help and emotion has been unbelievable. We will never be able to say thank you enough, but please know that we love you all and hope to spend time with all of you in the future.” Luther said, “We are asking that if anyone has any information in reference to this incident to please call 770-4222505 and ask for Detective Brock or Sergeant Deans.” u

Coach Dooley and Football at KSU? See page 20.

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Health & Fitness

4 NORTHSIDE NEWS January 2010

Succeed with Your Fitness Resolution

Healthcare Reform...Starts with You

Courtesy of Paul Feldman, Body Design Training

Courtesy of Dr. Beth Baker

If you want to make fitness resolution successful then don't just think it up at a party tonight. To make a fitness resolution stick, you must put some time into it with thought-out, realistic goals. Often, people aren’t sure what realistic goals are for their fitness plans. Without this knowledge, it’s hard to get the results you want. You might even over-train your body. If you are an athlete or new to fitness exercise, it is important to know if the workout you are doing is actually helping your body to get better health and results. A large part of the population feels that more is better when it comes to fitness. That is not true in most cases; you can over-train your body and have a negative effects like making your body burn muscle for energy, fatigue and even injuries. Here are six helpful tips to help you succeed with your fitness resolution: 1) Ask a personal trainer for advice on realistic goals for your body type, age and gender. You will be a lot more confident going forward with your resolution if you get a professional’s opinion. 2) Get a professional personal trainer or nutrition specialist to help you with a diet and nutrition plan that is realistic to your lifestyle and tailored to your fitness goals. You will be more successful if you include some sort of diet and nutrition in your fitness resolution. 3) Get active doing some sort of cardiovascular exercise or “cardio.” Ask a professional personal trainer about your goals for cardio because many people overdo it and don't lose the fat and keep the muscle. In other words, you lose weight but the weight you lose is both fat and muscle weight so you become

Whether you’re politically savvy or more interested in the Real Housewives, unless you’ve been stranded on a mountain top with no cell signal, you are aware of the vicious debate ensuing regarding healthcare reform. While I do have my opinions on where Washington should weigh in, I will keep that to myself for the time being. However, I truly believe the best reform for healthcare starts at home. I do recognize there are numerous people in dire need of quality medical care due to things they could not prevent. However, today the majority of health issues for Americans are completely avoidable. Obesity, childhood obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, the list goes on and on. We’ve already had one wake-up call with the financial crisis in this country. The next crisis is already here and it’s time for America to wake up and do something about it. Our nation is becoming more and more sedentary as “modern conveniences” are on the rise. With that sedentary life comes a big helping of poor health, increased doctor’s visits, escalating costs and less time living a life filled with vitality and energy. Video games, cell phones, texting, computers, television, larger portions, fast food, processed foods, drive thrus, junk food. What will it take for Americans to see that these conveniences are only a detriment to our health? Our bodies were created to hunt and gather. That means we should be constantly moving and eating food that comes naturally. While realistically I admit I don’t have time to grow my own food, it’s not impossible to eat healthy. It’s not out of the question to at least exercise every day. Some tips to live by when shopping for groceries: 1. Look for foods with five ingredients or less. 2. If God didn’t make it, don’t eat it! 3. Stay away from partially hydrogenated soybean oil and high fructose corn syrup. 4. Keep away from sugar. (It creates inflammation and can cause pain in your body) 5. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it! (With the exception of broccoli) 6. Avoid all chemical additives. 7. Eat three portions of vegetables and two fruits every day. Get outside and move. Whether you only have 10 minutes or 60, it is vital that you move your body vigorously every day. Set a good example for your children. They are the ones eating more processed foods every day. They are the ones to potentially be the first generation not to outlive the previous generation if something doesn’t change now. While this may sound more like fear mongering than a pep talk. I am here to say, we are in a healthcare crisis. It’s time to get back to basics. Take care of your body so you won’t have to rely on someone taking care of you. Maybe, just maybe, if we all try just a little harder to take care of ourselves; we wouldn’t have to be in such a panic over healthcare reform and insurance coverage. The New Year is here, let’s all keep the resolution to be healthy. Special thanks to Dr. Beth Baker of Integra Health & Wellness; for more information or to schedule an appointment, call 770-966-8339. u

a smaller fat person without any muscle tone. You will look and feel a lot better heath-wise if you get this right from the beginning. 4) Start some sort of workout with weight resistance exercise (anaerobic). The best way to do that is to go to the gym 2-4 days a week and work out for 30 to 60 minutes of anaerobic exercise. To insure safety and results, you should hire a professional personal trainer to set up a program designed for you and your physical abilities. You will get 80% more results with a professional trainer then you would by yourself. 5) Don't just hire any trainer; hire a professional personal trainer. What I mean by a professional personal trainer is that he or she should have a national certification and also liability insurance at a minimum. Also the trainer should have over three years or more of hands-on personal training experience. Professional trainers should have also be certified in (or have extensive education in) nutrition. Finally, they should also look the part and practice what they preach. 6) Give yourself some time to measure your progress in your new fitness lifestyle. Yes, I said fitness lifestyle. Look at fitness as something you must be aware of; do some everyday and you will always feel and look good! You can get measurable results in ten weeks or less, but to develop a positive fitness lifestyle change may take six months to a year. To set up a consultation with Bodydesign Personal Training Inc., call Paul Feldman (aka “Trainer of Trainers”) at 770-980-9888, email or visit online at www. u




2010 Healthcare Reform...It’s Time for a Change! At the office of Dr. Lukas, we are constantly hearing about how so many different health concerns are being resolved with Upper Cervical Care.


Rachel W. (Kennesaw, GA) – I have had migraine headaches for 12 years, with the most recent migraine lasting sting TWENTY (20) days. My neighbor ghbor told me about Dr. Lukas, as, so I decided to give itt a try. After just a few visits, my migraine completely subsided. I am feeling better everyday.


Heather W. (Acworth, rth, GA) – I can remember mber the feeling of complete plete helplessness – my neck pain consumed my body and consumed my mind. I began to question every aspect of my life and became very depressed. But, just when I thought I had exhausted all options I happened upon Dr. Lukas and Upper Cervical care – which I had never heard of. My prayers were answered! I am now enjoying life again. Thank you so much for the care I’ve received.


Sue D. (Marietta, GA) – I came in December of 2008 after urging from my husband. I had daily lower back and hip pain for several years from Scoliosis. I also had

a bruised, numb feeling on the balls of my feet. Since being under care with Dr. Lukas my feet are free of symptoms, no numbness and I only get an occasional pinch in my right hip. I am well on my way to being symptom free.


Kathlyn M. (M (Marietta, GA) – Since be being under Upper Cervical Care with Dr. Car Lukas, I had L relief of the numbness in my arms and left leg right away. I have no more headaches aand feel so mu much better having relief of much of the arthritis too!!! related pain too!!

FIBROMYALGIA / INSOMNIA Doreatha N. (Acworth, GA) - Upper Cervical Care has done wonders for me. I feel like I have my life back. I can’t wait to retire at night, because I know I will get a good night sleep. I have no more dizziness, headaches, or body aches. I don’t want to think about being without care. And, if I had not found out about this type of rare healthcare, what would I feel like today? I laugh more, go more places, and enjoy life because I feel good. I never thought I would see this day again. I thank God for Dr. Lukas, Upper Cervical Care and the care I have received.


Kathryn D. (Acworth, GA) – I could barely walk when I came into Dr. Lukas’ office. I had low back pain, hip pain and severe sciatica that ran down my left leg. I am very satisfied with my progress. I am 90 % better.


Heather M. (Kennesaw, GA) – Before seeing Dr. Lukas I was sleeping on the floor because it was too painful to sleep in my bed. I had been to an orthopaedic physician who referred me to a surgeon. I was advised that I would have to take pain medication every day for the rest of my life and that I would need spinal fusion surgery. I also tried other types of care and physical therapy without any success. I read about Upper Cervical Care and researched Dr. Lukas. I came in to see him as soon as possible. I am so happy to say that today, I take nothing at all for pain, and the numbness and pain in my arm and hand has improved by 70 % and getting better!


Holly W. (Acworth, GA) – I thought that my headaches and dizziness was caused by stress related to my master’s program. After I graduated though, they persisted. I learned that it may be a result of a car accident some time ago. My first visit made me feel like a new person, and I felt amazing results the first week. I had forgotten what it felt like to feel good and have energy until now. If you, or someone you know are suffering with a health concern and are searching for answers, call Dr. Lukas’ office at (770) 975 – 0585. We offer complimentary consultations as well as free information and audio C.D’s on this little known type of healthcare. As always, there is absolutely no obligation.

6 NORTHSIDE NEWS January 2010

City Beat: Acworth/Kennesaw

Frank Boone Dog Park Enjoyable for Both Dogs & People By Kathie Beckett

I think it was the coldest day ever on January 3rd when I ventured out to the Frank Boone Dog Park at Swift-Cantrell Park in Kennesaw with my Toy Miniature Schnauzer, Leo. Everyone I saw looked like an Eskimo dressed in hats, gloves, and heavy parkas. I personally had on at least six layers. But I quickly ignored the cold as I watched Leo’s excitement at his first time to the park. I was a little apprehensive because not only was it his first time, but he’s still just a puppy at seven months old. The minute we drove into the parking lot, Leo could hardly contain his excitement. He could see the other dogs walking around on leashes with their owners; he barked and whined and scratched at the car door to try to get to them. He practically jumped out of the car when I opened the door. Dressed in his (I must say, adorable) black and red sweater, he tugged and pulled on the leash in his eagerness to join the other dogs. At only about twelve pounds, he was headed for the “small” dog park. Swift-Cantrell Park has two dog parks, one for large dogs and one for dogs under thirty pounds. We made our way down the long winding pathways, stopping at every tree along the way. (Don’t worry: they provide plastic bags at various locations along the trail so that you can take care of any

messes.) You enter into either dog park through a small gated enclosure, unleash your dog, open the second gate, let your dog go, and get ready for a hilarious time. Leo jumped and hopped like a bunny, ran the entire length of the enclosure, and happily sniffed every dog in the yard. I shouldn’t have worried; he had a great time, and so did the other dogs. I visited with other doggie parents about what they like about the park. Acworth residents Stacey Stower and her husband Jason brought daughter Peyton and son Preston and their Miniature Schnauzer “Saks.” Stacey said, “This is our first time bringing Saks but I really like the dog park. Saks gets some great exercise and gets to meet new friends.” Dennis and Linda Baswell of Kennesaw often bring their miniature poodle “Jake” to play. “It’s a lot of fun. We come pretty often,” said Dennis. You might also see Kate Martin of Kennesaw with her beautiful dog Rudy, a Great Pyrenees. She said, “Rudy is not a good walker, so it’s good for him to run and play here.” So if you need some fresh air and have a dog – or not – head over to the Swift-Cantrell Park for a doggone’ good time. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) For more information on the SwiftCantrell Park and the Frank Boone Dog Park, visit u

Saks and Leo say hello to each other as 15-month-old Peyton Stower and mom Stacey Stower watch.


FEATURED ESTABLISHMENTS Big Shanty Smokehouse...................................................7 Capo’s Italian Restaurant................................................10 Cave, The....................................................................11 Dogwood Terrace..........................................................10 Fusco’s via Roma......................................................... 13 Hong Kong Chinese......................................................23 Hong Kong Star............................................................. 8 Johnny’s Pizza..............................................................12 Keegan’s Irish Pub........................................................ 12 Mexico Tipico..............................................................10 NCG Cinema...............................................................14 Oak Barrel...................................................................14 Pirate Bay Restaurant.....................................................11 Scooter’s Restaurant and Pub..........................................10 Stovetop Solutions........................................................14 Trackside Grill..............................................................12 Watson’s Gulf Coast Seafood............................................7

Dogwood Terrace will open for dinner after Valentine’s Day. For more information, see their ad on page 10.


8 NORTHSIDE NEWS January 2010

Curves Offers Free Classes for Members and Non-Members From staff reports Curves of Acworth, Brookstone and Kennesaw are offering free weight management classes to teach its proven method for losing weight and raising metabolism. More studied than any other program, Curves’ classes are based on the groundbreaking new research findings of the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Laboratory at Texas A&M University. Now, the women of Acworth & Kennesaw can learn the powerful secret that has helped millions of women lose millions of pounds and keep them off for good. Classes are open to members and non-members. Classes include: • Start-Up Class (90 minutes) for first-time participants. • Phase 3 (30 minutes) to teach the last and most important stage of the Curves Weight management Plan and the secret that makes the plan work. • Special Topics Classes (30 minutes) will cover a different topic each month, including Smart Grocery Shopping, Choosing the Right Carbohydrates, Eating Out, Emotional Eating and more. Classes will be taught by Curves’ Registered Dietitian, Nadia Rodman, and facilitated by weight management coaches from Curves of Acworth & Kennesaw, through a series of DVDs that will alternate teaching with hands-on activities. Participants will be encouraged to make a weekly appointment to weigh in with their weight management coach, who will provide accountability. All classes are free to members and non-members, but participants will be able to take advantage of special pricing on essential tools that will enhance their success. For just $49.95, participants can purchase a bundle including: a bottle each of Curves’

multivitamin and Curves’ calcium supplements, a can of Curves’ protein shake, and a copy of the new book “The Curves Fitness & Weight Management Plan.” Products are available for purchase separately and no purchase is required to attend classes. “We’re excited to be offering free weight management classes,” said Gayle Bender, owner of Curves of Acworth. “This dynamic program and the book are brand-new, and packed with cutting-edge information and lots of practical advice that women can use immediately. Every woman who is even thinking about losing weight should definitely check out the free classes.” Curves of Acworth, Brookstone and Kennesaw will be offering classes starting the week of January 11th. For more information, contact Curves of: Acworth; Brookstone; or Kennesaw for specific dates and times; also see their ad on this page. Curves works every major muscle group with a complete 30-minute workout that combines strength training and sustained cardiovascular activity through safe and effective hydraulic resistance. Curves also works to help women lose weight, gain muscle strength and aerobic capacity, and raise metabolism with its groundbreaking, scientifically proven method that ends the need for perpetual dieting. Founders Gary and Diane Heavin are considered the innovators of the express fitness phenomenon that has made exercise available to around 4 million women globally, many of whom are in the gym for the first time. With nearly 10,000 locations worldwide, Curves is the world’s largest fitness franchise. For more information, visit u



10 NORTHSIDE NEWS January 2010



12 NORTHSIDE NEWS January 2010



Fusco’s Via Roma Celebrates 5th Anniversary From staff reports Acworth’s secret is getting out. Celebrating their fifth anniversary nestled in a 100 year old building in the heart of Acworth’s historic district, Fusco’s via Roma Italian Trattoria has always seemed like “our” little secret for great Italian food, an eclectic wine list and some of the best service this side of Buckhead. Well, now the world – or at least Atlanta “foodies” know about Fusco’s. They were recently voted one of the top 3 Italian Restaurants in all of metro Atlanta by the users of Citysearch. Michael Fusco, one of the owners and general managers, said, “We have been a perennial top 10 selection, but this past year, we stepped up our game and are gratified that Citysearch selected us as one of the top three.” Michael and his partners – wife Diana & his brother Chef David – are constantly on the go in the restaurant and can be seen visiting with tables, delivering food, seating guests and even clearing and resetting tables. In talking with Diana, you get the feeling they are truly interested in your total experience. “I know how I want to be treated when I go out and we want to make sure that everyone who comes into Fusco’s is treated the same way,” she said. Diana, who has traveled throughout Italy, is also responsible for the incredibly warm ambience and décor that allows you to escape Acworth and feel like you are dining in Italy. Chef David Fusco, who has also spent time in Italy, says that his aim is to present a dining experience authentic to the taste and freshness of the cuisine of Italy. He said, “What most people consider Italian food here in the States is really an Americanized version, most famously enjoyed in New York.” He added, “Not that there is anything wrong with that, but we want to present what you get in Italy, where the freshest, highest quality ingredients make it from the producer to the table in a matter of hours or days and not after weeks of preparation and time spent in freezers.” Fusco’s via Roma prepares each dish fresh to order and tries to find products locally when possible. They also use organic hormone-free items from

suppliers who use sustainable means of production. Their wine list features many Italian wines and is the product of Michael and his son and bar manager Jason Fusco. “The most enjoyable part of this job is meeting winemakers and understanding their passion for what they do,” said Jason. Tasting each and every wine is not only fun but allows father and son to be able to speak about each wine and what they pair with and make suggestions. Fusco’s also has a full bar with an ever-changing menu of specialty drinks and martinis. A few of the house martinis include a fresh pineapple-infused vodka martini, a pomegranate martini and a Georgiainspired sweet tea martini. For wine drinkers, Fusco’s features wines for only $4 per glass on Tuesdays & half priced bottles on Wednesdays. Michael previously worked as a beer importer before opening Fusco’s and therefore, Michael Fusco, Diana Fusco, and David Fusco of Fusco’s Via Roma in Acworth. he is very proud of his selection of “craft brewed” or locally produced Monday, February 8th. You’ll find more information on the beers such as Sweetwater and Terrapin. The local brews wine dinners at are complimented by imports such as Peroni and Stella Artois. Try them on Fridays for only $3 per pint. So, the secret of Fusco’s Via Roma is definitely getting out. Head over for some fine Italian food before the word Fusco’s has recently instituted a “Twilight Menu” finally reaches the rest of Atlanta and you can’t get a table. from 3PM until 6PM Tuesdays through Fridays with great selections from their regular menu for only $9.95 Fusco’s invites you to join their email list to stay updated. including salad and bread. Join online at Fusco’s is located on Main Street in downtown Acworth; telephone 770-974They have also become quite well known for their monthly wine dinners; the next wine dinner will be held on 1110. u

14 NORTHSIDE NEWS January 2010

Wine Q&A By Cookie & Peter Thorpe Q. I love buttery chardonnays. How can I tell before buying it that it’s the style I like? A.  Look for words on the label such as creamy, rich, and buttery.  That’s the malolactic fermentation which is a process where wines with sharp acidity are converted to a softer acidity; it results in a buttery taste like that found in chardonnay. Descriptions like vanilla, toasty, or nutty usually mean oak-aging.  Q.  I always drink Pinot Grigios and would like to try something different. Any suggestions?  I don’t like wines that are dry.

Q. What is a Fume Blanc?

A. Try a Chenin Blanc from France. The grape has a good acidity level and a high natural sugar content which makes them very easy to drink without being too sweet.  If you want to branch out to reds, try a light and fruity Pinot Noir from California.  Pinot Noirs are a lighter style red and are not as dry as cabernets or merlots.

Q. After owning the Oak Barrel for six years, what is the wine you have come to appreciate more than you did before?

Q. How many calories are in a glass of wine?  A.   It depends on the alcohol content.  In a 5 oz. glass of wine, there are about 100 calories (based on a wine with an alcohol content of 13.7 gr)  In a 5 oz. glass of red wine, there are about 106 calories, based on the same alcohol content. Wines do vary in alcohol content and you can always find it printed on the label.

A. Fume Blancs are Sauvingnon Blancs that are usually aged in oak, giving them an almost smokey taste. 

A. There are several. I am fortunate to get to taste a lot of different wines.  But I have a new appreciation for Rieslings.  I always thought if it was a Riesling, it meant sweet.  But after tasting wines from different areas, I realized they are not all the same.  I love the drier styles and think they pair well with many different foods. Washington Rieslings are some of my favorites. Visit the Oak Barrel on Main Street in downtown Acworth, tel. 770-974-7720; Shop online at ♦ 



16 NORTHSIDE NEWS January 2010

Calendar Of Events/Classified



FIRST FRIDAYS in downtown Acworth. Join merchants from 5-9 on the first Fridays of the month for a great time.

January 15 FREE SEMINAR courtesy of A Wellness Center & Spa by Dr. Patricia Cohen. 1-3 pm. This seminar, Create Your Vision Board, is a complete hands-on workshop creating your own vision board. This is designed to help individuals become aware of how to create the life they want. Facilitated by Rev. Lorrie Schaffer at 5655 Lake Acworth Dr., Suite 220. Call to reserve seat at 770-966-8000.

MILITARY SUPPORT GROUP FOR WIVES in Kennesaw/Acworth area. Meet the second Saturday of each month; Call 770-422-2050 or email SENIOR LUNCHEON on the third Tuesday of every month at the Robert School Community and Education Center. Lunch served at 12, followed by Bingo and prizes. Call 770-917-1234. THE MOMS CLUB OF ACWORTH EAST provides you with the opportunity to share activities, friendship and fun with other at-home moms and their children. We offer playgroups, babysitting co-ops, park days, a variety of activities and a MOMS Night Out! THE ROTARY CLUB OF NORTH COBB meets on Thursdays 7:30am at Pinetree Country Club. Visit TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is looking for new members to join in our weight loss meetings. TOPS meets every Thursday morning at 9:30am at the Kennesaw Public Library. For info on joining, contact Pamela at 770-426-8426. Unite with us to take off pounds sensibly. Attend an introductory meeting.

January 18 Big Shanty Smokehouse will be holding their monthly baking class on Monday, January 18th at 6:30 pm. We will be making Chocolate Mousse and Creme Brulee, both are perfect to top off your Valentine’s Day Dinners. Cost is $15 and includes appetizers, drinks and a taste of everything made in class. Space is limited please call 770-499-7444, or come by to sign up as soon as possible. January 23 FREE SEMINAR courtesy of A Wellness Center & Spa by Dr. Patricia Cohen. 1-3 pm. This workshop, Manifesting Wealth, is designed to assist the individual in defining and clarifying personal visions regarding wealth. Facilitated by Alyson Skodack, Financial Advisor at 5655 Lake Acworth Dr., Suite 220. Call 770-966-8000. FEBRUARY 2010 February 6 Daddy/Daughter Dance sponsored by The Acworth Parks and Recreation Department on Saturday, February 6, from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m., at

North Cobb HS. This year’s theme is: “At the Hop.” Dance the night away as well as games for the dads and daughters to enjoy. This event is open to all girls up to 13 years of age with their Dad or adult male escort. The fee is $25.00 for City of Acworth residents or $35.00 for non-city residents. Additional daughters are $10.00 for residents and $15 for non-city residents. Refreshments will be served. Register now at

Feb. 19 ART FROM THE HEART, 6:00-9:00 pm. The First United Methodist Church of Marietta’s Weekday Ministry presents its fifth annual silent auction. Advance ticket sales $30/person; $45/couple. At the door, $35/person. Cash or check only. For more information, go to or call 770429-7850, ext 7842

February 6 VALENTINE’S DANCE Saturday, Feb 6, 2010, 6 to 9 p.m. at the Ben Robertson Community Center, 2753 Watts Dr, Kennesaw, GA 30144 It’s a great Knight for a Princess! Escort your sons & daughters to an enchanted evening fit for royalty. Dance, party & play in a wonderland of fun. We’ll have food, games, storytelling, crafts, a DJ, and souvenir photos available for purchase. Come dressed in your favorite gown or suit of shining armor and win prizes during our costume contest. Tickets are $25 per couple ($10 for each additional family member), and can be purchased online or at the Ben Robertson Community Center. Information: 770-422-9714 or valentinesdance

March 20 TOUCH-A-TRUCK, 10 a.m. to 2 Kennesaw’s Historic Train Depot, 2828 Cherokee St, Kennesaw, GA 30144. A unique exhibition of trucks and specialty vehicles will be on display near the Depot in downtown Kennesaw. Kids of all ages will love exploring every vehicle, climbing onto the driver’s seat, honking the horn and pretending to steer. Don’t forget your camera! Admission is free. Information: 770-422-9714 or www.

February 6 FREE SEMINAR courtesy of A Wellness Center & Spa by Dr. Patricia Cohen. 1-3 pm. This seminar, Anti Aging, will teach the factors and influences associated with aging and what can be done to slow the aging process. 5655 Lake Acworth Dr. Suite 220. Call 770-966-8000.

MARCH 2010

March 27 EASTER EGG SCRAMBLE, 10 a.m. SHARP at Swift-Cantrell Park, 3140 Old 41 Hwy, Kennesaw, GA 30144. . The scramble begins at 10:00 a.m. SHARP, so don’t be late. Bring a basket or container for the scramble, and don’t forget your camera -- we’re expecting a visit from the Easter Bunny and friends! Rain date is Saturday, April 3. Admission is free. Information: 770-422-9714 or www. Send your information to calendar@

CLASSIFIED ADS APARTMENT NEAR KSU. 1BR 1BA kitchenette. All utilities, satellite dish, wireless internet included. $699/mo. Call 678-7779777. BARBERS & HAIRSTYLISTS wanted. Call 678-355-1213. CHILD CARE IN MY HOME. Licensed, experienced. Lots of TLC for your little one in a nurturing environment. Proudly serving this community for 20 years. Lyndyl Williams 770-919-7259. EXPERT CLEANING SERVICES By Deborah. Honest, dependable, thorough. Free Estimates. Call Cell 631-834-1793 or 678-372-7278. LAND FOR SALE: 20 acres Stilesboro Road. Priced for quick sale. Call 404-9926009.Yuri MARKETING EXPERT can help you with your marketing needs and projects. Award-winning results. Reasonable rates. Quick turnaround. Refs available. Call Kathie 404-641-7892. Classified ads are $25 for 25 words; each additional word is $.50. Email: DEADLINE is the 25th of the month for the next issue. u



18 NORTHSIDE NEWS January 2010



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KSU Launches Football Exploratory Committee Courtesy of Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University President Daniel S. Papp announced on December 10th the launch of the 33-member Kennesaw State University Football Exploratory Committee that will formally gauge support for a football program at KSU. The committee –– which consists of students, faculty, staff, alumni, business and community leaders, as well as friends and benefactors of KSU –– will provide a final report of its recommendations to President Papp in September 2010. Legendary college football coach Vince Dooley will chair the exploratory committee. The KSU Foundation also has hired Dooley to spearhead athletics fundraising at the university. “The launch of the Football Exploratory Committee is the next logical step in the progression of KSU’s athletics programs,” Papp said. “We are excited that a coach of the caliber of Vince Dooley has agreed to lead us through

this process as KSU decides whether or not we should start a football program. We are thankful to the committee members for their support and commitment.” Over the next nine months, the committee will study the pros and cons of having a football team, how much it would cost, how much support exists, what facilities would be needed, what would be needed to maintain National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Title IX compliance, and how football would impact other athletics programs at KSU, among other questions. The launch of the football exploratory committee comes at a time when varsity athletics at Georgia’s thirdlargest university is reaching new heights. This fall, after a four-year transition, KSU became a full-fledged member of NCAA Division I, collegiate athletics’ top tier. On Dec. 1, KSU announced a partnership with the Atlanta Beat Women’s Professional Soccer team that includes the construction of a $16.5 million stadium on the campus, which also will be home to KSU’s thriving women’s soccer program. The 8,300-seat stadium, which will be ready in the spring, also conceivably could be used for football, Papp said. In just the past few months KSU’s intramural, club sports and NCAA athletics facilities have been transformed, thanks to the support of the KSU Foundation, which has raised $500 million for capital projects at the university in the past decade.

Coach Dooley chairs the KSU football exploratory committee.

Until September, the 22,300 KSU student body had only a 1.7-acre field on the main campus for sports activities. In October, the KSU Sports and Recreation Park –– a state-of-the-art facility with an indoor training facility and two regulation-size fields for intramural and club sports –– opened its doors. The 14-acre sports park is one parcel of 88 acres of new land east of Interstate 75 acquired by the KSU Foundation in the past year. The new stadium will be another major component of the sports park project.

“We are very excited at the possibility of having a football team at KSU,” said Norman Radow, chairman of the KSU Foundation. “I’ve seen Kennesaw State evolve from a local college just seven years ago, into a world-class university, with award-winning student residences, a new, state-of-the-art dining hall, and athletics facilities that would make any university proud. In everything we do for this university — we will want only the best.” Papp said that since he was named president of KSU in 2006 he has been asked numerous times about football. His predecessor also fielded similar inquiries. “Our response has been that we do not have enough information to answer definitively the many questions that underlie such a decision,” Papp said. “Now that we are a Division I university, it’s a good time to start answering those questions. I cannot think of anyone more qualified to guide us through this process than Coach Dooley.” Once the Football Exploratory Committee’s work gets fully under way, the university’s constituents will be able to stay abreast of the group’s work through a public Web site that will be launched at: Dooley, who retired as the University of Georgia’s athletics director in 2004, was UGA’s head football coach from 1964 to 1988. During his tenure as athletics director, Dooley was responsible for building one of the most successful programs in all of college sports, winning national championships in men’s tennis, golf, baseball and women’s gymnastics. During his 25 years as coach, he led the Bulldogs to the 1980 national championship title and six SEC championships. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1994. “The potential of launching a football program from the ground up is an intriguing challenge to me,” Dooley said, “and I cannot think of a better place to do that than at Kennesaw State. This is an exciting place to be. This university is on the move.” u

Police Report December 5-PERSON DRUNK-1750 North Roberts Road, Cowboys- A 23-year-old Hiram woman was escorted out of the club for fighting. Once outside, she took a swing at a member of the security staff. She was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated. December 5-ILLEGAL DRUGS/WANTED PERSON LOCATED-2945 Cobb Parkway., Superior Creek Lodge- An officer was called to check on a domestic dispute between a man and a woman. The officer discovered that the man, a 41-year-old Cartersville resident, was wanted by Bartow County for a probation violation. He was arrested for the warrant and charged additionally with possession of crack cocaine after two crack cocaine rocks were found in his front pocket. December 6-THEFT FROM AUTO-Collier TraceA resident reported that between 3am and 3:45am someone went into his unlocked car and stole a pair of sunglasses, a bottle of cologne, two blank checks and two energy drinks. December 7-SHOPLIFTING-1635 Old 41 Highway, Publix- The store reported that a man walked out without paying for a case of beer. He was stopped by an employee of the store in the parking lot and told to come back inside but he refused and walked away north on Old 41 Highway. The officer who was en route to the call stopped the man, a 43-year-old Kennesaw resident, and arrested him charging him with shoplifting. December 7-POSSESSION OF MARIJUANACherokee Street- An officer stopped a 26-year-old Kennesaw man for a traffic violation. The man said he had no identification with him and gave the officer what turned out to be a false name and birthday. The man finally admitted that he provided a false name because his driver’s license was suspended. After he was arrested a blue metal pipe with marijuana inside was found in the car. He was charged with driving with a suspended driver’s license and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

December 8-WANTED PERSON LOCATED/ WEAPONS OFFENSE- An officer stopped a 26-year-old Lithonia man for not wearing his seat belt and discovered that he had a suspended driver’s license and was wanted by Oxford Police for failure to appear. A small amount of marijuana was found in a pants pocket and a shotgun was found in the trunk of the car. He was arrested and charged with suspended license, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, no seat belt and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. December 8-ROBBERY-2761 Cobb Parkway- A man reported that he was in the parking lot of the Sherwin Williams Paint store drinking beer when a man punched him in the face several times and stole $29. The man knew his attacker because they had both been released from jail a few days ago. A warrant was taken for the offender, a 21-year-old Kennesaw man, charging him with robbery. December 8-ILLEGAL DRUGS-Cobb Parkway- A 19-year-old Dallas man was stopped for a traffic offense and when the officer spoke to the man he noticed a smell of marijuana coming from inside the car. A bag of marijuana was found in the car as well as some cocaine in a pants pocket of the man. He was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. December 9-TRAFFIC ARREST-Jiles Road- An officer stopped a 28-year-old Woodstock man on a motorcycle after seeing him pass two cars in a school zone and “flip-off” the driver of one of the cars. The man explained that one of the cars in front of him had been traveling at 10mph and slamming on his brakes. The officer told the man he never saw the other driver do any of this. The man had no motorcycle license. He was arrested and charged with following too closely, improper use of a turn lane, driving without a class M license, reckless driving and aggressive driving. December 10-PROWLER-Trees of Kennesaw

Parkway- A resident who lives in the 1200 building reported the she heard a noise on her balcony. When she looked outside she saw a tall man dressed in all black jump off her balcony and run away. December 10-THEFT-2091 Baker Road, ChevronThe clerk reported that three young males came in and one of them purchased a 25 cent piece of candy. This was evidently a ploy to distract the clerk because he found a case of beer in the area in front of the bathroom of which six of the twelve beers had been stolen. The clerk said he chased the males out of the store and they left in a light blue car on Baker Road towards Acworth. December 11-ILLEGAL DUMPING-3097 Carter Circle, Southern Masterpiece- The owner reported that sometime over the past week someone dumped chairs, Christmas decorations and other items into his dumpster. He did recover some papers with an address to a person in Acworth. December 11-BURGLARY-1425 Ridenour Boulevard- A resident came home after being gone for several days and noticed damage to the front door frame. She went inside and found that the following items had been stolen: ESP model bass guitar, Ovation acoustic guitar, HP desktop computer and a 42” flat screen television. December 12-VANDALISM-3840 Jiles Road, Bridges of Kennesaw- Four residents reported that tires on their cars were slashed and their cars were “keyed”. One of the victims suspects a group of teens who she saw hanging around building 13 at about midnight. December 12-VANDALISM-Fairlawn Downs- A resident reported that some of her Christmas decorations were cut which caused them not to inflate. A neighbor saw three kids standing around the decorations and police were called. The three denied doing the damage and they had no cutting instruments with them. They were released to their parents. Another resident on the same street also reported some broken decorations. A football



was found in her yard. December 13-UNDERAGE DRINKING-3721 Cherokee Street- An officer rode up upon a car parked at a closed business. He found three females inside the car and saw a bottle of vodka. He determined that the three had been drinking. Two of them, both aged 20 and from Acworth, were arrested and charged with underage consumption of alcohol. The other woman, 21 years old and also from Acworth, was arrested and charged with furnishing alcohol to minors. December 13-SHOPLIFTING-1635 Old 41 Highway, Publix- Two employees said they saw a man and woman steal several items from the baby and health and beauty aisles and leave in a white Dodge neon. December 14-ASSAULT-3655 Cherokee Street, Bullfrogz- A woman came back to her seat and another woman was sitting in it. She told her to move and this started a fight. It was determined that the woman who had come back to her seat was the aggressor. This woman, a 21-year-old Marietta resident, was arrested and charged with simple battery. December 14-TRAFFIC ARREST-Cobb ParkwayAn officer stopped a 29-year-old Kennesaw man after another motorist reported that he was driving erratically. Before an officer could respond the car smashed into the rear of a box truck, which was stopped at an intersection. The driver of the car said he had taken some prescription Percocet. He was arrested and charged with failure to maintain lane, following too closely, expired tag and DUI of drugs. Results of a blood test are pending. December 15-VANDALISM-Matlock Drive- An officer on patrol noticed graffiti sprayed in red on several cement and metal fixtures and on a bulldozer. Words and phrases, which were painted included “Katie b----” “f--- the man, f--school, f--- cops, fight the law, facist pigs” and “Yusuf+Katie”. A suspect is known who lives nearby.

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