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December 2017 Volume 5 Issue 1

A Student Publication of North Side High School

School to Receive $35 Million for Improvements By: Jose Monger Proposition B, a $750 million bond proposal, was passed by voters of Fort Worth in November. North Side is going to get $35 million from it. This money will be used to update and fix some parts of the school. Many of the special classes at the school are looking forward to this because they will be getting needed updates. However, most of the plans are still in the beginning phases. “I was actually at a bond party,” Principal Antonio Martinez said, “It was me and other Principals that were anticipating the bond to pass. We watched the results come in because that’s how important it was to us.” When they finally start the construction, disruptions are expected since many things will be updated. They will also be starting a new construction. A new Mariachi wing will be added that will span

6-8 thousand square feet near the exit doors of the 3rd building. “I was excited to see if the bond would pass,” Mariachi teacher Ramon Nino said. “The Mariachi has never had its own building or room.” Students are also excited about the bond passing. “It is very helpful to make a better environment at North Side,” Abigail Rueda, Junior said. North Side is not the only FWISD school getting money out of the bond. That means that all schools won’t start at the same time, they will have to wait for their turn. “They will break it down to phases,” the Principal said. “For phase 1, I am looking that a year from today they will start, around Christmas time. For phase two, maybe two years later.” Mr. Martinez also said they are going to let him know what phase North Side is in when all the plans are finalized.

Other schools are getting either less or more money than North Side; Polytechnic High School is getting over $51 million because they have so much more to fix than North Side. Each school received money based on what is needed for the campus at the school. But there have been questions on what is the most critical thing that should be updated on this plan. Principal Martinez thinks students need a place to hang out and get ready for their next class like the seating areas in the culinary building. “The commons area for students,” Principal Martinez said, “I want the students to feel comfortable, surrounded with what they will experience one day in college.” There are some parts of the renovation that the Principal doesn’t have much say in. There are going to be parts that will be dealt with behind the scenes like air con-

the library and discuss about their book, it’s an old idea.” Book Clubs are popular in schools and communities, but this is the first Book Bash here at North Side. “We had eighteen teachers who had groups,” Warzecha said, “and around two hundred and fifty students.” For being the first Book Bash of the year, the librarian was happy about all the students and teachers who decided to be involved. Students also got to choose their own group, and many students chose their book. “My favorite part about the Book Bash was giving away that many books, and that people are going to read them,” she said. Warzecha gets the books for free from a distributor to give

to the students and teachers to read, only paying for shipping. Students and teachers get to keep their book. “My favorite part about the Book Bash is the idea that she is trying to encourage people to start reading,” Michael Garcia, Senior said. “It’s sad that people don’t read as much as they use to.” Michael joined the Book Bash because he enjoys reading, especially non-fiction. He was in Mrs. Durst’s group; her group was reading “Shark Skin.” It took him between 1 to 2 days to finish reading. Warzecha is already receiving the books for the spring, and would like to try to have the Book Bash twice a year. She is looking forward to having more participants for the next Book Bash.

ditioning and heating systems. “When it comes to athletics, I will have something to say,” he said. The athletic improvements have not been decided, but he knows for sure there will be more parking. Every day in the morning and after school it gets really crowded at North Side with cars and students getting dropped off and picked up. “We need the parking lot fixed,” Martinez said. “We want to make it beneficial for students and not make a kid walk too far. Programs like Business and Marketing, Arts and A/V, Teaching and Learning will get needed updates and equipment. The Automotive Lab, Cosmetology Lab, Health science classrooms/ labs, Engineering/STEM Robotics lab will all get remodeled and updated. There will also be new Wi-fi extension that will be able to reach

the parking lots and the football field. The drama class will also get a mini theater if there is room in the budget. “Our programs will be brought into the 21st century,” the Principal said. The bond will not only improve the Programs of Study, but they will also renovate the restrooms. The plan is to try to make them look nice and up-to-date. “We have been brought to higher standards of restrooms,” Principal said about the new culinary building. “We might relocate some restrooms if they are in the way of progress.” As far as the Principal knows, the entire $35 million will be spent. They will use all of it and not return any of it. “There is a lot of things we can do with 35 million dollars,” he said.

Book Bash Sparks Reading

By: Ashley Salomon Alvarado To encourage and remind students that reading can be fun, Jennifer Warzecha, the new librarian hosted the first book bash ever on December 11. It took place at the library during both lunches. “The book bash is a big book group,” Warzecha said. “We’re going to have a party, and talk about each other’s books, what we liked about them, what we didn’t like, what we would like to try next.” The Book Bash was also a pizza party. They got together during both lunches, got to eat and share their opinions of their books. “They use to do this thing called pizza and paperbacks,” Warzecha said, “and they would have pizza delivered, everyone would read their book and come to

Mrs. Sharpe joins the Book Bash with seniors, Daisy Cisneros, and Saul Rivera. They enjoyed eating pizza and reading “Skin and Bones.”

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AP Menchaca Returns Home

By: Valerie Rabago Gloria Menchaca, Assistant Principal of North Side High School is back after almost 30 years. She was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas in the North Side community and also graduated from North Side High School in 1990. She has returned to her hometown that has a long line of Manchacas to give back to the community through education. The way she involved herself in school back then was through Student Council and Mariachi. "I started off in Irving, Texas with Irving ISD Regional School for the Deaf," AP Menchaca said. Initially before becoming an AP, she had received her Master's in Deaf Education. Ms. Menchaca wanted to be "supervisor" for the deaf kids of the school she started in to help those students more closely, but as time went on she enjoyed being an AP so her courses changed. "I do it because I really like the interactions with the students. We do the behind the scenes stuff," AP Menchaca said. "I like doing that, when I'm able to get students what they need." AP Menchaca finds it rewarding when she is able to help the students, parents, teachers and staff of North Side. "I enjoy making sure that everyone gets what they need to be successful," she said. Ms. Menchaca was completely surprised to see how much North Side has grown since she graduated. "It was smaller," Menchaca said, "We only graduated 110 seniors."

She is still baffled about the size because the school only had two buildings when she attended. She also mentioned the many people in her family that attended North Side, including her nephew, a senior, Emilio Ledezma, and Ms. Sanchez, her Aunt, who worked in the main office. "It's been a constant here," Menchaca said. "A lot of people had a Menchaca, one time or another."

1989 Lasso Yearbook Photo.

Her nephew, Emilio, was excited about his Aunt working for the school in the beginning, but soon his fear made an appearance. "I was happy at first," Emilio said, "but coming into school it turns out it was something I didn’t like. She's my aunt so she has direct access to my mom so I can't get in trouble." Emilio continued to joke that he has

Regional Day School for the Deaf class photo.

Changes in Holiday Shopping By: Valerie Rabago With Christmas day comes the overflowing amount of presents and even more overflowing amount of people in shopping centers. Even though stores get a good number of customers, online shopping is becoming more and more preferred by Americans. Here at North Side some students and staff prefer shopping online to avoid the hassle of long lines and rude customers. “I’m not a big go in the store shopper,” Mrs. Cooper says. ‘I’m an Amazon queen.” Many students would agree with Mrs. Cooper because online shopping tends to be quicker and have the most availability of items. “I would definitely shop online,” Dolores Galvan, senior, said. “I would save more.” There has been a high increase in online shopping than shopping in-store.

Statista’s Digital Market Outlook studies show that the United States is the leading country that has the most online consumers. On average, an American spends almost twothousand dollars online. According to Statista, an online statistics site, an estimated 1.6 billion Americans shop online weekly. In 2000, only an estimated few million shopped online. Before, people would go in-store to shop so they could actually see and feel what they were potentially buying. Now, people will compare prices from in-store to online and choose the online option to save money. As Christmas day gets closer many people still scurry to their nearest mall, but a majority are buying online in the comfort of their own home. Online shopping is a major influence in the way people shop and continues to increase in sales.

no perks being the nephew of an AP, and is still intimidated about having his Aunt work in North Side. By coming back to the school, Ms. Menchaca came in with the determination to help North Side students and to give back to her hometown in a way that impacts their future in education. "This is home. I made my full circle home. I'm able to give back now to my community and to the students," she said.

1989 Lasso Yearbook photo


Dinner and a Murder

By: Jesse Olmos

A show that goes with dinner is the perfect combination, but throw in some live actors, and set it right in front of the audience, that is North Side’s Dinner Theatre. From the delicious food prepared for the audience, and the entertainment filled with gasps and awes, there comes a mystery of murder from within. From rehearsing their lines, to knowing their places, the students at North Side are prepared for their 4th annual Dinner Theatre. The play, Eclipsed, was on the 11th and 12th of December and actors solved the crime by the end. “I chose this play because it made me laugh,” Damon Maxwell, Drama teacher said. “There’s not really any deep meaning so much. It’s just like I choose things that will be fun for the students and entertaining for the audience with things that I think the students will do well. Therefore, I guess ultimately those are the reasons behind choosing the play after it made me laugh.” The menu was something that most would like. Chicken for the entrée, with a bit of new things like roasting different fall vegetables and a dessert with some apples and pears. “We came up with the menu,” Kim Church, Culinary teacher said, “by thinking of how many breaks there are in the play. We had to come up with enough courses on the menu to fit the breaks. We have the dinner salad for when they start out and then there’s

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A A LARIAT NEWSPAPER North Side High School

2211 McKinley Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76164 The Lariat Staff: Jose Monger Santillanes Jesse Olmos Valerie Rabago Ashley Alvarado Salomon

Advisor: Andres Bentley Eclipsed! cast: Edson Ibara, Victoria Mora, Katherine Velazquez, Karen Perez, Christopher Gomez, and Gerald Kennard.

a break after fifteen minutes. Then we pick up the salad plates, serve the entrée, pick those up and then serve dessert for the last break.” The cast began with 11 students, however, due to all of the other extracurricular activities; they have lost some to the other programs. “Some people weren’t showing up consistently,” Maxwell said, “so, I had to make some decisions because it’s really important especially if you want to do live theatre well. You’d have to have consistent rehearsals where people are showing up ninety percent of the time at the very least. In a perfect


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world, it would be a hundred, but we know we don’t live in a perfect world. I talked to the actors a bunch about the idea that it’s really hard to put a puzzle together, if you don’t have all the pieces. I pushed the idea of being at rehearsal often and doing it frequently.” Timing is everything in acting, the actors have to know when to go on, when to say their lines and much more. If it’s meant to happen, it will and for the right reasons. “It’s pretty interesting,” Karen Perez, Senior who played Lady Luna said, “it’s different from presenting in front of a class. You’d

think you would be nervous, but I’m not nervous when I’m up there; it feels different.” The biggest challenge for students doing extracurricular activities like acting is the balance of getting their schoolwork done and learning their lines. “I wanted to be involved because I’ve been in earlier ones,” Perez said, “and I really enjoyed it. I made a lot of friends and we have good memories. There are a lot of inside jokes between us. I’ve never had a problem with any of the classmates in the play. I mean there’s always going to be pretending mad, but I interact well with them.”

Principal: Antonio Martinez The Lariat is the official publication of North Side High School. As a public forum, we will publish letters to the editor as space allows. Letters must be signed and names may be withheld. Opinion columns represent the opinion of the Lariat Staff Newspaper at North Side High School. The Lariat will not accept advertisements for products or services that are not legally available to students.

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A Call For Fashion

Students Show Off Their

Felix Munoz taking a picture as he exits the stage. His outfit surprised many people.

Stephanie Lopez and Eric Tovar looking elegant. Eric’s gold tie caught the audience’s eye.

By: Jesse Olmos North Side’s 4th annual fashion show is on the job training in events, while bringing students and teachers to model out of their comfort zones. Using their own clothes, as well as designer clothes on the runway, students get to help decorate and participate with the community. The VersaStyle Event team has been preparing everything for the December 13th show, during 8th period, months in advance, with the help of students as well as teachers who volunteered to help out. “Fashion, means to me, is diversi-

fun, we have fun in our classroom. We’re not stuck up over there. We understand you guys are people, you know, not just cute little robots. So, we have a lot of fun and I let the students decide, more so on what they want to do. It’s still goanna be PG rated, you know, but the thoughts are as wild as your thoughts are. You know, you can’t tell how wild somebody’s thoughts are.” For this year’s theme, Capleton had a little feedback on it, but in the end, the students had the last decision. Anyone, whether a student, teacher or even custodian can get involved in it, no matter your size,

ty in clothing and originality,” Meredith Capleton, Marketing teacher said. “It means thinking outside the box, and it means abstract ideas through clothing. I don’t know, anything that’s atypical.” The fashion show will have four different segments, in the time of 45 minutes. The four segments will be Casual wear, Active wear, Evening wear as well as Designer wear. The last 15 minutes of the show will be live music by the orchestra. “This year our theme is Wild thoughts,” Capleton said, “and yes, it’s a play on the song. But hey, we’re bout’ fun, we’re

weight, height or age. “I’m involved, because when I first started high school, I didn’t know really what was right for me,” Samara Gonzalez, Junior and president of fashion show said. “Joining the fashion show marketing class, really made me more open to any possibilities that these clubs have to offer. And I’ve always been sort of a leader, so this is a really great club for me.” This year, the fashion show has a minor problem, the time. From fitting 4 different segments of clothes, that could last an hour or so, into only 45 minutes,


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r Style

Jordan Love stopping to pose on the pathway of lights. His look and clothing were featured in the casual segment. Dario Castro looks sharp in a black and grey tux. He was featured in the formal wear section of the show.

would most likely cause problems on the runway. “All three years we’ve done after hours,” Capleton said. “We’ve been met with different challenges.” The first of the shows, there weren’t as many people, because many of them had things to do that weekend. The second, received a great deal of bodies in the audience, the only bad thing to come from it, is that it lasted too long. The third shows conflict was that it was during STARR testing week.

Brittny Aguliar looks elegant in a soft pink dress as she poses on the runway. Her pink bowed shoes completed the look.

Ivette Guzman poses with partner Adrian on the runway. She looked stunning in a form fitting blue dress.

Daniela Ceron’s outfit is perfect for the formal part of the show.

Bianca Rodriguez gets body painted for part of the show. Unfortunately, time ran out and they never made in on stage.


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Disappointing Football Season

By: Jesse Olmos The beginning of North Side’s football season was off to a good start, but it began to go downhill with the number of losses towards the end of the season. North Side claimed victory three out of ten games this season. This football season was a loss for all, but the ones who felt it the most are the players. In order to come back from these losses, the players need to work as a team more. More exercises that involve teamwork and collaboration are going to be needed. At the beginning of the season, they were on top of the world with the three wins. In years to come, they need to show what we’re made of with their passions. If North Side has to take defeat after defeat, other schools will start to think that our team will be easy to beat. The players must have the courage to get back up and try again. After overcoming major injuries last year, this year the varsity team had only a few minor injuries. “I feel that we started off great to begin the season,” Joseph Turner, Varsity Football Coach said. “Winning the first 3 games helped us build some momentum going into district play.” Even though they lost most of the games, they can learn from their mistakes. The team needs to try different approaches in order to change the outcome. To strengthen for next year’s games, the North Side Varsity football team could practice as a team with

exercises that involve collaboration from all of its players. Showing how good North Side

Cheers for the excellent teachers at North Side. They care and are great teachers. We have activities for everyone at school, for example sports and music.

up tests or going to tutoring.

is on the field will turn heads at the games. The football team needs to toughen up for

next year’s games, if they want to score more wins.

Cheers and Jeers

Jeers to students who don’t show school spirit. Compared to other schools, we don’t really have school spirit. Jeers to having such a short lunch. There is barely anytime to eat and take care of any business like making

the cafeteria. Salads on Mondays and Cheers for the amazing progress on the yearbook! It is coming together Fridays are great! amazingly. Cheers to letting Juniors and Seniors go off campus for lunch. Jeers to students that are ungrateful Jeers that the portables are too far for what the Janitors do and throw away from the other buildings. The Jeers to some student’s attendance. coke cups in the stairs. It is very 3rd building also needs a hall to the Some kids hardly ever come to school. immature. 4th building so we don’t freeze when it is cold. Jeers to the condition of some of the Cheers to the JV Boys Basketball restrooms. They are really dirty and so team for being undefeated. Jeers to not having very many pep neglected and smell horrible. Can we rallies. If there were more, we would get some Febreze? Jeers to people skipping class or being tardy a lot. Take some respon- have more school spirit. Cheers to a better variety of foods in sibility for your success.


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NRA Insurance Promotes Less Gun Safety By: Valerie Rabago The National Rifle Association (NRA) has launched a new insurance plan called Carry Guard in April of 2017 that gives gun carriers up to $1.5 million dollars in civil protection and criminal defense cases. Now that the NRA has given what people call "murder insurance," it is still a huge controversy and has many opposing this new insurance plan. We, as Americans, should not support this Carry Guard Insurance because it gives too much freedom to gun holders. Many people and groups like Guns

Down who do not want this insurance available to buyers because they are attempting to motivate the insurances affiliated with the NRA (Lockton Affinity and Chubb) to drop it. The insurance plans featured on their website are the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Gold Plus packages that charge people from thirteen to fifty dollars a month. Those who purchase these packages do not even have to go through training to gain access. The get out of jail free card gives carriers a "shoot first ask questions later" mentality which makes the idea all the more alarming.

By- Jose Monger

have one. People would just have to find another way to defend

Deadly Weapons Need to Stop On November 5th, a gunman killed more than two dozen people in a small church outside San Antonio. The latest mass shooting is something that has become very routine. What’s the response? Thoughts and Prayers, of course. Only thoughts and prayers can no longer be the answer. The violence is getting out of hand; it is just not fair for the innocent to die. Something more needs to be done. Every time something like these shootings happens the result grows deadlier. People are scared to the point that they won’t want to go in public anymore. The church shooting had 26 total casualties, while the Las Vegas shooting had over 58 casualties. People believe the violence won’t happen again, but if something more than thoughts and prayers isn’t done; another tragedy will happen. “Guns don’t kill, people do” is what opponents say about gun control. It is true; we can’t just let anyone have one. What is the most ridiculous is that gun sellers sell weapons that are way more powerful for someone to defend themselves. No one needs military grade weapon to defend themselves or to go hunting. Companies are selling weapons that are scaring people. Thoughts and prayers are not going to prevent another mass murder and no good evidence exists that it offers any measurable health. The solution is that only people with complete authorization should have a weapon. A person with any type of mental illness or someone who has been in jail should not

themsel ves if they a r e being robbed or are in danger. As a matter of fact, maybe robberies would stop if they didn’t have weapons. Thoughts and prayers are just not enough. Someone has to come with a way of stopping these horrible tragedies. People need a better response and a better answer for their safety.

There are those who support the NRA because it would "give more safety" to the people and only covers you in an act of self-defense, but past cases show that self-defense is not always just. "Accidental" shootings have occurred because of suspicion. Suspicion and bad judgment is what caused innocent people like Treyvon Martin and Tamir Rice to be shot and killed. In-

stead of having the NRA ensure their buyers with acts of "self-defense" so loosely, they should require at least a three-week training and an extensive background check of the individual for mental illnesses and convictions. With the variety of mass shootings that have happened in the U.S. in a short amount of time, we as Americans should recognize that guns should not be promoted and protected through insurances like Carry Guard.

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What are your plans for Winter Break?

Andrew Ybarra, 9th grader “I like Christmas because I get to spend time with family, presents are a bonus...but mostly I spend time with family”

Perla Gutierrez, 9th grader “I am going to be with my dad and his family at my brother’s house, and spend Christmas together.”

Reyna Dominguez, 10th grader “I travel to Mexico all the time and I like that this holiday break is two weeks.”

Jazmine Almaguer, 10th grader “I like that I get to sleep late, eat, and stay home; I will work, too.”

Aaron Alvarado, 11th grader “I like that I get time to myself and time to work, I like that I get time to spend with family and enjoy the weather; I will be working during break, stay on the grind, the hustle never stops!”

Christopher Moore, 11th grader “I like to spend time with my family, open gifts and give gifts and celebrate Christmas.”

Gustavo Memije, 12th grader “I like Christmas because I get to be with family and read books; and for Christmas I’m going to go to California with family and read books!”

Carla Zenteno, 12th grader “My family celebrates everything Christmas Eve, we all go over to my Grandmother’s house. It is a family tradition. I spend most of the holday break with my family and close friends.“

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