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With the election looming, candidates reach out to the North Shore’s young and future voters

West Vancouver youth take to the stage in a district-wide talent show

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2 Thursday, April 28, 2011

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4 Thursday, April 28, 2011


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17 ST.


Veniez files claim against Weston

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he hotly contested campaign battle in the West Vancouver Sea-to-Sky riding just got a bit hotter. On Tuesday morning Liberal candidate Dan Veniez filed a notice of civil claim in the B.C. Supreme Court against four people, including Conservative incumbent John Weston. The claim also names Coquitlam’s Paul Veltmeyer, who wrote a letter to Weston about Veniez, and John and Jane Doe, who posted a video on YouTube about Veniez’s role with a troubled forestry company. The YouTube video is no longer online. It included Veniez’s videotaped answers to questions about pension fund policies with statements about Veniez’s involvement with Skeena group and the impact on workers’ pensions when the company went into bankruptcy. The YouTube video was posted by “Dale 5775”. Veniez doesn’t know who “Dale 5775” is. The claim says “the accusations contained in the YouTube video are malicious, false and made unlawfully in a deliberate attempt to damage the general reputation of [Veniez] while he is a candidate for the Parliament of Canada.” John and Jane Doe, the claim says, want the video to affect the outcome of the May 2 election “by use of anonymous char-

acter assassination of [Veniez] with false accusations against the character and conduct of [Veniez] with false accusations of unjust enrichment of [Veniez] with pension funds, which accusations are contrary to the public record as contained in the proceedings before the Supreme Court of British Columbia.” In a phone interview with The Outlook on Tuesday, Veniez said he, along with former partner George Petty, took the mill out of bankruptcy in 2002 and returned into bankruptcy two years later after an exhaustive search for additional funding partners. At no point, Veniez said, did he or Petty have access to or control of any pension funds of any employees or former employees of the Skeena Group. The claim says that in April, Paul Veltmeyer wrote a letter to Weston. The claim says that Veltmeyer wrote “I understand that while Dan [Veniez] was in charge of the Ridley Island Terminal in Prince Rupert, a podcast is that the Conservative government appointed him to, that he was even planning to sell the terminal to a company that he had an interest in.” The claim says that Veltmeyer’s statement that Veniez “was planning on selling the Ridley Island Terminal to a company that he had a interest in was false and defamatory of [Veniez] and was a malicious effort by the Defendant


Mother’s Day y!



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Veltmeyer to damage the reputation and character of [Veniez] while [Veniez] was a candidate for the Parliament of Canada by alleging that [Veniez] breached his fiduciary duties as a director of a Crown Corporation by attempting to enrich himself at the expense of the Crown.” The Veltmeyer letter also included a link to the YouTube video, the claim says. Veltmeyer’s letter, the claim says, was distributed at an all-candidates’ meeting in Sechelt and Gibsons on April 18 by “agents of the Defendant John Weston, with the approval of the Defendant John Weston and/or his agents.” The claim says that on April 15, 2011, the contents of the video were posted on a Facebook page called John Weston Nation. The claim says Weston wrote on the page that “I was not aware of these details about Dan Veniez’s actions with Skeena a corporation that went into bankruptcy and forfeited its unprotected employee pensions but not before he withdrew >$200K in personal wages himself. If you intend to support him, please watch this video so you stand informed.” The claim says that Weston is a barrister and solicitor and “has a higher duty of care as a officer of the Court in dealing with allegations of unlawful conversion or unjust enrichment of pension funds against [Veniez] which are unsupported in fact and never raised in the Court proceedings over 7 years.” The claim says that the bankruptcy of the Skeena group was supervised by the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, Ernst & Young and the Supreme Court of British Columbia. “Throughout the lengthy Court proceedings... there were never any allegations of the Plaintiff unjustly enriching himself from pensioner trust funds.” These are unproven allegations and no defence has yet been filed. In a telephone interview with The Outlook, Weston says the claim looks “like [a] desperate measure in a dying campaign. I characterize our campaign as upbeat Mom! and positive and will continue to focus on the positive things that have come to our riding. “We have not been involved in the creation of these documents,” Weston says. “He could have responded years ago to the questions and is only doing it now.” Last week, Veniez filed a complaint with Elections Canada about the matter and requested an apology from the Weston camp.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011 5

John Weston, Conservative 1. Do you think our current electoral system is working? If not, how would you fix it. If it is, why? The question arises from voters’ frustration about this costly, unnecessary election. Michael Ignatieff committed to bring down our Conservative government on a budget - long before it had been written. I support the Democratic Representation Act, which would add seats in the House to B.C. The Bill was killed by this election. I support the Prime Minister’s commitment to reform the Senate. We have proposed that Senate terms be limited to eight years, a bill that has been held up by Liberal Senators. The Prime Minister has committed to appoint Senators from provinces that elected them, another step forward in democracy. 2. Tell us one specific area where you stray from your party’s policies. We have the freedom in caucus to voice our opposition to any policy. There are times I can win the argument. In the end, we are representatives of the people in our riding and a consensus is developed. 3. Who is your favourite artist, in any medium? One of our family’s favourite artists is Bowen Island’s own Shari Ulrich, whom my wife Donna and I first met several years ago when she was performing for our community as part of West Vancouver’s Harmony Arts Festival. We love her humor, her poetry, and her musicality and are amazed at the number of instruments she has mastered. A very real West Coaster, we hear through her music her love for her daughter (“I will be there”); her love for nature (“Watching the River Run”); and her love for freedom (“One Step Closer”). Dan Veniez, Liberal 1. Do you think our current electoral system is working? If not, how would you fix it. If it is, why? Our parliamentary democracy has served the country very well in the past 142 years. But confidence in it is at a very low ebb. Cynicism and disengagement is high. In no small measure that is the direct result of Stephen Harper’s contempt for parliament. Restoring confidence in our democratic institutions must be a priority. Canadians must be consulted on ways to make the electoral process more fair, relevant, inclusive, and foster much greater participation. Changing things for the better starts with electing good people to serve. In the final analysis, all of us have a vital role to play because our democracy belongs to us.

2. Tell us one specific area where you stray from your party’s policies. I’m a centrist and our policies reflect my values. However, there are areas where I believe we should do more. For instance, I believe that as a public broadcaster, the CBC should not be competing with the private sector and should not be expected to chase advertising dollars. I would like stronger national leadership in fortifying our economic union by removing barriers to interprovincial trade. I would like a strong national push to develop a productivity agenda. We have fallen dangerously behind and significant incentives are needed to attract major investments in new plant, machinery and equipment. I fear that our manufacturing capacity has eroded to a dangerous degree. Our currency is high largely because of the global demand for our raw material and natural resources. We are shipping raw and not adding value. This is giving us a false sense of comfort that our economy is healthy. It isn’t and won’t be until we invest heavily in education, R&D, innovation, and productivity. I would like to see us commit to a more comprehensive and long-term strategy to modernize our national infrastructure. Our prosperity, productivity, and quality of life depend on it. 3. Who is your favourite artist, in any medium? Robertson Davies, a wonderful Canadian author. His books have been my secret hiding place for many years.

Terry Platt, NDP 1. Do you think our current electoral system is working? If not, how would you fix it. If it is, why? “First past the post” versus proportional representation. I don’t think that our current system is working properly. Other countries have put into practice proportional representation (STV) and it works for them. However, there might just be more coalition-style governments. I don’t think the Harper Conservatives would approve and they would probably use up all of their advertising budget attacking everyone! 2. Tell us one specific area where you stray from your party’s policies. My party does not demand blind loyalty to its policies. We appreciate and encourage free votes and freedom of expression. We were one of the first parties to support gay/lesbian rights, we supported the legal rights of common-law couples, and if a Canadian finds themselves in serious legal trouble in another country, we will go to bat for them and make the strongest efforts possible to prevent them from languishing in foreign prisons. You can’t say that for this current Conservative government. I do not stray from

my party’s policies because our policies promote social justice, human rights and the improvement of the human condition. 3. Who is your favourite artist, in any medium? Well, nothing beats belting out anything by Barry Manilow. No matter how down I might feel, I always feel better after a few stanzas of “Copacabana.” I’m also a fan of anything by Cole Porter. “Night and Day” is definitely my favourite song.

Brennan Wauters,


........Federal Election .............................local votes

Green 1. Do you think our current electoral system is working? If not, how would you fix it. If it is, why? Proportional representation is a truer indication of the wishes of all people with less influence from special interest groups; it also better holds elected officials accountable and promotes co-operation in government. The system as it stands appears most broken because the Harper Conservatives refuse to cooperate. While it is not a current part of the platform of the Green Party, I think voting should be mandatory as it is in Australia. Reducing the voting age to 16 would stimulate much needed input from young people and lay the foundation for true democracy as we collectively solve the challenges of our time. 2. Tell us one specific area where you stray from your party’s policies. My ideas are succinct with the current platform but I’m less willing to send troops overseas, even as Peacekeepers. Difficult decisions must be made with regards to external conflict and my concern is that any military resource deployment justifies a sequence of other expenditures that are not obvious at the point of deployment while at the same time limiting diplomatic options. As in my answer to question 1, I’m a proponent of mandatory voting. In a proportional representation system the Senate should be appointees of the parties elected according to the percentage of their popular vote as suggested by Roger Lagasse. 3. Who is your favourite artist, in any medium? I have several but two who immediately come to mind are Buckminster Fuller and Jacque Fresco. Both use the Earth as their medium and both envision utopia. Fuller is a significant example because out of tragedy and despair he created hope and embarked on “an experiment, to find what a single individual [could] contribute to changing the world and benefiting all humanity.” We need inspirational examples to push us to reach for the impossible in a time when the world is in ever growing instability with multiple and disparate environmental disasters, exponential human population growth, resource depletion, and species extinction.

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6 Thursday, April 28, 2011

West Van removes watchdog position for Horseshoe Bay Pier Move could endanger emergency calls, says owner of water taxi service REBECCA ALDOUS S TA F F R E P O RT E R


est Vancouver is getting rid of Horseshoe Bay Pier’s caretaker, a move some say could hamper emergency operations. Since the federal government handed its piers to the district 10 years ago, Horseshoe Bay resident Billy Lord has been the watchdog of the municipality’s wharfs. He makes sure users don’t disregard regulations — such as time and weight limits on docks — and writes up monthly reports on the structures’ conditions. For his service, the district granted Lord space for his houseboat, which is also his office, on the Horseshoe Bay Pier. But that’s no longer the case. In March, Lord was handed a notice that his services weren’t needed and his houseboat must be relocated by May 31. The district and West Van’s Coast Guard Auxiliary are eying the pier as a potential moorage site for the unit’s new boat. While the auxiliary would be a nice addition to the pier, it won’t replace 24/7 surveillance, Lord warned. During a summer day up to 400 people visit the dock, a pier that’s also used when transporting emergency cases from areas such as Bowen Island to the mainland. On average, 350 emergency cases travel over the pier per year, he noted. It’s imperative to make sure that no matter how busy, there is always a docking space for emergency boats, Lord said. “It is not about me, it is about safety of the pier,” he said. “The truth is you have to have somebody down there 24/7.” Besides ensuring that emergency vessels and vehicles can access the pier, Lord regulates the amount of weight safely permitted on it. Living in the harbour allows him to look over all the boats at night, Lord said. It also prevents vandalism


and dangerous activities. “Kids sometimes try and build bonfires underneath the pier,” said Lord, who prior to his role with the district was harbour master in Horseshoe Bay for 30 years. Keeping a spot open for emergency services day and night is an essential part of the ambulance service to Bowen Island, said Brian Biddlecombe, owner of the Howe Sound water taxi Cormorant Marine. The water taxi alone transfers more than 160 cases to first responders at the pier, he said, noting other Howe Sound islands use the pier for the same purpose. When ferries aren’t running for weather or mechanical reasons, the pier becomes a transport hub, Bliddlecombe added. “In the summer people tying up boats and leaving them there is a real problem,” he said. “I think there is a benefit in having someone there.” The district is not looking at replacing Lord, district spokesperson Jessica Delaney said. The possible presence of the auxiliary and an enhanced municipal staff presence could cover the position’s duties, she said. “At this point the assessment has been the services are no longer required,” Delaney said. A report on whether the location is suitable for the auxiliary is expected to be before council in early summer. The response from the local community on the possible new tenants has been very positive, Delaney said. “There has really been significant support for this,” she said. One organization rallying against the move is the Friends of Historical Piers League. So far, 200 people have signed a petition calling for the district to keep Lord until he retires, repair structural safety issues on all the municipality’s piers and create a municipal marine division. The Coast Guard Auxiliary has made its formal application to the district regarding the pier, confirmed Bruce Falkins, who’s in charge of the Coast Guard Auxiliary for both Deep Cove and Howe Sound. However, there are no guarantees it will suit their vessel’s requirements, he noted, adding lot of organizations are interested in the pier. The district will have to weigh what it wants and what it can afford, Falkins said.

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Celebrate Earth Day! COMMUNITY IVY PULL AT LOUTET PARK Saturday, April 30 from 10am - 1pm at Loutet Park Rufus Avenue and East 14th Street Join the City of North Vancouver, Edible Garden Project and the North Shore Mountain Bike Association for a community Ivy Pull in celebration of Earth Day. Meet your neighbours and help clean invasive plants from our park. Tools and light refreshments will be provided - you bring the energy! This is a great opportunity to learn more about the transformation happening at Loutet Farm and the new Loutet Bike Skills Park. Details at

Interested in a Career with the Fire Service? JOIN US FOR AN INFORMATION SESSION AND OPEN HOUSE Saturday, April 30 from 1pm - 3pm District of North Vancouver Fire Training Centre, 900 Denis Avenue The City of North Vancouver and the Districts of North and West Vancouver are hosting a joint Information Session and Open House to promote firefighting as a career. If you are community-minded with a positive attitude, energetic, active and looking for a fulfilling career as a professional Firefighter, please join us to learn more. Online applications for Firefighter positions will be accepted from July 4 to July 27, 2011. Details at

Dogs in City Parks Open House #3, Kings Mill Walk Tuesday, May 3 from 5pm - 7pm John Braithwaite Community Centre 145 West 1st Street This Open House will be focused on potential new dog amenities at Kings Mill Walk, located south of the Northshore Auto Mall at the foot of Fell Avenue. Based on comments received at the first two Open Houses, a revised and expanded off-leash area at Kings Mill Walk has been developed for consideration. Please join us to review the plan and provide feedback. Additional information, including previous Open House materials and summaries of the feedback received to date is available at

Find us on Facebook 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver BC V7M 1H9 | Tel: 604.985.7761 | Fax: 604.985.9417 |

It’s a blunderful life

Thursday, April 28, 2011 7

May 8th is Mother’s Day. Celebrate all that she’s done for you!

Standup comedian Derek Edwards brings his new show — and a ‘dollop of truth gravy’ — to the North Shore’s Centennial Theatre next weekend

u that super She bought yo ess! frilly frilly dr

She let you be - even at the the sheriff dinner table.

When you ran away (to the front yard), she didn’t laugh - not once.

Submitted photo


t’s shortly after 1 p.m. in Toronto and Derek Edwards is riding the crest of a colossal caffeine high. The award-winning comedian and seasoned vet of Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival jokes that he spent the morning at a pub “chugging coffee with a few buddies in ‘the biz,’” which means he’s more than ready for any questions a curious reporter might lob in his direction. “I think I had four cups in an hour and a half,” he says to kick-start a telephone interview with The Outlook. “I’m jittery with anticipation for our chat.” In a little more than a COFFEE week, Edwards will be at WITH North Vancouver’s Centennial Theatre as part of his latest Greg Hoekstra tour, “My Blunderful Life.” ghoekstra@northshore The show, he says, meanders through the ups and downs — especially the downs — of his 20s, 30s, 40s and on. It draws upon his life experiences, from growing up in a small mining town in northern Ontario to moving to Canada’s largest metropolis. “But you know, the two aren’t actually that different. I thought everyone in the big city was going to be aloof, unfriendly, distant and worldly. Not so at all. There’s idiots and rubes just like me,” he quips. “You don’t have to go very far out of Toronto to see all the plaid jackets. Guys who love Pepsi and Export, just like up north.” Over the course of his career Edwards has toured across Canada and the United States. He’s appeared on numerous TV shows, including “Open Mike with Mike Bullard” and “The New Red Green Show” and has been nominated for two Gemini Awards and a Canadian Comedy Award. His success as a stand-up comic, he says, is likely a result of his commitment to stay honest with his audiences. “I find the simplest thing is just to be straightforward. Even if you’re horsing around, there needs to be a nugget of truth to what you’re saying,” he says. In other words, “it’s important to have a good dollop of truth gravy running all over everything, so people know it’s not all made up.” And clearly there’s an appetite for it.

In recent years, Edwards has received a ton of critical acclaim from writers and publications across the country. The Calgary Sun, for example, described his act as “hysterical,” while the Charlottetown Guardian called him the “king of Canadian comedy.” The Toronto Sun asserted that Edwards was, in fact, the “funniest man in Canada.” Not to be outdone, the Winnipeg Free Press called him the “funniest man on the Earth.” “Those are all kind words, and you appreciate when they’re said, but you have to take that with a bag of salt,” says Edwards. “It’s almost like you have one good night and then they decide to use the most outrageous hyperbole to describe your show. But staying humble is easy. All it takes is one bad show, and you’re back down to earth.” The “Blunderful” tour, he says, has been offand-on for a year and a half now. The quirky material is mostly rooted in the “stumbles and happenstance” of everyday life — including current events, tales from the road, and anecdotes about human nature. Another source of inspiration, Edwards says, is wide array of jobs he’s held in his lifetime, from working at the railway to planting trees, waiting tables, cooking, playing in a band, and cleaning up other people’s messes as a janitor. “I think that experience helps give me perspective,” he says. “Many people starting out in comedy have never had a job... They’ve never sat at the lunch table with regular blue-collar fellas that make this country go.” The last time Edwards was in North Vancouver was during his 2009 tour “The Other Shoe Drops.” That show — also at Centennial Theatre — was a “great deal of fun” and he promises this time around will be no different. Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Edwards, the funniest man in the universe. Derek Edwards performs at Centennial Theatre next Friday, May 6. For more info or to purchase tickets visit or call the box office at 604-984-4484.

1821 Marine Drive West Vancouver • 604.922.4171 Free parking onsite • order online:

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8 Thursday, April 28, 2011

Young, wild and... informed? From all-candidates meetings to voter engagement discussions, youth across the North Shore are paying attention to federal politics SEAN KOLENKO S TA F F R E P O RT E R


eycove secondary school student Tom Stackhouse is a sucker for an all-candidates meeting. After all, the 18-year-old says he wants to pursue a career in politics and such gatherings can be a good a road map of the dos and don’ts of community engagement. And, he adds, they’re also great “stereotype breakers.” Today’s youth aren’t always considered the most politically interested group, but when given the chance to listen and ask questions of their local federal hopefuls, Stackhouse believes his generation can surprise even the most zealous Ottawa watchers. “Stuff like this shows we are paying attention and gets us involved in the political process,” Stackhouse told The Outlook. “On television I think there’s less connection. But to listen here you get to know candidates on a more personal basis. And look at all the questions we were asking. It says ‘hey we care.’” To a full gym of Grade 10, 11 and 12 students at the Deep Cove high school on April 21, all five North Van federal candidates — incumbent Conservative Andrew Saxton, Liberal Taleeb Noormohamed, Michael Charrois of the New Democrats, the Greens’ Greg Dowman and independent contender Nick Jones — fielded questions on everything from the environment to the economy to the oft-discussed fighter

jet contracts. for news are likely to vote compared to 29 In true campaign fashion, each canper cent who don’t. Of those between the didate spared no chance reassuring the ages of 25 to 30, nearly 63 per cent who young crowd, of which approximately 15 use the Internet for news vote, compared per cent are able vote in the May 2 electo 37 per cent who don’t. tion, that their party is best equipped to Social media sites, particularly Twitter, handle each of their concerns. have proven important avenues for conDuring the slightly less partisan portion necting to youth voters in this election. of the hour-and-a-half session, each candi- Saxton, a self-proclaimed new Twitterite, date discussed, and agreed believes such electronic on, the importance of galmethods are still in the “[Young voters] infant stages of being able vanizing younger generations to cast a ballot. The influence an electorate, are keen to talk; to North Shore posted greatbut says social media platthey just need to forms are an excellent way er voter turnout numbers than the national avervoters to get a peek at be asked.” for age in 2008 – 63 and 66 the personality of a canper cent turnouts in West Andrew Saxton didate. and North Vancouver “I used Facebook in Conservative candidate the last election, but not respectively compared to 58 per cent across the Twitter. And I believe it’s country. But a drop in something all politicians the Canadian youth vote must embrace, there’s realremains a concern. ly no choice. But to really engage younger In the “Youth Electoral Engagement voters you need to take time and talk to in Canada” report, published in January them,” says Saxton, noting his camp has 2001 by Elections Canada, statistics show hosted hockey and trivia nights at local that voter turnout among new cohorts, pubs to meet interested youth. the group able to vote for the first time, is “They are keen to talk; they just need to slightly over 30 per cent. Historically, that be asked.” number has been twice that. The report In an appearance at West Vancouver’s investigates a range of causes for such a Rockridge secondary school last week, decline, from income to education to a Justin Trudeau, Liberal incumbent for shift in societal values, but the effect the Papineau, Que. and Opposition critic Internet has on voter turnout is striking. for Youth, Citizenship and Immigration, Nearly 46 per cent of Canadians between stressed the need for all young Canadians the ages of 18 to 24 who use the Internet — of voting age or not — to contact their

local MPs and to ask their stance on any issue that may be of concern. Politics, he says, happens regardless of the public’s level of engagement, so if rising tuition costs or the environment are a concern then exercising one’s right to vote is essential. He’s active on Twitter, with 65,168 followers as of press deadline, and has a presence on Facebook but like Saxton, says there is no replacement for face-to-face connection. “As a politician nothing replaces talking and old-fashioned door knocking. I say the same thing on Twitter that I say in person,” Trudeau told The Outlook. “Voting Liberal doesn’t depend on just being a youth alone. Votes depend on good policy and a party’s ability to convey that policy. Not everyone here will vote Liberal but if everyone votes Canada will get the party it deserves.” Rockridge student Luke Rowan agrees. Like Seycove’s Stackhouse, Rowan is a bit of a political junkie. He’s volunteered on campaigns in the past and came to the Trudeau show sporting multiple Liberal party pins. He hopes his classmates have a greater sense of policy and urgency to head out to the polls now that all West Van Sea-to-Sky hopefuls have talked to students. “Freedom really is within the grasp of individuals,” says the Grade 12 student. “I just want us all to be informed.”

Sectionals & Sofabeds


The Th store that h ffriends i d tell ll ffriends i d about b

Celebrating 13 years on the North Shore OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Mon-Sat 9:30-5:30 • Sun 12-5 1405 Pemberton Avenue • NORTH VANCOUVER • 604.988.8271 LANGLEY • COQUITLAM • NANAIMO • VICTORIA

Thursday, April 28, 2011 9


was once asked, “where is the best place to go for fun on the North Shore�? The answer was easy. “The West Van Seniors Centre,� I said without even having to think twice. There’s just something special about this place that always feels good every time you go there. Whether it’s a fancy occasion dance with live music, working out with the Fit Fellas, stopping by the woodworking shop or just dropping in for lunch, this place is always happening. Clearly, it is their people that make all the magic and never was this more true than for the fabulous group of volunteers that give their time and energy to all kinds of activities. Last week, at a special private reception, the centre paid tribute to their volunteers with an afternoon of live music, food, fun and more. Congrats to everyone and keep up the good work.



B Ten year volunteer Bob Clark gets a cuddle from West Van Seniors Centre Community Services dynamo Sheila Landrigan.CAfter 27 years as a volunteer, Sheila Humphries knows how to keep things in harmony, especially when it comes to the choir. DLet’s hear it for the boys in the band. Al Crittenden, left, Henry Meester and Ken Carriere are all talented members of the Dundarave Players. E Angela Terrett, left, volunteers at the coffee bar, while 10 year CAT’S volunteer Tilly Sorenson helps out EYE as a hostess. You can also find Pat Tynan, right, helping out behind Cat Barr the counter at dinner time. F West Vancouver Seniors Centre Volunteer Coordinator John Lait gets a chance to relax briefly and chat with musician Mari McQuaid as everyone enjoys cake and coffee. G They’re a couple of five year helpers. Ralph Townsend and Marion Pearce are among the many who help make it all happen. H With the best smile of the day, and 30 years as a volunteers under his belt, Fred Titcomb continues to be surrounded by beautiful ladies, namely Lillian Bodner, left, Janet Baxter and Eileen Abram.




CAT CALLS To send event information to Cat visit her website or fax 604-903-1001. Follow Cat on Twitter: @catherinebarr



E AL Q D S U N AY O L )$50(560$5.(7


10 Thursday, April 28, 2011

The gift of



North Vancouver’s Delhia Nahanee is about to donate a kidney to her daughter Marissa GREG HOEKSTRA S TA F F R E P O RT E R


Rob Newell photo

plant process and is preparing to receive a new kidney from a live donor — her mother, Delhia. “It’s pretty incredible. She’s given me life twice now,” says Nahanee. “There’s just one more test left to complete, and then it could happen as soon as 30 days after that.” The quick turnaround time, she says, is both exciting and nerve-wracking. An events coordinator by trade, Nahanee says she has always liked to plan out the details of every aspect of her life. After completing an intensive course at the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2007, she landed her dream job with the Four Host Nations, planning parts of the Olympic Torch Relay and Opening Ceremonies. But when she started getting really sick, Nahanee was forced to give up regular working hours, which she says devastated her both emotionally and financially. Since then Nahanee has worked when she can as both a summer events coordinator at Klahowya Village and on contract as a consultant for the Aboriginal Housing Management Association. Running her own business, she says, has been a dream come true, but it also means there’s no safety net when things go awry. “Being self-employed, working on contracts there’s no health benefits,” she says. “There’s not much time for me to plan. In 30 days there’s no way I could come up with enough money to survive.”

A LIFE-CHANGING PROCEDURE A CELEBRATION OF COURAGE With any luck, all that will soon be changing. After a completing a plethora of paperwork and tests, Nahanee is now “99 per cent” through the organ trans-

fundraiser in her honour. The event, called “A Celebration of Courage,” will feature traditional Squamish First Nation singers and dancers, live music, and a silent auction featuring the work of more than a dozen acclaimed artists. For Nahanee, the whole idea of being the recipient of a fundraiser, she says, is a bit uncomfortable. But, she has no choice. “I’m a private person. I didn’t really tell many people, and this is the first time I’ve gone public with it,” she says. “Even now, it’s kind of hard to admit I need help. “I’m used to asking for things on other people’s behalf,” she adds. “But there was nothing I could have done to prevent it. I’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle. I’ve always helped out in the community as best I can... my friend tells me this is their way of giving back.” To date, 290 people have confirmed they will attended for the May 7 event, to be held at the Chief Joe Mathias Centre from 6:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Another 100 have emailed to say they’ll be attending, she adds. “I’m overwhelmed and humbled by all the support. Every day, I try not to cry as I read all their emails and messages.” Because Nahanee will be unable to work for two months after the surgery, all money raised at the event will go toward her living expenses, such as rent, transportation and groceries, while she recovers. The goal is to raise $6,000. For more information search for “Fundraiser for Marissa Nahanee” on Facebook or see the online version of this story at

In order to help Nahanee through this difficult time, friends and family have pulled together to organize a

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s 25-year-old Marissa Nahanee sips from a cold and frothy frappuccino, the corners of her lips curl up to form a smile. “I knew I was coming here today, so I didn’t drink much this morning,” she explains from her sunny window seat in a quiet coffee shop. “I’m only allowed a litre of fluid each day. I have to be very strict.” Such is life for Nahanee, a young North Vancouver resident forced to live on dialysis for nearly a year after being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder. The condition, known as p-ANCA Vasculitis Glomerulonephritis, causes Nahanee’s white blood cells to kill off red blood cells produced by her kidney, resulting in severe kidney failure. Doctors believe Nahanee is one of only three people living in B.C. with the condition. “Basically, my body was attacking itself. It’s kind of ironic that I would have an over-achieving disease, because I’m a bit of an over-achiever myself,” she says with a faint laugh. All joking aside, the condition has forced Nahanee to make some significant life changes. In addition to restricting her intake of fluids, she also has to follow a strict diet that limits things such as potassium, sodium and phosphates. Every time she gets sick, it’s a guaranteed trip to the hospital. A minor cold, she says, could lay her up in a hospital bed for day, or even weeks. Dialysis flushes most of the toxins from her body, but the procedure is no substitute for a functioning kidney. The longer she goes without a round of dialysis, the more fatigued she feels. Most days it’s a struggle just to go outside and play with her nephew. “I feel like I’ve been missing out on the opportunity to be in my 20s,” she says, fighting back tears. “Every day is a constant battle. I ask myself, ‘What can I do today that’s a little normal?’”

Thursday, April 28, 2011 11

Night-time lenses for Day-time Freedom. Vision Shaping Treatment VST™ Process: The safe and successful alternative to conventional contact lens wear, eyeglasses, and laser surgery. Bausch & Lomb VST corrective lenses are worn only overnight. They float on the eye, utilizing tear surface tension to produce a slow and gentle corneal shape alteration. Remove them in the morning and enjoy clear sight all day. At Lynn Valley Optometry we are leading the field in this exciting method of sight correction. We can tell you if you or your child may be a suitable candidate for VST. Call us today to make an appointment. Mention this ad to get a FREE OVERNIGHT TRIAL ($125 value)* * Limited time offer - call us now.

SAFE CROSSINGS - Eye Deal members Blair Baillie, Noreen Hicks and Clare Baillie stand by the Marine Drive crossing at 21st in West Vancouver. Rob Newell photo

Marine Drive crossings unsafe, say vision impaired

Eyewear. Eyec are. Redef ined.

604.987.9191 255-1233 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver

WV aims to balance traffic flow and pedestrian needs, says district

while the hand requires one to stay on the curb — it does not indicate a person should already be across the street. Between 11th and 19th along Marine Drive, REBECCA ALDOUS five of the eight traffic lights have audible pedesS TA F F R E P O RT E R trian signals. The district is adding the beepers as group of vision-impaired West Vancouver it upgrades intersections, Fung said. residents are sounding the alarm on the The municipality has an accessibildistrict’s pedestrian crossity and inclusion policy. ings. Recommendations from the Eye Deal, a four-year-old asso“Our fear is the vision Advisory Committee for ciation with 35 members, is conDisability — such as fitting cerned about the allotted time impaired do not have audible walk signs, creating for pedestrians at the municipalaccessible transit shelters and the time to cross before insuring grades are suitable ity’s crossing, particularly the lights along Marine Drive. for people in wheelchairs to the lights change.” board busses — have been “Our fear is the vision impaired do not have the time to Blair Baillie adopted over the years. cross before the lights change,” Creating intersections that Eye Deal facilitate said Blair Baillie, the associapedestrians’ requiretion’s honorary secretary. ments and traffic follow is Even with his sight, Baillie always juggling act, Fung said. said, he sometimes finds it dif“We have to balance the ficult to make it to the other side needs,” he said. before the flashing hand appears. In addition, not all the crossings have sound indicators to let the blind and vision impaired know when it’s safe to leave the sidewalk, he noted. These factors make vision impaired people Eye Deal aims to spotlight all issues nervous, Baillie said. Often they’ll rely on sighted affecting visually impaired people in pedestrians but it’s not always an option, he said. the district. The association recently “It just seems to me there are a bunch of things we should and could be doing,” Baillie said. extended its membership to include The organization has approached the district all age groups. It organizes everything before with its concerns. This time they’re taking from transportation to outings them to the engineers. downtown to supplying talking books The district’s pedestrian-timed signals are set to members to information sessions. up to allow people one second to cover one to “We are looking for more volunteers,” 1.2 metres. If anything, the time allotment is Baillie said. “There are more things we generous compared to other municipalities, said would like to do.” Raymond Fung, the district’s director of engiTo learn more about Eye Deal, neering and transportation. become a member or volunteer call There is a general misunderstanding regarding 604-922-8933. what each signal means, he said. The walk sign indicates when one can safely leave the sidewalk,


Eye Deal

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12 Thursday, April 28, 2011

Casino hunt could turn to North Van, Squamish Nation focused on seeing that existing site fully developed, with a hotel and theatre. BLACK PRESS While some property owners have suggested they could host a casino in Surrey, Watts noted ancouver city council’s rejection of a licence decisions are up to the BCLC. 1,500-slot machine destination casino Surrey has also already approved a new comdowntown means the spurned developers munity gaming centre in Newton. may soon be placing their bets on other nearby Delta Mayor Lois Jackson said she would cities. “have difficulty” supporting a new casino in her Paragon Gaming president Scott Menke told community. reporters Tuesday he remains committed to “I think we have enough of them to satisfy finding a “permanent destination in the Lower people’s entertainment needs,” she said. Mainland.” New Westminster already That echoed previous comgets a share of gaming revements by B.C. Lottery Corp. “My feeling is that a nue from the Starlight Casino CEO Michael Graydon, who Burnaby hosts the Grand casino development, and said in February a rejection in Villa, which is second only to Vancouver would “certainly” especially one that size, River Rock Casino Resort in prompt a look at sites in other Richmond for profits generMetro Vancouver cities, poten- would not be successful ated. tially as far as Abbotsford. in this city.” A new casino wouldn’t “There could be some make sense for either city, knocking on our door,” said Darrell Mussatto said Burnaby Mayor Derek City of North Vancouver City of North Van Mayor Corrigan. Mayor Darrell Mussatto. “My He said he doubts a new feeling is that a casino develcasino would be proposed opment, especially one that size, would not be outside of Vancouver at anywhere near the scale successful in this city.” as the one now rejected just west of BC Place But he said he would not be surprised if the Stadium. North Shore was considered, noting the BCLC The $500-million proposal was to include 150 has identified its 175,000 population as the larggambling tables and two hotels. est in B.C. not yet served by casino facilities. “It don’t think it’s likely they’re prepared to He said one group has proposed a community make that kind of massive investment outside gaming centre with a modest number of slots and the downtown core,” Corrigan said. “I just don’t bingo, but has so far failed to gain approval. think there’s anywhere else that can sustain that Another possibility is First Nations reserve level of a casino.” land on the North Shore. Tuesday’s defeat in Vancouver comes as a Squamish Nation Chief Gibby Jacob said his relief to Richmond’s council, which feared a office has not been approached about any casino downtown casino on the Canada Line would project and could not predict how one would be suck gamblers away from River Rock and reduce received by his council. the nearly $12-million annual share of revenue Port Moody was also mentioned by Graydon the municipality receives. earlier this year as a potential host city, but Vancouver councillors cited various concerns, mayor Joe Trasolini said then it wouldn’t fly. including problem gambling and money launderMost other cities in Metro Vancouver already ing, as well as expanded gambling being out-ofhave casinos and a new development would step with their vision for a green, livable city. compete against the existing facility, cannibalThe most optimistic estimates pointed to izing the flow of revenue generated for the host Vancouver collecting $14 million and the procity. vincial government taking in $140 million a Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts gave no indication year from the redeveloped casino, which was to of how she would view a major new casino proreplace the much smaller Edgewater Casino. posal, if the rejected proponents try their hand in BCLC estimated Lower Mainland gamblers are Surrey. capable of spending an additional $300 million “We would cross that bridge if and when it a year. ever comes,” she said. Graydon previously said BCLC could also Great Canadian Gaming Corp. already runs look at expanding existing casinos or community the Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino in gaming centres to fully exploit that market if the Cloverdale. Vancouver site was rejected. Watts said it was originally promised to be a destination casino and her council remains JEFF NAGEL

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Hats fit for a royal wedding

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otice Me Hats designer Maegan Warren is throwing a royal wedding celebration in honour of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials tomorrow. Allison Warren, Ingrid Sander, Zoe Lewis and Kelly Frith are among the 50 invited guests attending the event — appropriately being held in the British Properties at St. David’s United Church. The wedding ceremony will be projected on a big screen while guests are treated to a traditional royal tea service. Middleton, who has an affinity for the fascinator headpiece, has inspired the evening’s attire. “There is something about the classic elegance of a fascinator that can transform any commoner into a princess,” says Maegan. Meanwhile, Echo’s Discontinued China and Silver is hosting a royal wedding Tea Party on April 29 from 2 to 4 p.m. There will be prizes, gifts and giveaways. Contact Virginia Duivenvoorden at 604-980-8011 or email for details. The store is at 1433 Londsdale, North Vancouver. Maria Spitale-Leisk story/Rob Newell photo


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14 Thursday, April 28, 2011


Living proof A Lynn Valley elementary school student and librarian know first hand that organ donation works MARIA SPITALE-LEISK CONTRIBUTOR


argaret Benson’s very first Vancouver Sun Run lasted only four steps. She had just received a new pair of lungs and was recuperating in Vancouver General Hospital’s intensive care unit. Several blocks away, tens of thousands of sneaker-clad folk were gathering in the downtown core. Benson was still lying in bed. Alarms were going off all around her. But she couldn’t get up. Not yet. Her physiotherapist was a little overzealous. She stuck a 1999 Sun Run bib on Benson’s IV pole and said “Margaret, here’s your first Sun Run.” “I was attached to everything,” Benson recalls. “I didn’t even know how I was going to get out of bed. And I did four steps. “ Ten days prior, a skilled surgeon had deflated both of Benson’s lungs — which had been destroyed by Cystic Fibrosis — and replaced them with the lungs of someone who had just died. “I was only 98 pounds,” reveals Benson. “[The lungs] were the perfect size. All I know is that the person who donated them was small in stature. Chances are it was a child.” A decade later, Benson is breathing easy and is more active than ever. The Upper Lonsdale resident is the vice-president and BC regional director of the Canadian Transplant Association. Promoting athleticism among organ transplant recipients is a big part of Benson’s role with the CTA. “I think so many people, when they have their transplant, are fearful and not sure what they can do,” she says. “There is life after transplant.” Two weeks ago, Benson led the Gift of Life, Organ Donation Works, Transplant Trot Sun Run team. Benson is also one of the organizers of the National and World Transplant Games. At 51 years old, she is also the world record holder in the 200-metre sprint in her age category. Fellow North Vancouverite Jack Palmer first participated in the World Transplant Games in 2005, in London, Ontario. The Grade 7 student at Lynn Valley Elementary was somewhat of a Canadian celeb-

Overlord. The North Shore Overlord is billing itself as a race unlike any other. It’s “one mountain, 31 trails, 25 teams, six hours and the most mileage wins.” Organizers say the course utilizes some of the most technically demanding trails anywhere. Fromme Mountain is the birthplace of North Shore free riding, boasting steep chutes, rugged natural terrain and whacky man-made obstacles. Fitness and speed are a given. The GPS mountain bike race is different in that there is no finish line. Using flaikTM tracking technology, racers’ progress will be monitored over six hours and riders are free to choose their own adventure. Organizers will provide the GPS/GSM tags for tracking and riders will choose their own trails. Racers must travel in teams of four. The race is Aug. 27, registration is $500. For more visit northshoreoverlord. com.

Nicky Soulsby


Jack Palmer (left) and Margaret Benson are both recipients of organ transplants. The two had met at Canadian Transplant Association events, but were surprised to see each other on the playground of Lynn Valley elementary where Palmer is a student and Benson is the librarian. Submitted photo

rity; and it had nothing to do with the gold, silver and bronze medals he won for long jump, high jump and table tennis that year. Jack first made headlines in 1998 as “Baby Jack”. A picture of a bloated one-week-old baby, with 11 different drips piercing his tiny veins, splashed across the front page of The Province newspaper. The initial week of Jack’s life was blissful for Brent and Jessica Palmer. He was their first child. “At seven days old, Jessica was telling me that Jack was breathing too fast,” recalls Brent. “And I was a macho search and rescue guy saying ‘he’s fine, he’s fine, kids just breathe fast.’” Less than 12 hours later, Jack was the number one priority patient at BC Children’s Hospital. At least eight doctors whisked Jack away from his parents, who didn’t have a clue of what was going on with their precious newborn. All they knew was that Jack was in heart failure. Later it was determined that Jack had been born with a series of congenital heart defects. “[The doctors] were very upfront that there wasn’t any known solution at this time,” Brent remembers. Given Jack’s fragile state, the doctors gave his parents two options: one was palliative care until he passed away; the other required going to California, basically within 24 hours, to wait


ner captain’s cor E ATHLETE





captain’s corner WITH LEN CORBEN



for a new heart. “We took whatever opportunity you can give a child to survive,” Brent says, of their hasty decision to go to California. Jack and Margaret had met multiple times over the years at various CTA events. The schoolyard meeting at Lynn Valley Elementary on the first day of school last September was not scheduled. Jack was a new student and Margaret was already on staff as a librarian. The chance placement took them both by surprise. “This is where they ship all transplant recipients,” says Brent, cracking a smile. On April 19, in conjunction with National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week, Margaret and Jack told their story to approximately 500 kids at Lynn Valley Elementary. “It’s just to say, we’re here because,” says Margaret. “We don’t want children to have to be organ donors, but if anything should happen it’s the greatest gift you can give and that their life will continue on.” Jack nods in agreement. “I just want to try to promote [organ] donation and get more people signed up,” he says. For more information on organ donation visit

Best thing about rugby? “The whole game is high intensity.”

Do you play other sports? “Soccer, mountain biking, cross country. I love to work out. I was on the B.C. mogul ski team but gave it up to be on the provincial rugby team. It was probably the hardest decision I’ve ever made. But if I hadn’t stopped [moguls], I wouldn’t know how much I love it. Now I coach with the Vancouver Freestyle Ski Club.” What did you do over Spring Break? “Our family went to Kenya for almost a month. We visited schools and gave them school supplies and clothing. We camped by the river most of the time so there were hippos making loud noises and rubbing by our tent at night. We saw a lion hunt a baby water buffalo that our guide said was stolen from an alligator. We were four feet away in a vehicle. My dad took about 4,000 photos.” Best advice you’ve been given? “Don’t worry about the things you can’t change. My dad always says it.”

Thursday, April 28, 2011 15

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1685 marine dr., west van 6 0 4 - 9 2 5 - 2 1 1 0 w w w . o p t i x e y e w e a r. c a

Windsor’s longtime coaches include (l-r): Top row: Gary Bergdal, Jim Best, Bill Bowles, Deretta (Smith) Bowles, Nicky Carroll, Steve Garland, Tom Gutteridge, Jim Harrison, Gerry Karvelis. Middle row: Phil Langley, Mark Lefroy, Marlene (Noble) Loader, Steve Martin, Linda Melville, Joe Miller, Eugene Minn, Ernie Oei, Dave Pearce. Bottom row: Jay Prepchuk, Keith Sandercock, Jim Schuman, Sam Scorda, Gordie Simpson, Len Slade and Norm Vipond.

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Windsor celebrates 50 years

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Here are the coaches who put the Dukes on the provincial sports map


f Windsor Secondary had a sports hall of fame, it would be full of some of the North Shore’s longest-serving and most notable high school coaches. So there’s no doubt that when the school hosts its 50th anniversary celebrations May 12-15 (, the names of coaches that put the home of the Dukes on the map sportswise will be remembered fondly. Here are some of the longest-serving coaches (with years coached – not necessarily the same as years teaching at the school – in brackets). Gary Bergdal (1967-2001): Remembered more as a basketball referee for the school, he also coached basketball, volleyball and track. Jim Best (1983-2008): A longtime football and skiing coach, he took soccer teams more recently. Bill Bowles (1966-84): He coached volleyball and softball (yes, that used to be a school sport) but it was with curling he spent the most time, including 1981 when Windsor boys won the B.C. championship. Deretta (Smith) Bowles (1978-87; 1997-2006): Concentrating mostly on basketball and tennis through the years, she met Bill Bowles when they were both coaching at the school and they married in 1982. Nicky Carroll (1986-2009): Gymnastics and volleyball were her specialties. Her gym teams won 18 North Shore titles during her 23 years at Windsor and captured five B.C. championships in her final six years. Greg Galbraith (1981-94): He coached mostly junior boys’ basketball before moving to younger levels of girls’ basketball. Steve Garland (1988-2000): Every year found him on the soccer field coaching senior boys in the fall and senior girls in the spring. Tom Gutteridge (1962-70): During the school’s very early years, he coached basketball and volleyball. Jim Harrison (1968-2000): He coached boys’ basketball, rugby and football initially but is best known for 26 years with senior girls’ basketball, winning coveted B.C. AAA titles in 1989 and 1990 and also earning one AAA and four AA runner-up finishes, all within a 12-year span. He coached at Windsor for 33 years, including one after retiring as a teacher. Gerry Karvelis (1997-2008): Involved with many sports at Windsor, he became the school’s athletics director and then president of the North Shore Secondary Schools’ Athletic Association. Now the NSSSAA’s co-ordinator of athletics, he still


maintains an office at the school. Phil Langley (1981-90; 1992-97: The senior boys’ basketball coach for nine of his 14 years at the school (including a five-year period when sons Paul and Todd starred in the 1980s), he was also involved with golf, his other passion. Mark Lefroy (1973-90): His 17 years of coaching at Windsor included basketball at every boys’ and girls’ age level except senior girls. Marlene (Noble) Loader (1975-present): She’s now coached at Windsor for a remarkable school-record 36 years. She began with track and field (16 years), added volleyball (24 years), switched from track to tennis (10 years) and has taken the badminton team for the past four years. Steve Martin (1989-2002): Taking time out from coaching football, basketball and some tennis, he still teaches at the school and vows to be back on the sidelines when his young family gets older. Linda Melville (1993-2007): The school’s longest-serving community coach, she coached every age division of girls’ basketball and even one bantam boys’ team over a 14-year period. Joe Miller (1970-98): Beginning as the defensive line coach for the Dukes’ first football team in 1970, he left the grid game for soccer and then basketball where he eventually teamed with buddy Jim Harrison for more than 10 years, including three after retiring from the classroom. Eugene Minn (1998-present): He has been a mainstay with the girls’ volleyball program, mostly with the senior team, since arriving at Windsor. Ernie Oei (1973-95): The only one at Windsor to have coached every age division of both boys’ and girls’ basketball, he almost always had his team among the best on the North Shore. Dave Pearce (1984-87; 1998-2006): A football coach during his first years at the school when vice-principal and then as a grid and basketball coach when he returned as principal, he remained coaching Windsor teams for four more years while on leave of absence and in charge of Lucas Centre adult education. Jay Prepchuk (1987-99; 2002-03): At Windsor he coached senior boys’ bas-

ketball, golf and football, the latter during three B.C. AA championship seasons in 1995, 1997 and 1998 (plus as a finalist in 1996) that led to three years at the helm of the UBC Thunderbirds. Jim Reid (1973-76; 1979-88): His Dukes’ coaching resume included almost all age divisions of both boys’ and girls’ volleyball. Keith Sandercock (1963-82): He headed up the golf team for almost 20 years and had the distinction of claiming Windsor’s first B.C. championship in any sport when the provincials were held at Capilano and Seymour golf clubs in 1976. Jim Schuman (2001-present): Continuing with Windsor’s strong football history, his teams were B.C. AA champs in 2001, 2004 and 2005 while also making the provincial final in 2002 and 2009. Sam Scorda (1971-87): As head coach of outstanding wrestling teams (Windsor was the first North Shore school to win the B.C.s in 1979) and track and field teams (North Shore champs in 1973), he also won the heart of Windsor basketball and track coach Helgi Westenberger and they were married in 1974. Gordie Simpson (1965-98): One of the few to have spent his entire teaching career at Windsor, he’s best known as the Dukes’ senior boys’ soccer coach, the sport he took charge of for 18 of his 30+ coaching years. Len Slade (1969-71; 1977-82; 199699): The only one to have coached Windsor teams in three different tours of duty at the school, he was the school’s first head football coach and also headed up basketball and golf teams. Norm Vipond (1982-2002): After moving from Sutherland, he coached years and years of football, cross country, track and field, basketball and rugby with the Dukes. Bob Vosburgh (1974-92): Similar to Ernie Oei with basketball, he’s the only one at Windsor to have coached at all age levels of boys’ and girls’ volleyball. Of course there are others such as Briar Ballou (whose swim team won the provincials in 1989), Ray Bodnaruk, Lui Buffone, Jean Gelwicks, Don Gordon, Alan Pay, Bill Plant and Allison Ross. They weren’t at Windsor as long as those above, but their impact on the sports scene while there was also impressive. NEXT WEEK: Windsor’s all-time great athletes. This is episode 419 from Len Corben’s treasure chest of stories – the great events and the quirky – that bring to life the North Shore’s rich sports history.

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16 Thursday, April 28, 2011

One calm Sourthern Straits Course changed to enhance safety after boat rolls in last year’s race REBECCA ALDOUS S TA F F R E P O RT E R


ast year they had too much wind, this year they had too little. Sixty sailboats set off on Friday in front of the Dundarave Pier in the West Vancouver Yacht Club’s Southern Straits two-day race. This Good Friday saw sailors hunting for wind patches rather than reefing their sails to reduce their speed. “It was certainly a lot different from last year,” said Taylor Abrams, the race’s chairman. In 2010, controversy hit the yacht club’s shore when

some skippers decided to race even though weather reports warned of winds up to 60 knots — 111 kilometres per hour. As a result, the Canadian Coast Guard responded to three calls during the race — on one of which lives were in danger. The boat Incisor flipped 360 degrees, throwing its crew into the water. A nearby sailboat plucked two of its crew from the rough seas and the Canadian Coast Guard hovercraft saved the rest. The yacht club made a lot of changes to the race to enhance safety, Abrams said. The course was altered to incorporate permanent, lit buoys on the roundings rather than planted markers. Crews were required to wear life jackets with harnesses that ensured they won’t pop over the wearer’s head. “We also had 100 people go through the Safety at Sea course,” Abrams said. The lesson teaches sailors skills such as righting life crafts. It is popular in countries such as Australia, yet it is

Thursday, April 28, 2011 17

Fuel dock close to re-opening in Fisherman’s Cove REBECCA ALDOUS S TA F F R E P O RT E R

RACE DAY- Sailors had to put their skills to the test in light winds. These photos were taken by David Ford and proffesional photographer Gary Wildman of www.

is the first time the course has been offered in Vancouver, Abrams said. The light wind didn’t hamper the spirit of the sailors. On Friday evening, seven and a half hours into the race, the West Vancouver boat, The Shadow, reported glassy seas to the Race Committee and wondered if there was any way to get pizza delivered to Halibut Bank. Ten to 15 feet tides and a soft breeze meant sailors had to be aware of the local geography, Abrams said. “There is an advantage to being in home waters,” he said. But that didn’t stop a 70-foot racing yacht from Seattle from claiming line honours in the long course. Despite not getting their pizza, the crew on The Shadow won line honours in the medium course. Incisor, the boat that almost went down in last year’s race, came back strong this year. She took line honours for the short course.

After a three-year absence, this summer boaters may be able to fill their vessels with fuel in Fisherman’s Cove. In 2008, Imperial Oil Ltd. ceased all its marine fueling operations in Western Canada, including the West Bruce Falkins Van dock. At the time, Bruce Falkins, a West Vancouver resident contracted by Imperial to sell gas at the cove, stated he was interested in continuing operations. However, before a fueling dock could be reestablished, West Van and Esso needed to agree on how to deal with possible contamination and liability issues. After extensive negotiations a pact was reached. The oil company was released of its district lease of the waterfront on April 1 of this year, said Bob Sokol, the director of planning, lands and permits. “We are hoping that fuel will again be flowing in Fisherman’s Cove sometime during this summer,” he said. The district is currently working with Falkins to gather the needed building applications for the fueling dock. The dock plans are being draw up by the engineers, Falkins said. “I hope to have them submitted this week,” he said, noting construction of the facility will take approximately 45 days. Falkins is excited at the opportunity to be able to work on the dock again. It’s a great job, he said. “I have really wanted to get back into that business,” Falkins said.


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Real Esta EstateWeekly NORTH SHORE

18 Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Grouse Mountain Day Quilters Guild is hosting a crowd-pleasing show on Saturday,May 7. The show will open at 9:30 a.m. at St. Martin’s Anglican Church, 195 Windsor Rd. East, and close at 5 p.m. More than 100 quilts ranging in sizes from small wallhangings to full-sized bed quilts will hang in the church hall and in the chapel. A guild boutique and merchants mall will feature items for sale, and refreshments are available in the Tea Room. Kathy Alexancer and Tracey Davidson hold up the quilt will be raffled to support the guild’s community quilts program, which donates quilts to Family Services of the North Shore, and the Perinatal Program at Lions Gate Hospital. Admission $5.

% F OF

0 2 LE A S IS





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Rob Newell photo

West Van looks at changing title

From district to city, it’s an emotional subject, says Coun. Michael Lewis

Saturday, May 28, 2011 Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre

Whistler, BC 6:30pm Start $

150 per person

The Whistler Rotary Club Foundation proudly presents a gala evening of fine dining by Four Season’s Resort Whistler, paired with wine tasting and education and a live and silent auction of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, plus premier colllectable wines and art. Auction funds raised support Rotary International’s quest to eradicate polio- Polio Plus.

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hat’s in a name? That’s the question the District of West Vancouver is mulling over as it inches closer to next year’s centennial. At council’s request, the municipality’s 100th anniversary working group will examine whether the district should change its title to city. “It is something that has occurred to me many, many years ago,� Coun. Michael Evison told council when he made the motion last week, adding West Van’s current title is a mouthful.

Although an interesting idea, Coun. Michael Lewis told The Outlook he’s not a fan of it. Residents in the district think of West Van more of a village than a city, he said. For many people it’s an emotional subject matter, he added. “I don’t know if I want to live in the city of West Van,� Lewis said. Under the B.C. Local Government Act, the title district may apply if the municipality’s area is greater than 800 hectares and has an average population density of less than five people per hectare. A municipality can incorporate as a city if its population is greater than 5,000. Canada’s last census, in 2006,

reported West Van had a population of 42,131. West Van’s chief administrative officer Grant McRadu said he doesn’t think there are any provincial or federal financial benefits tagged to the city label, although the municipality will investigate the advantages. If there is any additional grant money or cash in the name, Coun. Shannon Walker said the municipality might as well go for it. “If not we can just stay a district,� she said.


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Thursday, April 28, 2011 19

Oneday day inApril I

t’s that time of year. The mercury pushes into the double digits and spring obsessions emerge from hibernation: for some people, it’s a light sea breeze caressing their face while they meditate in a Lower Lonsdale yoga studio with open picture windows; others crave the friskiness of the wind tousling their hair as their sunroof-equipped SUV navigates the curves on the picturesque Sea to Sky highway. Your garden is beckoning too – with its lush foliage and the soothing trickle of the stone water feature. And it might be time to spring clean your insides: stock up on vitamin supplements that will keep your family healthy and energetic enough to tackle the Grouse Grind this summer. Read on to discover how Jacqueline and Marc spent One Day in April touring the North Shore in a Suzuki Grand Vitara, stopping along the way for some nutrition, gathering gardening ideas and fitness fixes from local retailers.




Popeye’s Supplements owner and natural body builder Marc Duperron reveals his strengths in a short sleeve t-shirt. He quickly downs a Blenz mixed berry power shake - made from real fruit, whey protein and yogurt - before heading out for a run with Jacqueline at Ambleside.


Jacqueline Odehnal, certified personal trainer and owner of Live Fit Studio, exemplifies a lean and toned body. She fuels her body with a Blenz Power Matcha, which contains 30 grams of whey protein powder and a lingering hint of sweetness, while taking in the sights at Horseshoe Bay on this April afternoon. The 2011Grand Vitara JLX from North Van Suzuki makes any day an adventure. Style and comfort are packaged with rugged and sleek body construction. Come on along for a quality ride.

CREATIVE live it + walk it + talk it

Bricks ’n’ Blocks 1371 McKeen Avenue, North Vancouver

Horseshoe Bay Village

Located in the Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier 138 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver

6334 Bay Street > West Vancouver


North Vancouver (at the foot of Pemberton Avenue)


Popeye’s Supplements 661 West 3rd St. North Vancouver 778.338.8007

North Van Suzuki 1695 Marine Drive, North Vancouver


20 Thursday, April 28, 2011

After one breathtaking tour around the third floor of the Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier on Esplanade Avenue, Jacqueline was sold on the studio space and opened Live Fit Studio. With unobstructed views of the Vancouver harbour front and large, retractable picture windows that eliminate the need for artificial air conditioning; the studio makes use of light sea breezes to moderate the temperature inside.

JACQUELINE ODEHNAL owner & certified personal fitness trainer at LIVE FIT STUDIO WHITNEY FYFE in Zumba clothing from LIVE FIT STUDIO

Jacqueline Odehnal leads the hip shaking during a Zumba class at Live Fit Studio.

Spin® and Zumba classes are offered practically every day at Live Fit Studio. There are also three yoga classes a week that compliment the other programs, as well as private fitness instruction.

Whitney Fyfe, top right, models the official Zumba clothing line. Bright colours compliment the Latin flavour of the exercise and adds excitement. Available at Live Fit Studio Tank top, $22; Wonder Cargo Pants - with a baggier fit so you can move with absolute freedom, $56.


ust like Jacqueline, a huge grin will spontaneously appear on your face when you try Zumba at Live Fit Studio. Tired and monotonous fitness routines can lead to a plateau in your workout goals. Enter Zumba: a Latin-inspired exercise class that simulates a vibrant dance party. And oh, the calories that you will burn. A fusion of fiery international music and addicting dance moves is what makes this class so popular with mothers, daughters and couples; basically anyone who likes to move to the Latin beat. Zumba Toning is a new component to this workout craze and includes a specific abdominal toning program taught by Jacqueline herself. For more information visit Live Fit Studio 138 Victory Ship Way, North Van.,







2011 VITARA JX 4WD $

Shake it. Tone it. Rock it. The Latin-inspired dance fitness-party™.

175 0


Bi-Weekly Payments plus tax

Purchase Financing for 72 months

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First Toning Class complimentary when 10 classes bought. 604.566.8228 l Live it. Walk it. Talk it.

Located in the Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier 138 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver

Co py r i g ht © 2010 Zu mba Fitne s s, LLC l Zum ba ® , Zumba Fitness ® , and the Zumba Fitness l ogos are regi s te re d t rade mar ks o f Zu mba Fi t ne s s, LLC

North Van Suzuki

604-983-2088 1695 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

CONSUMERS SHOULD READ THE FOLLOWING: All offers include Delivery & Destination ($1,595 for Grand Vitara models) and a $399 Dealer Administration Fee. Offers exclude PPSA up to $72 (when financing), applicable taxes, license, registration and insurance. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. These offers cannot be combined with any other offers and are subject to change without notice. Dealers may sell for less. See participating dealers for details. *Limited time finance offers available O.A.C. Special bi-weekly purchase finance offers are available on 2011 Grand Vitara JX 4WD automatic transmission Model L2TB5T1 (Selling Price $27,279) for a 72 month term. The bi-weekly 72 month payment interest rates are based on 2011 Grand Vitara JX 4WD @ 0% purchase financing, bi-weekly payments are $175 with $2,100 down payment. Cost of borrowing is $0. Offer valid until April 30, 2011. 1When properly equipped.

Thursday, April 28, 2011 21

Style & comfort in the GRAND VITARA JLX from NORTH VAN SUZUKI

2011 GRAND VITARA JLX offers room to move. from NORTH VAN SUZUKI


ophisticated good looks and rugged utility from North Van Suzuki's 2011 Grand Vitara JLX is the only way to go! Pairing interior comfort & style with rugged body construction, the Vitara offers strength, capability, balance and on-road agility. It all adds up to a total ride quality that keeps going even when pavement turns to trail. With safety features that come standard – the Grand Vitara makes every adventure safe. (And the 3,000lb towing capacity means you can bring the fun stuff along!) Come to North Van Suzuki and see for yourself. North Van Suzuki, 604-983-2088 1695 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

"Old Country Stone" pavers - in taupe - from Creative Bricks 'n' Blocks make a stunning first impression at this West Vancouver residence. Driveway by T-A Stonewall (pavers from Creative Bricks 'n Blocks.

Marc from POPEYE'S loads up the Grand Vitara at CREATIVE BRICKS 'N BLOCKS

Marc from Popeye's Supplements sizes up the job, amidst some of the fiberglass planters at Creative Bricks 'n' Blocks – at least loading is a snap with North Van Suzuki's Grand Vitara. And sitting beside one of the Aquascape waterfalls, Marc ponders… the gnome ($35) or the Buddha ($39)?

Every good run deserves a lemon square! BLENZ AT HORSESHOE BAY a refreshing idea.


mbleside seawalk in West Vancouver – with its sweeping views of the open ocean and majestic Stanley Park – is natural motivation for Jacqueline from Live Fit Studio and Marc from Popeye's Supplements. A java fix and a shared lemon square from Blenz in Horseshoe Bay is the perfect way to cap off a workout and savour the views of the Bay. Blenz Horseshoe Bay, 6334 Bay Street, West Vancouver,


he yard at Creative Bricks 'n' Blocks starts bustling at this time of year. Landscaping enthusiasts pick out the pieces that lock into the jigsaw puzzle that is the master design plan for their outdoor living space. Creative Bricks 'n' Blocks makes it easy to piece together a spectacular, concrete retaining wall yourself, with

their mortarless and interlocking materials. You can bring to life any design scheme - such as European-inspired old world charm - using different sizes and shapes of blocks. Creative Bricks 'n' Blocks is located at 1371 McKeen Ave, North Vancouver,

BLENZ in HORSESHOE BAY The perfect place to stop and revitalize.

22 Thursday, April 28, 2011


erched on the shelves at Creative Bricks 'n' Blocks are gnomes, gargoyles and Buddhas cast out of cement: eccentric accents for the garden. Cascading waterfalls set in natural stonework dot every corner of the yard – offering inspiration and a calming backdrop for customers.


Creative Bricks ‘n’ Blocks 1371 McKeen Ave, North Vancouver


GRAND VITARA from NORTH VAN SUZUKI & a coffee to go from BLENZ Great combo!

Jacqueline from Live Fit Studio sits comfortably with a Blenz coffee to go - knowing that the Suzuki Grand Vitara will carry the load as she is inspired by gardening accents for spring at Creative Bricks 'n' Blocks.

"Crazy legs" frog statue - in brass. $599.98

An Aquascape pondless waterfall kit which includes a pump and liner - is not only beautiful to look at and soothing to hear, it's ideal for keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay. $1,049.

Rust lion fiberglass wall fountain with pump. $39.00

Ponds, pavers, patios

& more!

Introducing the newest

must have item for your outdoor living... Fire Bowls A unique addition to your patio area. Glass reinforced concrete. Two sizes available in gas or propane.




REG $1999





REG $2499

Making plans for your yard and gardens? See the experts at the North Shore’s largest landscape supply store.

Bricks ’n’ Blocks 1371 McKeen Avenue 604.984.3008 North Vancouver (at the foot of Pemberton Avenue) Mon to Fri 7:30am-4:00pm • Sat 8:30am-4:30pm • Closed Sun & Holidays

• Ponds • Pavers • Retaining Walls • Patio Slabs • Fountains • Flagstone • Natural Rock • Garden Statuary • Planters & More!

In Horseshoe Bay Village > 6334 Bay Street >

Thursday, April 28, 2011 23

Just like the cartoon sailor man with the big muscles - Popeye's Supplements owner Marc Duperron builds up the natural way. Jacqueline Odehnal - certified personal trainer and owner of Live Fit Studio peruses the extensive vitamin section and compares Progressive super foods in the aisles of Popeye's Supplements.



opeye's Supplements owner and natural body builder Marc Duperron is the friendliest and most knowledgeable person to ask about supplements of any kind. Popeye's prides itself on being Canada's largest sports nutrition retailer. For certified fitness instructor Jacqueline Odehnal – who works out her muscles every day at her Live Fit Studio and is in tune with her body – vitamin supplements are a natural energy boost. Glucosamine will help her maintain healthy cartilage and bones, and keep her strong enough to master any yoga pose. Popeye’s is a good source for a variety of meal replacement products such as Serious Mass. You can also stock up on cans of Popeye’s signature energy boosting snack: spinach. Be on the look-out for Marc's signature Popeye's truck on the North Shore. Popeye’s Supplements 661 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver,


w w w. p o p e y e s c a n a d a . c o m

Oneday day inMay





t’s coming up soon! Be included in this exciting new feature. Outlook reporter Maria Spitale-Leisk and photographer Rob Newell will once again team up, create a story line for the day, and head out to shoot on location. Participating advertisers have an exclusive opportunity to feature their products in action. Shops and businesses that take part in this monthly feature will complement each other, rather than compete. That means you and your product are exclusive in the section. Space is limited so call us today!




FRIDAY, MAY 6th 6th & SATURDAY, MAY 7th 7th,, 2011 FAT BURNER


60 Caps


800 Grams


in included e b d n a day Call us to y in May

One Da .1013 604.903 PEDAL PUSHERS boots from SOLE MATES

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Popeye’s Supplements 661 West 3rd St. North Vancouver 778.338.8007


24 Thursday, April 28, 2011

At the end Get moving: Certified Zumba instructor Inna Ageeva (left and below left) has quite the reputation around the Live Fit Studio: her passion for Zumba’s Latin flavour is contagious and she developed a following. Live Fit Studio owner Jacqueline Odehnal says her Zumba sidekick, Ageeva, fills the studio on a regular basis. For the Zumba schedule and more, visit Live Fit Studio 604.566.8228 In the Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier 138 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver

Blenz to go: In the springtime, sometimes it’s fun to enjoy your beverage outdoors. Blenz at Horseshoe Bay carries a variety of sleek travel containers, perfect for those early morning ferry rides to the Island. Stainless steel 20 ounce travel container, $18.95. Heart travel mug, BPA-free, $11.95. Hot or cold beverage container made from BPAfree plastic, $15.95. All containers come with a complimentary medium sized drink. Blenz Horseshoe Bay 6334 Bay Street, West Vancouver.

of the day… The best finds, good deals & great ideas to inspire you. It’s all right here on the North Shore. Gargoyles galore: Creative Bricks ‘n’ Blocks carries a bunch of these beastly looking creatures. Pictured is the “Giddian” gargoyle, $119. Plus - large roll-rim fiberglass planters, available in black or rust are 40” long, 16” deep and 16” high. A must have for your spring garden at $149. (reg. $179) Creative Bricks ‘n’ Blocks: 1371 McKeen Ave. North Vancouver.

Greens on the go: Progressive VegeGreens contains over 60 vegetables including rare ocean varieties such as spirulina and chlorella blended together in a powdered formula. One scoop of this super food holds the nutrient equivalent of eight servings of fresh vegetables. $31.99 per 265 gram container. Popeye’s Supplements, 661 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver


Fight Carformity: 2011 Kizashi SX IAWD offers true power of control with a superb chassis that delivers crisp and precise handling. Available at North Van Suzuki, the Kizashi comes fully loaded with what others call options: Fuel-efficient 180-hp 2.4 L engine, Intelligent All Wheel Drive (iAWD), SmartPass™ Keyless Entry, and Rockford Fosgate Premium Audio System are just a few examples. This midsize sedan Fights Carformity on all levels. $199 bi-weekly payments , 0.9% financing.

North Van Suzuki, 604-983-2088 1695 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

CONSUMERS SHOULD READ THE FOLLOWING: All offers include Delivery & Destination ($1,495 for Kizashi) and a $399 Dealer Administration Fee. Offers exclude PPSA up to $72 (when financing), applicable taxes, license, registration and insurance. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. These offers cannot be combined with any other offers and are subject to change without notice. Dealers may sell for less. See participating dealers for details. *Limited time finance offers available O.A.C. Special bi-weekly purchase finance offers are available on 2011 Kizashi SX iAWD Model 6B23V41 (Selling Price $30,189). The bi-weekly 72 month payment interest rates are based on 2011 Kizashi SX iAWD @ 0.9% purchase financing, bi-weekly payments are $199 with $2,200 down payment. Cost of borrowing is $1,630. Offer valid until April 30, 2011. When properly equipped.

Thursday, April 28, 2011 25

their voices West Van youth take to the stage in impressive talent show Victoria Ong, 16, will be performing her orginal song “Surrender.”



Rob Newell photo



ith more than 2,500 votes counted, eight finalists take to Kay Meek’s stage to strum, rock and sing it out. Twenty-five groups vied for a spot in this year’s Amplifier — a talent show highlighting the creative spirit of West Vancouver youth. Those performances were whittled down to 15 after dancing, singing and rocking for a panel of youth judges. The acts were then posted online to pick the top seven, all of whom will perform in the final on Sunday, May 1. “We had over 800 individual voters from China alone, along with voters from across Canada, Australia, Europe and the Middle East,” said Galen Olstead, one of the show’s organizers. West Vancouver’s Youth Advisory Committee has been involved in every stage of the event, which is a part of the district’s Youth TO APRIL 29 • Caught in the Net: The sequel to Run for your Wife is a comedy about a bigamist taxidriver, John Smith, who is living two completely separate lives quite successfully until his children from both families meet on the Internet. Show time is 8 P.M. Thursdays to Saturdays in the Kay Meek Centre. TO MAY 1


Week celebrations. The committee taught herself to play guitar two selected the poster design winners, years ago and recently wrote judged auditions and will be the her first original song called ones backstage mak“Surrender.” ing sure the show Ong still experigoes on. menting with her This year’s line up style. She cruises The finalists is diverse. Teenagers You Tube for Other Brother ages 13 to 18 prominspiration rather Victoria Ong ise everything from than turning on Grace Geng classical Chinese the radio. Online Ilyana Voth guzheng to B-Boy she’s found a lot Howe Sounds breakdancing and of music highlightRay Kadano folk music. ing social issues, The Mouths Sixteen-year-old which she feels is Victoria Ong is an important comTickets for the show cost squeezing in pracponent of music. $15 for adults and $10 tice for the show That’s one reason for youth. To buy them between studying call 604-913-3634 or visit Ong’s playing in her final Grade Amplifier. 12 International “[The money] For more information Baccalaureate exams is going to a on the show visit www. at Mulgrave School. good cause,” she “The show is two said, noting all days before my first funds raised will exam,” she said. go toward the Ong has always Be Real Walk enjoyed listening to music. She — a walk organized by West Van


• Blossoming: Jennifer Lamb and Maryam Vancouver join together for a colourful celebration of floral beauty at the Silk Purse Gallery. Maryam Vancouver’s art is always full of passion with vivid colour and bold compositions. Jennifer Lamb’s deep affinity for flowers is evident in her bright macro photographs. Opening April 19, 6-8 p.m.

GetOut TO MAY 11: • Penhall’s Studio: Smith Foundation and Artists for Kids presents a unique survey exhibition offering a rare glimpse of Ross Penhall’s workplace along with more than 50 photographs,

student Julia Tikhonova to raise awareness of youth and eating disorders. The walk takes place in Ambleside on May 7. Grade 11 Rockridge secondary school student Ilyana Voth is also singing an original song. The 16-year-old has sung at the P.N.E. in front of thousands of people but the thought of hitting the stage in Amplifier gives her more jitters. “It’s because I am doing my piece that I am a lot more nervous,” she said. The event aims to be a platform for youth, Olstead said. The curtain opens at 2 p.m. Each finalist has the chance to win a cash prize, along with other donated packages, such as zip-lining on Grouse Mountain. “We hope everyone involved feels they’ve made a meaningful impact on the world, and have had fun being a part of it,” Olstead said. “That’s really why it is called Amplifier — it’s the idea of taking a voice and making it louder.”

A list of upcoming arts events on the North Shore

drawings, paintings and prints. 810 West 21st Street, North Vancouver. 10-5 daily, 12-4 weekends. www. or 604-903-3798. TO MAY 18 • District Foyer

Gallery: Carl Sean McMahon, 3D recycled steel sculptures. Andy Mons, 2D photography. North Van District Hall, 355 West Queens Road. TO MAY 21 • Sylvia Tait: A

Classical Spirit exhibit at West Vancouver Museum. TO MAY 21 • Artists Sylvia Tait shows her work in shows titled “A Classical Spirit.” West Vancouver Museum at 680 17th St. 604-9257295, Tues. to Sat. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There’s lots happening at the Silk Purse in the coming weeks. On Wednesday, May 4 from 10 a.m. to noon there’s a painting class with artist Michelle Swayne MFA. Space will be limited, and registration will be on a first come first served basis. This is a FREE class. Call Sara at 604-925-7292 to reserve your spot. May 3-15th is “Happiness Reigns”, paintings by Gordon Davis. “I use lots of colour – no clouds or dull greys and my theme is always happiness and joy.“ The opening reception is Tuesday, May 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. and all are welcome.

Waterworks: Landscape paintings thematically linked by the geographical setting of beaches in and around Vancouver. Harwood’s work pushes the compositional elements to the forefront and explores the elements of abstraction while still maintaining the sense of subject. Lynn Valley Main Library.

TO MAY 28 • Jennifer Harwood

4 Amazing Grand Prize Choices BEST PRICE

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26 Thursday, April 28, 2011

What will be left standing when the shaking stops?

Many bridges retrofitted, but Metro Vancouver area remains vulnerable to quake JEFF NAGEL BLACK PRESS


Cleveland Dam, seismically upgraded to current standards in the 1990s, holds back Capilano Reservoir. Rob Newell photo

any bridges, dams and other major infrastructure around the Lower Mainland have undergone seismic upgrades, but questions linger as to exactly how big an earthquake they could withstand and which structures might fail. Public imagination focuses on “the big one” – a magnitude 8 to 9 super-quake centred far offshore and deep beneath the seabed in the Cascadia subduction zone. That would be similar to the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that has devastated Japan and would rock the entire Pacific Northwest. But experts in the field worry more about a much closer and shallower earthquake in the 6.5 to 7.5 range that could strike at any time, rather than the every 500 years typical of Cascadia quakes. Such a quake close to Vancouver might last only 30 seconds rather than minutes but be more intense and cause more damage to buildings and structures in the region, says SFU earth sciences professor John Clague. The impact depends on how far away the epicentre is and how deep it is underground, as well as local soil conditions. A 7.0 quake centred almost on top of Vancouver would be much more destructive than the identical quake 80 or 100 kilometres away. The phenomenon where shaken ground turns to mush could happen not just in the silty lowlands of Richmond and Delta, he said, but anywhere large amounts of fill underlies buildings or structures. Rock slides would almost certainly plug the Sea-to-Sky Highway and possibly the Fraser

Canyon, Clague said. “You’re limited then, particularly if the airport goes, in how you can get relief into the area. “If bridges go, you can end up with parts of the Lower Mainland being isolated from one another without the ability to provide relief except internally with whatever resources you have.” Transportation ministry officials say new bridges and seismic upgrades on other key spans are designed to withstand a 6.5 to 7.0 local earthquake centred on Vancouver or an up to magnitude 8.0 Cascadia megathrust earthquake. Engineers expect them to “dance” but not fall in those types of quakes. The more than $105 million spent on refits in recent years have focused on “lifeline bridges” needed to connect communities and serve designated disaster response routes. So far, the Lions Gate, Ironworkers Memorial, Oak Street, Queensborough bridges and the Massey Tunnel have been retrofitted to the seismic standard. Most local dams up to latest earthquake standard Metro Vancouver has upgraded both its Cleveland Dam and Seymour Falls Dam that hold back the two North Shore reservoirs to a similar seismic standard as the province’s bridges. In a total failure, the Cleveland Dam could release a deluge of water from the Capilano Reservoir towards the Park Royal shopping centre and the north footings of the Lions Gate Bridge in West Vancouver. The failure of the dam at the Seymour Reservoir might threaten downstream homes in the Riverside Drive area of North Vancouver. But Metro Vancouver secu-

rity and emergency planning coordinator Rod Tulett said a catastrophic failure where a dam instantly vanishes is “highly unlikely.” A partial failure would mean a much slower water release and less damage downstream. Tulett said another area of concern is slope stability, citing the potential for mud slides or land slides on the North Shore and lower Sea-to-Sky corridor, particularly if a quake strikes during a late fall rain storm when soils are saturated. B.C. Hydro finished a $65-million seismic upgrade of the Coquitlam Dam in 2008, while Metro finished a $50-million retrofit at Seymour Falls in 2009. Both now meet Canadian Dam Association Guidelines, which require them to withstand a one-in-10,000 year probability quake. “That will survive literally any amount of shaking at that point,” said Stephen Rigbey, B.C. Hydro’s manager of dam safety, adding they would certainly withstand a 7.0 local quake centred on Vancouver. A report released last year by the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction also warned that earthquake-triggered fires have potential to cause more damage than the shaking. Downtown Vancouver is considered particularly vulnerable, because transformers on wooden poles may arc and explode, sparking fires “Vancouver appears to be the only major city in North America that has not relocated its electric transmission underground in the city core,” it said. Disruption of water and sewer lines are also a concern. Metro Vancouver’s Tulett said the experience in Japan – arguably the best prepared nation in the world – should be a wake-up call for residents here.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011 27


Where was I going? M

el, my loyal four-legged friend, and I are home from our daily walk and a routine stop to pick up a coffee in my local village. This morning I ran into two friends who I haven’t seen in a good while. We exchange regular chit chat about kids, work ZOOM and life all while standing on a sunny street corner. ZOOM How we got onto talking Denise Kelly about memory loss I can’t remember but the topic kept us engaged for over 45 minutes. The brain and the effects on memory loss fascinates me and my work with the local Alzheimer Society and volunteering at the UBC Brain Research Centre is my way of gaining knowledge to share with my community and to get people talking. My local contact is Dr. JD, a graduate from UBC, who is passionate about the brain and bridging the gap between medical research and community by working to share and expose related research so we can benefit and take proactive steps now. Chatting today with friends I realized that we are not alone in our quest for knowledge and opportunities to openly talk about our fears as boomers, memory loss being but one of them. One gal jokes she sometimes feels like she might be losing her mind but we reassure her she is not alone! Some 45+ male and females being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s are forced to quit their jobs because of the inability to function independently. Stress impacts our brain and our health and our memory. Listen up, Venus and Mars - this is reality and affects us both. Live your life. Be proactive. Then what is normal memory loss?

When you can’t be there, show her yyou care!

Questions we ask ourselves, “Ok, where are my Gift Certificate Driving Miss Daisytion, this is a great gift glasses? Where was I going? What did I come nomina into this room for?” are apparently common Available in any de occasion. Day or any special ’s er th Mo idea for for aging boomers both male and female. When and ha to live a safe, ppy Help your loved one . you start to wonder what your glasses are used isy Da ss Mi ng ivi ll Dr independent life - ca for then you should speak to your doctor. The conversation on the street corner was lovely and real and we chuckled together as we shared stories and personal challenges of living as a boomer. We were thankful we weren’t alone. Driving Reliable & Many in denial refuse to openly safe senior’s Miss Daisy share their own challenges and accompaniment and can help you! fears as they age but I warmly invite you to transportation service help break down these walls with those you know so that we can move through this exciting journey together with support and Wills, Estates & Trusts compassion for others. Effective planning for the future After our visit on that street corner, If you die with no valid will, your spouse, partner or children may receive less than you wish. Without a I turned to them valid will to indicate your wishes, the court steps in and said, “Ok, now, and your property will be distributed according to where was I going?” provincial laws. I could hear them We assist you to plan your estate, to build and laughing out loud as preserve your wealth, and to ensure your family I walked away. and property are protected. Denise Kelly is Peter Bonny For estates of all sizes, we provide expert advice a North Vancouver Lawyer tailored to your needs. If a loved one has passed Boomer proudly livaway, we can also assist you in administering their ing with her two chilestate or trust. dren, husband and dog Mel. She looks forward to sharing #500 - 221 West Esplanade, LLP stories to motivate Lawyers North Vancouver others. She can be 604.988.5201 reached at denise.


Ratcliff & Company

Helen’s Main Activiy Was The Crosswords

WELLNESS FAIR SATURDAY MAY 14th, 10-3 Join us for a day of Health and Wellness. Variety of exhibitors and prizes. Speakers include: North Shore Stoke Recovery Centre 11:00 AM Canadian Diabetes Association 1:00 PM

To find out more call Churchill House at 604-904-1199 or visit

Now she has other options to weigh Staying active can mean many things. Playing cards with friends may be fun, but for circulation, flexibility and overall good health Helen needs more rigorous activities.

At Chartwell we offer residents a mix of activities from musical presentations to card tournaments, as well as yoga, and exercise classes for those looking for something a little more active.

150 West 29th Street North Vancouver, BC

28 Thursday, April 28, 2011


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ENS g Aid SIEM le Hearin

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We are different. Acoustica Hearing, in partnership with Siemens, one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, has been making and servicing hearing aids for over a decade in the Lower Mainland. Our clinics in West Vancouver, White Rock and Burnaby are unique in that we do everything locally.

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Neptune Terminals vice-president, logisitics, Tony Nardi, right, presents a cheque for $10,000 to Li Boesen, executive director of North Shore Community Resources, for expansion of programs for seniors. Submitted photo

Make your wishes known

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ne of the most important personal choices that one can make is what kind of health care you want to receive. Your


wishes can be followed when you are capable of communicating them to a health-care provider. However, what happens when you are incapable of communicating your wishes? continued, PAGE 29

Restore Your body’s PH balance


Cerra Water creates anti-oxidant, alkaline, super-hydrating water ~ organically.

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111 West 3rd St., North Van. 604.988.5271

Your North Shore

Home Support specialists

Providing homemaker services, home support and nursing care for the seniors in our community for over 30 years.

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Removes chlorine and heavy minerals and adds alkaline minerals. $ 00

Special Care for Special People

1305 St. Georges, North Vancouver

(across from Lions Gate Hospital)

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SENIOR SERVICES AT A GLANCE: DAUGHTER FOR A DAY 778-990-8315 Helping seniors to be independent, healthy and happy in their homes. Companionship, house & home, personal and professional services.

Thursday, April 28, 2011 29

Seniors continued from PAGE 28 Is there someone who knows exactly what health care you would want or not want and could speak for you if you were unable to communicate yourself? No one knows when they may be unable to speak for themselves. Therefore, it is important to decide what kind of future health care you would want or not want while you are still capable of making your own decisions and to discuss these decisions with your friends, family, and health care provider. By doing so, you will help them feel confident that any decisions that they may need to make on your behalf are in accordance with your values, wishes, and beliefs. Many people feel uncomfortable or do not want to talk to their friends and family about future personal and health care decisions. To help you start this conversation and to develop an advance care plan, the Fraser Health Authority has created a useful workbook called “My Voice,” which is now also being used by Providence Health Care and Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH). It is available at “My Voice” asks you to consider what experiences are most important for you to have good quality of life and death and what sustains you or gives your life meaning. Space is provided for you to record your decisions about who can make health care decisions for you if you are incapable; whether you want life support (medical interventions such as the insertion of a feeding tube or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) which may prolong your life or delay your death); and whether you want to receive medications to relieve your pain. It is important to communicate your values, wishes, and beliefs to your friends and family. This involves ongoing discussions about your wishes as they may change over time. When speaking with friends and family about your wishes, it may be helpful to ask them to summarize, in their own words, what you have decided

to ensure there are no misunderstandings. You should also speak with your health care provider about your decisions. A photocopy of the “My Voice” workbook, provided in advance to your friends, family, and health care provider, can serve as a useful reference for the decisions that they may have to make if you are unable to speak for yourself. The “My Voice” workbook is a strong guide for decision-making as your family or health care providers must honour previously expressed wishes communicated either verbally or in writing. Some people may also want to create a Representation Agreement which is a legally binding appointment of a substitute decisionmaker for health care. You should consider a Representation Agreement if you do not have a capable close relative (such as a spouse or child); you have married more than once and your current spouse and/or children have different opinions about your care; or there are philosophical or religious differences within your family. Please note that as of September 1, 2011, there will be legislative changes regarding the types of legal documents that you can make for a time when you are unable to make your own health care decisions. You will be able to record instructions for your future care in a legal document called an Advance Directive. To raise awareness of the importance of reflecting on emergency, end-of-life, and critical health care decisions ahead of time, the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association declared April 12 to be National Advance Care Planning Day. Remember, talking about your wishes for future health care can be challenging; however, discussing and recording your values, wishes, and beliefs will give both you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Eat Together

What to have for dinner today? Pistachio-crusted Pacific salmon with herbed rice. Maybe vegetarian lasagna and Caesar salad. Then seasonal fresh fruit for dessert – or orange crème brûlée. So much choice. Through our exclusive TasteBuds™ program, our residents choose from a variety of wholesome, homemade meals that are served in the comfort of our dining room – and in the company of friends. What’s on your menu today?

Dine at The Summerhill. Phone for your personal tour. 604.980.6525

Kendra Jones is a researcher/writer with Supporting Caregivers Across the Lifespan Project, North Shore Community Resources.

We offer FREE hearing tests... because we care. Call now to book your test! Our commitment is to ensure you experience the clearest sound possible, whether this means using a hearing aid or simply taking steps to protect the good hearing you presently have.

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3 locations to serve you: Lonsdale Medical Clinic, North Vancouver — 604 988 8013 Hollyburn Medical Clinic, West Vancouver — 604 922 6111 4705A Hastings Street, Burnaby — 604 294 3273

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Hearing loss can be helped.

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30 Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Bonfires and song sheets The Swedish Cultural Society rings in spring at Ambleside REBECCA ALDOUS S TA F F R E P O RT E R


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s Nomination 2011

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ou can’t go to a party in Sweden without being handed a song sheet, Steve Lindahl says. “Swedes love to sing,” the North Vancouver resident notes. And the Valborg celebration at Ambleside Park on Saturday, April 30, will be no different. The Swedish tradition is a community gathering that rings in spring. Huge bonfires are lit and songs about the warmer season are sung. “In the Swedish north it gets fairly dark in the winter months. The bonfire basically represents replacing the cold of winter with the warmth of summer,” Lindahl says. Although Lindahl grew up on the North Shore, his heritage trails back to Sweden. He often visits the Nordic country and has lived there. The Saturday night bonfire is free and open to anyone who would like

to take part, Lindahl says. Bring a blanket and roast a hotdog. “It is a nice informal gathering,” he said. Students from the Swedish School will sing some of the traditional spring songs and a poem about spring will be read. The bonfire will be on the beach near the dog park. The family fun gets started at 5 p.m. and will roll on until 10 p.m. Over the years the event has experienced gatherings of up to 80 people. People come from across the Lower Mainland to take part, Lindahl says. He’s hoping for clear skies, but notes a little drizzle won’t scare the Swedes away. “We have been pretty tough the last couple of years,” Lindahl says. For more information on the Valborg celebration call 604-6263999.

The West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Awards of Excellence ence

~ NOMINATION CRITERIA ~ In keeping with the mission statement of the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, the Awards of Excellence in Business are intended to recognize a significant and sustained dedication to promoting, enhancing and facilitating business in our community.

__, 2011.


sion: category for each submis Please check only ONE r __ Business of the Yea of the Year __ Young Entrepreneur of the Year ss ine Bus en Gre st __ Mo r __ Citizen of the Yea ss of the Year __ Home Based Busine

Any resident of the North Shore may nominate a business or person. Businesses may nominate themselves. NOMINATIONS CLOSE ON THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2011 The following criteria will be considered for each of the following awards:

_____________ ________________ ________________ __ _____________ e:_ __ ine __ __ Nom __ of e __ Nam ________________ __ __ __ __ ss:_ ine Name of Bus tion: Business Contact Informa _______________ Address:__________ _________ ___ ________________ ________________ ________ Phone:__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Email:________ _________ ________________ Nominated by: ______ _________ __ __ ________ Phone: __________ __________ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Email: ________ ng the criteria as a a business or person. Usi th Shore may nominate the business / person you of le fi pro f brie a ch Any resident of the Nor sons for nomination. Atta rea . Any previous awards mit sub form ase this ple on , wn ine guidel lude the information sho inc to e level – will be taken into sur al be tion and rna ting inte or are nomina on a provincial, national – ss sine /bu son per received by the ” porting documents). .com under “what’s new consideration (attach sup bsite westvanchamber we our on le ilab ava is NOMINATION FORM Commerce by mail, ver Chamber of rned to the West Vancou Nominations can be retu ed to: ress add be uld sho and , fax or email Nomination Committee

Attention: Awards and al, Suite 401-100 Park Roy 1A2 West Vancouver, BC. V7T om info@westvanchamber.c ail: Em 647 6.6 .92 604 Fax:

604.926.6614 Questions? Please call 1 on Thursday, May 12, 201 from the Nominations close at 5pm by a selection committee

Recipients will be chosen presented at the President’s Dinner be Chamber, and awards will on June 7, 2011. MEDIA SPONSOR






Business must be located in West Vancouver. Must have made a positive impact within their trade or industry. Must have a reputation for providing a superior level of customer service and support the community in some capacity.

As of June 1, 2011, the candidate must be a partner or shareholder of West Vancouver Corporation and must be 40 years old or younger.

The business must be located in West Vancouver and display eco-friendly business practices, have new products or services that are eco-friendly.

Based on an individual’s achievements or contributions to the community of West Vancouver in one or more of the following areas; Community Service, Sport, Arts & Culture, Environment, Business & Economic Development.

The business must be located in a house, condo or apartment in West Vancouver where the proprietor resides.

Celebrate with us at the

2011 President’s Dinner

West Vancouver Yacht Club Tuesday, June 7, 2011 | 6 pm to 11 pm Dinner and Awards Presentation Tickets are $99 each. To reserve please register online at or call

Suite 401-100 Park Royal, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1A2 Tel: 604.926.6614 • Fax: 604.926.6647 •


Real EstateWeekly NORTH SHORE

Thursday, April 28, 2011 31

Serving the North Shore for over 34 years

Open Homes Index page 38 Op // 604.903.1017


Extensively updated and bright 6 bedroom... RIDDLE

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3400 square foot home with Southern City and Northern Mountain views. Features include a large one of a kind updated kitchen with Granite countertops, Stainless steel appliances, heated floors and high vaulted ceilings, a spacious 3 bedroom self contained ground level nanny

suite, pristine hardwood, skylights, new carpets, paint and light fixtures, gas and wood fire places, large flat south facing backyard, heated double garage, parking available for an RV or boat trailer.

609 Croydon Place, North Vancouver

Just Listed $968,000

The Ribalkin Team

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Each VERICO Broker is an independent owner operator


32 Thursday, April 28, 2011


Amir Abadian

Sutton West Coast


Beautifully remodelled from bottom to top that beats a new house in one of the most demanding area, in Delbrook, almost 3000 sqft of high quality which fits 2 families, 2 brand new open kitchens with S/S appliances, new dark H/W floors for the entire house ,new windows with high-end coverings ,new plumbing & wiring, new roof and hot water heating system. Sitting on a newly Land Escaped lot, finally enjoy an out-door swimming pool on newly fenced and private backyard.


The ultimate in luxury. This gorgeous Penthouse is being offered for the first time on the market. The private elevator will lead you into the foyer and into the lap of 3300+ square feet of luxury. You wont believe your eyes as you gaze upon the best view in West Vancouver from every room. Step onto a 1500 square foot veranda to breath in the fresh mountain air. It almost goes without saying that only the best quality finishes and fittings are featured in this home as every upgrade imaginable was ordered.

301-2255 Twin Creek Pl, W.V. $1,348,000 102-2255 Twin Creek Pl, W.V. 101-2255 Twin Creek Pl, W.V.

480 Evergreen Pl., N.V.

Enjoy unobstructed view of ocean, island, and mountain from this specious two bedroom and Family room in Stonecliff next to Cypress Provincial Park, high end finishing, hardwood flooring, granite counters, S/S high end appliances, over sized washer and drying, designer window covering, A/C system. Club house with two guest suites, fitness center, spa, fireside lounge with full kitchen and conference room. Comes with two secured parking stall.


#1001-3335 Cypress Pl, W.V.

SOLD Upper Lonsdale View property , 5 Bedrm plus 3 Bath, over 3000 sqf on the north side of the street, high ceiling with triple garage from the back-lane close to Hwy 1 and all the amenities.

$1,648,000 252 West 26th St., N.V.



$374,000 203-137 E 1st St, North Vancouver Lower Lonsdale’s popular Coronado. This nice, bright 756 sq ft 1 bedroom 1 den condo is not to be missed. The generous sized living and dining rooms feature a gas fireplace and room for real furniture as well as a dining table. The open kitchen offers ample work and storage space and the bedroom will accommodate king sized furniture. A large southeast facing balcony with partial harbour view overlooks a private courtyard. Parking and storage too. The Coronado is a 13 year old Polygon built low-rise in the heart of Lower Lonsdale, with a well equipped gym, amenity room, car wash, bike storage and workshop. This problem free, pet friendly building is a fantastic option in North Van’s most vibrant community.


Chris Westwick 604.349.2148






1500 Judd Road, Brackendale

Own Your Own Hotel Room

Spacious, Bright and Clean 3 Bedroom Townhome in Brackendale - Priced to Sell! THE largest unit in the complex and an end unit to boot! 3 bedroom Townhome in well run Cottonwoods complex. Beautiful fenced yard. Great Brackendale location, close to trails, cafés, schools and all that Squamish has to offer! All in good original condition. Great value and just a short commute to Vancouver or Whistler.

Stress free investment in sought after Coal Harbour. Share in the revenue from the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel, located just steps away from the new Convention Centre, Jack Poole Plaza and the Seawall.. Owners have the option to use the room up to 30 days per year.. They can also use the recreational facilities anytime.. Each room is a strata and individually owned.. A unique opportunity.. Call for more details.

Call Alphonse today!

Karin Morris

Alphonse Quenneville


Kathy Suffel 778.989.5570



The Market in some areas of Greater Vancouver has been exceptional. One of the markets currently below the radar is Squamish. If you are looking for outstanding value and upside potential, now is the time to buy. Call me to find out why Squamish is positioned to outperform in the future.

Kathy Suffel

Karin Morris 604.338.8778

$3,359,000 $1,599,000 $1,399,000



Chris Wong 604.789.1807

Irene Mandzuk 778.836.4648

Bedo Kaviani 604.725.5705

Nora Valdez 604.351.0625

Chloe Kopman 604.833.6932

Alphonse Quenneville 604.328.2554

Stella Chang 604.603.0223


New Listing! Open Sunday 2-4

Thursday, April 28, 2011 33

A Peaceful Oasis in the British Properties Nestled on a street of multi-million dollar properties on 31,000 sqft of lush manicured gardens is this stunning 4 bdrm, 5 bath, craftsman-style rancher. Recent renovations include the gourmet kitchen with a Sub Zero fridge, double convection ovens, gas cook top & gorgeous engineered H/W floors. Floor-to-ceiling glass & French doors open up to an oasis of a swimming pool surrounded by sun-filled exposed aggregate patios in complete privacy. The vaulted ceilings & numerous skylights allow for extensive natural light thru-out this ideal entertainment home. Everything in this exciting new offer is also completely wheelchair accessible.

888 Pyrford Road, WV. Offered at $2,798,000

Spectacular Canyon Point Home! With over 1700 sq ft feet of one level living close to Edgemont Village, this home has it all! The spacious rooms, including two bedrooms and a den, offer plenty of room for your house sized furniture and allow you to downsize with ease. Situated on the top floor, this suite boasts vaulted ceilings and skylights, crown moulding throughout and fabulous wet bar!

#303-3200 Capilano Crescent

Offered at $898,000

Viv Harvey knows that buying or selling a home can be like sailing through rough seas. That's why she uses her business acumen, marketing expertise and extensive area knowledge as a navigational aid for her clients.




This stunning, light-Älled home in Westlynn Terrace provides 3000 square feet of beautifully renovated, modern living space in a unique and extremely private setting. Situated on a 13,000 sq ft lot at the end of a quiet cul de sac, we are sure you’ve not seen anything like this ! A radiant, uncomplicated interior with clean lines, simplicity of form, wood, stone, steel & creative use of Corian greets you and welcomes you as you enter into a space where the outside and inside merge. 3 bedrooms + den, 3 baths, open kitchen, family room in an open concept plus three decks the width of the home from which to enjoy views of your 1/3 acre property as well as Lynn Creek, which whispers in the evening. Double garage, hot water heat, many lighting options – the list goes on! SE exposure, superb outdoor area, and total privacy are yours. Full creek views from most principal rooms; this is reÄned & artful living in a unique & private setting! Come visit us this weekend!

1818 Greenock Place, North Vancouver $1,259,000

604-984-SALE (7253) Prudential Sussex Realty 2996 Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver

34 Thursday, April 28, 2011

DOUG SHWERY 604-607-4907





Prime south facing 60 x 147 property with fabulous ocean views from Stanley Park to Vancouver Island. This property is located in the heart of Ambleside on a quiet, desirable street. This flat, level 8,850 sqŌ lot with lane access is a 2 level bungalow, with 2 bedrooms up and 1 bedroom guest suite below. What an opportunity to build the home of your dreams in one of the nicest places to live in the world! First open house to public is Saturday April 30th & Sunday May 1st. *Property is tenanted so please do not walk on property without being accompanied by LisƟng agent.

#1002-1341 CLYDE AVE

$795,000 1768 INGLEWOOD AVE

Penthouse style living in “CLYDE GARDENS”, Ambleside’s most sought aŌer building. This top floor, 2 bed, 2 full bath unit boasts panoramic views from Mt. Baker to Vancouver Is. Secure underground parking w/addiƟonal available, 2 lockers, no rentals/pets/occupants under 19 yrs. A wonderful opportunity to get into a rarely available penthouse in West Van at this price. Drive by & see how well this first class concrete building is presented & maintained.


English Tudor Estate with approval for detached Carriage House on over one half an acre. This 7 bedroom, 5 full bathroom character home has been completely restored & renovated. Upper level has 4 bedrooms, & 2 full bathrooms. Lower level walkout is completely renovated.

RECENTLY SOLD BY DOUG 505 - 1785 ESQUIMALT AVENUE $284,000 403 - 1785 ESQUIMALT AVENUE $389,000 401 - 460 14TH STREET $635,000 501 - 540 LONSDALE AVENUE $412,000 332 MOYNE DRIVE $1,050,000 N E WN G LISTI



1 2 year 3 year 4 year 5 year

2.10% V 3.19% V 3.45% W 3.60% W 3.74% W 3.74% W


Amazing views from this custom 4 bdrm 4 bath Kelvin Grove home. custom kitchen, granite and stainless, hardwood Åoors, Huge decks for entertaining. Gorgeous master with custom shower, large walk in closet and view deck. Rare lawn and gardens. All with an easy entrance double garage. A must see!

Charming westcoast home with dramatic oceanviews and peaceful forrest setting. 16900 sq ft lot provides incredible privacy! 1666 sq ft, 2 beds(possible 4) 2.5 baths, large decks....walk to the beach, 1/2 hr. to in the city, live the dream.

260 Kelvin Grove Way, Lions Bay $1,489,000

373 Oceanview Rd, Lions Bay $895,000






Panoramic oceanviews from this beautifully 1 bedroom top Åoor suite. Vaulted ceilings, updated 4bed, 3 bath home. hardwood gas Äreplace, custom paint, new carpets. Åoors, new custom kitchen, spa like Just move in and enjoy! ensuite. Bonus mtge helper. V833662 #303-1111 Lynn Valley Rd, North Vancouver $320,000

40 Panorama, Lions Bay $890,000

OPEN SUN 12-1:30


#103-6388 Bay St, West Vancouver $445,000



Lions Bay’s ecclectic beachside neighbourhood. This home exudes the special charms of a westcoast retreat;expansive decks, custom wood windows and detailing,3 bdrms,3 full baths, great room with stone Äreplace, seperate Coach house for guests or private ofÄce, an irreplacable package. Easy to show!

Waterfront at Brunswick, Lions Bay’s ecclectic beach community. A terriÄc weekender now, this spot would be perfect for a future custom build. The current home is meticulous and mechanically updated. The oceanfront privacy will surprise you! The main house offers open plan, 3 bedrms, and amazing views. There is a bonus, separate, 1 bdrm guest loft. New septic in 2009, newer roof, double pane windows, int/ exterior paint, high eff furnace, new garage doors. Come relax and watch the dolphins from your living room, launch your kayak from your lawn, westcoast living at its best!

20 Brunswick Beach, Lions Bay $2,250,000

41 Brunswick Beach Rd, Lions Bay $1,779,000





W W W. T H Y R A M C K I L L I G A N . C O M

Unique,1 bdrm condo at ‘Galleries on the Bay’. 3 years young, quality Änishes, Granite, silstone, s/s, cherry cabinets, porcelain Åoors,soaker tub, huge window areas. Pets and rentals ok.

RE/MAX Masters

OAC lender/broker fees may apply

565 Upper Bayview, Lions Bay $1,055,000

OPEN SAT 12-1:30


Warm , inviting 5, bedroom family home on a large 1/2 acre property with oceanviews. Vaulted ceilings,custom windows, hardwood Åoors, new cedar decks, great yardspace. Easy driveway with tons of parking including double garage.Bonus in-law accomodation too! Located on the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in beautiful Lions Bay...10 mins on the scenic Sea to Sky from West Vancouver. See you at the open house.




Thursday, April 28, 2011 35

Selling Luxury Real Estate

Cell: 604.722.2195 E-Mail:

Enjoy Hotel-Like Amenities.... 1ST O SAT & PEN SU 2-4 N

4117 Mountain Hwy. North Vancouver After a long day at work from this luxurious 6 bedroom spectacular view home. Relax in the hot tub, sauna, theatre (with 100 inch screen) gym or read on one of the four decks that this unique oasis has to offer. With the Bus stop right in front of the door makes it convenient to go shopping, restaurants, library, coffee etc. Don’t like your job, how about a home business that is already set up & has paid the owners monthly mortgage for the past 4 years. Look no further, this home has it all. First showing at Open House Saturday or Sunday 2-4

Asking only $1,250,000 Prudential Sussex Realty 2397 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 1K9

s Helping You is What We Do! s

RogerJung Roger Jung

604.657.0645 OPEN

GARDENER’S DELIGHT! Update and enjoy this 1964 bi-level with oak hardwood Åoors in 3 BIG BR’s up and spacious open plan on main. 3636 Fromme Rd., $742,500. View by Appt.almost anytime! Vera 604-318-0024

The Tradewinds Large 2 bedroom, den and 2 bathrooms conveniently located in the Lower Lonsdale area. Close to absolutely everything, shopping, Theaters, Seabus and John Braithwaite Community Center. Entry to the unit is off the upper walkway overlooking the garden courtyard. This spotless unit is ready for you to move in!


Rent the 2 BR suite up and the 1 BR licensed suite down. Let the tenants pay your mortgage! Large 67x124 lot with enough room for pitch n’ putt in backyard! Fresh and clean! 3648 Fromme Rd. $820,000. Any nuggets in the creek are the buyers! Vera 604-318-0024





#306-108 West Esplanade, N.V. Priced $445,000

Don’t Miss Your Chance! 2 BR 302 - 1327 KEITH $388,000

Beside North Shore Winter Club “Carlton at the Club” Call Heather Kim 778-846-1452 or Vera 604-318-0024

Vera Holman


3307 - 193 AQUARIUS Yaletown, False Creek at your doorstep! $644,900 for 2 BR South and West Facing walls of window. Open by appointment. Call Vera 604-318-0024 or Nora Valdez 604-351-0625

Heather Kim

778-847-1452 Royal LePage Northshore

Renovated family home is in the very desirable PEMBERTON HEIGHTS area located on a quiet beautiful corner lot. It has 3 bedrooms up and 1 bedroom down in an “in-law” suite, the gourmet kitchen is great with granite counters and all top of the line stainless steel appliances including a “steam oven”. Hardwood floors have been refinished, new roof and windows. Conveniently located close to Capilano Elementary School.

Nora Valdez




2318 Philip Ave., N.V. Priced $975,000

Call Roger at 604-657-0645 now to arrange for showings. 206 Lonsdale Avenue | North Vancouver, BC V7M 2G1 | 604-960-1100

36 Thursday, April 28, 2011

Open This Weekend!

Activity #58

fishing. One of many lasting memories at the Cottages.

Over 160 cottages sold | Register now for Phase 3 | Limited release of 26 fully built cottages

a mere 90-minute drive from downtown Vancouver brings you to The Cottages. It feels like a world apart. Steps from peaceful and pristine Cultus Lake, surrounded by breathtaking mountains and lush green forests, with the great outdoors right at your doorstep. But this isn’t your grandfather’s rustic idea of a cottage – these luxurious family cottages are styled your way, with all the features and finishes you could hope for and large private porches and decks providing plenty of space for family and friends to gather and enjoy BC living at its best. And as if that wasn’t enough, the 10,000 sq. ft. clubhouse with pools offering all the amenities of a first-class recreational community.

Single Family Cottages from


limited time offer.

for the first 15 buyers, hst is included. 1.877.888.4950 |

Discovery Centre & 3 Display Cottages Open weekends only starting April 23rd | 1777 Columbia Valley Rd. Lindell Beach, BC Copyright 2011 © | Higherground Project Marketing Inc. Brokerage and Sales by Multiple Reality Ltd. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

there’s more online

Marianne Povey



Lund Bond






Comment online.

Thursday, April 28, 2011 37


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Just Li


Be a part of your community paper.

Just move right in and enjoy an incredibly well built family home at the end of a cul-de-sac with city views backing onto greenbelt and offering great privacy. Upstairs are 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, master with 5 piece ensuite, walk-in closet and nice view. Main has formal living and dining area, large kitchen with adjoining family room leading out to a sundeck overlooking the backyard and forest beyond. Downstairs is storage. A self contained 1 bedroom suite with potential to add approx. 875 sq ft more. This beautiful home features granite counter tops, top of the line appliances, new hardwood and tile flooring, 3 gas fireplaces, double garage, and professionally landscaped lot with fenced backyard and hot tub. Very nice residence!



INDIAN RIVER Charming and lovely with lots of original features in this one owner, RANCHER, on a private, Åat and gorgeous 10,000 square foot lot set against forest and creek in Canyon Heights,/Forest Hills. 3 Full Bedrooms, 1 and 1.5 baths, spacious kitchen, family room, large living and dining room. Great opportunity to renovate into a special family home or re- build. EASY TO VIEW BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Family friendly “Parkside Townhome” with plenty of room for that growing family. Excellent location close to schools, shopping and transportation. This 3 bedroom 3 bathroom has it all. Sunny SW patio off family room, second deck off living room and a private rooftop sundeck. Built-in vacuum, 2 fireplaces, full ensuite off master, walk-in closet, island kitchen with eating area, tons of storage and an attached double garage. Pets O.K., rental restriction but 2 available. New carpet & paint, tile and counters.


Please call Marianne at 604-925-2911. Pictures and more detail at


2554 Westhill Close, West Vancouver


RBC Royal Bank


6 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms Family Home With Views.

Ask an Expert...

O S AT UP E N RD 2 - 4 AY

Trade Show Saturday April 30, 2011 10a.m. – 1p.m. RBC Main Branch 1789 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver

VA N C O U V E R ’ S P R O P E R T I E S


604.649.4215 WWW.TDECOTIIS.COM



Now you can read the North Shore Real Estate Weekly online... Go to and click on the link titled “” then click on “Greater Vancouver”

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This will be a Home Buyers mini-trade show that will answer all the questions you may have when you are buying a home. We will have experts in the following areas on hand to help you: -

Realtors Presale project specialists Home Inspectors Notary/Lawyer

- Accountants - Home Renovator - Home Designer/Stager - RBC Mortgage Specialists

Come and join us for this informative event…

Linda Findlay Mortgage Specialist

Michael Alexander Mortgage Specialist



38 Thursday, April 28, 2011

Opens Open s

Lions Bay


Lynn Valley

★ 1,489,000 260 Kelvin Grove Way .. ................ Sun.2-4 ★ 1,055,000 565 Upper Bayview ........................ Sun.2-4

★ 968,000

★ 1,250,000 4117 Mountain Hwy................ Sat&Sun2-4 ★ 320,000 303-1111 Lynn Valley Road ..... Sat. 12-1:30

609 Croydon Place.......................... Sun.2-4

Pemberton / Pemberton Heights ★ 859,000

Whytecliff / Horseshoe Bay ★ 445,000

103-6388 Bay Street ...........Sat 2-4&Sun12-1:30

1883 Glenaire

..................... Sat&Sun2-4

Westlynn Terrace ★ 1,259,000 1818 Greenock Place ............. Sat&Sun2-4

Upper Lonsdale ★ 1,349,000 4265 St. Pauls Ave .......................... Sat. 2-4

Queensbury / Calverhall ★ 939,000

Westhill ★ 1,430,000 2554 Westhill Close ........................ Sat. 2-4

British Properties ★ 2,798,000 888 Pyrford Road ............................ Sun.2-4

★ 445,000 ★ 379,000 ★ 374,000 ★ 339,000

306-108 W. Esplanade Ave. ... Sat&Sun2-4 109-252 West 2nd St .....Sat&Sun 12:30-2:30 203-137 Esat 1st Street .................. Sat. 2-4 217-332 Lonsdale Ave ........... Sat&Sun 3-5

Notary Public

Northlands ★ 879,000

1172 Strathaven ............................. Sun.2-4

BUY & SELL WITH CONFIDENCE / Over 21 Years Experience

New Price $939,000

Lorraine E. John

701 E. Keith Road, North Vancouver This character home enjoys a fantastic central location with 180 degree views of the water, city and mountains that stretch from the Lions Gate Bridge to beyond Burnaby mountain! With over $200,000 dollars spent on upgrades within the last year, this residence has been restored to her original grandeur. A few of the improvements include a new roof, decking, wiring, soft & hard landscaping, garden irrigation systems, flagstone paver’s, fencing, blinds, appliances and window coverings. You will also enjoy gorgeous hardwood flooring and leaded glass windows. There is also a basement that is above ground with walk out access.


t: 604.985.4150 f: 604.985.4145 • Real Estate Conveyancing • Mortgages • Notarization of Documents • Last Will and Testaments

701 East Keith Road........................ Sun.2-4

Lower Lonsdale

• Representation Agreements • Power of Attorney Documents • Affidavits and Statutory Declarations • All other Notarial Services


Sincere, Prompt and Knowledgeable Service • 15 years experience as conveyancer for various law firms throughout BC. • Received outstanding achievement awards during successful 10-year career as a Realtor. • Received award from UBC for top mark in conveyancing section of Notary exams.

#204-1401 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C. V7M 2H9

Now you can read the North Shore Real Estate Weekly online...

#301-2200 Chippendale Road, West Vancouver

Leslie Miletich 604.644.6467

Go to and click on the link titled

Keep track of your neighborhood home sales at

“” then click on “Greater Vancouver”

Strategically located beside a greenbelt this South facing residence enjoys ultimate privacy and numerous upgrades from it’s original purchase. There is direct suite access from your suite along with two parking and one storage locker. There is one large patio for entertaining and two additional balconies off the Living room and Master bedroom for additional outdoor enjoyment. Some further features include in-suite air conditioning, floor to ceiling windows, limestone bathrooms, hardwood floors and laundry room.


#101-2235 Twin Creek Place, West Vancouver The Properties is a world class community strategically positioned to take advantage of unobstructed ocean views overlooking Vancouver’s Inner Harbor. This luxurious concrete residence enjoys 2 bedrooms & den and makes great use of it’s open plan with over height coffered ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, gourmet kitchen and state-of-the-art appliances. There is a generous use of granite, marble and limestone throughout along with central air conditioning, security system, gas fireplace and your own private 2 car garage.

View every edition at your leisure ~ at home or away.


We offer Broker competitive rates... Call us to find out more! Linda Findlay

Michael Alexander M

Kelly Brommeland K

Mortgage Specialist

Mortgage Specialist M

Mortgage Specialist M


604-961-6457 6

604-551-7706 6 m


RBC Royal Bank

All personal lending products and residential mortgages are offered by Royal Bank of Canada and are subject to its standard lending criteria. ®Registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. Rates effective March 16, 2011. † Interest Rate compounded half-yearly, not in advance. Rate subject to change without notice.


only a privileged few will own this last waterfront masterpiece

Unrivalled exclusivity, striking the highest note in luxury. Stunningly sculptural in form, bedecked in glass and granite, Three Harbour Green crowns the Harbour Green phenomenon. GRAND HOUSE  SIZE RESIDENCES from $5 MILLION





56 so Ho far m thi es S s y old ea r!

40 Thursday, April 28, 2011

“We bought a 2-bedroom home at District Crossing.” Pam, Kevin & Daugther Maddie

District Crossing. Buy the numbers. When you come in to view District Crossing, you will see real display homes in the actual building. They’re not mock-ups in a sales centre with artificial views. What you see is literally what you will get, and with construction well along, you won’t have to wait for years to move into your new home. And now, owning at home at District Crossing is even easier with only a 5% deposit due at signing and an additional 5% due two months later. Shop and compare. Our purchasers did and they came back to buy at District Crossing. Unbeatable prices and quality. Below is an example of just how easy and affordable it can be to buy a new home and move in this year.

Sample 1 Suite 203 - 1679

1 Bedroom

Payments from

Square feet






including net HST Based on 25% down payment, 3.5% interest rate and 30 year amortization.

Prices and rates are correct at time of press and subject to change without notice. E.&O.E Presentation Centre: 802-1150 Marine Drive, North Vancouver Open noon - 5pm daily except Fridays


Thursday, April 28, 2011 41


Your Community. Your Classifieds.




fax 604.575.2073 email distribution 604.903.1011







OWN YOUR OWN CLEANING BUSINESS Janitorial Franchise Location Vancouver $7,400.00gross/mo

7 days per wk / 10pm – 5am INVESTMENT REQUIRED Call Randy 604-327-1123


INFORMATION Desperately seeking

WHUNDAS!!! Did you graduate from Westsyde Secondary School in Kamloops, BC in 1991? If so, we are looking for you! Please contact Beverly at: so we can invite you to the 20 year reunion in July 2011. WE’RE ON THE WEB



DATING SERVICE. LongTerm/Short-Term Relationships, CALL NOW. 1-877-297-9883. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live adult casual conversations-1on1, 1866-311-9640, Meet on chat-lines. Local Single Ladies.1-877-8045381. (18+).



CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE No Risk Program. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Free Consultation. Call Us Now. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248 SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE FOR CASH!!! Our Guaranteed Services will Sell/ Rent Your Unused Timeshare for CASH! Over $95 Million Dollars offered in 2010! (800)6406886



SUNNY Spring Specials. At Florida’s Best Beach-New Smyrna Beach. Stay a week or longer. Plan a beach wedding or family reunion. or 1-800-541-9621.

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SWICK MINING SERVICES provides exceptional underground diamond drilling services to clients across Australia and North America. Swick Mining Services is a market leader in the development of innovative rig designs and drilling practices that deliver improved productivity, value, safety and versatility. With contracts in Alaska, Nevada, Nunavut and the Yukon, we are seeking experienced individuals for the following positions: o Underground Diamond Driller Supervisors o Underground Diamond Drillers Swick offers a competitive salary, bonus, benefits package and the opportunity for career growth for the right individuals. Please express interest in the above mentioned positions by forwarding your resume to: Karen Whall Human Resource/Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator Fax: 1-705-522-1878

We are Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) the aluminum product group of Rio Tinto (RT) - a leading international mining group ( and the global leader in the aluminum industry. We supply high quality bauxite, alumina and aluminum worldwide and our AP smelting technology is the industry benchmark. To sustain this enviable market position, we count on the driving force of our 24,000 employees in 27 countries, all sharing our passion for excellence in product innovation, global practices and standards and cutting-edge technology. In particular, our commitment to excellence in managing Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) responsibilities is the hallmark of our activities. Our ultimate goal is ZERO - zero injuries, zero occupational illnesses, and zero environmental harm. Located in the Kitimat region of British Columbia, the Kitimat, Kemano and Watershed operations are part of Rio Tinto Alcan Primary Metal North America. Over the next four years, the Kitimat Smelter will convert from 1950s reduction technology to the most advanced version of AP40 technology. This new smelter will have a maximum aluminum production capacity of 420 000 tonnes per year, primarily supplying the Asian markets.


Drivers Wanted: Terrific career opportunity outstanding growth potential to learn how to locate rail defects. No Experience Needed!! Extensive paid travel, meal allowance, 4 weeks vacation & benefits pkg. Skills Needed - Ability to travel 3 months at a time Valid License High School Diploma or GED. Apply at under careers, keyword Driver. DO NOT FILL IN CITY OR STATE

Candidate must have: Bachelor of Engineering Degree 8-10 years of experience Reliability EngineerMaintenance-KIT0000U Reporting to the Maintenance Manager, the Reliability Engineer evaluates, analyses, develops and counsels in one or more fields of expertise related to engineering, methods and means to improve efficiency and output of equipment or existing infrastructures, as required by laws and regulations governing this discipline, or sector of activities, in accordance with Rio Tinto Alcan policies related to health, safety, environment. Candidate must have: Bachelor of Engineering Degree 6-7 years of experience. Both positions seek candidates that demonstrate safety in the workplace as a number one priority, and strong computer skills - Excel, Word, CAD. Candidates must be knowledgeable in the utilization of a variety of software packages. Previous industrial experience is an asset. We offer an attractive remuneration package, a range of Rio Tinto benefits, as well as the sought after opportunity to develop and expand your knowledge and experience with a world leader in the industry. Northern residency and experience working in a cross-cultural environment, coupled with knowledge of the unique challenges and opportunities presented to those living in the North, are assets. To apply, please submit an on-line application (resume) directly at our website: before Friday, May 6th, 2011. Rio Tinto Alcan would like to thank all applicants, however only those short listed will be contacted.




A well-established Highway, Heavy Civil and Mining Construction Contractor in Southern BC is seeking an experienced Civil Construction Superintendent for a fulltime, year-round position. You must be a highly motivated, self-starting individual. Responsibilities to include: • The planning and schedul-

• •

ing of day to day construction operations including personnel and equipment delegation. Demonstrate and develop a positive relationship with all staff, owners and subcontractors. Knowledge of all aspects of WCB and Ministry of Mines Regulations. Ensure all safety values are met or exceeded.





✓ Do you Own a Car? ✓ Borrow up to $20000.00 ✓ No Credit Checks! ✓ Cash same day, local office




DGS CANADA 2 DAY FORKLIFT WEEKEND COURSE Every Saturday at 8:30am #215, 19358-96 Ave. Surrey NO reservations: 604-888-3008 Ask about our other Courses... *Stand up Reach *Fall Protection *Aerial Lift *RoughTerrain Forklift *Bobcat *WHMIS & much more. “Preferred by Employers



- Hardwood Floor Specialist -Installation, Sanding, Refinishing Express your unique and individual style with a custom stain. Dust free sanding. 778-995-Wood (9663). View our picture gallery at





ACCOUNTING & PAYROLL Trainees Needed now! Large & Small Firms Seeking Certified A&P Staff Now. No Experience? Need Training? Career Training & Job Placement Available. 1-888-424-9417 DLVRY/CRANE OPERATOR FOR TMBRMART YD IN BURNS LK CLN ABSTRACT PHYSICALLY FIT SERVICE ORIENT MECHANICALLY INCLINED. FAX 604-794-5893 FLAGGERS NEEDED If not certified, training available for a fee. Call 604-575-3944 MEDICAL OFFICE Trainees Needed! Hospitals & Dr’s Need Medical Office & Medical Admin staff! No Experience? Need Training? Local Career Training & Job Placement also Available! 1-888-778-0459 PARK PLACE DAYCARE in North Vancouver, BC is looking for fulltime permanent licensed Early Childhood Educator. $15/hr 40hr/wk Ability to speak Korean asset. Plan and develop child care and nursery school programs, Provide supervision and guidance of daily activities, Assess the developmental level of children, Prepare progress reports and discuss with parents and other staff members, Assist in maintaining records of children, Light cleaning duties. Email resumes to:

142 OFFICE SUPPORT/CLERKS ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT. Our firm seeks an administrative assistant. Please send resume to:


REQUIRED: TJ HD Mechanics for Southern Interior Road Maintenance Company’s Lillooet location. Fax resume to (250)374-4114 or email For further information visit


RENOVATIONS? I do bthrms, kitchens, floor re-finishing, windows, metal roofing, patio covers. Refs. 30 yrs exp. Call Hugh (778)989-5933





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182 THE LEMARE Group is currently seeking a full time highway low bed driver. Fax resume to 250-956-4888 or email: WINTER HARBOUR, BC. Master Mechanic logging. Full time. 10 years experience minimum. Welding, excellent diagnostics, physically fit, all logging equipment. References required. Fax or email your resume to 250-969-4222 or


CONCRETE FINISHERS. Edmonton-based company seeks experienced concrete finishers for work in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. Subsistence and accommodations provided for out of town work; Cell 780-660-8130. Fax 780-444-7103.



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160 114


Rio Tinto Alcan is seeking qualified candidates that are team players with proven leadership and ability to drive results to fill the following roles: Mechanical Engineer KIT0000T Reporting to the Maintenance Manager, the Maintenance Mechanical Engineer coordinates, supervises and/or manages projects or activities requiring great technical expertise in areas relatively homogeneous in engineering. The Maintenance Mechanical Engineer has to ensure that process parameters, such as efficiency, operating methods, consumption, etc., are respected; develops methods, modifies the equipment, improves operational parameters, etc.




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New Westminster


42 Thursday, April 28, 2011 HOME/BUSINESS SERVICES 287




AFFORDABLE MOVING Local & Long Distance


From 1, 3, 5, 7,10 Ton Trucks Insured ~ Licenced ~ 1 to 3 Men Free estimate/Seniors discount Residential~Commercial~Pianos

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3 rooms for $269, 2 coats



The Scrapper


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1980 CHEV crane truck, 8 ton lift, $7000 obo. Call Doug @ 604-7500194 2001 DODGE 1500, ext. cab, black, w/box liner 4X4 318 V8 fuel injected trailer hitch, elec trailer brake. Aircared. $12,750.obo. 1 owner, well maintained. Purchased new at Abby Chrysler. Joe 604-309-7302



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Homelife Benchmark Realty Corp. Langley

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We do Comp. Landscaping

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Lakeshore living At it’s Best!


101 ft frontage by 88 ft. Fabulous 180 - degree water view with tons of outdoor living space.


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4 bdrm South Facing Waterfront Vacation Home On Shuswap Lake!

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Scrap Cars & Trucks

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COPPER CREEK VALLEY RANCH & ACREAGE FOR SALE BY TENDER PARCEL #1: W 1/2 of NE 1/4 SEC 36, TP 21, PID# 007-047-312, Lot 1 Plan KAP68234, PID# 024931-161 407 Acres Home Ranch - Shop c/w Suite, Mobile Home, Barns etc. Hayland, 360 GPM well, 900 AUM range permit PARCEL #2: SW 1/4 NE 1/4 SEC 1, TP22, PID# 007-047-355 160 Acres Partial Hayland - 140 GPM well PARCEL #3: NW 1/4 SEC 1, TP 22, PID# 002-373-874 160 Acres Partial Hayland PARCEL #4 LOT 1 PL KAP52752, 018-850-979 103 Acres Hayland PARCEL #5: SE 2/4 SEC 11, TP22, ExC. SW 1/4 LS2, PID# 002-373-815 80 GPM Well 160 Acres PARCEL #6 SW 1/4 OF LS10, SEC11, TP22, 002-373-831 10 Acres Hydro & Telephone to all properties All offers to be submitted to Royal LePage Kamloops on or before June 1, 2011 Deposit cheque for 5% of offer - Payable to Royal LePage Kamloops - In Trust - Balance of funds must be paid in full by June 15, 2011 Offers accepted on any or all parcels Highest or any offer not necessarily accepted Persons submitting offers must rely on their own research, inspection of land and improvements as to condition and # of acres. No offers will be considered which are subject to financing. ALL OFFERS TO BE OPENED AT 10:00 AM SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 2011. Please forward bids and inquires to:

Wayne Gardner


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Day of sale is May 12th , 2011.


5052 Squilax Anglemont Rd. Celista, BC. Only $729,000

ACKER’S Rubbish Removal pick-up & deliveries. Quick. 7 days. Fast/reliable. Spencer, 604-924-1511

WAREHOUSEMAN’S LIEN By virtue of a Warehouseman’s Lien on behalf of PAYLESS AUTO TOWING, we will dispose of the following vehicles to recover towing and storage owing plus any additional costs of storage, seizure and sale:

Autos • Trucks • Equipment Removal FREE TOWING 7 days/wk. We pay Up To $500 CA$H Rick Goodchild 604.551.9022

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Thursday, April 28, 2011 43

Here in B.C. we often take our tap water for granted, but it is a finite resource that we should value and protect.

Water at a glance

We need to value our drinking water industry and agriculture, and the effects of climate change all place enormous pressure on our water supply.” Drinking Water Week, May 1st - 7th, is dedicated to creating awareness of the value of our water, our water systems, and the people who make it accessible and safe for us to drink. Many communities throughout B.C. are holding events to celebrate Drinking Water Week, including hosting tours of their local reservoirs and treatment plants, and we encourage you to take the time to visit them. Check your local newspaper to find out about events in your community, or visit www.drinkingwaterweek. org for activities and educational resources provided by the BC Water & Waste Association.

Get to know your H20

Tips for conserving water:


Q Take shorter showers Q Check your toilets and faucets for leaks Q Turn-off the water while brushing your teeth Q Purchase water-efficient appliances

BC Water & Waste Association and others who keep your water safe and clean, ask you to value our water and celebrate Drinking Water Week 2011. Visit:

Q Wash your car with a bucket instead of a hose Q Install low-flow toilets that use less water Q Use rain barrels

True and False: Test your water knowledge by trying our quiz. 1. British Columbians use less water each day compared to other Canadians. 2. Most indoor water use occurs in the bathroom. 3. It does not matter what we put down our drains, as all of our wastewater gets treated in B.C.

Q Install low-flow shower heads

T__ F__ T__ F__ T__ F__

Q Avoid watering your lawn in the summer

ANSWERS: 1; F. British Columbia residents use an average of 490 litres of water per day compared to the national average of 329 litres. 2; T. We use 65% of our water in the bathroom, 20% for laundry, 10% for drinking and kitchen needs, and 5% for cleaning. 3; F. While it is true that most wastewater in B.C. is treated before it is returned to its source, we should be careful not to put harmful substances down our drains or in our gardens. These substances can harm fish and other aquatic creatures (check with your municipality to find out how to properly dispose of harsh chemicals).

When you turn on your tap and clean, safe water comes out,do you ever stop to think: how does it get there? Who brings it you? Where does it end up when you’re finished with it? BC Water & Waste Association and the Province of British Columbia have officially proclaimed Drinking Water Week May 1st to 7th, 2011. We invite you to celebrate this exciting week by “getting to know your H2O” – including where it comes from, where it goes, and how you can protect and conserve it. Here in B.C., where we have an abundance of natural resources, we often take our tap water for granted. However, there is no such thing as ‘new water’ – the water that we use continually cycles through the environment, and is reused again and again. British Columbians personally use an average of 490 litres of water per day compared to the Canadian average of 329 litres per day. That is about double what Europeans use! Although it may not be apparent to all of us, the costs and energy required to deliver water to our taps, treat it to be safe and clean, and safeguard the environment by managing wastewater, add up to billions of dollars every year in Canada. Daisy Foster, CEO of the 4,400-member BC Water & Waste Association notes, “Increases in our population, the growth of

Q 25% of Canadians have no idea where the water that flows out of their taps comes from. Q Canadians use an average of 329 litres of water per day - twice the amount used by Europeans. However, the average Canadian thinks they use only 79 litres per day. Q Canadians admit to knowingly engaging in water wasting activities such as leaving the tap running while washing dishes (44%) and hosing down their driveways (19%). Q Canadians are more concerned with saving electricity than water: 29% of Canadians don’t know what they pay for their water, but only 10% don’t know what they pay for their electricity bill.

Find us on Facebook at and enter to

For more activities and resources visit

WIN a prize in our online contest!


VOTE NOW! Vo t i n g h a s s t a r t e d - v i s i t w w w. n o r t h s h o r e o u t l o o k . c o m

44 Thursday, April 28, 2011



MOVE IN NOW At the Atrium, enjoy all the benefits of a brand-new, air-conditioned home PLUS adjoining Pinnacle Hotel amenities: 80-foot pool, fitness centre and hotel concierge services. With waterfront views and Lonsdale Quay nearby, Atrium at The Pier is the place to be.






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