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Refrigerator Repair Services

Welcome to Northshore Appliance Services

100% customer satisfaction. We will meet or exceed your expectation. We guarantee our work for 90 days and we stand behind it 100%. We use OEM parts that are covered by the manufacturer's warranty We only use certified trained technicians. We only charge $50 for a service call. A/C calls $75 We stock replacement parts and even carry some in our vehicles. Direct contact to our technicians. Shorter turn-around. We accept major credit cards. We do not start work until customer approves the repairs.

Home Appliance Repair Services Experts Northshore Appliance Services provides factory trained and authorized services including refrigerators repair, freezers repair, heating and cooling systems repair, washer repair , dryers repair, dishwashers repair, microwaves repair, stoves repair, ovens repair, cooktops repair and ranges. If you have a home warranty, manufacturer’s warranty, purchased an extended warranty or no warranty at all, contact us for your appliance repair needs. In addition to a full range of repair services, we also provides the following services on your appliance:

Refrigerator Repair Cleaning of the condenser Cleaning the drain line Cleaning the trip pan Manually defrosting ice build ups Replacing air damper seals Adjustment or replacement of door or door gaskets

Washer Repair Upgrading rubber hose to stainless steel Cleaning the pump Lubricating the motor

Dryer Repair Removal of build ups of lint Lubrication of motor Replacement of vent line

Dishwasher Repair Cleaning the pump screen Cleaning the spray arms Replacing water valve screens

Oven Repair Calibrating temperature Cleaning inner door glass Cleaning of the burners

Cooktop Repair Lubrication valves Cleaning of the burners Adjustment of switches and wiring

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Refrigerator repair services