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Sugar shack cuisine awakens traditions A&W CHARITY

The sugar season (temps des sucres) is one of the oldest of Francophone culinary traditions. During springtime, many people head to sugar shacks (cabanes à sucre) for a traditional meal. Above, tire sur la neige (snow toffee) is prepared by Sylvie Reid and Line Dijkstra for those with a sweet tooth.

The time has sprung for a sweet activity that has remained an annual family-related celebration of Spring. Situated 16.5 km north-west of Kamloops, the main building at McQueen Lake Education Centre offers all the traditional character of a colonial log cabin in a natural setting. So it is here, on Saturday, March 9, that the Kamloops Francophone Association will soothe urgent maple cravings. They will host Cabane à sucre 2013 in the traditional style of Francophones of Quebec and into the provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick. "Cabane à sucre and other great Canadian traditions have been celebrated annually in this region for over 30 years," remarks Margo Mercier, executive director of the Kamloops Francophone Association. "Bring your 'joie de vivre' and your taste buds!" Translated from French, as the name implies, Cabane à sucre is a sugar shack. Historically, when maple sap flowed during early spring, it was collected from the trees and boiled into maple syrup at craft cabins on properties where settler families pioneered. Many things are on the menu this year for Cabane à sucre at McQueen Lake including fresh air, competitions and special activities for children and celebrating French culture in Kamloops. Sugaring off is a rite-of-passage at

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this annual event. A warm and chatty atmosphere is promised when you queue up outdoors for what is perhaps Thursday, MayDelight 19 the best known activity. your taste buds with a special treat, la tire, (maple toffee) made in front of your eyes on snow! (Freshly transported.) This pièce de résistance on a stick will be offered for $2. open for business 250.376.2411 The celebration continues with a delicious, traditional supper open to everyone. Hearty dishes include eggs, sausage, ham, pancakes, beans and roasted potatoes complemented by liberal amounts of pure maple syrup. Did your ears perk up at the mention of more gooey, golden syrup? The smell alone of all the food will likely make this meal one of your cultural favourites for years to come. Pair this feast with a favourite beverage and prepare for an atmosphere of Francophone festivity. You may knock elbows with someone you like. Smile and say, "Salut!" This fun-filled afternoon makes for a wonderful family outing and a memorable culinary experience. Bravo for originality! Activities will start at 2:00pm. La tire from 3:00 to 4:00pm. Supper will be served at 5:00pm. Seats are limited for the supper. Tickets are available at the Association office at 348 Fortune Drive. Call 250-3766060 or visit to learn more. Jody Tippett

Liz and Frank never missed a beat… Now they’re ready for the next step.

628 Tranquille Rd. Kamloops, BC

Call 250-376-5363

Visit us online at

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Alcohol may Anotbartender is solve your just a pharmacist problems, but with a limited neither will water inventory. or milk.





VS GAME: APRIL 20, 2013

with purchase of 15 or 24 PACK CANS of Draw Date: April 1, 2013





$2.00 OFF


$3.00 OFF Offer expires March 31, 2013

Sports Centre improvements announced

Support has been announced for upgrades to the MacArthur Island Sports Centre and New Life Mission Outreach Centre under the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF). “Our Government is pleased to help improve facilities, such as the MacArthur Island Sports Centre and the New Life Mission, that play such an important role in supporting our community,” said McLeod. “By investing in projects that will have a long-lasting, March 6 positive impact for our residents, we are helping to build stronger communities while creating new economic opportunities.” An investment of $1,734 will enhance the safety of the Kamloops Long Blade athletes at the MacArthur Island Sports Centre. “The club has had these important security improvements at the Sports Centre planned for more than two years,” said Kamloops Long Blades president, Trish Archibald. “We really appreciate this support from the Government of Canada that will allow us to go ahead with this project.” The New Life Mission will also receive $9,000 in federal funding

to upgrade the Outreach Centre. Improvements include replacing and painting the exterior siding, repairing roof leaks, and replacing damaged downspouts. Economic Action Plan 2012 helps communities across the country to modernize their infra-

As Kidney Health month gets underway, MLA for Kamloops North Thompson Terry Lake and others gathered in the future location of a new Community Dialysis Unit (CDU) to review ongoing renovations and learn more about this service. “Today’s tour highlighted just how much this project will improve kidney care for Kamloops area residents,” says Kamloops North Thompson MLA Terry Lake. “The CDU will provide an easily accessible option for stable hemodialysis patients.” Interior Health awarded a con-

tract for the necessary renovation and light construction work to True Construction last month. The CDU, located in leased space at 797 Tranquille Road in Kamloops, will allow stable kidney patients access to hemodialysis services outside of Royal Inland Hospital. The CDU will incorporate an Involved Care/patient self-management model, empowering patients to increase their independence and gain more control over their health. Interior Health Board chair Norman Embree said, “Interior

structure. with funding to support projects that look to improve existing community infrastructure accessible for use by the public, such as community centres, recreational buildings, local arenas, cultural and other community facilities.

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A group of outstanding firefighters were presented with Queen’s Jubilee Medals during a ceremony last week. Recognized for their notable service to the community are David Sakaki, Andy Philpot and Ryan Cail.

North Shore Dialysis Unit to open summer 2013 Health has self-management/home dialysis rates averaging nearly 40 per cent - well above the provincial goal of 32 per cent. This CDU will provide an opportunity to further these efforts with an increased focus on education.” In the coming months approximately $1 million in renovations will see the location transformed into an eight station hemodialysis unit with various consultation and exam rooms, education space, and a central nursing and reception area. The new CDU is expected to open by summer 2013.

House concerts promote musicians at home

OPEN AT 9AM - 7 DAYS A WEEK 1800 TRANQUILLE RD BROCK SHOPPING CENTRE 250.554.3317 Brock Centre Liquor Store

Singer-songwriter Jess Reimer is the featured artist for the 5th House Concert in this season’s HomeRoutes Series ( Her music is described as a mixture of alternative country, roots and bluegrass. The Winnipeg musican will be in Kamloops in mid-March for two performances. House Concerts have great benefits for both the performers and the members of the audience. Acoustic music and story-telling can be enjoyed by friends and neighbours in an intimate setting. Musicians are able to interact with their audiences while being supported in making a living. For deatails: Friday, March 15, Downtown, email or call Anne at 250-374-3234; Saurday March 16, Rayleigh, email

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March 6, 2013 n 3

Putting things in perspective

The ECHO ASKS YOU Would you like to see Daylight Savings Time eliminated?

The Kamloops Arts Council is offering a Perspective Workshop with Mairi Budreau that draws the three-dimensional world into two-dimensions.

Drawing the illusion of distance on a two-dimensional surface was an unsolved dilemma for centuries. While the Greeks had it figured out schematically, it took the masters of the Renaissance to bring an artistic sensibility to perspective. It is amazing that by using perspective an artist can draw or paint so effectively that a viewer’s judgment can be temporarily suspended and the brain is led into and through a scene as if it were real. Perspective drawing skill is important equipment to have in your art kit and fortunately it is a learnable drawing skill. The Kamloops Arts Council is offering a Perspective Workshop with Mairi Budreau at Parkview Activity Centre, 500 McDonald Avenue on Saturday, March 9, 9am to noon. In this three-hour workshop you will gain an understanding of perspective, the elements that convey distance, and you will do exercises that sort out the process of drawing what you see in the threedimensional world into what you draw on a two-dimensional surface. Come join me as we break down the barriers between you and successful realist drawing. Mostly self taught, Mairi Budreau has almost 20 years realist drawing experience; four years as a professional pencil artist after having a solo portrait drawing

exhibition in Vancouver in 1996. She has provided instruction to individuals, eleAaron Flieger Allison Fulton mentary schools, art council workshops Van Houtte Coffee Semi-retired in Kamloops, the Lower Mainland and No it brings back Yes, it really is a Vancouver Island. In 2009 she joined the nuisance and I don’t see memories. My Gram had Federation of Canadian Artists and won two digital watches, set the need for it. Gold and Bronze awards for her drawan hour apart, for each ings. Mairi changed to oil painting in 2011 season. and her solo exhibition, Walks of Life Significant People of Kamloops will open in October 2013. Mairi is represented by Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York. Visit her website at To register call 250-828-3500 or Better get your A/C fixed online at You can also sign up in person at Tournament conditioning • Residential & Commercial • Heating Capital Centre, Interior Savings Air Centre, Refrigeration • Restaurant appliance install & repair Kamloops Museum and Archives or Westsyde Pool. Please refer to course Johnson Sandwich #204035. The course fees are $45 or March 1st from 7-10pm $40 for current KAC members. Current Brad Taylor Rob Lahay Inside Chances KAC members should call 250.828.3611 Live Entertainment 1250 Halston Avenue Reubin’s Diner “OneEsso/ call Robo does it all” 250-554-1030 to register. Perspective is just one of the LTD. No, that would be a No, it gives us many workshops the KAC is offering; for Maintenance Program 250-554-8733 Preventative change and everything more daylight in the more information visit http://www.kamworks well now. summertime. The Kamloops Arts Council encourages, supports and promotes local artists of all Perry Tucker kinds, specifically emerging artists. They March 8th from 7-10pm are a registered non-profit organization Inside Chances Live Entertainment 1250 Halston Avenue that welcomes new members looking for 250-554-1030 support to develop their artistic talents.

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North Shore Community Centre Events Antiques & Collectibles Sale March 9 &10

Saturday 9am - 4pm Sunday 9am - 3pm Admission: $4 (Kids under 12 FREE)

Tables still available. Call today!

In Concert


Great Plains

March 16 at 3pm

Tickets: $12 / $10 Seniors Available at the Front Desk

Saskia & Darrel

730 Cottonwood Avenue, Kamloops North Shore More information 250-376-4777 •

& Your husbAndJimMark isCochran hot! Petri March fromand 7-10pm And you’re freezing? Call us to 15th come Inside Chances 1250 Halston Avenue Live Entertainment check out your heating system 250-554-1030

Residential & Commercial • Heating • Air conditioning Refrigeration • Restaurant appliance install & repair


1250 Halston Avenue 250-554-1030 LTD.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Kelly Spencer

March 22nd from 7-10pm Live“One Entertainment call does it all”




Resi Hea Re




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Peace out to bullying

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Leadership class students at NorKam Secondary School raised the bar on Pink Shirt Day last week. Nyk Burlock and Krysten Paluck (left) spearheaded a project that materialized the creation of over 100 super cool tie-dye t-shirts. The effort was worth it in the end and brought awareness not only to the message of antibullying but also diversity and acceptance of different cultures, sexual gender and equality within their school. Other members of the student body have expressed interest in the project and plans are in the works for Tye Dye Tuesdays to promote the spirit of this message on a regular basis.

erin johnson Production Manager Petit pain

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Tire sur la neige

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Independently owned and operated by Edge Publishing, the North Shore Echo is distributed weekly throughout Kamloops North Shore. We focus on activities and events at the neighbourhood level, and on larger events with direct impact on our neighbourhood. The North Shore Echo is available free to you because we are advertising supported. Please support the local businesses that support this newspaper through their advertising - remember when you shop locally, the money you spend remains in our community. Disclaimer: The publisher will not be responsible for errors or omissions. Due care and attention is used in checking advertising copy for accuracy and legitimacy, but no warranty is implied or given by the publisher. The publisher reserve the right to refuse any advertising or editorial submissions which they believe to be inconsistent with the concept of this publication. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the contributors/writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the publisher.

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Put your best foot forward for Nutrition Month March is Nutrition Month - the perfect time to start thinking about how food choices can affect your health. Small changes can pay off big by reducing your risk, and your family’s risk, for obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Interior Health has a few simple tips to help you make healthier food choices. Plan weekly meals. Spend a few minutes before you shop and plan your meals for the week; it’s one of the best ways to save money and time. Once you know what meals you are going to eat, you are ready to make a grocery shopping list. A shopping list not only keeps you on track, it can also help you make healthier choices. A list helps you avoid the temptation to buy heavily promoted processed foods which often are less nutritious. Grow some of your own food. Many of us have heard the saying “healthy eating begins at the grocery store.” While this is true it’s important to remember that healthy eating can also

begin with a visit to your local farmers’ market, and you can grow your own food as well. Eat your meals together. Mealtime is an excellent time to connect as a

family. Make the most of meal times by turning off the TV, phones and other distracting electronics. Families who eat together are healthier and happier. Children who have meals

with their families eat more vegetables and fruit. For more nutrition information: Contact a registered dietitian at HealthLink, or visit

Girls of steel: My other doll is a robot. Hey girl, Do you like Robots? Would you like to build and program robots? How about running your robot though a challenge course? If you answered yes to any of the above, then the BIG Little Science Centre Robotics Club is for you! Girls are invited to join the Girls-Only, Two Day Robotics Camp at BIG Little Science Centre from March 19 to 21, 9:00am to 2:30pm Day One, of the two day camp, is Tuesday, March 19 and then you choose which day you want for your second day: Day Two is either Wednesday, March 20 or Thursday, March 21 Girls ages 9 and up are encouraged to join in the computer/robotic fun. The club will be using Lego NXT robots. No prior robot construction or programing knowledge is required. Have you heard of: Alfa Rex, the Scorpion, the Tribot? As skills develop, new robot designs and more advanced programing will be introduced. Space is limited so register early. Registration forms are on the BLSC website or at BLSC. For more information call: 250-554-2572 or send a message to Gord@

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March 6, 2013 n 5

Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association invites you to celebrate

Festival Week Thursday, March 7 - Saturday, March 16

Enjoy 3 Great Festivals! Turn the page to discover which Downtown businesses are laying out the red carpet and offering fabulous specials this week!

Kamloops wine festival

KCIFF film festival March 7 - 16, 2013 Kamloops Canadian International Film Festival presents ten nights of films at the Paramount!

March 8 - 16, 2013

TS!tickets E K C I T N l WI m Festiva

Kamloops Art Gallery presents their 15th Annual Kamloops Wine Festival. A week filled with wine dinners and seminars to please and intrigue the wine palate.

me of Fil and dayti one pair We have . Send your name ay aw to give aw mber to echo@sh will be made u w n e ra n D pho win! . hance to t 1:00 pm for your c rsday, March 7 a on Thu

Kamloops cowboy festival March 7 - 10, 2013




Call 250-819-7076 for pick-up

Enjoy a weekend of live western entertainment in four Downtown venues! Performing Live

MARSHALL VEAL Thursday & Friday, March 7 & 8 from 2-4pm Saturday, March 9 from 1-3pm at our Victoria Street location


229 Victoria Street • 250-372-3565 | Royal Inland Hospital (Front Entrance)

★ 2

DOWNTOWN ECHO North Shore echo

when booking a customized European Facial

EmbEllish Esthetic lounge 426 Victoria St. • 250-828-6755

Open Mon 9-2, Tue, Wed, Thu 9-6, Fri 9-2, Sat by Appt


Clairvoyant & Tarot Readings by appointment or drop-in

Proud Supporter of Festival Week

★ ★ ★

• live music • homemade food • free wifi • gluten-free options

★ ★ ★ ★

★ ★

kamloops wine festival Celebrate the splendors of wine from March 7 to 16! Enjoy the special restaurant events all over town. For more details go to www. (Licensed events - must be 19+ to attend.) Consumer Tasting, Saturday, March 16 at the Coast Kamloops Hotel and Conference Centre from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. Featuring over 100 BC wines and wines from around the world. Tickets: Kamloops Art Gallery, 250-377-2400.

cafe + artisan market



★ 5





Delicious Homemade Pretzels

★ ★★★ ★★★ ★ ★ ★ Essentials & Beyond ★ ★ 367 Victoria★Street • 250.372.2006 4


Brings switzerland to you!

Stop in and see our unique collection of Ladies Wear, 9 Giftware, Pottery, Accessories & Baby1Wear. 3 2 12 VICTORIA STREET Now carrying Scrubs! 4TH AVENUE

246 Victoria Street • Mon-Fri 9-9 • Sat 9-11



Open mic performances featuring FRIDAY, MARCH 8 cowboy musicians, poets and storytellers 4 11:00am-1:00pm for your enjoyment. ART WE ARE Tiffany Dowhan WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6 16 6:30-9:30pm 16 1:00am-1:00pm FIRESIDE STEAKHOUSE & BAR FIRESIDE STEAKHOUSE & BAR Fiddlers Gordon Stobbe & J.J. Guy Budd Webb 1 2:00 - 4:00pm THURSDAY, MARCH 7 CAFFE MOTIVO 11:00am-1:00pm 16 Marshall Veal FIRESIDE STEAKHOUSE & BAR Tiffany Dowhan SATURDAY MARCH 9 14 12:00-2:00pm 4 11:00am-1:00pm SMORGASBORD DELI ART WE ARE Budd Webb Tiffany Dowhan 1 1:00 - 3:00pm 1 2:00-4:00pm CAFFE MOTIVO CAFFE MOTIVO Marshall Veal Marshall Veal 16 5:30pm-late PLAZA HOTEL Cowboy Festival Kick-off Dinner and Dance. Entertainment: Eli Barsi and Friends. Tickets call 250-377-8075

70 ★

90 minutes for $ of pampering only

★ ★

cowboy entertainment


★ 2

Expires March 31, 2013

Complimentary ½ Hour Back Massage


7, 2013 2013 6 n March 6,




Tiffany Dowhan is a down to ea honest, yet unique vocal style. S The Plaza Hotel on Thursday fro The Art We Are on Friday and S

Soups • Sandwiches • Desserts • Organic Coffee & Tea • Pastries

274 - 3rd avenue • 250-377-0021 Closed Sat & Sun


Cowboy Festival

★ 6

241 Victoria Street Dowtown, Kamloops




Stop in and see our unique collection of Ladies Wear, Giftware, Pottery, Accessories & Baby Wear. Now carrying Scrubs!

Brands include:

Essentials & Beyond

Get 'em while you can! Boulet, Canada West, Sanders, Tony Lama, Alberta Boot, Dayton

★ 7

367 Victoria Street • 250.372.2006

DOWNTOWN ECHO North Shore echo

March 7, 6, 2013 n 7

★ KCIFF film festival ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ THURS, MARCH 7 TO SAT, MARCH 16 PARAMOUNT THEATRE, 503 Victoria Street For more information visit Facebook (/ KamloopsFilmFestival), Twitter (@KamFilmFest), or Advance tickets at MovieMart, 5th & Seymour and Northills Centre. Bookland, 750 Fortune Drive. FILMMAKER ROUNDTABLE & RECEPTION March 7 after The World Before Her (7pm) Hotel 540, 540 Victoria Street Special Guest: Nisha Pahuja, Writer/Director/Producer

FILM SCHEDULE Thursday, March 7 7pm: The World Before Her, Friday, March 8 7pm: Smashed, Saturday, March 9 1pm: Ernest & Célestine, 3pm: Camera Shy, 7pm: Holy Motors Sunday, March 10 3pm: Lunarcy 7pm: A Royal Affair (En Kongelig Affære) Monday, March 11 7pm: Amour Tuesday, March 12 7pm: Stories We Tell Wednesday, March 13 7pm: War Witch (Rebelle) Thursday, March 14 7pm: Rust & Bone (De Rouille et D’os) OIF FW 2013.indd 1 Friday, March 15 7pm: The Perks of Being a Wallflower Saturday, March 16 3pm: Blood Pressure, 7pm: Boy

★ 15







HUGE SALE in March!

★ 9

60-80% off racks


’s Clothing • Men & Woman w available! no S ZE SI • PLUS

102-125 4th Ave • 778-471-5517 •

home decor, art & redesigned furniture

★ 10

408 Seymour Street • 778-471-6696 • • Mon-Sat 10am-5:30pm

To knit or not to knit...

★ 11

what a stupid question

electrictree yarns MENTION THIS AD


290 3rd Avenue 778-471-6073 • Mon 11-4 • Tue-Sat 10am-5pm • Fri ‘til 9pm



and when you


Buy a Quarter-Pound of Fudge, Get a Second Piece for a Toonie!

arth Alberta girl with an She’ll be playing at om 11am – 1pm and Saturday from 11-1.

Satisfy your sweet tooth!

442 Victoria Street

IO FW 2013.indd 1

★ 8

Custom Work • Repairs 422 Victoria St • 372-5969


Proud Supporter & Sponsor of the Canadian Film Lunarcy

★ 12

★ 13

7, 2013 2013 8 n March 6,

★ 14


DOWNTOWN ECHO North Shore echo

to s n i y

upporting l

oc a


locally owned & operated in Kamloops

MARCH7-16,2013 7-16,2013 MARCH


MARCH 7-16,2013


at the Paramount Theatre

at the Paramount Theatre

at the Paramount Theatre

Country Garden Greenhouse


For you • For your pets For your feathered friends• For your plants

local real fresh chemical-free sustainable join us Thursday march 7 • 12-2pm

Live Entertainment!

with Host Bud WeBB Enjoy cowboy poetry, music, fun and • Wine & Cheese sampling • Beer & Sausage sampling • Coffee & homemade baking

250-377-0055 • 225 - 7th Avenue

War Witch

wwwwww..kk aa mm l o o p s f i l mm ff ee sstt..ccaa

funny p a g es North Shore

We want to publish your funny jokes and photos! Email us at

In my business “people come first.” Cheryl Martin, Martin & Martin Lawyers

261-6th Avenue, Kamloops • 250-372-0955

Wednesday, march 6, 2013 NORTH SHORE echo

What a coincidence A young Irishman sat at a pub in the New World drinking beer and conversin’ with the barkeep. Another comes in and sits besides him. He says “ H o w you do?” and hears the lilt and says, “You be Irish?” “Yes, I am.” The first man yells, “Barkeep give us another round and one for my friend here. He’s from the mother country as well.” The second man asks, “So where in the old country ye from?” Dublin responds the first, “Dublin you say, so am I,” and the second man hollers, “Barkeep bring us another round and a shot of

Lucky day?

your best Irish Whiskey for me and my friend here.” Afterwards the first man asks, “From where in Dublin?” and the second man responds with the street and the f i r s t m a n says, “ We l l I’ll be, so am I,” and yells, “Barkeep another pair of beers and Irish Whiskey for the pair of us.” The phone behind the bar rings and the barkeep answers it. The owner of the pub asks, “How is business?” The barkeep responds, “Not too bad. The O’Malley twins are here getting drunk again.”

Auto Recycling & Free Scrap Removal

page 9

Alan Hay, Big O Tires

261-6th Avenue, Kamloops • 250-372-0955

If the rainbow is on your property, technically you are responsible for claiming the gold as income.


g it Cr ushin 8! 99 1 e c in s

“ I own a busy tire shop and the last thing on my mind is office supplies. ”

I ❤ MY

Tired of hearing NO? YOU WORK YOU DRIVE!


Mike’s Transmissions • 2630 Tranquille Rd Standard Transmissions & Differential Specialist


Go online to get pre-approved at or call



KAMLOOPS DENTURE AND IMPLANT CENTRE LTD. 903 Battle Street Downtown 250-372-8045 2-685 Tranquille Rd. North Shore 250-376-8045

funny pages

10 n March 6, 2013


• 2 bedroom apartments from $950/mth • Heat & hot water included • Convenient South Shore location • Spacious, secured, pet friendly • Proactive building manager • Near transit, shopping & schools • Shared laundry room • Assigned parking available • Longterm tenants & seniors preferred


North Shore echo


paint sat’s town green

You don't have to be Irish to enjoy the day when Guinness consumption doubles! On the North Shore, the Pogue Mahone will be celebrating all weekend, from March 15 to 17 with Irish dancers, green beer, draws, prizes and Irish Celtic Karaoke on Friday. You'll do a jig when you see the St. Paddy's prices in the Brock Pub Beer and Wine Store. Round up your mates and get your green on at the Rock’n Firkin where food and drink specials will also be offered up.

Notable Quotables “Anyone acquainted with Ireland knows that the morning of St. Patrick’s Day consists of the night of the 17th of March flavored strongly with the morning of the 18th.” - Unknown “There are only two kinds of people in the world, The Irish and those who wish they were.” - Irish Saying

Little green man. Has the coloring of an ogre, stature of a garden gnome and disposition of a jolly Christmas elf minus the unfashionably ridiculous tights and jingling shoes. May also be mistaken for a hobbit due to size and lush green habitat of choice. Often found near rainbows and fields of shamrocks, dancing a jig merrily while drinking from a pint in one hand and holding another pint in the other. Will know this is the real “little green man” as he doesn’t spill a drop of the beer, even while dancing a jig! Is attracted to Irish folk songs, and to scents of beer and shepherd’s pie. Comes with “lucky charms” and blarney stone, pre-attached. Reward offered for the safe capture and return of the missing little green man. Last seen dressed in green under the rainbow, and collecting what appeared to be gold coins from a large black pot. Little green man is not considered armed and dangerous, but definitely off his nut and enjoys acting the maggot. No twistin’ hay! If you see him, bring him in before he finds another rainbow!

2012.2013 Season Bruce Dunn Music Director

ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE... The Bible is a masterful book, written by the Living God of heaven and earth. In it God tells us of His plan and purpose with the earth and ourselves. Amos 3:7 “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”

He tells us the way of salvation Psalm 119:41 “Let thy mercies come also unto me, O LORD, even thy salvation, according to thy word.”

The Bible is a manual for living a positive and fruitful life. Colossians 1:10 “That ye might walk

worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God;”

Join us on the following dates:

The Oscars March 15 & 16, 2013 Friday 7:30 pm Saturday 7:30 pm

March 10 ...There will be Huge Changes Coming to the Middle East.

Sagebrush Theatre

Victor Sawa, Guest Conductor

March 24 ...Christ will Return to Lead World Worship.

A showcase of music from films such as Casablanca, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Gone With The Wind, Mission Impossible, Jaws and Harry Potter: The Philosopher’s Stone.

@ the Parkview Activity Centre 500 McDonald Ave



For more information: 250-579-2291 KamloopsChristadelphians

TICKETS Kamloops Live! Box Office INFO 250-372-5000 250-374-5483 or 1-866-374-5483 horoscopes

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Your Horoscope

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Get off the beaten path

ARIES (Mar 21- April 20) Time is money and you must be ready to take action in order to reach your highest potential. Resist secret affairs that could be detrimental to your reputation. This is a good day to check out your investments. Expect to experience a sudden reversal of fortune. TAURUS (Apr 21- May 21) Avoid joint ventures and steer clear of groups that want you to contribute financial assistance. Romantic opportunities will flourish through travel or communication. You can make career changes that may put you in a much higher earning bracket. You may find your self in a romantic situation.  GEMINI (May 22-June 21) A residential move may be in order. You can meet new and exciting lovers through work related projects. You may become rundown if you take on too much. Be careful disclosing information. Pick up your copy at: • Runner’s Sole • Walmart  CANCER (June 22-July 22) Look after financial transactions this week. • The Golden Buddha • Bookland Misunderstandings could cause confusion and upset. Disputes may start because of a lack of honesty. Dig deep to find out how costly a new venture will be before you sign on the dotted line. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Get out and rub shoulders with people in high positions if possible. Matters pertaining to your home environment will be favorable if you are direct. You will attract new love interests. Travel opportunities must be taken advantage of. r Are you looking fo th’ VIRGO (Aug 23 -Sept 23) The home environment will be unpredictable a this week. Be discreet about any information you uncover. Social events ‘Off the Beaten P o d held in your home will be successful and entertaining for those who attend. d n things to see a Romance will come through involvement with fundraising organizations. LIBRA (Sept 24 -Oct 23) Dinner, theater, or a comedy club may be just in the the place. You may overspend if you travel this week; however, the trip willterior In be one to remember. Pamper yourself; the self esteem it brings you will of BC? be most gratifying. Think twice before eating spicy foods; you may have problems with your stomach. New patients welcome! Dr. Dextraze SCORPIO (Oct 24 - Nov 22) Be careful what you say. Try not to let relatives or friends cause any friction with your mate. Your high energy shouldPick up Whitening System be spent pleasing your mate. The experience will be good. your copy SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 -Dec 21) You may end up being blamed if any- at: thing goes wrong. Do not let the reactions of others get you going. Dif-• Walmart • Bookland ficulties relating to children will be stressful. Don't overextend yourself in • Runner’s Sole • The Golden Buddha the process. CAPRICORN (Dec 22- Jan 20) Spend some time on yourself. Put your time and energy into travel, philosophy, and soul-searching. You need adventure and excitement in your life. Good friends will give you honest answers. email: • AQUARIUS (Jan 21 -Feb 19) Throw yourself into your profession. Uncertainty regarding your mate may emerge; reevaluate what you see in each other. Promote your ideas now. You can get good solid advice from relatives or close friends you trust. PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20) You can find out important information you LF - 1.16if Mar 6 2013.indd 1 listen to friends and relatives. Networking will be a necessity. Find out 289 Tranquille Road • 250-554-4234 more, if you want to start your own business. You can meet potential new mates if you socialize with friends.

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DR. BARRY DEXTRAZE General Practioner Providing preventative, restorative, cosmetic, dental implants and family dentistry.


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#21 - 750 Fortune Shopping Centre

Mervo’s Coffee Shop

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LO-BOY Market EVErY DAY sTuFF... BuT CHEAPEr! 459 tranquille rd | m-S 10-5



FurniTurE sAlE

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LO-BOY Market EVErY DAY sTuFF... BuT CHEAPEr! 459 tranquille rd | m-S 10-5

Our advertisers like to know where you heard about

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The lowest prices in town!

Ya, and you get a regular beverage FREE with every meal. You can afford to eat at Mervo’s everyday!

OPEN: Monday to Saturday 7am - 3pm

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Enjoy the view from our 3 beautiful riverside patios • New members welcome • Membership required but guests welcome • Military experience not required • We have fun, raise funds for charity & make friends

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177 Tranquille Road (the Old Beach House)


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