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North Shore is where the heart is

It seems like just yesterday we were all planning on where to spend the beginning of the new century. The hoopla associated with the year 2000 was not a lot different than the lore and tales of the world’s end this last December and both were celebrated in much the same way. Some of us went skiing, some of us partied with friends and family, some of us stayed home with our cats and some, the special some hid in their storm cellars with stockpiles of dried food and bottled water. Whatever you and the special people in your life chose to do, we here at the North Shore Echo wish you a Happy New Year with lots of peace and joy This summer, the Echo team spent an to all. 2013 is an especially afternoon floating down the Thompson. distinctive year for us as it These are the pre-rescue photos. marks our tenth full year in business. At first mention it doesn’t seem like such a big deal but when we get down to thinking, Kamloops, the North Shore and many of our lives have changed immensely over this past decade. “You would think after ten years that putting together the paper would be stale,” states Arlene Marchi, Echo bookkeeper and biggest advocate since almost the first day. “But its not! Many things have changed around here but there are two things that haven’t – Wenda and the paper. The paper is as good as always. It’s the first thing I do each

week, come in and steal it, it is worth the read!” Arlene is definitely right about one thing, the paper is as fun to write and publish as it has always been. Our neighbourhood, our North Shore is nothing short of entertaining. It is filled with good people, good news and an ever changing palette of interesting things to talk about. Just looking back at wonderful stories we have shared in the North Shore Echo makes us nostalgic of the past and optimistic about the future. It makes us remember the people who we are lucky enough to know, to love and to miss. It is the people ultimately who make the neighbourhood and the North Shore has their share of characters. “The North Shore grows every year,” adds Wenda, publisher of the Echo. “More and more businesses are opening and adding to our long-time North Shore pillars. Many of our existing businesses have been here for 40 or 50 years. The best part of my job is being able to meet the person behind the business. I have developed many great – continued on page 2

Liz and Frank never missed a beat… Now they’re ready for the next step.

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2 n January 2, 2013

North Shore echo

A year filled with nothing but possibilites To commemorate the New Year, we here at the Echo have been asked to write a short year in review. Short? That’s a tall order! How do I sum up what my year has been like? Let’s face it, when I started here a year ago I was a bit of a mess. I had been a stay at home mom for six years and was now about to re- enter the work force due to a separation at home. My life was completely up in the air and to be honest, I was scared. What does the future hold? What if I couldn’t do it on my own? Are my kids going to be ok? The “what if’s” were endless. This is where you find out what you are made of. So I rolled up my sleeves and put on my big girl panties. (can I say that?) Then something happened. I remembered who I was. I remembered the girl I was meant to be. Fear was quickly replaced with drive. Anxiety squashed by determination. Doubt trampled by confidence! All of a sudden, I saw nothing but possibilities. My year here at the Echo has been nothing short of amazing. An incredible staff, both supportive and crazy, made it the perfect work environment for me. I am so grateful for all the people I have met and the co-workers and clients who have become friends. Of course I would not be doing the people I love justice ,(you know who you are,) if I did not acknowledge how important their role in my transformation has been. Thank you for the countless hours of tears and listening

Cristina Ostapovitch and Wenda Noonan repurposing t-shirts during the Echo’s weekly lunch club.

and laughter. I am truly blessed to have such great people in my life. Finally, to my boys, the anchors of my soul, Mommy loves you both, to infinity

and beyond. Just wait and see what she does in 2013! Cristina Ostapovitch, Downtown and North Shore Echo advertising consultant

From salsa to showgirls… looking forward to making more memories Well 2012 has been a full year for me here at the Echo! I have spent part of it as editor, in addition to my regular duties as administrator, and am very happy with the addition of Jody to our team to take over for me in that department! I enjoy all the activities we do as a team here such as eating our way around downtown in the Taste of Downtown, taking part in Bike to Work Week and participating in the CAP Team’s The Echolita’s, Carrie (left) and Cristina, whipped up a mean salsa for the Farmer’s Market Salsa Competition.

Salsa challenge as the Echolitas just to name a few! Aside from all that fun, I’ve had a lot of memorable experiences this year outside of work. My oldest son graduated from high school and got his driver’s license! As well, my youngest left grade seven on the honour roll with awards! Way to go, boys! This summer, I spent a lot of time swimming, did some camping, kayaking and met some wonderful new people. I took my kids to Playland and the PNE in Vancouver with my sister and also went to see Metallica for the

third time! I finally decided to get more tattoos (thanks to Kevyn at Shambhala). I would have to say the highlight of my year was going on my first vacation in October to Las Vegas! What a super fun time, it was hard to leave the hot weather to come home to snow! As always, I love working downtown and enjoy the awesome people and all the fun things there are to do! I’ve had such a wonderful year working with a great group of ladies and look forward to what 2013 has in store for me! Carrie Harman, administrator

Good people, good news… Good grief it’s been ten years – continued from page 1 friendships over the years and heard many great stories. It will be so exciting to see what the future brings.” Oddly, this last year two years has probably seen more change than the last eight years combined. The Library Square opened and was an instant hit, the folks out at Tranquille Farm Fresh made a giant splash into our area of town, MacDonald Park got an interesting Public

Produce Garden and longtime North Shore champion Peter Mutrie retired from the North Shore Business Improvement Association. It will be interesting to see what happens this upcoming year but one thing that probably will never change is the small town charm and family first philosophy that the North Shore is known for. It is one area of the city that as it grows only becomes friendlier. That is almost all in part due to

the wonderful entrepreneurs and business people who choose to call the North Shore home. We have businesses who have been here generations; Interior Crafts, Gary’s Deli, the Fortune Barbershop and businesses that are newer but powered by North Shore long-time residents and supporters like Lo-Boy Market. Happy New Year and remember that the North Shore is where the heart is, I heart the North Shore!

North Shore echo

January 2, 2013 n 3

The ECHO ASKS YOU What are you most looking forward to in the new year?

Jody Tippett and Tanya Orozco (a.k.a. Johnny Fever and Herb Tarleck) at the Echo’s WKRP satellite office.

Another year, another full wobble on a tilted axis

Many good things have happened to me over the past year and it’s all meshed together into one incredible feeling of indescribable happiness. Describing the indescribable means expressing my immense gratitude that it is my job is to highlight our businesses’ greater qualities and services, our community’s achievements, compassion, altruism and introspection. I’m especially proud when my friends and neighbours are the ones making the news. It’s showing these community members that they, as individuals, matter. There aren’t many editorial positions where that can be said! People need good news. A quick scan of the world around us will show this is true. People also need to feel alive and to have meaning beyond material goods or services. We need to advertise that this exists. I love being a part of the Echo because it does exactly that. There is some magic in meeting some of those needs - ten years of magic. Unlike genuine magic, after a while what once floated our boat raises it less and less. The Echo is not a momentary

thing. This hallmark year is a testament that there is more and more love as the years go by. Put simply, this is why so many of us love this little newspaper. Regardless of how you measure it or describe it, ten years is a remarkably long time for any company to survive. It’s especially true when that company is a newspaper. While critics might dismiss our content as “chicken dinner” stories, the Echo reflects our neighborhoods and tells its stories; and it is intimate, caring and personal. We can be in the presence of magic and be back in time to finish our lunch. I am thankful to have been welcomed to this wacky little team of talented women and to hear the infectious laugh of our publisher, Wenda. Actually, thank you doesn’t seem adequate for this woman. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with the big people of this community. You make my job a pleasure and the next time I see you, I’m giving you a big ole hug. Grace and the human race. Jody Tippett, editor

Ian Watt

Delivery specialist

I am looking forward to seeing all my customers.

A better year than 2012.

Arlene Marchi

Jody Tippett

A-1 Accounting


Watching my grandchildren grow and move forward.

Is anyone alive?

Perry Tucker

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4 n January 2, 2013

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Couch surfing

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erin johnson Production Manager

North Shore echo

A moving year for Echo’s text wrangler Yay! I’m finally living in town! My husband and I moved in from Chase over the month of November. It’s so nice to be able to walk to work and have more time to spend in this great city! Over the past year, I absolutely loved Rotary Ribfest, touring Tranquille Farm Fresh and watching Western Canada Theatre’s production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Besides working at the best little paper with the best co-workers, I devoted a lot of time to roller derby this year. I started to skate in 2011, passed my skills test later that year and Joe Black and his fairy dog mother at Halloween.

have played in five bouts since then. Some bouts (the word for ‘game’ in roller derby) were with other teams in Armstrong to gain experience. I played in my first home bout with my team, the TCDD’s Rookies, on June 23, 2012, at the McArthur Island Sports Centre. And I got my chance to be a jammer, the player who races through the pack! We defeated Quesnel’s Gold Pain City 168 to 88! We may be tough and rough on the track but by the end we’re all laughing and joking about what went on during the bout. Happy New Year! Erin Johnson, production manager


Carrie Harman

Travel Bug


Look, Mom, no top!

Bacardi arm curl

jody tippett Editor

Running late

Marilee Manning, ian watt, wayne kuchyski, & kelly trainor, Delivery

north shore echo

Independently owned and operated by Edge Publishing, the North Shore Echo is distributed weekly throughout Kamloops North Shore. We focus on activities and events at the neighbourhood level, and on larger events with direct impact on our neighbourhood. The North Shore Echo is available free to you because we are advertising supported. Please support the local businesses that support this newspaper through their advertising - remember when you shop locally, the money you spend remains in our community. Disclaimer: The publisher will not be responsible for errors or omissions. Due care and attention is used in checking advertising copy for accuracy and legitimacy, but no warranty is implied or given by the publisher. The publisher reserve the right to refuse any advertising or editorial submissions which they believe to be inconsistent with the concept of this publication. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the contributors/writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the publisher.

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Looking for love in all the wrong places!

After a meeting with Lynda Douglas of PCT Kamloops, publisher Wenda Noonan left her keys behind at her office. Little did she know that Lynda and her daughter Rosemarie would pull an urban ninja and take off in her car. They drove the yellow bug all over town and chronicled their joyride with random emails.

Daddy, is that you?

North Shore echo

January 2, 2013 n 5





Proud to celebrate our Tin Jubilee with all of you!

delivering the goods




We certainly couldn’t deliver the good news of the neighbourhood to all of you without the crackerjack carrier duo of Ian Watt and Russell Peters. They’re seen here carefully guarding their winnings at this years Christmas party.

Proud to do his part to reduce his carbon footprint, Echo carrier Ian Watt, shows off his BC Transit ProPass. Part of his delivery route is done by utilizing our transit system!

Check out our new Facebook page! Brock Centre Liquor Store

could help change the neighbourhood for the better and small stories that keep life interesting. And we only publish good news - because you’ve told us that that’s what you like to read! We (that’s the Royal we) at the Echo have only you, our readers and advertisers, to thank for our longevity! We live by our slogan “Your neighbourhood. Your newspaper.” and you have let us know what you want to see and don’t want to see in our paper. Here’s to another decade of good news and great friendships!

“Welcome to the Downtown/North Shore Echo, a weekly good news publication focused entirely on your neighbourhood!” This was the first sentence published in the very first edition of the Echo on October 17, 2002. Hard to believe that it’s been 10 long years since that page was published. It’s also hard to believe that not much has changed since then. The Echo still publishes the news pertaining to your neighbourhood and focuses on business profiles and stories about the people who frequent the area. Big stories that

Happy New Year!



When Russell Kutcher isn’t delivering the Echo he has a great time snapping shots as a hobbyist photographer. Russell captured this sunrise from Bachelor Heights in late November.

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9a - 1800 Tranquille Road (Brock Shop) 778-470-6000


We now ha or f e s n e c li r o u liq s! t n e v e l ia c e p s

Jan. 8: Crafts with Ruby 1-3pm Please preregister. Jan. 9: Taoist Tai Chi Demo 11am Jan. 19: Prostate Cancer Meeting 10am-noon

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Wednesday, january 2, 2013 NORTH SHORE echo

page 7

Pick up your copy at: • Runner’s Sole The one worth living for• The five million Golden Buddha man On New Year’s Eve, Marilyn stood up in • Walmart the local pub and said that it was time to • Bookland get ready. At the stroke of midnight, she

wanted every husband to be standing next to the one person who made his life worth living. Well, it was kind of embarrassing. As the clock struck, the bartender was almost crushed to death.

Resolutions you can keep uu I will no longer waste my time relieving the past, instead I will spend it worrying about the future. uu I will start buying lottery tickets at a luckier store uu Read less. uu Stop bringing lunch from home: I should eat out more. uu Watch more TV. I’ve been missing some good stuff. uu Stop exercising. Waste of time. uu Watch less T.V. in standard definition. uu Gain enough weight to get on The Biggest Loser. uu I will do less laundry and use more deodorant. uu Start being superstitious.


NEW DEALS in the new year!



Get off the beaten path

Pick up your copy at: • Runner’s Sole • Walmart • The Golden Buddha • Bookland

Kamloops Office Systems staff member Chris Naslund, probably the best photocopier tech in the world, has kept the Echo printer running week after week. This year, thanks to Chris, the counter KOS 1.3FPban Jan 12 passed 2012.indd the 1 five million mark.

r Are you looking fo th’ a ‘Off the Beaten P o d d n things to see a in the Interior of BC? Pick up your copy at:

• Walmart • Bookland The Golden Buddha • Runner’s Sole •

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8 n January 2, 2013


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North Shore echo

January 2, 2013 n 9


Santa Tutu On Tuesday, December 18, The McPark LBC – Tuesday Crib Club held a Christmas party and were surprised by a visit from Santa Ben Tutu (Ben Teichroed). His red outfit complete with white gloves and red underwear, plus the lovely tutu (created by Luella Teichroed) brought a smile to all in attendance. Some of the members took advantage of Santa and sat on his knee. 94 year old Eva Killian and almost 92 year old Betty Bryant told Santa their Christmas wishes.

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Submit your listing:

2013 – another entertainment-filled year ■■ Entertainment at Barside Lounge and Grill at Chances, 1250 Halston Ave. Fridays 7 to 10pm. Jan. 4 Perry Tucker. ■■ Artist entries for Kamloops Arts Council’s 2013 Juried Art Show on February 16 to 24 due by Jan. 26. FMI visit kamloopsarts. com. ■■ BIG Little Science Centre, 985 Holt Street, is open Tues. to Sat. 10am to 4pm all year round. Static Show on Jan. 5 at 11am and 1:30pm. FMI 250-554-2572 or ■■ Kamloops Storm vs North Okanagan at McArthur Park Arena Jan. 5 at 7pm. FMI call 250.828.3602. ■■ Old Time Fiddlers Dance on Jan. 5 from 7:30 to 10:30pm at Heritage House, 100 Lorne St. Enjoy Waltzes, Fox Trots, TwoSteps, Polkas and more! Everyone is welcome. FMI and tickets call 250-376-2330. ■■ BC Wildlife Park’s Wildlights Festival to Jan. 6 from 5 to 9pm. Visit with Santa from Dec. 14 to 24. FMI visit ■■ Badminton Update: returning Jan. 8 for 2013 season. OLPH Gym, 235 Poplar St. FMI contact Robert at 250-579-0193. ■■ Jo Wyers with feature artists present Green (painting and photography) in the Wilson House Gallery Jan. 8 to Feb. 7. 115

Panto winners - The families of Erin Toews (right) and Ryan Cail each won a family pass to Puss in Boots – The Panto! Pictured above, the Cail family give their best Griswold impression with this beauty! Pictured at right: Reuben (L), Sam and Brew.

Tranquille Rd. Mon. to Fri. 1:30 to 5pm. ■■ Kamloops Pride Gay and Lesbian Association’s Mardi Gras Party at the Kamloops Curling Rink, 700 Victoria Street, on Jan. 12. FMI visit

Mervo’s Coffee Shop 289 Tranquille Road • 250-554-4234

■■ Comedy Night at the Dirty Jersey, 1200 8th St., Jan. 11. FMI email ■■ The Importance of Being Earnest Jan. 24 to Feb. 2 at the Sagebrush Theatre. For tickets call Kamloops Live! Box Office at 250-374-5483 or online at www. ■■ Let’s Dance on Jan. 26 from 8 to 12pm at Ukrainian Hall in Kamloops - 725 York St. Music by Union Jack. FMI or tickets contact Zonia at 250-372-0091, Ed at 250-374-2774 or Francoise at 250-372-3782.

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CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 20)  The stars say that you’re an exciting and wonderful person... but you know they’re lying. If I were you, I’d CONVENIENT MALL LOCATION lock my doors and windows and never never never never never leave 700 Tranquille Road (Northills Centre) my house again. 250-376-8881 I N S U R A N C E S(Jan E R V I 21-Feb C E S I N C 19)  . AQUARIUS There’s travel in your future when your tongue freezes to the back of a speeding bus. Fill that void in your pathetic life by playing Whack-A- Mole 17 hours a day. PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)  Try to avoid any Virgos or Leos with the Ebola virus. can You Iare the true Lord of the Dance, no matter what those "How save money idiots at work say. on my insurance?” ARIES (Mar 21-April 20) The look on your face will be priceless when you find that to 40-pound Visit Cara get thewatermelon in your colon. Trade toothbrushes with an albino dwarf, then give a hickey to Meryl Streep. answers to your questions. TAURUS (Apr 21-May 21)  You will never find true happiness - what you gonna do, cry about it? The stars predict tomorrow you’ll wake up, do a bunch of stuff and then go back to sleep. GEMINI (May 22-June 21)  Your birthday party will be ruined once again by your explosive flatulence. Your love life will run into trouble when your fiancé hurls a javelin through your chest. CONVENIENT MALL LOCATION CANCER (June 22-July 22) The Jupiter saysCentre) that you 700 position Tranquille of Road (Northills should spend the rest of the week face down in the mud. Try not to 250-376-8881 INSURANCE SERVICES INC. shove a roll of duct tape up your nose while taking your driver’s test. LEO (July 23-Aug 22)  Now is not a good time to photocopy your butt and staple it to your boss’s face, oh no. Eat a bucket of tuna-flavored pudding, then wash it down with a gallon of strawberry Quik. VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept 23)  All Virgos are extremely friendly and intelligent - except for you. Expect a big surprise today when you wind up with your head impaled upon a stick. LIBRA (Sept 24-Oct 23)  A big promotion is just around the corner for someone much more talented than you. Laughter is the very best medicine, remember that when your appendix bursts next week. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)  Get ready for an unexpected trip when you fall screaming from an open window. Work a little bit harder on improving your low self esteem, you stupid freak. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21) All your friends are laughing beCONVENIENT MALL LOCATION hind your back... kill them. Take down all those naked pictures of Er700 Tranquille Road (Northills Centre) nest Borgnine you’ve got hanging in your den. 250-376-8881 INSURANCE SERVICES INC.

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"Why do I need travel insurance when I have coverage on my employee benefits plan?”

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The Magic of Vienna January 12 & 13, 2013

Saturday 7:30 pm and Sunday 2:00 pm Sagebrush Theatre Suppé Nicolai



Lumbye J. Strauss Jr.

Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna The Merry Wives of Windsor Overture Champagne Galop Waltzes: Wine, Women and Song; Viennese Sweets; Morning Journals Polkas: On the Hunt; One Heart, One Mind; In Krapfen’s Woods; Perpetuum Mobile


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Cheryl Martin, Martin & Martin Lawyers

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News for Kamloops North Shore Front- North Shore is where the heart is - 2012 in review