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DECEMBER 30, 2013

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North Shore - five things I love about you!

Why stop at five you ask? Good question! All you have to do is look around or even pick up the North Shore Guide and Directory to find one million things to like about the North Shore. There are trails and recreations, shops and services and a plethora of fun right at your finger tips here in the warmest postal codes in town. But as this is a year end wrap up paper, I wanted to sit back and think long and hard about my favourite things of 2013 here on the North Shore and this is what I have come up with. Without a doubt, the new and enhanced lighting is top of mind. The new lights on the Tranquille corridor dance and twinkle at night. I almost can’t say it better than Brendan Shaw did the other night on Twitter, “First time I noticed the new lights on Tranquille. Barely recognized my old neighbourhood! Great job City of Kamloops!” They are transformative

BItN7:3G0O SIC pm MU ya ith ry Thursda Eve

and are the first thing in a long line of all new things that I love on the North Shore this year. It is fitting that at the Wilson House, home of the North Shore Business Improvement Association (NSBIA), sits at the very beginning of the Tranquille Corridor and the new street lights. New executive director Steven Puhallo and his team including Mary-Ellen Grant have brought a whole new energy to the North Shore and I love it. Their enthusiasm, pride and willingness to work is contagious and I have enjoyed seeing their ideas unfold and breathe new life into the neighbourhoods. This new energy has spilt over into many events, initiatives and programs and it’s nice to see that at least one of the newly launched events held a place in our history. Overlander Days, which made its re-debut this summer, is very exciting and I can’t wait to watch it grow. I am hoping the raft races come back in

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the not so distant future as this is one part of the historical event that sounds like a whole lot of fun. I would love to try to build a raft and paddle to Rabbit Island with some of the younger generations in our family. It is these kind of events from our past that our memories and foundation is made of. The Heritage Room at the Wilson House is another example of this energy in action. The NSBIA had a vision and made it happen. As soon as we heard the idea of a whole room featuring old photographs depicting the history of North Kamloops, how could we not get involved? This is essentially exactly what the North Shore Echo is all about. It is about people, their stories and the neighbourhoods they live in. I had such a great time meeting and hanging out with Rose Blades and Tracy Sjodin in our Heritage Room and hearing all - continued on page 2

Cold Beer & Wine Store 9 a.m. - 11 p.m. Drink Specials Daily Jam Nights Tuesdays Wing Wednesdays Karaoke Friday Nights Live Music Saturday Nights

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2 n December 30, 2013


North Shore echo

The Pink Ladies

Carrie Harman, Jody Tippett, Cristina Ostapovich and Erin Johnson know bullying is uncool and showed their support on February 27 for Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day.

Gratitude and crossing things off the Bucket List Since starting as the new editor at the Echo Newspapers in October of this year, I have enjoyed every second. Maybe, it is because I used to work from home and enjoy showering every day and talking to people face-to-face, or it is the inviting and caring community along with the charismatic and quirky staff here at the Echo. Either way, I am loving this change in my life and look forward to what the future holds.

This past year has been very life altering for me. I am happy to say that many things on my Bucket List are now crossed off. I took a trip to the Rockies for a week of iceclimbing, I summited my first mountainMt. Rainier in Washington, I got my CrossFit Level 1 training to become a certified coach and now coach at Natural Strength CrossFit, I enjoyed some great music at Bumpershoot in Seattle, I did some rocking climb-

ing, camping and attended a few gorgeous weddings. Most of all, I became editor at Edge Publishing. I love the carefree atmosphere here at the office, where we are constantly laughing and sharing stories. I enjoy writing news, which not only portrays the good in our North Shore and Downtown communities, but the news that matters to the people of Kamloops. Whether it be about the final year of the Pink

Ribbon Charity Ball, or the opening of community service locations like My Place and Femme For All. The quirky stand alones and Echo Ask questions offer unique news and perspectives about the community. I look forward to more heartfelt stories and funny pages here at the Echo. Thank you for taking me in and showing me a side of Kamloops not many people get to see. Ashley Demedeiros

North Shore pride is number one! - continued from front of their stories. What came out were interesting tales and memories about the beginnings of our neighbourhoods; the people who homesteaded here, who came to raise their families and help grow the area. Everyone seemed to come from somewhere different and it didn’t matter where, once they got here, they were neighbours, friends and comrades. Whether they were from the Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, India, England, Japan or Canada, they all had a common goal - raise happy, healthy and prosperous families, and they all found that here on the North Shore. And last but not least, all of these people, places and things point to the number one, best part of the North Shore - It’s pride! We love

being part of the North Shore and so do you. It doesn’t matter where I am, people are drawn to the “I Heart North Shore” button. They see it, they want one, they want to share their love and pride for the North Shore. It is a very exciting thing to be a part of. Even Terry Lake is proud to represent the North Shore and used the branding in his re-election campaign. We don’t blame him, we heart the North Shore too! Just ask someone who lives, works, grew up or plays on the North Shore. They will tell you that it gets warm first in the spring and cold last in the winter. We are golfing while our neighbours on the hill are still shovelling driveways. Happy New Year, may 2014 bring at least five more things to love about our neighbourhood!

Ashley Demedeiros competed at the 2013 Tavanis Titan Winter Challenge in Victoria.

North Shore echo

December 30, 2013 n 3


Dynamic Duo

ECHO ASKS Opinions of the people who matter – you.

What was your highlight of 2013?

The crackerjack delivery team of Ian Watt and Russell Kutcher work hard all year bringing the Echo to all the businesses on the North Shore, so naturally it’s difficult to catch them as relaxed as they are at the Echo staff Christmas party!

The future looks bright for NSBIA 2013 has turned out to be a great year for your North Shore Business Improvement Association. As a BIA our job is to promote our business areas and work with all levels of government towards positive economic development, beautification projects and future planning. With a dedicated Board of Directors, local community support, great event sponsors and strong support from our business community, we’ve made every challenge a success and our ideas into realities. Our 25th year has been one to remember! I’d like to personally thank our Board of Directors; Lynda Douglas, Darren Hicks, Ed Ratuski, Greg Power, Rod McLeod, Rick Pollon, Ray Jolicoeur and Marg Spina for their incredible support and vision during a year where we re-launched the NSBIA as an organization and were renewed for

another five years by our commercial property owners. We also learned from what we heard and look forward to further improving how we operate in 2014. As we look ahead to 2014 we’re excited about continuing our new events, as well as our mainstays and growing them. Overlander Days will be back in August with some added flair, our spring golf tournament will be returning and our new promotions of Treat Street, Social Media Bootcamp and Keys to Christmas will be continuing. We’ll be working towards a monthly farmers’ market and look forward to again partnering with the Kamloops Arts Council for their North Shore Artwalk. Our incredibly popular Heritage Room

north north shore shore

(sponsored by the North Shore Echo!) will have some new pictures added to it and we hope you’ll take advantage of the new walking paths and drop by to see them once they’re up. There is a momentum growing and building on the North Shore. It’s in the air and in the promise of where we can go as a community. Let’s keep proudly saying “We are the North Shore!” and show what we can accomplish when we work together. Make sure you sign up for our new e-newsletter and follow our Facebook page to stay in touch about our events and initiatives (nsbia. com). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Steven L. Puhallo, executive director, North Shore Business Improvement Association

Russell Kutcher

Joanne Johnston

Delivery specialist

True Numbers Accounting

Had a lovely year with weddings and trips.

Ian Watt Delivery specialist

The boss was good to me.

Having a knee replacement so I can walk!

Carrie Harman Administrator

Buying my Jeep and going on road trips.

Live Entertainment from 7-10pm • No Cover

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your neighbourhood. your newspaper.

WIshing you a NEW YEAR filled with happiness Live Entertainment from 7-10pm • No Cover and bright cheer!

Fri. Jan. 10 Paisley Groove Sat. Jan. 11 Jim Cochran & Mark Petri Isn’t it ironic that at the same time our bellies are gaining weight during Inside Chances 1250 Halston Ave • 250-554-1030 the holidays, our wallets are going on a diet and losing weight?

4 n December 30, 2013

Edge Publishing Inc.

North Shore echo

YEAR IN REVIEW time times two

Design | Digital Printing Echo Newspapers

meet our team wenda Noonan Publisher Big Kahuna

cristina ostapovitch Advertising Consultant Flattery Aficionado

Carrie Harman


The luck keeps coming! Cristina shows off her lavish winnings of his and hers Tissot watches courtesy of B100’s Valentines Day contest

Internal Functionality Executive

jody tippett

Production Manager Text Wrangler

ashley demedeiros Editor


ian watt & russel kutcher, Delivery NORTH SHORE echo Independently owned and operated by Edge Publishing, the North Shore Echo is distributed weekly throughout the North Shore. We focus on activities and events at the neighbourhood level, and on larger events with direct impact on our neighbourhood. The North Shore Echo is available free to you because we are advertising supported. Please support the local businesses that support this newspaper through their advertising - remember when you shop locally, the money you spend remains in our community. Disclaimer: The publisher will not be responsible for errors or omissions. Due care and attention is used in checking advertising copy for accuracy and legitimacy, but no warranty is implied or given by the publisher. The publisher reserve the right to refuse any advertising or editorial submissions which they believe to be inconsistent with the concept of this publication. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the contributors/writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the publisher.

contact us at: PHONE: 250-374-ECHO (3246) FAX: 250-374-3247 EMAIL: snail mail: #1 - 219 Victoria St, Kamloops, BC V2C 2A1

Check. Check and check! It is always such an interesting feat when you are asked to write a year in review. It is really a gift to be forced to take a moment and reflect on what your past year looked like. The time has gone by so quick, but you know how the old adage goes; time truly does fly by when you are having fun! In my review of 2012, I had alluded that 2013 had better be ready for me because I was going to dig deep and become the woman I was always meant to be. I can honestly say that this year was nothing short of outstanding and for so many reasons. Both my personal and professional life was subject to incredible experiences. Personally, my year has been filled with amazing new adventures. Whether it was travelling to Nicaragua, sailing adventures off the Vancouver coast, or invaluable time with my family and friends, I kept feeling like I had to pinch myself. Is all this really happening? Am I actually manifesting my heart’s desires? The answer is yes. Work wise, my career here at Edge continued to grow and flourish. The company as a whole has seen such great success this year. My relationships with clients have grown into friendships. I have seen businesses grow and succeed and a few that have moved on to new chapters. I have felt the great sense of community that is the Downtown and North Shore of this city. I feel so fortunate to be a part of all of this. Work is just plain fun. My co-workers are crazy and make me laugh, a lot, every single day. We are insanely busy at times and yet it never feels like work. The closest way I know how to describe us is a parody of the John Hughes’ classic, the Breakfast Club. Now, I am not going to point out who I believe to be The Brain, The Jock, The Princess, The Basket Case and The Criminal, but trust me, we are all here and I wouldn’t change any of it. Cristina Ostapovitch

Check this out! It takes the right diet to maintain the energy to dole out lavish compliments on a daily basis. Advertising Consultant Cristina Ostapovitch gives herself a 10 oz boost at one of her favourite local eateries.

North Shore echo


typesetter in training

Welcoming a baby and a new year with love

So I got an email the other week from Carrie saying my year-inreview article is due in a week. Darn! I thought I might get away without writing one this year. You see I’ve been on maternity leave since June, but I guess it’s a good thing that they haven’t forgotten about me. That’s a nice feeling! It means I’m still considered part of the Echo team and more imporErin Johnson and her daughter Aurora stopped by the office for some tantly I’m expected back to work in June, right Jody? I’m very grateful Christmas cake and laughs. We miss you, Erin! And Joe too! to Jody for taking over my duties while I’m away and to Wenda and my other co-workers for being very supportive during my pregnancy. Beets, with their dense-yet ten• 3 scallions (green onions), They even threw a baby shower der texture and sugary-yet-earthy chopped for us! flavor could not be a more perfect • 1 small clove garlic finely My husband, Derek and I weladdition to basic pico de gallo minced comed the most beautiful healthy salsa. Spoon this citrusy, sweet • 1 handful fresh cilantro, baby girl into our lives on July concoction over grilled burgers, chopped 13 at 7:37am. We named her steak, chicken or fish, serve with • juice of 1 lime Aurora Heather (after her Grandma tortilla chips or eat it with a spoon. • salt and freshly-ground Heather who passed away in pepper to taste March). The first couple months Ingredients were a challenge. No sleep, crying • 6 baby beets, boiled, peeled Directions (both me and baby), but it’s been and chilled Toss all ingredients together in a so worth it. Aurora is all smiles and • 2 ripe Roma tomatoes, cored bowl. Use immediately or refrighas even started laughing! That and chopped erate for up to 6 hours. melted my heart the first time. She • 1 jalapeño, chopped (discard has mastered rolling over and is the seeds for less-spicy salsa) Makes about 1 1/2 cups salsa. now working on crawling and sitting up. Joe, our fur baby, has been pretty jealous of his little sister, but he is slowly warming up to her. He is very gentle and even lets her pull on his fur. When she can throw a ball for him, they’ll be best friends! Besides baby, I have been getting out in the community to volunteer when I can. Earlier this year I bid 60 volunteer hours on a piece of artwork at the Timeraiser volunteer fair. I’m happy to say I’m more than half way to my goal! The other week I was shopping at Penny Pinchers when an employee remarked, “Don’t you work at the Echo? I love that little newspaper.”  I’m always amazed when someone recognizes me. It makes me feel The Echo Beetniks, (L-R) Jody Tippett, Carrie Harman, Rebecca Stewart and proud to be part of the Echo team. Cristina Ostapovitch placed second in this year’s KCBIA Salsa Challenge Happy Holidays! with their beet salsa recipe. Erin Johnson

Echo Beetnik’s award winning salsa

December 30, 2013 n 5


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6 n December 30, 2013

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North Shore echo

December 30, 2013 n 7

funny pa g e s NORTH SHORE

warning! This publication is not suitable, and not intended, for children and those with a weak sense of humour. If you meet these requirements, stop reading immediately and secure your parents permission. In fact stop and call your parents anyway. Thank them for bringing you into the world. Thank them for raising you. How long has it been since you told Mom you loved her? Too long, I bet. Go ahead, call her now.

2014, World War Z-style It’s tough out there trying to find a survival partner for the zombie apocalypse. Some of the dehumanizing feels I have faced in the past year belong to Elaine in an episode of Seinfeld. It’s great material for some self-deprecation to ease into the new year. Admittedly and with unerring regularity, I embrace the role of attracting or being attracted to the attentions of those who are somewhat afflicted. While I could share a veritable buffet, drawn from my recent unsuccessful experiences, I think a trio of highlights from this year’s roster is enough to spread some happy schadenfreude to our Echo readers. Old Flame: A whimsical trip across the country for a perk-filled re-romp through Awesomeville’s romance district quickly went south. It was like buying back my own stuff from a yard sale. Ugh. The high winds, torrential downpour and lightening on the way back to the airport was a nice touch. Anarchist: Sudden disappearances would lead to me feeling as though I had invented him. Having given up on the lot of mankind, he tended to fall more into the hermit category, basically wanting seclusion, which seems to be a satisfactory agreement. Divorced Lothario: Through early conversation, I operated under the assumption that he might be seeing other people. I can only imagine the giant puppy eyes when, upon a covert scan of his cell phone, I became “The Other Woman” to

Jody sheltered her noggin in a stylish and comfortable Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (AFDB) for Kamloops Burlesque’s time travel theme.

echo zombie2


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Carrie Harman and Jody Tippett joined the shambling hordes of zombies for October’s seventh Kamloops Zombie Walk. The walking dead chugged along Victoria Street en masse and treated the public to the frightfully awesome moves of their choreographed Thriller performances along the way.

the other woman. After her noble act of sisterhood, an anonymous text message to me, I exercised my bachelorhood as I saw fit. Generalizations suck and these few examples go to show there’s a whole lot of ‘em out there. I don’t claim that these behaviours apply to just males either (tsk, tsk). What I do claim is that there are some dating behaviours that are unacceptable when feelings and expectations are fragile. I believe there’s still hope in raising the standards and communicating with integrity rather than breaking people down. There isn’t a lot of anonymity in a small city. Isn’t it better to leave a positive imprint instead of a reason to be called out later on dirt? You know the saying, “Never settle for anything less”? In 2014 I’m not dating anything less than a potential zombie apocalypse survivor. I want proof of being reliable, strong-willed, optimistic and able to wield heavy objects. I want small acts of trust so I know I can count on help to tackle anything, the rise of the undead included. I would happily ration food in the possible event of a catastrophic societal breakdown. Jody Tippett

Jody’s stunt double from a parallel universe, Pon Far, was transported to the Echo’s editorial department for Day of the Living Trekkie.

8 n December 30, 2013

North Shore echo


Working hard or hardly working? Well, 2013 has come and gone at the Echo and I have to write a year in review story again! This year was full of awesomeness and I’m happy I get to share it with the wonderful ladies I work with and call friends. There are so many fun things we do together it hardly seems like going to work! As always, my favorite day of my work-year was the Taste of Downtown! Coming in second in the CAP Team Salsa Challenge as part of the Echo Beetniks was pretty great; although coming in first would have been better…not that we’re competitive! I didn’t miss too many burlesque performances with Jody, my favorite monthly outing. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to perform, but I’m not holding my breath, I think I’ll stick with painting! One of the biggest highlights of

my year was the purchase of my “realistic dream vehicle” which is especially Jeeptastic for driving up mountains! I took my annual trip to Playland with my youngest son and also some short road trips for fun. I spent a long weekend “camping” at my uncle’s cabin at Deka Lake with my sister. This winter, I will use my snowshoes and maybe my cross-country skis for some winter wonderland adventures! The hardest part of my year was having my oldest son turn 19 and go to work in Fort McMurray, Alberta. I have to say, with having older children, it’s a good thing I have pets! All joking aside, I feel very blessed with all that I have in my life and I’m not sure what 2014 will bring, but I hope it’s full of good times, music and tattoos! Carrie Harman Carrie Harman is the Echo’s resident Wonder Woman. She wielded her power for good at Kamloops Burlesque’s We Heart Geeks in March.

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December 30, 2013 n 9


NORTH SHORE SENIORS events and activities for the month of december

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730 Cottonwood Avenue, Kamloops 250-376-4777

Sunday, January 12


Tuesday, Dec 31: New Years Dinner & Dance Wednesday, January 1: CLOSED Friday, Jan 10: Pot Luck Lunch 12 noon Wednesday, Jan 15: Blood Pressure Clinic 12-2pm Saturday, Jan 18: Prostate Cancer Support Group 10am Saturday, Jan 25: Pancake Breakfast 9-11am

North Shore Community Centre at 5 pm Tickets $12.00 each. Live entertainment. Tuesday, January 21


North Shore Community Centre at 6:30 pm Pie, ice cream and coffee or tea $3.00 Live entertainment!



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To help with your New Year’s reolutions

Indoor Flea Markets


Sunday, January 5, 12, 19, 26


MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY: 11:30am-1:30pm: Lunch (Potluck on Jan. 10) TUESDAY: 6:30pm: BINGO (doors open at 5pm) SUNDAY NIGHT DANCE:7:30-11pm: $10 For info and referral stop in to

CSI Centre for Seniors Information, Northills Centre Call 250-554-4145. Open M-F 9:30am - 4pm

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3 to December 15 Call Suzanne at 250-554-4500November for an appointment. January 5 to March 9

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The Family FraTerniTy


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hitting the road from time to time – care free.


10 n December 30, 2013





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Submit your listing:

■■ Chances Barside Jan. 3 Jay Cee, Jan. 4 Keenan Wilcox 1250 Halston Ave. FMI call 250-5541030. ■■ BIG Little Science Centre, Jan. 2 to Jan. 4: Air Pressure Tricks to try yourself! Closed until Jan. 1. Reopening Jan. 2 with special holiday activities. Twin Rivers Education Centre, 655 Holt St. Contact BLSC to register. FMI contact 250-5542572. ■■ KEG Lecture Series with Audrey Dallimore “Epic Earthquakes off BC’s Coast” on Jan. 16 at 7pm in TRU Mountain Room. ■■ Unplugged Acoustic Jam Night on 1st and 3rd Monday each month from 8 to 10:30pm at the Alano Club, 171 Leigh Rd. FMI contact sonicsoup@ ■■ TOPS: Take Off Pounds Sensibly Kamloops meet every Mon. at 5 pm at the Mt Paul United Church, 140 Laburnum St. TOPS is a support group which offers a fun way to keep healthy. FMI visit ■■ North Shore Central

Community Association meets at Mount Paul United Church, 140 Laburnum, on the first Tuesday of the month. FMI: 250-554-9949. ■■ Moose Lodge 1552, 730 Cottonwood Ave. open at 11am. Meat draws Fri. at 7pm and Sat. at 3pm. New members welcome! ■■ Mount Paul United Church Thrift Shop open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 3pm at 140 Laburnum St. FMI contact 250-376-2261. ■■ Kamloops Stroke Recovery Group invites people who have suffered a stroke and their caregivers to their meetings the second, third and fourth Thursday of the month from 10:30am1pm, for various activities and field trips. FMI call 250-3201348. ■■ Advocates for Urban Wildlife Kamloops welcomes like-minded individuals interested in joining a growing movement towards safely coexisting urban wildlife. FMI: advocatesforurbanwildlife@ or 250-573-3483.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS From all of us at Tri-Rom

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Kamloops Arts Council gallery coordinator Hope Mikal and Echo publisher Wenda Noonan at this year’s North Shore Artwalk.

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2014 STAR WARS Horoscope SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Yoda is superbly wise and he has been known to spread this wisdom widely. He seems to be impatient and pushy when people take his teachings too lightly. As always his philosophical side always peeks through. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) R2’s ambition and inexhaustible desire to reach their goals/destination is rarely fulfilled. This causes resentment towards winners. He is a very loyal, sometimes going to great lengths to help someone out. He is a very social unit winning the hearts of many with his cute personality, however close friends are few. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Vader can be cruel and torment people who disagree with him, but deep down there is a peace-loving, friendly side to him. He has a knack for inflicting pain on people and he uses his intellect during battle. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Lando is the typical character with his head in the clouds. He is self-sacrificing but may be too passive to stand up to Vader. He became fairly pessimistic when put under pressure. He also posses as a chameleon wanting to change his scenery on occasion. ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) The Emperor has demonstrated his liking to inflict pain on people just as people born under the sign Aries often do. He feels he is at the center of the universe and he must be in control. He enjoys being a leader and his aggression and quick-tempered attitude also helps him with this. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Chewbacca is a dependable creature, but he can tend to be stubborn. He likes material possessions and loves to win at games. He tends to hate being bossed around or losing and he may succumb to his physical strength when upset. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Ewoks are playful little creatures as are Gemini’s. They tend to be extremely curious, craving knowledge but sometimes having short attention spans. For the most part they are charming and lovable beings but they can seem scattered and high-strung at times. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Luke seemed to be somewhat whinny sometimes, but he eventually developed the thick hard shell of a Cancer. He is strong willed and persistent to get what he wants. He never shy’s away from a fight at the first sign of danger. Not to mention he began to master the element of mind manipulation. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Leia adds a whole new meaning to high self-assurance, which is evident in Leos. She is a nurturing person with great physical strength. Like many Leos she will see that her mission for good is completed and she is very optimistic about the outcome. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) C3P0 shows his efficiency when working for a good cause, but he tends to be a little bit fussy when it comes to doing something out of the ordinary. Like many Virgos he wants to stay out of the spotlight and he does well at picking up minute details. LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) As always Obi Wan continues forward in his pursuit of justice and he is determined to succeed. He conveys his art of persuasion through the force. He displays his supreme intelligence and is very talented in obtaining balance between himself and his surroundings. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Han is a powerful character. He also tends to be possessive and lusty which would explain Han’s greedy nature. He feels threatened by Leia’s attempt to order him around, which displays the disliking Scorpios have for people who try to control them.

Join Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Genie and all their friends in this uproarously funny spin of the classic tale!

The Laughing STock TheaTre SocieTy presents their 3rd annual Traditional British Panto

Aladdin the panto! at the SAGebruSh

Matinees at 1pm

by Vance Schneider

TheATre, 821 Munro Street

evenings at 7pm

Dec 24, 26, 28, 31 Dec 27, 28, 30 TickeTS on Adult $16 • Children (14 & under) $13 SaLe now! children (5 & under) FREE! • Family Pack $48 (All prices includes GST) Tickets at Kamloops Box Office Live, 1025 Lorne Street Tel: 250-374-5483 • Online: For more information visit:

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