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2011 North Shore Chamber Member Survey

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Wed., February 9th Danversport Yacht Club 7:30-9:00am Transportation Update by Thomas Kinton, CEO, Massport

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The Salem News interviews John Hall, Chairman, North Shore Chamber a good example. During the gubernatorial campaign we had all three candidates (Gov. Deval Patrick, the Democrat, Republican Charlie Baker and independent Tim Cahill) come before us. It was more about an opportunity for our members to evaluate the candidates. Which candidate got the most applause? I would say we were welcoming to all three.

How much influence do you guys have on Beacon Hill, and are there things they could do there to help North Shore businesses?

John S. Hall II is Senior Vice President & Division Manager of the Commercial Banking Division at Salem Five Bank and 2011 Chairman of the North Shore Chamber of Commerce

John Hal l , a seni or vi ce presi dent at the S al em Fi ve, has been chosen as chairman of the board of the North Shore Chamber of Commerce. It's a volunteer, one-year position, but one that Hall sees as vital in helping lift us out of the recession.

In an interview with the News, Hall discussed the importance of business in healing our economic wounds.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce became an issue in the past political campaign. The president accused them of backing Republicans. Is the North Shore Chamber connected to the U.S. Chamber and its political campaigning? And, for that matter, what's your connection to the local chambers?

We're all individual organizations. We have similar missions. The way I would differentiate the North Shore Chamber from the Beverly Chamber or the Salem Chamber — their concerns are local. We are focused on regional interests. Things like transportation and the cost of health care. And unlike the U.S. Chamber we are a nonpartisan organization. We're very careful about not being viewed as partisan. I'll give you

We feel we have very collaborative relationships with all the key elected officials. We've worked to develop those relationships. It's all about dialogue. That's important because the whole cost of health insurance for businesses is one of the biggest problems we have. Another problem — our cities and towns are challenged by runaway expenses on pensions and other issues. We think plan design would be very, very helpful.

Plan design is the proposal to give cities and towns the power to unilaterally reduce their contributions to public sector employee health care plans. Isn't that a dead issue after those unions backed the candidates who won the last election?

We need to streamline, and I think the governor is sensitive to that. We can't look at business as the golden goose. You need job growth. So you have to look at how we can be more business friendly. Job growth comes from entrepreneurial start-ups. And we are not going to grow jobs in the state of Massachusetts until businesses have confidence that there is a good economy coming. What else can government do ?

Anything that helps reduce expenses. And, for example, we see times when companies try to expand a plant facility and it takes so

long to get through the process of getting permitted. Do you really want these businesses to grow? We have to streamline. At the end of the day where are the jobs coming from? They're coming from businesspeople. In the movies the businessman is usually the bad guy.

Well, I have watched businesspeople agonize over just making payroll. They say, "John's been with me 20 years. What do I do?" Businesses do care about people. And we need our businesses to be healthier. When they see positive trends — they will start adding jobs. Do you see a role for local governments as well?

Yes. And that reminds me of a Nelson Benton editorial in The Salem News praising the town of Danvers for voting to keep the tax rate for business in the town level. We want to see more of that. The businesses there already pay a higher rate. And businesses are paying an incredible amount for health care costs. Why were you chosen as chairman, Mr. Hall?

I've been a member of the chamber for six years. I played a very important role in our membership drive, a successful drive. And I have years of expertise in management at a commercial bank. How large is the North Shore Chamber of Commerce?

We have 1,300 members. And that makes us the third largest chamber in the state. We have a full-time president and staff. I should add — this is a job I take very seriously. Taken from The Salem News, Interview by Alan Burke, December 8, 2010.

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North Shore Chamber of Commerce Meet Us at the Corner of Business & Opportunity

North Shore Chamber Chairman John Hall, Salem Five Bank welcomes former Board Member, Joanne Patton, Green Meadows Farm, to the December 8th Breakfast Forum at Ipswich Country Club.

Head Table guests at the December Breakfast Forum pose for a photo: Shown above are newly-elected Board Member, Alan Berry (l), Vice President, C.P. Berry Homes and Chamber Treasurer Rob Lutts, president, Cabot Money Management.

Newly-elected Board Member, Heidi Bond (l), The Dazzling Dot, pauses for a photo with Christine Sullivan (r), The Enterprise Center at Salem State University. Bond is also a North Shore Chamber Ambassador and was a top achiever at this year’s Membership Drive.

Shown with Keynote Speaker, Senate Majority Leader Bruce Tarr (r) at the December Breakfast Forum are Board Members (l to r): Immediate Past Chair, Rosalin Acosta, TD Wealth Management, Dr. Patricia Maguire Meservey, Salem State University and Chairman John Hall, Salem Five Bank.

Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr addressed members of the North Shore Chamber at the December Breakfast Forum and praised the North Shore Chamber and its Board for its collaboration and non-partisan approach in helping to achieve University status for Salem State and the new North Shore Regional Vocational Technical High School set to break ground in 2011. Also shown in the photo are Joe Riley, Eastern Bank, Rosalin Acosta, TD Wealth Management and John Hall, Salem Five Bank.

Vice Chair of Membership Joe Riley (middle), EVP, Eastern Bank was awarded a certificate of achievement for his stellar role in chairing the very successful 2010 North Shore Chamber Membership Drive which enrolled in over 210 new members to the chamber. Shown from left to right are membership drive winners from Eastern Bank: Bill Myers, Linda Pogson, Joe Riley, Anna Greener, Cyndi Bentz, Kevin DeVinney and Jonathan Vogt. Thank you Eastern Bank!

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