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Beverly’s Holcroft Park Homes Development Completed Community English Program Director Retires The North Shore Community

Youth Get to Development Coalition provides the Point Day quality affordable Improves homes and fosters Neighborhood economic empowerment and community development in the 500 north shore. Supporters

Join Energize the Earth Race Staff Visit State House for Lobby Day Staff to Pedal for Affordable Housing Across the Country

Spring 2013 Newsletter Dear Friends, We have had an exciting spring at North Shore CDC with much to celebrate. Between the completion of our signature development in Beverly's Gloucester Crossing neighborhood, Holcroft Park Homes, and the launch of our First-Time Homebuyer Program, we have celebrated accomplishments as well as new beginnings. At both our 2nd Annual Energize the Earth Run and our 3rd Annual Youth-Get-to-the-Point Day, we enjoyed gorgeous weather, engaging activities and much-appreciated support for our work. Through it all, we couldn't do the work that we do without the dedication and support of our partners in the communities in which we work. We wish our friends and partners a wonderful summer.

Mickey Northcutt, Chief Executive Officer

Home Ownership Classes “Get an A+” North Shore CDC partnered with Allston Brighton CDC’s homeownership program to bring Homebuying 101 class to Salem, Peabody, and Beverly this year. The first sold-out session was held in Salem this past May and received incredible feedback from a local participant: “I just wanted to say thanks for your leadership in the HomeBuying 101 Class in Salem. It is a very important program for first-time homebuyer's and we are very thankful that it came to the North Shore. We had a great time in class and learned a lot. We feel more confident in our home buying process now. . . “Thanks for spearheading this important non-profit initiative. More people need to know about this program and use it's resources. [The teachers and speakers were] very knowledgeable and easy to understand...had great advice, as well as the ability to read [the] audience and drive discussion. We will be spreading the word up here - You get an A+ in our book !”

Spring 2013

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Building Homes Holcroft Park Homes Completed, Transforming Beverly Neighborhood In early May, Beverly celebrated the transformation of the Gloucester Crossing Neighborhood with the completion of the Holcroft Park Homes development— 58 family apartments in six new buildings. These homes not only provide affordable, safe, and attractive housing, but also improve the entire neighborhood by enhancing the streetscape. A resident, of the neighborhood commented on the positive community change since the North Shore CDC began revitalizing the neighborhood in 2006. “It’s more family oriented,” she said, “...they’re trying to get people involved and that’s made a big difference.” “We're so happy to see families moving into the new buildings at Holcroft Park Homes. This really is the final and most important step of this dynamic process," said Mickey Northcutt, CEO of North Shore CDC, a co-owner of the development with the YMCA of the North Shore.

Farewell to Community English Director After 8 Years of Teaching She’s that one teacher who’s hard to forget. Jude Iannaccone has spent the better part of life in the classroom, impacting classrooms with her patience and true compassion for her students. For the last 8 years the North Shore CDC was lucky to have her as the program director of our Community English Classes, where residents were given the opportunity to gain basic language skills right in their own neighborhood. After impacting close to 200 students a year and managing multiple volunteer teachers through the program, Jude will be retiring from the North Shore CDC and teaching this June. We thank her for her commitment and wish her the very best.

Representative Parisella cuts the ribbon for the second phase of Holcroft Park Homes, which will be fully occupied in June.

Board of Directors Leonette Strout, President Keller Williams Salem

Lesli Woodruff Epsilon Beverly

Kate Newhall, Vice-President City of Beverly Beverly

Nathan Tiller Beverly

Judith Zolla, Treasurer Greater Salem Employees Federal Credit Union Revere Linda Anderson-Mercier, Clerk River House, Inc. Beverly David Jacobson Salem State University Salem Adria Leach Salem State University Salem Diana Kerry North Shore Community College Newburyport Alex Mitchell-Munevar Greater Boston Legal Services Salem Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello Salem State University Salem

Jon Frey The Davis Companies Marblehead Rev. Alan Froggatt Second Congregational Church Beverly Doug Lanois Tremont Capital Hamilton Rosario Ubiera-Minaya Salem Education Foundation Salem Laura Sanchez Point Neighborhood Assoc. Salem Gary Leach Eastern Bank Salem Steve Britton Beverly Cooperative Bank Beverly Denise Deschamps Beverly

Spring 2013

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Strengthening Communities Pedaling for Affordable Housing On warm summer days you might spot Kristin Anderson riding her bike to her job at the North Shore CDC. Honestly, much of Kristin’s time on the North Shore is spent either biking around the countryside or leading our Community Development Department at North Shore CDC. This summer, she has the rare opportunity to combine these two passions. Kristin will be leading a bike tour across the country to benefit affordable housing for Bike & Build - a funder of North Shore CDC’s youth program. Bike & Build is a non-profit organization that organizes cross-country cycling trips to benefit affordable housing organizations. “I’m excited for an opportunity to ride with Bike & Build this summer. And although physical strength and mental will power it will take to power me thousands of miles across the country will undoubtedly be a challenge, I

know it’s nothing compared to the strength of low-income families in our communities. I see every day the determination of the individuals and families we serve to make a better life for themselves and their neighbors – which you can’t do unless you have a home; unless you have a community.” Throughout the summer, North Shore CDC will post about Kristin’s crosscountry ride as her team makes pit-stops across the country to build affordable housing.

Staff Meets with Legislators Across the Region on Lobby Day Our entire staff joined the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations (MACDC) and other CDC’s across the state for a day at the State House to lobby for community development and housing as it relates to the upcoming legislative agenda. The North Shore CDC understands that it’s now more important than ever for our region to have a strong and effective voice. This year, we met with 15 legislators across the North Shore region to discuss our work, our residents, and the resources our communities need.

Energize the Earth Race The 2nd Annual Energize the Earth Race hosted 500 runners and supporters at our 5K/10K Race and Earth Day celebration at Beverly's Lynch Park this past April. The North Shore CDC believes that environmental responsibility starts with us and uses this event to promote our commitment to maintaining high standards of environmental consciousness throughout the region. Through our collaboration with B&S Fitness and with the help of many local sponsors we shared our commitment to living a green, conscious life style with the local running community and volunteer groups.

Spring 2013

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Youth Get to the Point Day North Shore Community Development Coalition hosted the third annual Youth Get to the Point Day on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 in the Salem Point neighborhood. The North Shore CDC and partnering youth agencies engaged Salem youth in community service and action with each other and other organizations, while also connecting these efforts to the Point neighborhood. The theme of the event will focus on how youth working together can make positive neighborhood change. The day of community service and youth making a positive change was held on Wednesday, April 24th totaling 8 service projects, 8 informational booths from different youth organizations, and 3 performances. We saw over 200 people involved ranging from youth to adults.

A special thank you to all the organizations involved, Boys & Girls Club, The North Shore Career Center, Highrock North Shore Church, Marblehead Zen Center, On Point, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem Academy Charter School, Salem Community Child Care Center, Salem CyberSpace, Salem Police Department, Salem Rotary Club, Salem State University, Salem YMCA, and YouthBuild North Shore.

Youth Impacts 200 Volunteers 8 Community Projects 9 Local business improved 2 Parks revitalized 4 Open Spaces landscaped 6 Streets improved 84 Apartments visited for voter registration

Gloucester Crossing Residents Lead “Take Back the Park” Initiative Gloucester Crossing residents have seen significant improvements in this neighborhood over these few past years, especially with the addition of the new Holcroft Park Homes. Residents are now aware of their properties appearance and are cognizant that a clean space can contribute to the overall perception of the neighborhood. Residents have also noted that Gloucester Crossing has seen noted improvements in terms of safety issues. According to the 2012 survey over 80% of respondents feel safe in their neighborhood and are enjoying friendly interaction with their neighbors. Over this past year, there have been a handful of residents that are contributing to the overall growth within their community. One of the new resident driven initiatives that community members are passionate about is “Take Back the Park” initiative. At a recent community meeting, neighbors decided that improvements needed to be made in the park for use this summer. A community clean- up and celebration day has been scheduled by residents on Sunday, May 19th, and Ward Councilor, Jim Latter, also worked with Beverly’s Park and Recreation department to put down new mulch and make park repairs using JROTC volunteers on May 11.

We’re listening to the communities we serve, so please feel free to contact us!

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